A Tale of Two INTJs (and 1 ENFJ)


If you want to see an extremely good portrayal of what 2 INTJs look like in tertiary Fi temptation, whilst an enneagram type 3 ENFJ is headed towards their higher integration, check out the movie The Witch.


Sweet! Movie day! Watching now. Who else is up for a little horror during day time hours?? Grabbing my my knife and teddy now.

Just FYI, it’s available for free streaming on Amazon Prime if any of you have that.


Confession: I speak to Black Philip in the forest.


Sooooo, the chick is the ENFJ. The dad is an INTJ. Who is the other INTJ?

@Prax, you gotz a way to watch this and give your feedback on INTJs?


Who do you think the other INTJ is? And I don’t know that I should say anything until more responses come in. That is, if other responses come in.

Yeah, I didn’t factor in that many people weren’t just going to watch the movie on command. :muscle:

I think even if the movie was available for free, most people wouldn’t watch it.

I need to start a class, that’s what it is. Required reading (and viewing).

Anyway, Erika, who do you think the other INTJ is?


I think the son/brother. Fi TEMPTATION.

I don’t know why??? Probs people spend at least 1 hour scrolling through Facebook feeds. Why not watch a fun movie about a cute goat and an even cuter rabbit instead?

Do it! Just don’t start with your last reading suggestion: Sexual Personae. I got it and it’s fucking LONG.


Oh that book is on my reading list!


Just read the first chapter (Sex and Violence, or Nature and Art) and you’ll have the basic gist of what the authoress is saying. The rest is just applying those principles throughout history starting in Egypt and ending with Emily Dickinson.

Well, it’s not just that, but, it kind of is. The first chapter (and chapter 2 on Egypt and chapter 3 on Greece) is really all that’s required.

At least in my class. :grinning:

Around chapter 4 it starts getting superfluous. At least as far as her basic principles are concerned.


prax can barely watch anime/shows she actually likes, let alone movies if they are not playing on tv (due to INFP brother or husband having them streaming) already. :smiley:

i am very bad at entertainment media consumption. I have not even touched my videogames.

But I might take a look…,… eventually! I actually do have free Amazon Prime streaming.


I’ve got the day off tomorrow so I guess i’ll be watching it :sunglasses:


Alright let’s do it! A little class is building. Enrollment may go up 1 and then another 1 I want to watch it when I get the chance.


Yippee! Then report back. You two will have more insights than I.


Thomasin = ENFJ

William & Caleb (maybe) = INTJ

Caleb seemed kinda too sensitive to be an INTJ… so I’m not sure about that… but he was closer to INTJ than any of the others… unless it’s the mom… but she seemed to have Fi in some stressful position rather than tertiary…

The only characters I could empathise with were Thomasin and Caleb… the others drove me nuts… i was rather glad about the way things ended :sunglasses:


aaa I almost saw what you wrote! i managed to suddenly cross the eyes just in time:)


I think because he’s a young INTJ. That’s why he looks “too” sensitive. He’s like 10. The mother is pretty much a freaking mess the entire time, while the young boy is pretty resilient towards his mother’s insecurities. The only downfall the boy has is his sister’s tits. nom, nom, nom. And the dad is obvious with his belief(s) clouding his judgement.

The ONLY other guess I would have for an INTJ if Caleb was not the other INTJ would be Black Philip. a.k.a. The Devil. Lucifer. The Fallen One.

And the other kids are just annoying. Toys that Black Philip liked to play with and hope to mold. Also, he used them as fuel for the fire he was creating. I think the Devil would be an INTJ. Schizophrenic genius. Setting the stage for a beautiful witch to come into her own.

What I’m still curious about is the rabbit. It appears when dark shit is about to go down. It’s a warning and a seduction all at once.


Mine was spoiler free… don’t read Erika’s comment… or the stuff I’m writing below :stuck_out_tongue:

And the way he questioned his dad and took matters into his own hands when the parents decided to do that thing with Thomasin… cool dude… I liked him… didn’t like the dad as much… but he accepted that his pride was his fatal flaw, so I forgave him… I really wanted to strangle the twins and the mom…

Yeah! Bunny tempted father to lay traps in the woods… the prospect of trapped bunnies tempted Caleb back inside, so that his sister wouldn’t have to leave… and then bunny drew him to the witch’s lair…

I liked how Black Philip literally had the devil’s horns :joy:

Interesting ending though… the chick had to fight for her life and then she had nothing left to live for… so it wasn’t too difficult for her to pledge her soul to the devil… but… when and why did the devil single her out?



This is someone denying her true self throughout the entire film. -be good girl, be good girl- -see momma, I’m good- -daddy, I’m good- -No, it was just a joke- -I didn’t mean it- She does not give up at the end. She finds her true calling at the end. She stops fighting. I think it’s beautiful.

And why does the Devil single her out? Hmmm, maybe she called him? Maybe he finally answered. The movie starts with her praying. For all of the sins she’s committed and commandments she’s broken internally. This chick wants to be bad. But she wants to do good. She’s not good at doing good, so maybe she’s best at being good at bad?

It is so interesting though. The movie. You would think it was just about a punishment to the dad. But I think the movie is all about the girl.


I believe the girl was the old witch. Notice how every time the witch was doing something, the girl was asleep or passed out? And she alluded to this when she was scaring her younger sister. “When I sleep, my spirit leaves my body to go dance with the Devil.”


Oh I didn’t think it was about the father either… but I see that you’ve grasped it way more deeply than I have… and you thought others would have more insights… :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess this is something you relate to? Denying your true self? Why are you still fighting?

Wow… Yes! All three instances! You’re right :dizzy_face:


[quote=“piggie, post:20, topic:131”]
Denying your true self? [/quote]

Shit, yeah. I deny my true self everyday. We all do.

YEPPPPPPPP!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! Run for dem hillz!!! Dat chick be crazy cuttin up babies and humping sticks!!! Did you see this too? Or did I just imagine it? Also at the end - all the chicks around the fire. They’re fucking humping sticks!!!

Eureka!!! That’s why we associate witches with flying brooms!!! They’re really just sticks!! Like, really good walking sticks. I’ll admit, I’ve seen some sweet ass sticks in the forest I’ve wanted to hump. So this is just a misconception. Witches didn’t fly on broomsticks. They just humped sticks, cause they were cool sticks. I mean, why not?


Hahaha yeah… there was that sound of flesh slapping against something for sure… and she only had a stick… :smile: