An INFJ Goes to Restaurant ESTP

Ni already knows what to order.

Fe expresses the details to the chef de service. The chef de service writes it down in shorthand on a little notebook. It is a set of reserved keywords that is relatable to both the chef de kitchen and chef de service.

The Ti shorthand encoding is delivered by chef de service to the back-end. Chef de kitchen interprets the Ti code and understands what Fe is saying about what Ni is visualizing.

Se arranges the meal by sequence (break eggs to make an omelet, marinate the chicken before grilling) , frequency (stir x amount of times, flip x amount of times) and quantity (a dash of salt, and not a bucket of salt, 2 cloves of garlic and not 2 heads of garlic).

Food is ready and chef de service goes to Si for associating the end product to the appropriate table. Te is accessed in the purpose of arranging unique identifiers for each table. Chef de service goes to the wrong table, and chef de service slams the food smack in the face of whiny customer.

Chef de service is having a rough day.

It doesn’t matter anyway, INFJ was only there hypothetically. INFJ never left the house. INFJ is double-clicking on folder icons and eating a cold piece of toast.

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