Anna Barsova's articles on INFP & INFJ


So, I came across this Myers-Briggs practitioner, Anna Barsova, who wrote two separate articles on INFP and INFJ:

INFP - Pragmatical Sweetheart
INFJ - Dreamer

Take a read - do you find it accurate for yourself or the people you know?

I found her articles really interesting. They have their own color to it, in the same way that Blake’s articles do, but instead of a punk-rock tone, I’m getting more operatic feels.

This passage in particular in the INFP article resonates with me strongly:

The Introverted Feeling helps INFP create a small “galaxy” of selected people and interests, with very sweet and supportive atmosphere. This galaxy is ruled by “emotional tuning” aimed at pleasing each other, along with desire for a feeling of intellectual freshness in communication.

On their part, these “happy and smart” people around INFP are supposed to adore and appreciate all INFP’s efforts. In INFP’s opinion, this is the only real harmony possible in the world.

I am a very tribal person. I have a deep hunger and longing to not only be part of a community, but to also invest in the community. Loyalty is what I live for. Broken relationships suck the life, soul, and heart out of me. I go to extraordinary lengths to maintain my closest relationships.

However, I also do have a humanitarian drive in me as well, which is I guess where I differ from the article. It manifested quite strongly in my college activities, and it was cool to see it confirmed in my astrology via @piggie’s analysis.

Let me know what you all think :slight_smile:


This is cool. Thanks for sharing. For the most part it resonates with me as an infj. The part I copied and pasted is very true for me. A lot of people think I’m religious even though I am not. (Even @Ankh thought I was a Jesus freak lol) I am influenced by certain ideas from different religions, (mostly from The Book of Tao.) I am not opposed to religion and sometimes encourage people to be into religions if I feel it’s something that would benifit them. Also, around new people I am very gentlemanly which may have them think I am a Mormon. Lol

“There is some delusion that INFJ-Types are very religious from birth. No, they are really not – INFJs are very spiritual, though. The spirituality of INFJ is very individual and rooted in the intuitive-ethical dreams of soul. If religion of the environment properly reflects the deep intuitive spirit of INFJ, he (she) might happily join their parent’s church.”


Yeah, this is true for me too. I am not religious, as experience has taught me that the laws (and restrictions) of most religions were written by man, and are the direct cause of immeasurable suffering and conflict over thousands of years.

Modern religions have very little to do with spirituality, sadly. I actually find more spirituality in some enlightened scientists than in supposed religious leaders!


@Stewart @Sammy Interesting! So I take it you guys have felt a natural affinity towards spirituality, maybe from a young age? If so, I’d say I’m the same way. I have always felt like a soul trapped in a human body. I strongly believe in the existence of a spiritual realm. This is mostly in the sense of the morality of actions though - as in, I believe that even if you do not face the consequences at a material level for your actions, there WILL be some sort of reverberation, record, or karma that gets lodged in the spiritual realm. The whole concept of Judgment Day resonates with me on a deep level.

I’m interested in how you guys experience spirituality in the context of Ni, though?

And does this passage resonate at all?

INFJ-Dreamers try to understand and excuse even improper human behavior – sometimes they seem just to be not able to ‘see the bad’ in people. Instead, INFJs often seem to be ready to admit their own guilt for almost all evil around them. This is, probably, the latent INFJ’s ‘excuse’ to others for the obstinate adherence to the own innate dreams.


When I was a child and through my teen years, Ni felt like it was objective. Like they were not my views…it was truth. My thoughts felt like they were coming from the mental point of veiw of god himself and he was watching me stroll through life and judging me. I even felt like I had to keep my unspoken thoughts pure. When I did something naughty or even thought about it I would have this extreme guilt. What made it weirder was that I simultaneously doubted religion as this thought process carried on…Some things I would hear from the Bible just seemed wrong and did not click with me. I remember questioning my Sunday school teacher as to wether some of the Bible was made up because the Bible never mentions dinosaurs haha …It was the only time she ever heard me talk, cause I was extremely mute at that age. Lol. What I did believe was that we were judged based on free will and moral intentions. The positive aspect of spirituality for me was this feeling of being called to do great things for society.

Yes, my wife and my family weren’t fond of each other at first. I would try to get my wife to understand things from their point of veiw. The truth is they were being dicks and were emotionally manipulating me to financially support them. It took a lot for me to stand up to my family. But I made sure they were mad at me and not my wife.

This also held me back at work. I manage a team of 36 people. I used to coach each of them individually based on a curve. Because of this some took advantage of me…I ended up letting them get away with a lot because I would naively empathize with the false narrative I created for them so I would avoid difficult conversations. When it came time to look at the poor results of my business, I always took the blame for them with my boss. I’ve since developed a unique way of managing that creates a win win for everyone though.


So, so similar to my own experiences, @Sammy. Especially the guilt thing around God judging me for my thoughts as well as my actions. I’ll talk more about this when I have time to complete my piece on my history with the Mormon church.


Yes, I think I understand some of it, sometimes no, but I understand it in the context of being human. I understand I am capable of unhinged behavior, or mean, or so many other behaviors and if I am not, a situation will arise in my life where I am made to understand, to see me failing to understand. Not sure how that comes about, but it so often does. And I can see the bad, but it does not mean I will dismiss the human or accuse them or smash them with it. It hurts already. I will try to find what is good and what is common to both of us and except that what is ‘bad’ is just another experience that needs to be lived out for understanding. As for admitting guilt for what is around us, it is because we are all one and all in some way or another responsible, all one, all human. All capable and the crime does not have to be ours personally to know it exists in our humanity, just there on the edge.