Are we able to delete forum profile?


Hello all.
Curious if there is any way to delete my username. There were absolutely no issues and the forum is great. Obviously still want access to Blake’s work, just no longer want a visible profile on the forum.

I appreciate your efforts. :slight_smile:

Physics 101.


Not sure if you can! Seems like the best you can do if you still want to be able to access some parts of the forum (like blake’s thoughts category), you would just have to change your own username and put blanks into the rest of your profile.
If it helps your sense of privacy, no one outside of the Starling membership can even access your profile, so it’s safe from the “general public”.


I thiiink maybe you can be deleted here and still be able to have a stellarmaze subscription on main site, but I am not sure if that would mess something up or not haha!


Ugh I hate being a pain in the ass primal Donna… prime Donna. I love autocorrect.

No worries, really.


I think you should stay and be a part of the conversation. :slight_smile: It can be tough at times (it is for me). But you’ll learn a lot.


is that so? i had no idea.
how are you so active then?


hey you! would you like to share your mbti type before you disappear forever?! hahah


Because I like attention.


This made me laugh. Are you Fe dominant?


Fa schizzle my dizzle.


I’m an INFJ. From what I’ve gathered over time the radar isn’t type related. The patterns I’ve noticed have been really interesting. Also how each one views said radar has been really cool. In the end I think we’d all like to surround ourselves with humility, kindness and whatever refreshes and revitalizes you. For me it’s vibes first, type and all that comes into play after.


I don’t know if there is a way for you to delete your username from the forum, but, there is way to change your username to something else.