Blake’s List or Continuum of MB types ( 2 3 ) (43)

I present you :notebook: Blake’s List In other words – the ultimate Myers-Briggs type continuum of Stellar Maze. How is it different from the already existing list? I answer: it’s more practical (you’ll see why), it’s…

Stellar Maze Charts ( 2 ) (23)

:point_right: Herein :point_left: you’ll find the graphical expression of Blake’s take on Myers-Briggs. It’s definite yet not definitive. It’s out here yet it’s hidden. Best taken with a grain of salt. Thank you,…

Stellar Maze Rules & Guidelines (3)

General contact: Moderation of language: There isn’t really one. Do you. Regrets and late night posting: The time limit for deleting a post is roughly seven days. If you are still drunk after…

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