A Beautiful Little Fool: Type The Great Gatsby


I was watching the most recent movie version of The Great Gatsby the other day because I needed a nice heavy dose of escapism, and I was reminded of why I hated and loved Daisy Buchanan…

Which got me thinking: What are the mbti types of everyone in The Great Gatsby??

My inspirational quote of the week: “I hope she’ll be a fool—that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.”

Sometimes I think that’s what I actually aspire too…a beautiful little fool…that one-dimensional angel you can see but not touch…but oh, don’t I also burn so brightly for someone to see past that facade…


What a great line! Love it. Yes, yes. I get this.

I love being the fool, it’s a pleasure and a rare opportunity. I think to be a fool you have to be so desired as to be untouchably safe. Being a fool is like transcending the social rule and floating above. Nobody dead or starving has ever been a fool.


All I remember is that I thought Daisy was glam but wretched and I hoped she just died in the book. SO maybe she was ISFP? lol

Wendy says that line was stolen from Zelda, Fitzgerald’s ENFP wife though! So perhaps it lends Daisy a mixed voice. Does that = ENFJ voice?

And I liked Jordan even though she was a dick so maybe she was INTJ hahah!

It was a really long time since I read the book though, so I don’t really have thoughts about any of the other characters.


Ahhahaha 'tis a doomed quest for me then…maybe I’ll take inspiration from my entp brethren and aspire to be a court jester instead…

(aka how quickly can we derail this thread?? I’m impressed)


I’ve seen Daisy typed as esfp and I don’t think that’s true…maybe isfp is closer to reality :slight_smile:

As an enfj I will say if I were in The Great Gatsby I’d probably be Daisy…but a more cunning and self-aware version…though I probably wouldn’t show it to Jay or Nick now would I?? Just play everyone for the boys they are…

I could see intj for Jordan.


This is actually one of my favorite quotes~

Whenever we see Daisy we see her through the eyes of someone else. She’s the green light; the ‘orgastic future’. She’s a traitor who continues on her way without a sense of remorse. I remember reading this book in high school and stopping right at this quote. It was as though all of the projections toward Daisy had dissipated. Daisy possessed clarity about her position and she wanted the best for her daughter. It is easier to be a dumb pretty girl in the world of Gatsby. Easier to survive and easier than facing the existential dread.

Either way this quote evokes a feeling of nurture wrapped in pain and an overall feeling of being misunderstood. I have a soft spot for Daisy.

As for MBTI, I don’t remember the other characters very well. I think Daisy is an ISFP. Gatsby is probably an INFJ, though I’m not quite sure, but Fitzgerald loved being his own protagonist. So that’s my rationale.


What about curiosity killed the cat Johnny?

Agree with this, pretty sure Gatsby is an INFJ. Fitzgerald was writing about himself and his lost first love, Genevra King with dashes of Zelda mixed in from my understanding.