Annie Clark/St. Vincent

Ok, I’m gonna see if any of you starlings bite. I recently read Blake’s articles about Annie Clark. And damn it, I think she’s an ENFJ. I know she’s heavy on Ni. But I don’t care. I think she’s a Ni heavy ENFJ.

My spidey sense/impression is definitely influenced by her live stuff (versus her supremely produced music videos), particularly songs from her album Masseduction (which by the way, is pronounced Mass- SEDUCTION, per Clark. Ahem).

In his articles, Blake was very clear he thought Clark could only be a Ni dominant type….INFJ or INTJ. And I currently don’t have the time to formulate a formal case (sadly). But I’m just curious if anyone has something to add, particularly since some of her newer material. Or maybe anything to say to help me learn why she’s definitely not an ENFJ.

Just to be annoying as shit I have decided to have a conversation with myself about this.

So, here are some of my poorly developed thoughts about why I think Annie is ENFJ, not INFJ.

Her music is very much about expression. Yeah, yeah, I know all music/art is… but hers really is. She’s not just telling a story in her songs, she has a strong message she is trying to put out there. A statement. A lesson.

She is very much about attention . She admits she does bizarre things & juxtaposes beauty with oddity in order to get attention. She likes shock value. Her goal is specifically to be unforgettable .

There is often a “ you ” she is singing to. This is most obvious in Mass-SEDUCTION. But if you look closer at her older lyrics it’s often there too. In a way, a dream lover is always a part of, or focus of, her music.

Her look screams sex . She wears stripper boots to perform for fuck’s sake.

And maybe this whole ENJF image (specifically with Mass-SEDUCTION) is just her new INTJ…. The shell she’s choosing to wear this time around.

But I think not. Because she describes this album as more to the heart, more emotional, more overtly personal . Yes, she admits she is playing parts. But this time, it’s way more personal, according to her.

She also has an outward focus ; she admits at a certain point her records aren’t for her anymore they are “ for everyone else ”.

Also, there’s that thing she does with her upper lip .
I don’t know what you call that, but it seems very Se to me. Specifically, tertiary Se, maybe. There’s something involuntary about it.

Not to mention the fucking diva sunglasses she’s wearing in all these live performances. Very ENFJ, no?

And I leave my strongest point to the end. It is illustrated in a quote of hers. Per Clark, “so much of identity is arbitrary ”. What INFJ would say that? Or mean it. And what ENFJ wouldn’t agree with that on some deep and undeniable level?