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Would it be possible for there to be such an interaction that two individuals of the same MB temperament would come together and align to the overarching pattern of their similarities, subsequently “ricocheting” from the encounter in the direction what actually distinguishes the two within the same type temperament?

Has this topic been approached before, or perhaps this concept termed and analyzed? If so, what were the insights and conclusions?

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This question came to mind from reading an ENTJ describe dating another ENTJ as an amazing experience that for some reason just could not last. It made me think perhaps the amazingness arose from their shared attributes as ENTJs but that the other aspects of personality temperament, such as, say, their moon and rising types, became more pronounced in the interaction and so sent each on their merry way in new directions guided by these different subliminalities.

There’s quite a bit of discussion scattered across the forum on INFJ/INFJ relationship dynamics, but I don’t recall anything on other types.

There was never a cohesive conclusion made. The INFJ badboys thread is a good one to read. I think the INFJ/INFJ talk starts maybe halfway through? My consolidated personal opinion is that yes, they will inevitably destroy one another, but maybe that is the point. There’s this intention of a phoenix-like rebirth so the whole process can begin again. Not that the rebirth always occurs, sometimes it’s just rot and horror.

Assuming I’m typed correctly, I’ve always felt an electric attraction for other INTJs. Haven’t met many, and of the few I have I’m not sure I typed correctly. When I come across one it’s like there is a shared world that is automatically entered on a level above the world everyone else is in. It makes for this wordless meta-communication only we have access to. It’s really hot. It doesn’t happen online, only in person, embodiment is needed to experience it. It can happen with INFJs too, or even INxPs, seems to be about Ni. It’s clearest with other INTJs, crystalline. How it would sustain in a long-term relationship, well idk.

This is a can of worms because there are so many components to relationships than can cause problems: type/subtype dynamics, astrological compatibility, trauma, family history, ethnic/cultural history and identification, on and on and on. Then add in personal preference for relationship dynamics, self-object needs (this is a cool psychodynamic/developmental psych thing, I’ll try to post something about it later), etc.

I have this idea that the general psychological consensus (lol what does that even mean) is that opposites attract but some similarities are necessary for long-term compatibility and relational resilience. Again, where an individual’s personal balance of difference/similarity needs falls is gonna depend on a LOT of factors.

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Wow, that sounds so clear, and electric like you said.

And bionic, because my imagination ran off the rails. Hee

The question is hopefully framed in such a way that there is a good word or terminology for that particular aspect of relational dynamic, so I can then use the word to reference that dynamic (encoded in the word) and improving my ability to analyze these things more intuitively. In my very subjective opinion the essence of science is appellation (mapping environments with constructed languages)

I feel I have experienced some watered-down version of that with an a friend who was either INTJ or INFJ (leaning towards INTJ in my retrospective analysis, we don’t talk anymore unfortunately). I will try to describe it in more detail, perhaps you might see some similarity? But for now it’s my bedtime, I will have to come back to it.

If it is anything like what I am thinking about, a very interesting experience that I really don’t know how to categorize in human terms off the cuff! (If is the keyword)


I had a friend who in my mind I nicknamed “The Grim Brother”…also a Slavic, also an immigrant context, also religious background, also a psychedelic enthusiast (as I was back then but not anymore).

We had very many different interactions that are simply ineffable, with various different substances and sometimes without any at all. We were discussing MBTI as it was, and I only became interested in the Ennegram because of him. He was into astrology and also looked at my chart, stuff like that

So this experience I had with him that I was reminded of by the “shared world” that is also “above the level of everyone else’s world” that you described. We were discussing MBTI outside the frame of having a main type or anything like that, but the cognitive functions. I remember asking him what his take on Se is, and the way he described it to me sounded like a dynamic of Te and Se together…which is why I slightly lean more towards INTJish than INFJish.

We were at a university park one time, and were augmenting with some cannabis, got to talking cognitive functions again and we got into this kind of “connected” mindspace where i think the best way to say it is we synchronized to the same frequency, if that makes sense. Not that I linked to his, or he to mine, but that there was already something there, like a radio wave or something, and we both “got on it”.

And then, we consciously remained attuned to this frequency while describing each our take on the cognitive functions, so we were sorta sharing perspectives and shifting back and forth between the subjective reference and the objective outlook. My perception of the concrete environment (Se as I understand it) took on tones and appearance that I can only describe as “Hypervision”.

It made me conscious of how I use words, how I organize concepts, how I sometimes need to talk things through or express them before I can understand them, things like that. We shared this implicit understanding that we didn’t need to quibble over semantics or worry about “selecting the right word” it was like the word choice didn’t even matter as much as the conscious exploration of what we were trying to describe.

Anyway it was a cool experience.

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This is a great example of the type of communication that only happens when Ni meets Ni, and then only under certain conditions (such as a deep level of rapport and trust between the participants).

I first encountered this at University with an INTJ female, who went on to become my best friend as a result of this amazing connection we were able to share. We first met as part of our Uni D&D roleplaying group, but the two of us soon hit it off, and used to stay up half the night after everyone else had left, discussing metaphysics and comparing our individual experiences of life as Ni-dominant types.

This was back in the early 80’s and at that time we didn’t have the MBTI terminology to categorise our use of the Jungian type functions. But years later, after we both separately became interested in psychological types, we were able to look back and see how our initial “psychic” connection was made possible by our INFJ/INTJ type dynamics.

I’ve had similar experiences since then, often with other INJs, but also with ENFJ/ENTJs and occasionally INFPs (probably because of Ni-Id).

And I would go further and state that, on a few occasions, there has been what I can only describe as a direct mind-to-mind connection; a form of telepathy where one or both participants have been able to accurately perceive and describe the mental imagery of the other in real-time.

These have been peak experiences for me; empirical proof of the phenomenal powers of the human mind which mainstream science refuses to acknowledge (for the most part) and therefore remain latent and untapped for the majority of people.

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Very interesting! I’d love to hear more about accurately perceiving and describing mental imagery (in real-time), if you’re okay with sharing that. I encountered something like this once or twice, but never in a convenient context where I could explore it at my leisure. There was too much personal sensitives at play with the ones involved.

I’m also curious about the “for the most part” comment about mainstream science refusing to acknowledge the latent phenomenal powers of the human mind…it gets me thinking that someone somewhere is giving it the attention it is due?

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If you are interested in inter-type dynamics of any pairing I would look into socionics. A lot of the relational info listed in the resource charts seems to be pulled directly from that iteration of Jungian typology. It’s very Ti-heavy so I find it a bit tedious, but useful.

Yes, it’s not unlike something I experience coming up on psychedelics, or at times of altered concentration, that I call “extra-3D”. The level above I was describing is similar, but more subtle, at least in a general interaction. Potent and clear.

I’ve only had a sexual experience with an INTJ once, and there was an element to it I could certainly describe as bionic :wink:. The mirroring in that union was uncanny, but went beyond type as there were astrological factors that compounded it.