Are INTJ really alien-like? (Prax testimonials inside!)


Are INTJ really that strange and different?
I said in another topic that INTJ “know” they are “special” already, otherwise they would not have so much frustration with this wretched world, but this type of special seems to be that they come off as alien observers of the earth-dwellers.

Here’s Blake’s standard article aboots it:

What is it about INTJs? They are so genius. So alienesque. They are like visitors.
So arrogant. So independent. And I don’t mean independent like some liberal hipster means “independent.” I mean that these motherfucking aliens can live their whole lives working away at great and epic things and pass people in the street and no one knows who they are.

And then there are these horrendous testimonials of yours truly!!!


I know there might be more hanging around Stellarmaze but I cannot find them. lol

INFP think I am LAWFUL EVIL!!?

INFP: uses meme generator Prax is a witch of endless void. They have a(n) white and grey color scheme. Their familiar is a(n) deer. They are lawful evil.
INFP: im the familiar ._.

Prax: i am neutral good though. :slight_smile:
Prax: you will help me do my bidding!!
INFP: no way
INFP: lawful evil
INFP: lawful!!

ENFP think I am an unintentional villain?! :0c

ENFP: Did INFJ give you a friendship speech?!
Prax: no she didn’t!!!
Prax: she may never!!!
ENFP: I think you’re really special to her though
Prax: but i do get to extract "i love you!!!"s from her through sheer willpower hahaha
ENFP: I’m not sure if that’s really adorable of just more quasi-unintentional villainy on your part
Prax: both! i’m an adorable villain! XD


ENFP: INFP telling me that a lot of people have a bad impression of you being like a
ENFP: sexy fun time cartoon porn mongerer
ENFP: And I feel bad since our last conversation was like "HEY PRAX let’s be all MODERN TRENDY and talk about our ~PERSONAL LIVES~"
ENFP: So I felt bad. Like I was being presumptive, even a little
Prax: so? :smiley:
Prax: lol

On and the real reason why I wanted to post this topic was because it hooks back into Blake saying INTJ are like cats and also my horrendous typings… (this was a few days ago):

Prax: do i sound like babie? '-'
Prax: i feel i sound like pretend idiot but undercurrent of sharp evils
INFJ: you sound like an alien
Prax: alien!! ahahhah
INFJ: an alien prepared to destroys
INFJ: but in fairness without malice
Prax: "hallo! i pretend human!!"
INFJ: yes
INFJ: or like a cat
INFJ: who learned how to type
Prax: jahhaga horrible!!
Prax: i very pelaseefd
INFJ: just bashing keyboard with paws
Prax: "wow! cat typionsgh!! so means yet fair!!"
INFJ: yes

Two years ago, we had a similar conversation where this was said:

INFJ: youre just a bad human person
Prax: i think i make a good cat

So I guess it all comes full circle. I accept being a cat. I woulda been a furry too, but I had no commitment. (Same with being goth or anything I think looks cool… I have not energy.)
I actually love all these horrible testimonials because they are all funny and about me. :cat2:

Of course, I am perhaps a special asterisk’d case because I have more incompetence (and aspergers) than most INTJ it seems, but on the other hand, I am more lovable (lol) and brazen (here). I suppose it all balances out in the end.

But what are you thoughts? About me or other INTJ in your life? Preferably female ones if you know since they are even rarer!


You are sharp as a tack. I would not want to step on a tack. I enjoy your ki**en talk. There is a little challenge in there.
And INTJ are sexy in an intellectual way. But I find intellectual very very sexy in men and interesting in women. But I think intuitive men make me swoon in a very heady way. But I also expect more from them. Expect a level of understanding. And I get that from my INTJ friend. She understands things. I said I liked the song Sex and Candy, and she did too, and we didn’t have to say more. We both just understood what you can’t really put words to. We are similar enough, but have different goods to offer.
My friend is adamantly a feminist. Over and above the bullshit of arguing over terms. She just is. Very strong in herself. I envy her Fi. Mine is fucking tragic and embarrassing. Hers lends strength and conviction.
Do not go into argument without knowing what you are talking about because they probably know more, or will have a stronger opinion of it.
I love her. I love you, too. I think I would like a male INTJ too. I like watching them on youtube. A little scary, but that just adds to the interest.
I think I am okay with your kind of demon most of the time, unless your ire is aimed at me. You listen, take time to think and can be reasoned with. What more could I ask?
Alien? I think we both feel alien.
Cats? Yes, friendly ones, both you and her. But I know you have claws too.
As for incompetence, no. Just walk away like a cat after it misjudges distance or falls when asleep, like nothing just happened. Nothing to see here.


I find INTJ women hot… I like the other-worldly edginess! (i don’t know any females personally, but based on some celebrities and peeps on YouTube) :stuck_out_tongue:

I admire INTJ dignity… I have never seen an INTJ compromise on their standards and morals… they might beat themselves up on the inside for not being “perfect” enough… but they do the right thing (unless they are crazed like Bannon… but atleast he’s standing by what he believes)… and they are always ‘growing’… even if there are no tangible results, there is always a striving for something bigger…

I love INTJ logic and self-awareness… the certainty is very reassuring… you have no idea how reassuring it is to read your comments…

I love INTJ independence and how they don’t need people-input to be creative… it’s like their ideas genuinely flow out of their own minds… I see this in your art and your thinking in general… you’re never swayed by the opinions or expectations of others and this lets you be yourself all the time… amazing…

I love how no one can cross a line with INTJ… people can try but the second they toe the line, they’ll be shot down so fast they won’t know what hit them… and there’s always good reason… I don’t think INTJ are cold-hearted or mean… they just need to be given good reason to care… if they choose to care they accept the person, flaws and all… otherwise they will be grumpy/mean/acrid because you’re trying to force yourself into precious personal space… I find it quite entertaining actually… seeing INTJ be rude AF to lame/sly people… and no one can protest because it’s the TRUTH being served without frills… even when they are evil, the evilness seems well-directed…

So you are all those things Prax… I don’t know if INTJ seem alien to me… intimidating sometimes, but kindred spirit in a sense… if being an alien observer is their role/purpose, then I think they fulfil it well… and sometimes I get a glimpse of vulnerability and 'babie’ness that I feel like protecting… very endearing (might make intj feel icky) :stuck_out_tongue:


I deleted what I wrote because I had no time to edit it and it felt particularly trashy. It was lots of paragraphs but could be summarized or like few sentences.

So here new try:

Physically there is a hint of alien and this is like the mildest mildest hint. There is a slight impression of “does blood circulate under the skin” and then you look more and conclude yes, because usually intj skin looks nourished. The female intjs I know happen to have nice skin. Even though they are not pale they give off something through their skin alone. That and the eyes.

Couldn’t even begin to describe how the eyes come off. Won’t try. Another time.

The intj females I know give the impression of being up in their head but also far away. Always thinking like absolutely nonstop about stuff. In a dreamy way. Dry + dreamy. You don’t catch an intj visibly sweating thoughts out like you might an intp, but the thinking all happens somewhere because you see the result. This gives the intj the appearance of an incredibly effective apparatus in that sense.

Oh@ Prax, for example sometimes you write these really on point things one after the other and it comes across quite relaxed!

Infjs look like if they are gonna hurt it will have some degree of wince paper cut pain to it as well. Intjs seem more removed. I think they must be literally more removed. Maybe that is why johnonymous finds you so consistent. You don’t see excessive little reactions. You are more likely to see them wince if they feel irritated by external demands. Fe or noise or chaos for example (stupidity that is in their way?). Then they grimace and grumble. So communicating on the internet must be great for an intj in that sense…(until everyone goes off topic). They can also wince in emotional pain but more surprise registers on their face. And they are detached a bit more than infj when Tsss pain hits. More searching…more lost. Some intjs wall themselves off so much you rarely see this.

But intjs don’t really seem removed in the sense of not caring. Like at all. I love how they can seem to be living up in “central” somewhere ELSE but also seem to have all this idealism and positive concerns for people.

Btw Prax I have come to associate your capital letters to cutest positive concern:) I <3 :kissing_heart:

Also feelings when they happen seem to be quite buggy for the intj. This makes them seem more human than alien. Fi Pisces has a “mysterious location” aspect to it. More than Scorpio Pisces. Less visceral more floaty. But when intj is beset by Fi Pisces, the fact that the whole system is thrown off sometimes makes this elsewhere Fi seem more HERE there. Yeah guess in a way they are not Pisces. Am getting lost. They are both pisces and scorpio.

I guess an alien would worry us as to their good will. I haven’t met an intj that in spite of their occasional irritable exterior and impatience with all the nincompoops doesn’t also give off a vibe of positive concern. But I guess if an intj had vision Untempered by Fi they could be frightening. Like if they were all into symbols just for symbols’ sake. Guess they could channel all their prowess into freaky stuff. That wouldn’t look so much alien as evil. I would think the more an intj is influenced by Fi the less alien they will look (for better or for worse)?

And If you follow Blake’s suggestions it seems intj tends to just temper themselves just right when they output. Like Te will call in Fi. How remarkable. So the Fi will always be implied. Equals human not alien:)

I don’t know what happened to a few sentences

Oh and there are intjs that actually come across very viscerally Like in this interview:

As if scorpio. So maybe intj is scorpio. I forgot from your chart how it works.


I’ve been mentored by an INTJ female for the last 9 years at work. She is also the one that introduced me to mbti. The first time I met her, I had immediate admiration for her. I was also equally intimidated by her at first. One of her jobs was to teach classes for new hires. She presented with a calm but charismatic integrity. It took seeing many classes to realize how structured she was…cause she seemed so natural in her presentation. Everything she says in a public setting is neatly packaged perfection. Every word is equally engaging, constructive, and relevant.

Don’t know if she’s more confused or annoyed by my Fe. Lol She doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable about using the Fe,but she quietly deconstructs me when I make a biased Fe decision she had already taken the time to logically explain in the opposite direction. I love how accurate she is at interpreting my shitily expressed Ni for other people. My Ni would be like “#%<#€£” and she’d translate “he’ll have a burger with no cheese”. You are also great at this…describing infj brain. Weather we like what you say or not… Its definitely 99.99999% true.

They’re the only intelligent type I would tolerate a verbal bashing from and not be hurt by it. Prob cause thier goal is never to intentionally hurt. I know us common folk annoy you, but I would say that that’s the part that makes your type “adorable” and not “evil.” You don’t really want to hate us, you just want everyone to be as intelligent as you…Sorry, we can’t keep up with you, but that is so cute of you to think that. :joy:


I like that! Adamantly feminist in just being herself instead of pedantic battles.
I think my brother-in-law is INTJ, so we have a lot of similarities, but I also get annoyed of him. I think it is because of same-type interaction issues. Too much knowingness of each other’s arrogances and typical thought patterns lol.
Hahaha… misjudgments (and unintended typos!) are embarrassing, but there’s always a little hope that no one will catch on as long as the overall pattern is of competence.

I think I am hot or glorious looking at certain angles in the mirror… HAHA… I am so unphotogenic though. Makes me mad or think I am delusional. (This is perhaps more Leo stuff than INTJ, but INTJ do have implied Leo rising so… maybe related! Many cat!)

Half the time, the certainty is just how it comes across, I think. It’s true that INTJ generally pick and choose their battles so if they are mildly sure of something, that’s when they speak up, but often it carries with it an asterisk of “*and if you don’t think so, prove me wrong!”. Maybe the surety and assertive tone makes some people assume arrogance or makes them fear contradicting them. It’s both good and bad. Sometimes INTJ just wanna have a FIGHT! Other times they are very pleased “unworthy” opponents are pushed off the map like a dropped object. :cat2:

I agree with you a lot, so I feel like “oh yes, Piggie definitely INFJ!!! so she is cool!!”, but you’re also close to Wendy’s age, so maybe it’s “millennial understandings” hahaha. I think INTJ are okay with being seen as babies if it’s in good spirit or accurate light. Or at least in my case “yes, you may protect me if I need it and fail to give it to myself. Very good! All bases covered!”. Contingency plannings makes INTJ hearts happy hahaha.

I also liked what you wrote first too! Good insight into your thinking process while it meanders.
LIEK THE KNIVES THING! >:9 I liek it! “do nut cross me, mortals! i wielding knife!” :knife: :cat:

Laying it out like this does make it easier to respond to though.

You make INTJ sound like vampires haha! But I guess it’s like the effect of alien in human guise.
I looked at my own eyes in mirror to see what it might be, and I guess it’s a bit like “challenging, questioning”. Quietly judging. Not necessarily judgmental, but there’s an assertive observation air about it. (my ENTJ friend on the other hand has more aggressively assertive eyes, even when smiling–then it looks like ready to crush for fun haha).

INTJ I know or who are talked about do sound like they all hate chaos and distraction if it seems without purpose. As for pain, I think Wendy described it as when INFJ feel pain, there is a bit of navelgazing going on about it where they become fascinated in their own pain. They are both in it and at the same time observant of it (and this sometimes comes out as artistry… otherwise it’s an additional layer of self-absorption haha). To INTJ, pain and suffering is more often just what it is. This may be why some people feel an extra sense of sadness when they see INTJ in actual emotional suffering (as opposed to me wildly yelling in caps lol). They usually don’t gain an extra level of enjoyment or sense of dignity/martyr feels out of it. It just plainly hurts.

INFP often love terribel things. it true, everyoen. hahaha! they themselves always so cute in doing so!

Your Ne just took over in the end. It’s good! INTJ feelings are something they dip their toes into and can fingerpaint with but then use Te to reframe it in the most effective light/angle they can think of, so it’s not always easy to pinpoint and see the whole elephant of!

Tome Yorke looks so annoyed hahah! lol But it’s more like he doesn’t feel like being dissected at the moment. “Do not talk to me about my feelings, mister! You have no power over me!”

I am impressed by her! She must have learned to put energy into Fe well!

SOME OF YOU NOT LIKE WHAT I SAY? COME FIGHT ME!! >:0 I am kidding… or am I…

Hahhaa… yes… many things in the world annoy INTJ, but that is just like… a state of being. INTJ main state is being annoyed and maybe that gives them motivational energy to do something in the world. A happy cat is a lazy cat who just hibernates in the sun all day lol. Maybe it’s similar to INFJ main state of being in emotional dichotomies. Something’s gotta give!


A great proportion of you guys seem to have INTJ dads?
Do INTJ dads inadvertently raise children who need to come to StellarMaze to sort out their many Ni and Fi crises? Makes you think!


The knife thing comes from watching my dad in the kitchen. He can lose his shit over someone touching “his” knife and it looks notable. Like okay I have to respect this. Or his new researched purchase of a pan or heat tolerant spatula that is the most modern one you can get.

Bodily pain…looks notable with him too. He has a nonexistent yet heightened reaction to things like cuts. But at same time he can ignore all that and think with his head. One time he superglued his thumb to the stereo. He made a surprise face. Then he did what he had to do. Tear his thumb off. I could not comprehend. He is like both wimpy and superhuman. When he decided to yank his thumb it looked like so … Potential of saving the world one day… It was like “you can sit here glued to the stereo collecting strength to yank it or you can just yank it now.” But it was completed. He did the heroic thing. I was impressed.

Whoops back to knives. Replace with tools in general. Passwords protected by password. Paper shredder. Lawn mower. All kinds of gadgets. He is really into them. But sometimes with certain tools like I don’t know camping stove or Swiss knife there is such a preparation aspect to it. As if he imagines what kjnd of amazing McGyver shit he could do with them or something. But it tends to remain at the contemplation level.

Package the whole thing into a vibe. And I think even the female intjs I know have that vibe lol.
P.s. Dad on lawnmower…he wears these noise cancelling radio playing device and the birds circle his head as if to point out to anyone watching that here is someone reveling for a moment in Se.


Every INTJ I know of have some sort of survivalist fantasy of being resourceful when the going gets tough or something. They have a bit of awe at Batman preparedness + do or die type of drive.
(Even Bannon with his bunker biosphere dreams.)

I too would love a nice bunker were I rich enough to afford one. HAHA. Such nice thing to think about.
While I think something like an ISTP, would actually have most of that in place in their life already in a way.


Yes and that focus on potential batman stuff I think Intj kind of pours it, altered, into systems (political, engineering whatever)…for example the password for passwords to be the one surviving with the data, or be alert to a tiny change on your website that would be a clue to hacking or pour in lots of work into making the program you work for survive. Etc.

Also having the farthest vision is the most survivalist thing almost.

Would McGyver be istp then?


My best friend at university was a female INTJ I met in my 2nd year. We remained good friends after leaving and she eventually bought a house a few streets away from my partner and my first house in the same South London suburb where I grew up. We are still friends, but now live on opposite sides of the world. She isn’t able to travel to NZ due to some complex INTJ masterplan, but we have visited her and her partner in the glorious ancient English forest on the Welsh borders where she now lives, happy as I’ve ever seen her, with two dogs and a cat (she always loved animals - easier to understand than people I guess!).

At Uni, we used to stay up long into the night talking about the deep stuff that fascinates dominant Ni types. Although it was before we knew anything about MBTI, she was the first person I’d ever met who had experienced the metaphysical side of Ni and seen “ghosts” and other paranormal phenomenon. It was such a relief to know that I was not alone in this, and doubly so since she was also such a rational and highly functioning individual. I’ve had a high regard for INTJs ever since.


She worked it really well. Lol. It came off more Fi and not so much people pleasing. There was an integrity to it. She said she would dig into all the parts of an agenda that she would agree with and not even mention the parts she didn’t agree with. I did not know about mbti back then but I would have mistaken her for an Infp or enfp if I did. Or maybe it was Fe?? maybe Fe minimums? What do Fe minimums look like for Intj? Is it like when you add a “maybe” before one of your absolutely accurate opinions to show some modesty. Lol

And I like what Lunar said about Fi in Intj. It does bring the human aspects out.


Maybe McGyver is! I haven’t actually watched the shows, but I just know the idiom/term… haha. But yeah, INTJ have general ISTP envy of skillset. Fantasies of being able to use Se effectively to take down their obstacles while calculating Ti factors all the while is very cool!


Hahah… I wanna know that this plan could be! Can’t even visit you for a spell? Must be complex indeed. Is she still with her partner as well? What type were they? I am envious since she seems to have her life together and with animals too!

Yes! I use hedging language as part of Fe-minimums (as women tend to do anyway), and it doesn’t always do the trick of making me as diplomatic and open as I want to be (and honestly, I don’t really sound modest whether I use them or not since I think I come off self-assured anyway lol), but it gives me a layer of plausible deniability?, so at least there’s that. :smiley:
Even basic agreement with someone counts as an Fe-minimum to me. Whenever it seems like I am doing a basic validation of someone’s point of view before spewing my own opinions, that’s a conscious Fe-minimum on my part (such as my Yes!).

Your coworker has a good trick, just emphasizing what she agrees with so she doesn’t feel like she has to fake through the other parts. I think that is definitely pushing Fi to the forefront. I like to think of it as pumping the humanity back into something. The Ni-Te usually builds the framework, while Fi is pumped in to make it more humane and comfy and Fe-mins rounds out last to try to present it and acknowledge the reactions of others.




Haha… certainty is something i have a hard time reaching internally… you know those questionnaires where they ask you how much you agree/disagree with a statement… i always pick “neutral”, “somewhat agree” “mildly disagree”… and my dad always picks “completely agree” or “completely disagree”… How do you know??

If you want to have a good shouting match, argue with an ESTJ… lol… its amazing how INTJ and ESTJ will never submit to each other… usually it ends because ESTJ has short attention span and they just forget that there was something to be mad about… But, i guess, INTJ will not consider ESTJ a worthy opponent because of lack of intellectual competency… And ESTJ knows to target INTJ weak Se and dread of incompetency, which hurts them, even if it’s purely said in mean spirit by reactive inferior Fi :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol… hard one to answer because too many things to say, which might make it about me instead of the actual topic… :stuck_out_tongue:

About Fi though… I’ve noticed that dad’s the only one who can calm my Fi tornadoes… He’ll either completely dismiss them (if the wrath is targeted at him and he doesn’t think its worth dealing with) or he’ll make me feel better by saying exactly what i need to hear (maybe he’s the only person i can believe? it feels fake coming from someone else)…

Anyway… my Fi outbursts at home —> EXTREMELY RARE… mostly used Fe while growing up… there was no place for my Fi with aux Fi, tert Fi and inferior Fi users there… if anything, i value Fe because of that…

Oh and I think INTJ feel really bad when they consciously try to use Fe mins for someone and it isn’t appreciated… then they’re like fuck you I’m outta here :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s why I think INxJs need to have a productive aux function as a way to get their mind off of this void for at least the time being, and to find some useful outlet for their intuition, because it is by its very nature “uncanny” and “alien-like”(but nonetheless true).

For INFJs, we have playful expression, and what I think is fake-it-till-you make-it approach. Or as I tell myself: “Just act normal, and forget sharing what you REALLY see, because no one will believe you, or worse, they will ostracize you, thinking you are mad”

(Please tell me INTJs if this is accurate)

But I imagine for INTJs, their Te is very good at demonstrating, clarifying, and actively+openly “making sense” of what’s “real” using measurements, arguments, strategies, diagrams, and other ‘universal’ tools to communicate what they REALLY see.

Get it?


Do injs feel like aliens to each other?


Ha! So true. Same kind of experiences here…see? Aliens.


I don’t think I could do better justice than @Sammy . But one of my best friends in high school was INTJ. I do remember an uncanny commonality to how we saw things. We would see through the exact same things, had very similar alien-like orientation towards the world. But he was so much better at keeping things trite and effective, while I was always more sloppy, struggling and grasping for words. But he would already get what I was trying to convey without me saying much and would just say it quicker and with more of a cold “punch”.

But yes, we didn’t feel “alienated” from each other, I don’t believe. I remember we felt kind of relieved that we discovered each other and, almost in a telepathic way, would just “recognize” as both aliens in a strange world. Like, we both knew “what was REALLY going on”. INTJs just seemed more outwardly swift and competent in cutting things down to their bare essentials, making them seem more competent.


Ni is an authentic, human trait that was nurtured and valued in ancient shamanic societies. Now it’s an oddity, better keep it toned down to fit in. I’m not sure who installed the program for mass domestication; that might be aliens.