Acountabilibuddies: Helping Each Other Reach Goals


Hi y’all,

So @turtle and I decided that we loved octopi and we were going to mutually pressure each other into achieving our goals…turtle is going to exercise regularly and I’m going to take up swimming again and channel my spirit animal :octopus: because I also haven’t been in the gym in a long while…

If you want to be entertained come here to enjoy our agony. If you have any goals you’ve always wanted to do but have always lacked the wherewithal to follow through feel free to post it here and we’ll keep nagging you to do it…it’s free motivation!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Rah Rah! Thanks for setting this up. Today I did some squats. Now that I saw this I"m going to do the 10 minute thing I said I would do. lol. I’ll report back later.

My other goal is to draw again. I’m putting that here so the heat is on.

Also need to study my tarot because I volunteered to do some readings at a fundraiser >.< Why do I say yes to everything. *cries

update: just did my 10 min ab workout. It was really hard. I had to modify some of them.


That’s so great…look at you go!! :smile:

I remembered about this and made the thread and immediately dashed off to the gym so I just got out of the pool haahaha…it was nice being underwater with just my thoughts and no obligations!

As for your art goal: I had a similar resolution earlier this year loolol but @supernokturnal convinced me to just go for it. So you can do it too!! I’m more into sculpture than visual arts though…what do you usually draw??


I need to focus on 3 things in the next couple of weeks:

  1. networking
  2. building a damn website
  3. putting stuff on Etsy

There are at least 3 other things I need to do, but these are the main ones. PLZ HARASS ME TO DO THEM. :innocent:


:no_mouth: The dreaded networking…how are you planning to network?? Maybe being more specific about your plans will make it easier to accomplish…

Ohhh what is the website for?? :smiley:

Also go put stuff on Etsy!! Writing descriptions is fun! I used to have an Etsy shop and making the listing was the most fun part of the whole damn thing (except receiving money haahaha)…so go do it!!


I used to paint but I’ve always wanted to draw comics and work on a graphic novel… I’ve gotten really out of practice in visual art so it’s going to be a big deal when I start again. Probably will just be practicing and concept mapping for a while.

hehe I used to have several etsy shops too… Someday again! Sigh… adulthood really dissolved my whimsical ambitions…


I need to ask people for jobs basically. Email them. I know it sounds easy, but it’s hard for me to do. It feels so unnatural and icky, but it’s totally just biznazz.

Oh, a website for me. A portfolio. Again, unnatural-ville.

@iamrl, what did you sell on Etsy? And @turtle, what did you sell on Etsy? That makes me sad that adulthood has dissolved your whimsical ambitions. I think life is for whimsical ambitions.


I sold jewelry I designed and made, illustrations, prints of paintings I made, and had a shop for fan art (for Twin Peaks). It was really fun!

Life really is for whimsical ambitions… I’m going through a weird phase right now that is complicated and embedded in family pressure/tension… once I finish OT school maybe I will have room to figure out my life.

@air what’s your shop? Is it for art? :smiley:


Have you emailed people for jobs before? Maybe you could Google for inspiration? Most of the job related email tips I find online aren’t great but hey at least it’s a starting point haahaha!!

Think of the portfolio as a celebration of your journey…you’ve come so far!! Don’t think too much about other people and being self-promotional as much…I found that helped when I was making portfolios for art competitions in high school (which seems so long ago now :weary:)

I used to sell jewelry, small ceramics and wire sculptures…I used to be quite the artist in high school, I liked to work with my hands to shape a tangible thing…but real life got in the way :sweat: I’ve been trying to recapture some of that whimsy in recent months but I doubt it’s going to come back fully…

But that’s enough about me!!


What is Etsy?


It’s a huge online marketplace to sell vintage and handmade stuff. They went public last year, I believe, so they’re changing and growing.


Cool! I’ll have to check it out.


Vintage clothing.


I just clicked on the link you provided of your ab exercises and whoa! You have guts doing that as a self proclaimed potato (potahto?) :kissing_heart: That youtube channel looks super helpful, it has so many quick exercise videos…you should update us with video reviews as you cycle through them haahaha!!


Ok wise people, I have a request for help with a personal goal. It is all too easy for me to get lost in my internal Ni world and completely lose track of time. This frequently makes me late for appointments, and causes me a huge amount of problems, both at home and at work.

I know J-types are supposedly better at managing time than P-types, but the stereotyped type descriptions were probably written by TJ types, since Te seems to be much better at scheduling than Fe. My own Fe values timeliness not for its own sake, but out of consideration for other people, so it is acutely embarassing when I repeatedly fall short in this department.

I’ve tried many different time management systems over the years, but soon drop them as I’m OK at organising my own work and complex projects, and they don’t really help out with my issue, since I can easily ignore all sorts of external reminders when I’m fully engrossed in Ni.

So I’d greatly appreciate novel ideas and suggestions that are more likely to work for a dreamy, perpetually distracted INFJ!


Thanks for sharing. I shared it with my trainer this morning and he walked my workout partner and I through it. Let’s see how I feel tomorrow. Did you do your workout today or is it rest day?


@turtle Did you exercise yet?? I realized again how much I hate the butterfly stroke today :stuck_out_tongue:

@Stewart Oh wow I didn’t realize how head in the clouds Ni-dom could be…I generally have better control over my wacky trance moments so I’m not sure how I’d be a good source of advice haaha :no_mouth: There are so many infjs here though that I’m sure someone will have something to contribute!!


Today I moved around a lot so I didn’t deliberately exercise. Also, I accidentally hurt my back a little and am experiencing strange alertness at 4 AM in the morning. I don’t get insomnia of this pure kind very often… so I am wondering what is going on. @-@

Time management: I’m probably not the one to ask because I have a hard time as it is. I try to give myself extra time to get places because I inevitably take longer than anticipated. An idea for @stewart is maybe having some kind of clock that chimes at regular intervals to remind you that time is passing. So, knowing that you have to be at a certain place at 12 PM, and you want to start doing your Ni project at 9, you know that you only get to hear the hour chime 2 times before you have to get ready to go.


That is weird :frowning: hope you got some sleep and that your back feels better soon!!

@Stewart I don’t know if this is helpful at all but I’ll just put it out there??

Thinking about this more…my problem with time management isn’t that I daydream and lose track of time per say but I will underestimate the amount of time something takes or try to do too much at once and then it takes much longer for me to finish it all…basically I say yes to too many things and that’s often why I’m late…realizing that this was the problem actually helped a lot because now I consciously don’t do something when my mind is telling me that it’ll take 2 minutes to finish because I know I deceive myself :stuck_out_tongue:


This occurs to me as something I might think, but it would be a disaster for me to think it. Is that the case for you? It’s best for me if I think “It’s not a big deal when I start again,” and in fact if I’m trying to write after not writing for a long time I usually write a note instructing myself to do it really shitty, like shittier than ever before. “MAKE THIS THE SHITTIEST AND MOST UNSUBSTANTIAL RE-ENTRY INTO THE LITERARY ARTS EVER.” I’ll write that kind of stuff at the top of a document.