...and all that jazz

You’ve been on an editing rampage today. :smiley:

Shit happens when you’ve been playing INTJ for a while and need a break. Like I just isolated genomic DNA from 240 different animals. Then analysing them. AT THE SAME TIME. It will drive you to madness. If only if you knew how long that shit took. The only way I can cope with all this is to go nuts and flip-flop into the other extreme. My ENTP deskmate told me I am either Wolverine or My Little Pony, ain’t no middle in between. It’s just how I rollllll dooooood.

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Where, here? Not really. :smiley:

Been digging articles on clinical lycanthropy all day long.

I’m so fucking ISTJ in this shit. Digging and sorting.

I have no idea what that means, but it sounds awesome.

I see your day was no less cool.

I had to look that up. :smiley:

It’s proper ISTJ work. Proper menial labour dude. But it’s allll worth it in the end. :smiley:

I’m also really digging my new pencil. Rotring 600 0.7 !

I’m being off-topic deliberately as a way to rest from my ISTJ-ish inertia.

Go for it dude. I can sympathise.

Damn, though. You really prize that stuff don’t you? I always lose this sort of stuff. :smiley:

I also never use pencils anymore. I’m a pen-type of gal now. But I always lose my pens or let them explode on my fucking hands, then I unwittingly spread that shit onto my shirt or even on my face. Just because you’re doing a PhD in an NT field does not mean you’re not a fucking baby. In fact, it will only encourage you to be even more useless in the sensing realms. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hilarious! I do not sympathise. Well, I do in a sense that I find it positively funny, especially imagining you in such situations, but I never lose my own stuff nor smear myself with it. I’m very sharp in this regard. Sharp as a pencil, lol. I also never fall (ie, lose balance) and never drop stuff. Well, shit tries to drop, but I always catch it before realizing it was dropping. So I don’t really have any Epic Sensing Fails to share. Unless it’s dancing. :smiley:

Me too, I only use my rOtring 600 for underlining while reading. I do that a lot. As for writing I use edding 1880 drawliner pens and I currently have 40 of those in stock. :joy:

And to balance all this out, I hate order in my guitar playing. Fe impro ALWAYS! :grin:

My father (ISTP-ish) is just like me. My mentor (ISTJ-ish) is just like me. My best friend (ISFP-ish) is just like me. That is regarding clumsiness. Although to be fair, I do know at least on INFJ man who is surprisingly clumsy. :upside_down_face:

I laughed out loud! “Borderline Voldemort-looking INTJ”. :rofl:

I hate jazz! (Erika, please don’t kill me)


Hey, I don’t think Blake is clumsy! Like, physically clumsy. I imagine him quite sharp.

Dunno what that means. :grinning:

But I do respect jazz. Just not my type of music. Does not relax me. Quite the opposite. :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh man, I love it. It puts me in the best, most productive and creative mood.

Well dude, you made it seem like you were implying Blake. :smiley:

But it’s funnier to interpret it as if you were.

The Doggo was the one who broke it to Amerika that he hated jazz. In the typical hilarious Doggo way, as usual. Damn, RumDawg was funny.

Jazz goes well with nice candlelit dinner though. I like fine dining.

INFJs have ISFP id. Meaning that ISFP stuff drags them down. At least theoretically. I can tell you for a fact that weed depresses the fuck out of me. It’s no good for me at all. And ISFPs love it. :slight_smile:

I hear you on that one. For me it has to be certain types of weed. Some types depress the fuck out of me too.

No worries, I’ll make you like jazz.
Come to Chicago.

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Oh, that is why I mentioned Erika. Prolly got a flashback. :smiley:

I love jazz too. So much variety!!! Crazy random stuff and chill sexy stuff. Just awesome. Blue, smokey lights, maaannn.

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Yeah, I can imagine that (listening to Coltrane right now).