20s vs. 30s Was Ist Da Best Yah?


I’m not entirely sure of the age span around these parts, but this might be fun.

Although I’m currently 28 on the Earth - Solar scale, I’m already thinking of my 20s in the past tense and in many ways feel like I’ll be starting off from scratch when the big 3-0 comes around.

I kicked things off pretty well, backpacking and traveling around, kissing hot young things next to Italian lakes. Trying to stuff as many experiences as possible into my little haversack of life. I never went to university, so never had a ‘thing’ that I was busy working towards or building upon.

Then as I approached 25 for some reason I thought I should have it all figured it out. Hell knows why, but I just started to take life seriously and started to worry about the meaning of nearly everything. The fun times stopped. Resulting in a mid-life crisis type mess that I’m only just crawling out of now. No discernible career plan, back living at home and quickly on my way to becoming a 21st century male cliche.

With that said, I’m looking forward to my 30s, fresh beginnings and all, hopefully catch up on some sex with other desperado’s before I’m too old and creepy. I sacrificed my prime years to figure out the meaning of life, what a (non) fucking idiot.

Anyways, for those with something to say. Which decade have you, or are you enjoying the most? Your twenties or your thirties?

Maybe you’ve done both. How’d that go for ya? Any sage advice or stories of reckless abandon?

Spill it


Seems so long ago now, but my 30’s were so, so much better than my 20’s. They started off great, as I had a fantastic time at University, but then went rapidly downhill after I started work at age 23. The less said about the rest of the decade, the better…

My 40’s were fine, too, but now I’m in my mid-fifties, it’s all a bit of a struggle once again. Probably has a lot to do with the infamous Saturn return, which hits everyone around age 29, then again at 58 or so. The effects start to be felt several years before this however, and are typically characterised by a growing sense of dissatisfaction and “heaviness” with life in general, together with a seemingly endless series of dreary problems and double-bind situations which can leave one feeling trapped and blocked in every which-way.

It feels a bit like trying to drive a car with one foot pressed hard on the accelerator and the other equally hard on the brake. It sucks big time, quite frankly, but that’s kind of the point with Saturn transits. Holds you locked firmly in one place while force-feeding you unwanted “learning experiences”.

It’s worth hanging in there tho’, as or once the transit is over you begin to realise the benefit of the increased wisdom/courage/resilience/flexibility/whatever that Saturn was determined to teach you (assuming one isn’t defeated by the challenges; or doesn’t collapse under the strain into a gibbering puddle of jelly :scream:!).

At least, that’s what I’m hoping that will happen this time around!