And you thought Millennials were cray? An article.


Ya’ll suck at rebellion too. You’re supposed to tell the establishment to fuck off and go your own way, not keep whining around and then bend over :grin:


they are nowhere. in my town we have a CCs coffee shop thats always freezing cold. the grand 16<—barf. and its always from behind a steering wheel. then every now and then there is a huge reaction like a farmers market which is great. but somehow it’s so loaded. everyone is so enlightened, radiating like crazy, juice costs 8 dollars a tiny cup.

where to hang out. where to walk. where to meet someone without them like freaking out you’re going to see their boring house so you meet like twice a year. why are people going to home depot all the time and they don’t meet.

and um why is it so hard. why are people managing like this. how do people even open their eyes day to day. i want to keep mine closed any time going from point A to point B if driving is involved


God people of the Maze, can you not give a solid article in one of the more legit publication in existence today a solid read and contemplate it?

Here’s who jane is @Ankh

she’s a researcher in psychology:

she’s written about the impact of technology on these generations:

and this article itself is an important one because Jean has a tendency to deal with data MUCH better than most people do. READ THIS ARTICLE TO SEE HOW SHE TEARS SHIT UP IN THE WORLD OF MYTHS ABOUT HAVING BABIES after 35.

This researcher is one of the good ones, doing actual work to make people understand what we are doing to ourselves.

It’s not millenials, it’s not their parents, it’s humans. Like cats. We will sleep if we can sleep. We will drive if we can avoid walking. We will stop fucking if we can avoid fucking. We will stop eating real food if we can avoid eating food. We will stay in if we can avoid going out. We will stop working to keep relationships that are imperfect if we can find perfect relationships online. The Maze is a part of this phenomenon – and so is the apparent success of prediction among astrology and MBTI; the internet connects us to the information we like and we can avoid making friends the way we used to or running into the data that doesn’t fit our story; we used to work for relationship with people we met simply by promixity; we used to flail and fail for connection with all those gross people who have warts and different worldviews and live on our street.

There is something afoot here that is not cyclical and that is problematic. This is a good article

Fuck ing read it All You God Damned Ni users. lol.

ETA FE!!! :sweat_smile:


Ha! Someone says it! Thanks for this @johnonymous:clap:


I read it!! I just never investigate more about the authors lool. On a good day I may remember the name of one of the authors of an article I read :sweat: Your post tells me I should probably actually learn more about the people writing the things I read too…

The links you posted to Jean’s writing look really interesting, I may give them a read…


It’s not so much that I’m blaming the Millennials. It’s not their fault. But, that doesn’t matter. Because they are the generation that has inherited the world. I mean, if you really want to get into blame, I blame the media the most. But, what is the media? It’s not any one person.

It’s not really blame that I’m personally expressing. It’s more emotions (or as imrl asked for - reactions).

I’m basically just saying what I’ve personally seen and experienced. I don’t need to see more metrics and articles.

Yes, I know that Millennials have parents and I know they didn’t invent smartphones or Facebook.

However, it doesn’t matter. They are the current inheritors of the world.

Blame is besides the point. Each generation can blame their parents for the shitty things they did, but it’s more about responsibility than blame. In short, whose responsibility is it if you had a shitty childhood? You’re the one that has to live with it. You can blame your parents all you want. But, who is responsible for flipping the script on that shit? You.

And the point really is that the Millennials (and the post-Millennials) are the ones in the spotlight. They are the ones that have the most ability to change the world at this point, and in the coming years.

It doesn’t matter if they didn’t invent the world they live in. Of course they didn’t. If they did, I would probaly be less mad at them because I’d be like “well, they created all this stuff, so that must be what they want.”

But, I don’t get that sense. I get the sense that Millennials are very unhappy as a generation and they do very little about it except whine and complain and post to Instagram.

They participate and drive the whole media thing instead of truly rebelling. They feed into it. They put up with it.

It’s like “dude, put down your phones and tablets and Facebook accounts and fucking do something different.”

I’m only saying it’s pathetic because that’s the way I feel about it. I’m not blaming them. But, they are still the ones most responsible for changing up this dynamic if they aren’t fulfilled by it.

The kids. Enough blaming your parents. [quote=“supernokturnal, post:8, topic:373”]
also, this older generation complaining about newer generation is nothing new.
nothing new at all.

No, it’s nothing new. However, that doesn’t mean you gonna get out of this shit that easily. :unamused:

They are, Erika. They were the ones building smartphones and Facebook to enslave an entire generation. They have been focusing like a motherfucker.

Also, Millennials are pretty bored with their lives. More so than any previous generation. How do I know this? All I do is walk outside down to the local cafe or grocery store or any place of business where Millennials work and I look at the totally unengaged and unhappy expressions on their faces. They’re exuding “this sucks, why do I have to be here?”

And I’m thinking “you suck, you are here because you chose to be”. So, man up and give me a fucking smile and have a nice day and all that shit.

Or tell me to go fuck myself. But, don’t just sit there like a whiny petulant child and exude shitty vibes all the live long day. Do something. Rebel.

Life is an adjustment period. The human species is an adjustment period. But, we live now and so who knows what the fuck is going to happen in the distant future. I mean, people talk about how the human species may one day not be around anymore. I could give a fuck. We’re here now.


That is what is so lacking in today’s world. People are not present. And I have seen this change with my own eyes, not in reading endless articles about it. I don’t need to read about it. That’s part of the problem. Too much reading shit on the internet.

You know, for any viewpoint, opinion, even fact, you can find it on the internet. It’s missing the point.

It’s all so tiresome. “O, look what I found, another slipstream of data to support my point-of-view”. I guess I’ll post it on Facebook (or Stellar Maze) and call it a day. Well, that is until I find a new piece of data to support my point-of-view".

I’m actually more interested in hearing about people’s real experience from their point-of-view.

We live in a sea of fucking information. There is so much information and metrics and sound bytes. It’s tiresome.

Yeah, that may be true. I’m hopeful in that I do see a recent shift in this thing of the last 15-20 years and it all has to do with Trump winning the presidential election. That was pretty much the reintroduction of presence into the world in a big way.

Of course, a good deal of the younger generation is whining about it based on a sea of dick-sucking bad and fragmented information.

The problem with Millennials is they don’t recognize their saviors when they see them. And meanwhile, they suck off the very ones who are enslaving them.

When Trump has the audacity to call out the fake news media (directly to their fucking faces no less) he is taking an action on behalf of this generation. He is setting free from enslavement to a sea of bullshit, lies, and deception.

Stop being so preemptively positive! I’m still not seeing it. I’m tentatively hopeful, but, I’m not going to blow my load yet.

Why is this an either/or thing? I can harp on Millennials and fuck them at the same time. I call “false dichotomy” on you. :grimacing:


So nobody’s gonna follow me into an ice cream shop let alone a rebellion, but allow me to pile on in effete reaction. Fuck. One specific instance that drives me crazy is how people I used to think of as anti-corporate and political and “woke” in today’s awful parlance fall tonsils deep into this crap. Like how can you go from reading Naomi Klein and thinking malls are bad cause they’re privatising the public space and it’s bland and air-conditioned and you can’t protest there to “Oh Faceplant, bathe me in your totally benign algorithms, there’s no time just trepan the antennae right into my head, she and me and thee we are the World.” Give me back the Berlin wall already.

Like I don’t know if via negativa actually constitutes a way of rebellion, it’s kinda unsatisfying and lonely and as far as I can tell no one looks at my abstention from social media and says I’ll have what he’s having. Part of the problem surely is that the boomers guinea pigged all the ways RebellionTM can be bottled and sold, it’s hard to see past to where growing vegetables and walking to the story-telling pit is the bee’s knees.

Is it that people are really submerged in the Short Now and what’s around them and can’t zoom around in time and imagine how it might be different? Like I guess there’s TV and Instagram where Ni used to go.


Sorry. Too busy looking at cat photos.


I put a huge grasshopper in your car. Good luck with those yellow lines.


The media is: a (slow) search engine homing in on Fi/Fe instead of Te/Ti (like most fast search engines, e.g. Google).

Used to take months to identify what was selling ads for the media but increasingly it only takes hours to give the searchers what they are searching for. Some day soon it will settle into a strategic spot closer to google’s instant search results than to the old journalist model.

(Financial news does that already, like if you google a stock a robot writes a shitty article pretending to say something about it. Feels like All the other subject matter is getting there a different way by training the writers to think and produce like robots. Inbound marketing, hubspot :japanese_ogre:)

Form articles abound in almost every publication.


Boomers didn’t see the world as a lost cause and invent smartphones and social networks, because WTH, might be fun to watch it burn.


You bugged my car?

That’s alright, I’m on house arrest, so I can’t go anywhere anyway.

But, thanks for telling me, I’ll have my limo driver remove at his first opportunity.

And in retaliation, I thought you should know there is a bat-eating centipede en route to your house. It should be arriving in your vagina around midnight.

Well, midnight to 4 am, to be precise.

And if it doesn’t arrive in that 4-hour window, we might have to reschedule for a later date.

In any event, sweet dreams!


Also, please let it be noted that I do not like the Millennial-ish term cray, or its derivative, cray-cray (though, I think cray-cray came first, but whatevs).

You can add this to the list of terms his High Blakeness does not like. Terms like spot-on, meh, and emoji (wtf was wrong with emoticon that we had to replace it with this retarded term?)

Um, let’s throw chillax in there too. You either chill or you relax, not some highly awkward combination of both.

And while we’re at it, can we lay off the term meme. I got news for you. Not everything is a meme. Because if it is, then, it isn’t.

However, please note, that I do like the term meme, it’s just that its been played to death (kind of like a meme).

OK, that’s all for now. Carry on with your cray-cray shellfish selves.


Some recognize the savior as a blind man that is able to see the dangers of a bear in a trench coat. Despite the motives of the blind man, it is important for the bear to be recognized by the public as dangerous…cause a bear in a trench coat is only cute in theory.

But some say the bear is actually the blind man in a trench coat grabbing the bear by the pussy.

It’s kind of like “the dress.” Blue and black? Or white and gold? We may never know…actually yeah, this whole time it was blue and black, but if white and gold benefits your persistent veiws…then the opposing side is “fake news”.

What I’m trying to say is we can play connect the dots with anything. We can easily make something out of nothing. But for the moment of Trump to be beneficial, he has to be called out for all his hypocrisy…and not be publicly praised…cause he isn’t intentionally trying to save us from the millennial malfunction. He didn’t create the tide, the tide created him. The benefits of the Trump outcome will happen when the two opposing sides push really fucken hard against each other…the benefits of the outcome will burst through the seems of conflict.


Yeah, I wasn’t see that at all from what you just said, so, better luck next time.

Basically, what i hear you saying is Donald Trump likes to grab pussies, is blind, and we are supposed to think this is cute.

That’s an assumption you’re making. For example, I have no need to see Trump as cute.

And you’re reasoning is eluding me.

OK, O righteous one. Yes, Trump has to atone before you for all his sins. You sound like a self-righteous INFJ to me. On a mission of morality. However, you are on lower ground than you think when it is evident that you think you are on your high horse.

Whether he intentionally is or isn’t is besides the point. He is. Bottom-line. Why add all this moral atonement bullshit in there?

And if you want to speak about moral atonement and hypocrisy, I can think of some people that would be much more deserving of such things. The people on the Left are much more hypocritical (and sanctimonious like you are being) than Trump.

So? What’s your point, assuming that is true? Are you saying Trump should bow low because you and your kind have created him? Something like that?

Trump is just your tool. And if he doesn’t follow the narrative laid out for him by the Left, then you will disavow him. Because he is unholy.

Talk about hypocrisy. The Left wants to take God out of the equation, yet, they keep all the shitty Christian morality. Moralizing, preaching, but feeling righteous because they make no appeal to any God. They talk about how Christianity is such nonsense. Then they preach Christianity under another name. That’s what you’re doing by the way, in case you weren’t aware of it.


By the way, this is a photo of a hipster.


I think it just bothers me that these terms have fallen into common usage and that they are used a lot, whether they are used genuinely (as is the case with spot-on) or ironically.

I’m very sensitive to language and meaning behind it.

For example, when I hear or see the word meh, all I can think is what an exhausted and unengaged expression that is. And it bother me the most when people use that term as a matter of course, in an accepting way. Like, yeah everything is just meh. Seen it all. It’s neither terrible nor great, just sort of middling.

All I can think when people use meh is that I want to murder them. Then, maybe they will feel a little fire in their lives before they die.

It’s like just shut up if meh is all you have to say or express. No one needs to hear this.

Just like no one needs to see pictures of your latte on Facebook or hear that you are currently stuck in traffic right now.

It is anti-communication. It is bad and ugly communication. It’s just expressing shittiness with no redeeming value.

Like, all the cooler than cool hipsters working at the cafes and retail stores. They exude meh. And it’s mediocre shittiness.

For example, I like terms or expressions like right on! or awesome! or that sucks!

They have energy. They have life.

Meh sounds like a sick cow. A moo that came out on a cow’s deathbed or something. Or like a feeble meow.

It sounds kind of like the older term blech, but with less punch.

This clip from Louis CK kind of sums up why I don’t like the word meh. The part where he says “C’mon make a fucking effort, don’t just excrete words from your head, tighten your lips”

Language is symptomatic of where a culture and people are at and I’m particularly sensitive to this sort of shit. So, meh, just indicates the tiredness and exhaustion and how sick of ourselves we are in this age of Facebook and smartphones and so on. Yes, meh has all that encoded in it! Would you fucking believe it.

Here’s the very awesome clip where Louis CK nails the problem with current American culture and the way we sound.

Yeah, I’m really not. But, if you think that, I guess it just goes to show how well you understand me.

O, poor misunderstood me. :sob:


Yeah. I hate the word rad yet use it. Or lol. Lol is pretty annoying. I like to use it to be really gross sometimes but then it became a habit! One of the first things I ever wrote on Facebook was Status: Lol OUT LOUD LOL LOL, some crazy thing like that. Just to be super annoying. Now lol is in every other sentence.



Haha. Jazz up your “lol” with a “z”.

I’m the millenial, language Martha Stewart.

It’s a good thing.


Most of this thread has made me stupider for reading it. lol

Anyway, I read the article and also reactions to it from another forum, and while I think some of the numbers are statistically significant, some of them aren’t very compelling. As you see the drop-offs are happening somewhat before the introduction of iPhones. I think it’s probably the synergistic rise of social media + access (internet) that is causing this increasing anxiety. I have said this before, but for the general population, being submersed in this much data (social and technical) is overwhelming. Even when we develop shortcuts to offload these things (such as saving brainspace to leaving it up to having “googling skills” when it comes to technical stuff), information (and disinformation) is still growing at such an exponential rate. And I don’t just mean hard data, I also mean social data. It’s a constant stream that most people aren’t able to keep up with, leading to growing anxieties about the self and the world in which they live.

How much easier was it to think of oneself as a “good person” by just middling around one’s life and not knowing how privileged one is while half a world away there is a civil war going on that their own government is meddling in? What if you had made a friend across the internet in that country? You become paralyzed with “what should I be doing? How do I protect the people I care about? My new connections? How can I be a good person when something that is ‘happening right before my eyes’ and I am not directly involved in stopping it or speaking out?”. Cue online slacktivism because you cannot keep up with ALL the issues of the entire world as much as your heart wants to. And the reaction to that as a defense for being overwhelmed can look a lot like apathy and cynicism… And eventually depression (which is linked to anxiety–a lot of mood disorders are co-morbid).

But you know who the internet is probably WORSE for? People who don’t have enough exposure or critical thinking skills who don’t know what the heck they are doing and get themselves scammed and pushed into the jaws of the darker/misleading elements of the internet. (aka old people? lol)

So I think the youth being born connected and bombarded by this from the start have a higher baseline for anxiety and other mood disorders. But on the other hand, I think this will eventually lead to a pendulum swing back where we are better able to handle all of this streaming information. I think this will take the form of better tools for moderation and curation. We’re not going to quite ever get it right (there’s going to be instances of extreme bubbles/incubation chambers for extremism–moreso than there is now probably), but it’ll probably go back and forth until we move onto our next paradigm shift (maybe where we ARE able to assimilate all the information we want–like cyber-enhanced bodies?? who knows–I’m hoping for more intergalactic travel and teleportation myself).

I think for myself though, having my phone around or computers in general has increased my happiness! hahha. I already didn’t want to do any of those “social” things at the rates of the “previous or current” generation, so everyone being on their phones and leaving me the heck alone was very thumbs up. It also allowed me to seek out more people who I actually got along with well or clicked with a basis in a niche interest instead of relying on the luck of proximity. Many pros and a few cons. Maybe this is more a warning for the more general population and doesn’t apply to the smaller subset of people who thrive with the setup.

Someone made the interesting observation that parents were prior helecoptering around saying they DIDN’T want their kids sexxing and hanging out and blah blah blah and suddenly now that kids are “welp ok. i stay on phone inside” they freak out about that too. Ye age olde problem of younger gens always being too much and not enough all at once. Not that I don’t have my own gripes about the younger gen, but it also is what it is.