A Shrine to Beyoncé (Formerly Something About ENFJs and Te+Fi)


I want to be more involved politically…but after my experiences getting to know more people in politics I want to run away as fast as I can as far away as I can…I see liberalism and Fi as too hipocritical, and I find conservatism and Te too harsh. How does an enfj navigate a climate in which the two main functions involved are not familiar (aka not the first four functions or id/superego)? :ghost:

PS So basically esfjs, intps and istps come out and tell me what you really think of politics because you also don’t have Te and Fi in life shattering significant places :stuck_out_tongue:

What's your enneagram?

Te is my id
and Fi is my superego

i don’t give a fuck about politics because the real people who runs the world is not even those two major governments (left and right)
they’re not on major TV stations or news or websites.

search in Google or YouTube who really runs the world and find out

one example. our US dollars are printed by non-governmental group. and that’s a fact.

and of course the higher you go, the more “corrupt” it is, but it doesn’t change the fact that the world still runs that way.

it’s an inevitable fact.

it’s not a conspiracy theory.

when that reality is accepted, it gives some sort of peace of mind. and you can just live your life not worrying about people crying and bitching about how fucked up the world is, or whatever else they wanna talk about.

just do you. And live on.


Oh, and don’t believe everything you see or hear.

the first answer Google gives you is not always the accurate or truth.


You mean Beyonce?

Just kidding.

Are you talking about the reptile alien conspiracy theory stuff? I’ve heard that they take human form and hang out here ruling the world.





I agree with @supernokturnal in broad terms. You can’t fix major national and world problems within the current regulating contexts. The idea of democracy has outpaced government control…and for this reason a small portion of humanity has put safe guards into place. The ultimate result of these safeguards results in, unintentionally, decreasing overall unity and causes frustration even with the idea of democracy. The government is like a fist trying to punch a fart…sometimes it just makes things worse.


That’s actually very true.

Actually why do I even want to get into politics in the first place yo??

A lot of people in college were obsessed with it but even with my whole type three enfj need to be perfect in society schtick explain why I actually even care…



Hahaahhaaa when I see you in a senior Cabinet position one day I will quote this above simile and laugh in your face :smirk_cat: Love it!!


I know you’re joking, but sometimes I feel like Beyonce rules the world.



I think a lot of people would agree. I mean, millions more people tuned in to her on TV than to the presidential whatevers.


I asked Google. Google said Naom Chomsky rules the world.


Okay so @turtle @lunar @air I have a huge life-changing follow up question to ask you:

Do we know Beyoncé’s mbti type?? :octopus:




I don’t know. I couldn’t find many interviews of her. So don’t feel sure.

I saw an interview where she said “look at me getting ready to talk or something” I don’t remember the wording. But I got an ick feeling of annoying ?Fe. ?

Am trying to think when I’ve gotten that yuck feeling before but don’t know . But it’s like wants to come off all sweet. She comes across fake to me.



Yeah I did wonder if she could be isfj (replying here having problems on phone)


Haaahahaha that sounds like something I would say…but I guess the manner of saying it would be important too. It sounds playful and kind of self-deprecating, all in jest…

As for the types that immediately strike me as fake I have to say isfj or enfj…I feel like enfjs either love each other to death or hate each other to death because we all know what’s really going on underneath the masks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And isfjs are my superego type apparently so I also have a love hate relationship with them…


I think it was more an overall impression from her interviews (particular to her not to any type). Maybe she hates interviews. Or maybe it’s Fe id of esfp. Or enfj of a different type.

do these ladies actually resemble each other in anyone else’s eyes?




Yeah I really don’t know…I just don’t know Beyoncé well enough to say anything at this point :sweat_smile:


Beyonce strives for perfection. I dont’ know enough about mbti to type her though. Definitely a J. That is all I have so far.


Ended up watching Life is but a dream, her documentary. I didn’t find it very interesting. Oprah Winfrey calls it a game changer. Guess I don’t get it.


Hmm I guess I’ll have to watch it this weekend…I’ll let you know what I think. The Fe-id could be right too…I can see some resemblance between her and Shakira from the photo…I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if esfp turns out to be her type…

@air you seem to know a lot about Beyoncé…do you have any thoughts about her mbti??