a shitty personality is not a cognitive-function


have you ever spoken to a victim of mk ultra? monarch mind control?

I’m talking to one right now.

i have gathered a lot of insight from talking to this victim.

i have come to realize not all INFJs are deep as I originally thought.

mbti is not a ‘personality’ type.

a personality is developed by experiences.

quality of a character is developed upon oneself. it does not depend on, or limited to, a cognitive-function.

it seems very obvious right?
or. is it?

INFJ born and raised in shitty environment has deeper understanding of life because of their experiences.

INFJ born and raised in rather comfortable environment with stable family, not so much. they’re more of a selfish chihuahua that likes to only think about themselves.

it’s not exclusive to INFJs of course.

pain and suffering makes someone more insightful and deeply sympathetic.

so why is it that many INFJs tend to be insightful and understanding?
because when life throws lemon at them, they contemplate on why this lemon was thrown at them.
it’s not natural for them to throw the lemon back, fight through and move on.
they cry about it, introspect on it, meditate on it, resent it, hate it, then they understand it. and if they’re brave enough, they might take a bite at this lemon and taste the sourness. but it’s not natural for them to just pick up the lemon and just bite into it.

when you get used to the lemon’s sour taste, it starts to taste sweet.

anyways. supernokturnal is out!
have a lot of things to learn. I’m taking a break from mbti.
this is mainly an mbti forum and I don’t wanna talk about this subject right now. so will not participate any further. I feel trapped in this system like any other religion. it’s restricting me from expanding my mind.
but still very useful resource!
just like any other theory and religion was useful to me.
mbti will always be my favorite ex-girlfriend.
she’s like someone I’ll call up when I’m drunk. or maybe when I need her to keep me company for a brief time.
isn’t that called a side-chick?

yeah. mbti is my favorite side-chick :wink:


I warned you super I warned youuuuuuu~
I have only dipped in and out of learning about MK Ultra facts/rumours and paranormal research. Mostly because it would start making me too paranoid. But my favourite stuff is always the more reality-bending ones, like rumours of bodies being half stuck in walls or something after experiments gone awry.
Anyway, be careful about trying to trip your own brain! lol

But yeah, I think it’s healthy for you to hop around and try out different things. If you go too deep down a rabbit hole, you’ll suffocate lol. That’s more for like… rodents to enjoy, but you’re more like a raccoon or something.

And good point about people in general. We all have our biases and experiences that shape us and then we in turn shape how we will view or receive things. mbti just happens to be a good way to describe the patterns of cognitive thoughts people have (which then affect their behavior/attitudes).


Someone born in a stable family makes them a “selfish chihuahua”? Likewise being raised in a “shitty environment” gives someone a deeper understanding of life?

In a way too, are you saying that life is “shitty”? Please explain…your perspective is interesting.


Or maybe instead of biting or hating the lemon, INFJs learn how to turn it into lemonade or even lemon meringue pie. Or, hate the lemon enough, just burn the goddamned thing to ash and be done with it.


MK Ultra is some serious stuff, CIA learned it from Nazi experiments performed on Holocaust victims if memory serves me correct.

I think I understand where your coming from? I’ve been reading some very interesting books by Dr Gabor Mate who talks about the effects ‘dissociation’ has on a person’s personality. His theory is that children born with a more sensitive temperament react more strongly to infantile stresses and withdrawals of parental affection. One of the coping mechanisms is to mentally dissociate from external reality to protect the fragile developing ego. If this becomes habituated, the child can grow up into the typical ‘daydreamer’ or ‘space cadet’ who is more comfortable in their internal world.

MK Ultra ramps this process up to the extreme, using torture and electro shock to totally obliterate an individuals sense of self and create multiple personas. I think Kathy O’brien is one of the more well known survivors.

It did make me think a lot about how this all relates to cognitive functions, personality typing and an ‘original self’ and what, if anything, comes first. That’s when astrology starts to become really interesting imo because it remains unaffected from all of these potential variables.


can you say a little more about this? are you saying that astrology can be a model of understanding the self inclusive of both innate temperament and learned/ lived experiences, or that it is a model that functions outside of that dichotomy?


This post title is hilarious. Definitely a keeper.


yes. life is pretty shitty. not as a whole. but there are some shitty part of life. well… obviously.

i think Helix broke it down pretty well,

but what i was basically saying is that usually those who went through shitty process of life has a deeper understanding in life regardless of their type.

so therapist or psychiatrist who went through much experience in life are usually well adept at helping people. better than those who grew up with almost no problem.

i mean, it’s an obvious thing of course.

but my point is that it’s not limited to someone’s type, per se. whether they are INFJ or ENTJ.

i’ve recently encountered young INFJ girl, about 20, and she grew up in stable home, never had a relationship, and basically, lived a problem-free life. so far.
so when i was talking to her about ‘deep’ subject, she didn’t have much to say. not as much as i expected a ‘typical’ INFJ would say. but what the fuck is even a ‘typical INFJ’ ? there’s no such thing.

am i sure she’s INFJ? yes. i’m 100% sure. i can’t see anything else. she’s not INFP for sure. she’s definitely INFJ.

on the other hand, i was talking to this ENTJ lady, in her early 60’s.
although her communication style is very straightforward to most people,
i was talking to her about different things and she was very sympathetic and understood a lot.
like she didn’t use “Fe” to show that she understands, but i could tell from the ‘words’ she was using.

she wasn’t reactive like a Fe user. but her response had depth and insight in which itself was very sympathetic.


I was scrolling looking for another thread, and came across this title. Freaking hilarious.
Hope you come back to us.