Are these people INFJs?


Finn Andrews

7 years ago, I was obsessed with this TV show called One Tree Hill… Each episode of the show is named after a song, or a band, or an album… One of the episodes is called The Leavers Dance, which is a song by a not so well known band called The Veils… The episode, which was also the season finale, ended with a cliffhanger, with this song playing in the background…

Somewhere between the 2:35 mark and the end of the song, I fell in love with Finn Andrews, the leading man of the band… I didn’t know what it was about his voice that I connected with back then… But if I have to explain it now, I’d say that it’s probably because it gives expression to my inner experience of Fi… it has many shades of course, but Finn Andrews’ voice during those 2 and a half minutes is one of the shades…

So… ever since I found out about MBTI I’ve been wondering whether this beautiful man is an example of a male INFJ…

Here’s an interview-ish thingy…

(The bass player lady might be INFP?)

And some more music…

Look at those gorgeous eyes :heart_eyes:

@Blake whaddya think? INFJ man?

Rooney Mara

Another one of my favorites… she seems very much like an INFJ…

Haha this next one is exactly what happens to me on an off day…

I’m like 98% sure that they are INFJs… but would like to know what others think :smiley:


Wow. Never really saw her in interviews till now. Just saw the first video of her you uploaded. I would actually bet my life on her being Infj. When she’s speaking she’s trying to look at her own mind, and in doing so, lacks eye contact with the person she’s talking to. The social awkwardness! There’s a moment where Carrel talks about how he tries to figure out what’s going on in her head and she looks down in discomfort before quickly snapping out of it. I used to do this when I used to feel like people could see through me like I see through them… And of course the excessive googling and always thinking there’s something wrong with herself. There’s an overall lack of confidence in her presence. If she’s not an infj, I am whatever she is. Lol


See, Rooney Mara says it’s better not to know! “Flow, and be willing not to know.”:slightly_smiling_face:
I fell in love with her after The Social Network opening scene.


Before I forget, the looping of the instruments at end of first video, resonated. And he used the word FLAILING in one below, right away!
Going to look more now.
The music, the instruments, do what they are supposed to do to my chest. Thank you for the new artist, @piggie.
I especially felt “Begin again”. He speaks his songs. The way he touches his face…
I’m sorry I don’t have words for this one, but yes.

And Rooney Mara, too, I think so.


Yeah, I could buy that. He reminds me of Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash. The first two I’d class as INFJs and the latter as an ENFJ of the enneatype 8 variety (probaly).

He has a raw and spare Fi quality that I associate with INFJ men. At least, some INFJ men.

And he seems quite introspective. So, there ya go!


she is definitely infj



i was wondering if you relate to Rooney Mara besides how she is on off days.


YEAH i feel the same way too :stuck_out_tongue:

I always find it interesting when i see a case of INFJ living in the limelight… The experience probably leaves one feeling even more isolated… It’s like you feel just as misunderstood even though there are so many more people who want to know you… Not that i care too much about being understood at this point in my life… I used to when I was younger… Now i just say most things to avoid unnecessarily hurting people/avoid having unnecessary conversations… And its kinda more fun when people are confused by you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha… my favourite line from that scene was…

“You are probably going to be a very successful computer person. But you’re going to go through life thinking that girls don’t like you because you’re a nerd. And I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that that won’t be true. It’ll be because you’re an asshole.”

Wanted to say that so many times to an ENTP i used to know :smiley:

There’s a lot of truth in that :stuck_out_tongue:

Vicious Traditions… another one i love…
Feels good to know you liked :slight_smile:

His delivery has become less raw over time… like smoothed out and glossy… but this song is still a good description of Fi need to step away from the world…

And then you throw some Ni into the picture and have some fun…


Cool… Thanks :slight_smile:


yeah… i relate to the veiled and highly controlled self-consciousness… she’s hyper aware of how much of herself she is revealing… the vagueness… she does a decent job of saying what is expected of her (even cracking jokes)/telling people what they want to hear, based on the context… but she’s not revealing what she really feels or thinks… beneath it all is a barely suppressed and unmistakable “leave me the fuck alone” vibe… its clear she would rather be anywhere but here… she’s skeptical about the real meaning of any of these interviews… but she manages to be cute, funny, fairly polite, somewhat self-depracating most of the time… i can relate to all that… and its not the “i can imagine what it feels like to be you” relating… its like “oh here’s another person like me who makes me feel like less of a freak” :stuck_out_tongue:

many of the things she says… starting from people in her personal life trying to figure her out, to constant googling, not knowing where the party is, not taking anyone’s advice, etc and the evasiveness towards the end with Peter Travers… and she fake smiles/laughs a lot (i don’t mean that negatively… lol… its like she’s pretending to be present and genuinely invested/interested in the conversation, when she actually isn’t… something i do quite often… and its for a good reason really… because its wasted effort to get deeply involved in something that’s rather superficial by design)…

and then random things she says in other interviews… like these snippets… i can relate a lot to all this…

“I hate being on display like that. On stage, there are hundreds of people watching you. It’s so much energy directed at you. I pick up energy really easily. Even if I go to the grocery store and no one is paying attention to me, I can pick up other people’s moods and it’s really intense. I would not be able to perform on stage the way you do, but I’m sure it’s exhilarating.”

“I knew that everyone was going to ask how I’d found out,” she explains, “and I didn’t really want to share that. You know how, when you have a funny story or a story that means something to you, and you tell people and they don’t get it, it kind of cheapens the experience? I didn’t want that to happen, so I just made something up. But then I had to answer the question, like, 50 times. Why do I have to give that to people? Why can’t I keep it for myself?”

_“I don’t think I probably was any good,” she continues, brushing aside the fact that she was promptly cast as Juliet. But “I’ve always been a very sensitive person, and people tell me that if I’m in a certain mood and I go into a room, my mood will permeate the room. It’s not on purpose—I’d rather be invisible in those moments—but I’m really bad at faking how I feel. Like, my emotions kind of live all over my body at all times, and there’s not a good way for me to hide it.” _

“People don’t really want me to be honest,” she insists. “People want me—people want girls—to be grateful, gracious, poised. Not real. I watch interviews from the 1970s, of Patti Smith or John Cassavetes, and everyone’s smoking, drinking, totally misbehaving, but they’re being completely authentic, and I’m so jealous because that would never happen today. There’s always a pre-interview, so you know what jokes you have to hit, and there’s nothing genuine about it. And I hate that. I hate being a phony. I hate having to censor myself.”

“not that I tweet, but if you tweet the wrong thing, you have, like, four different organizations on your ass, asking for an apology. Artists are deeply sensitive, vulnerable people, and when you are supercandid and then you get ripped apart for it, you’re not going to want to do it again.”


Hi @piggie
thanks for sharing.

I really like her. She reminds me of an infj I hung around with for 2 years
The way she sits with her back straight.
And what you mentioned of she actually does a decent job of presenting a pleasant face. She smiles a lot more than some infjs. Terrible analogy (mushy mind), but some infjs look act like “only children” and other infjs act like “I learned from siblings”. She has more of the “siblings” demeanor.
But she looks very relaxed mentally beside interview dread, like she is gonna go home to her apt and be completely okay on her own doing her thing. She also looks like is widely approachable by lots of people. I saw that part about googling, and not sure why but I did think of you at that moment lol. Probably because you posted about her. Yeah friendly tension easy self deprecation.
I’ve seen some infjs that won’t do that. There are so many presentations. Meditative…arrogant…no personality…super wild and weird…divine mysteries no one is gonna get. Lol. Batman of course. I think of her as the “siblings” presentation. Lol. Sorry if this is all like huh.


I like this analogy!


I relate to much of this too… hmmm.

haha, seems slightly offensive to only-children :stuck_out_tongue:


i don’t know that only children are different to children with siblings. ive definitely not bothered to observe anything like that and it’s definitely a stereotype that is questionable. but if it were true, it wouldn’t have to mean one is better than the other. you’re born into whatever situation. just is. you’re just you, you appear one day.
thanks for writing that



maybe she has an adaptable interface. maybe that is a different way to put it.
words are not my friend


There is no point for me to re-quote Rooney’s quotes, cause it would be all of them.
Everything she said, you just know it from experience and yes, I am grateful to see it.
I like The Veils songs you gave. I find I want to see their faces though, so will look later.
I am terrified of Crocodiles, but I love how he used them.
And the other, Ni, compelling, crazy making, daily.

And I want to say, that the INFJ’s I recognize are the one’s who show more Fe than less. That can’t not Fe. I get this. It takes far more effort for me to hide/hold back Fe than give it as needed. [I should say with people that aren’t family. I do a lot more Fi with family.] Or I will regret it more, I don’t know, something like that. It causes more problems, more drama, like every fucking time. And nobody has to tell me out loud that I made the wrong choice. I guess Fe has sometimes proven overmuch, but somehow I feel more justified in having been effusive than not… which is probably whacked… because being honest hurts and giving what I don’t feel, mollifies. And the qualifier, of course I feel it when I do and dredge it up from somewhere when I don’t, cause ouch if you can’t. And you can, because it just takes finding the place in someone that you want to give to. Or at times, when you love someone so much that you will make an effort to deal with their loved one who has Fi low and Fe lower still. But again, not Fe-ing chokes up the gears and you see backlash, from behind and far and long before you.