2018 countdown


Out with the old, in with the new, another revolution almost complete- or in some parts of the globe it already is. Any resolutions, astrological forecasts?

Happy New Year! (but stay safe if you’re out on the roads, and remember if you shoot fireworks and rockets you’ll disturb my dogs and cats, as well as hibernating animals).


I’m gonna try to finish my one drawing that i didn’t get back to for a couple of months haha!

Try to start the way I want the rest of the year to go. :smiley:



I’m gonna try to find god. nbd.


I’ve got the simplest resolution. Make a basic meal I can default to all the time lol for my kids’ lunches. Be more efficient with kiddie lunches.


I’m going to lurk less, participate more!


I’m going to level the fuck up.


Determination! https://youtu.be/MRkeebcMiFY?t=1m2s


It looks great! Yeah, that’s how INTJ does resolutions- boom- checked off by New Year’s Day :smile_cat:


May you find fulfillment
in the light of lucid Ti,
may it protect you from
barren distraction, and
breathe into you eternal insight
gathered in passion, balance,
contemplation, and grace.


Good luck, sounds pretty daunting to me. I find school lunches especially a pain. Partly because I try to make it environmentally friendly, but more pain to clean reusable containers and kids being kids loose the lids and pieces. Sometimes they pack their own lunches, this year older one has hacked his schedule to come home for lunch, younger one would pack a big bag of chocolate chips for lunch without supervision.


Welcome, Crane, hope you do :grinning:


Here’s to new levels of fucking up then! :wink:


What we do every year, Pinky! TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

Other than that, I’d like to experiment more with sexuality this year. Which in essence (to me), means freedom.


oh yeah NO this IS daunting. sound so simple though:)


My husband took care of one of my resolutions for me before the new year even came. About 2 weeks ago he spontaneously took it upon himself to fix out file storage. Took him 5 days. He turned into like an IT person for the home. It was amazing. Now we have an automatic double backup that happens overnight at 3 am of the 2 laptops, all our photos, etc. Amazing!! It would have taken me not 5 days but 5 years. Oh and he did such a good job.


Hahaha, well played!


May you pulverize the skulls of your enemies
and ride triumphant across plains of desire
in an amarinthine whirlwind
of libidinous euphoria.

please spare a few peasants with skills in sponge sanitization, lunch preparation, and sundry domestic tasks for @lunar, @Blake, and myself


Happy New Year, everyone!

2017 wasn’t an easy year, but it was definitely a step forward into the right direction. Baby steps, baby steps.

My resolutions:

  • Watch more films! At least one new film per month…with cinema buff INFP boyfriend.

  • Travel more

  • Improve sleep hygiene (Go to bed by 1:30 am during working day hours, don’t work past midnight on most days, avoid eating 3 hours before bed)

  • Join at least one club, society, etc for the year

  • Harder stuff: Stop being afraid of being called arrogant/aggressive and assert myself more, Trust my gut instincts more and act on feelings of uneasiness because they are often more correct than wrong


I don’t have time for resolutions I know I’d fail. No “diet” or “lifetsyle change” things for me! hahaha

Man… when I have kids… they can have sandwiches 90% of the time like I did. lol


solid, attainable goals.
Any recent films you’ve especially enjoyed?
Where do you want to travel to?

That’s a common behavior used by nincompoops to announce themselves, believe me they’re more afraid of you…