Are you a morning, afternoon, or night person and why?

I got to thinking about this because I know there are night and morning people, but who the hell is an afternoon person? Never heard a person say that afternoon is their favorite time of day.

I’m a night person.

Because I hate afternoons and mornings are too early.

Otherwise, I like morning just fine. I just wish it was a little later.

Like at night!

If anyone is an afternoon person, I’d like to hear all about it.

Oo I love talking sleep. Sleep is my favourite thing. Although you didn’t mention sleep once I realise.

[I’ve been reading Why we Sleep by Matthew Walker]
Morning vs night people in terms of slee patterns though - something to do with the levels of sleep activator in the body & circadian rhythm hitting a sweet spot that doesn’t happen in the avo I don’t think (??). To put it technically. Nap time in the afternoon is more likely. So maybe that would be a persons favourite time, siesta.

But if just talking about favourite times of day… Maybe kids love the afternoon, the freedom of finishing school and exploring the woods with their friends. Totally unfounded suggestion.

Like you I like the morning but it’s too early; I like the night too but it’s too late, I want to stay awake into the peaceful early hours but I get so sleepy. I mentioned this in response to Stewart’s night owl/morning lark thread but Ido t think this makes me an afternoon person either so what’s left??

Afternoons are just a bit bleurgh but I suppose I feel sociable in the afternoons - not focused, not creative but like I just want to hang out with friends and do a mindless fun activity like crazy golf. So there’s that.

Afternoons are like a waiting breathe between morning & night. I like it when the world quietens down around me, I get to hear myself again.

Yeah sorry fun question though.


Evening… although I can make myself get into the challenge of pretending to be a morning person for a few days at a time. In terms of getting things done that I don’t want to its more likely if I make it a point to seize the morning. Otherwise… total night owl.
When camping though all conflict goes away for me. Nights are a little too long, but if sun’s out I’m up and if sun is down, I’ll stay up for a bit and then gladly enjoy delicious muscle restoring sleep.

Beautiful. I feel more like this (when working on something) at night though. Especially when there’s a deadline and I think of everybody sleeping, it helps bring down the tension.

I had a high school teacher who used to say that if you haven’t started something by 3pm you won’t be doing it that day hehe.

But then again, nights become mornings when I’d try to sleep at 9pm so that I can wake up at 3am. The alarm goes off and then it becomes 4am, 5am, 6am… Then what the heck, it’s useless now, let’s just get some sleep. Oh, I love sleep. But I love torturing myself too.

Yeah what’s up with that. Sleep is pretty fucking awesome… so why the resistance when it’s time:)

I like the mornings.
When everyone is asleep.
The night can be fun, but scary.
The dark morning is less scary than the dark night.
Having 4 seasons here, weather plays a lot into which time of day I prefer too.
The morning is nice. It’s cool and fresh. Young. And the animals are frisky.
The afternoon is when I feel most bored. So that’s when I mail out my death threats. Then I take a nap.
The evening … hm, not much to say about him.

Yeah, I remember you mentioned that in the other thread which is what I think got me to thinking about afternoons. You said they were a sociable time. I found that interesting. Obviously mornings are for getting down to business and nights are more creative and spiritual.

Personally, I want to commit a mass murder suicide around 3 pm of most days. I can’t stand shit around that time.

Alternately, 11 pm is heavenly.

I was just thinking that stoners probaly like afternoons. 4:20 and all.

True, I was just thinking that too. A sunny afternoon at 3 pm is fucked. But if it’s cloudy at that time, well, that’s different. I think it should be night at 3 pm. That would fix the problem.

Yeah. That or death threats, mass murder suicides, and naps. Whatever floats your boat.

What time of day does not matter so much so long as I am being left to my own devices.
People with expectations can take the lovely out of my day real fast… like before I am even fully awake if school is in session.
And the best afternoons are when you are hiking. People need to walkabout more.

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Yes for sure. I was thinking of night time.
My family are night owls: late to eat, late to bed, late to rise. It was a habit to stay up overnight to finish school projects. Not the norm for my peers.

Lol yeah, 1-6pm are kinda dead hours.

And I like being out of step with the mass flow. Loved the feeling of walking in the opposite direction to commuter when I did out of hours jobs.

That’s my Saturday. I don’t really want much part of it. I just want it over. I hide out rather than hunt though lol. Hide out & wait for the hush of Sunday.

if we’re going into murderous tendencies, for me that would be about 10 minutes after getting up. like after standing up, noone should be talking to me. except at camping. good think we keep our shit together lol, according to this thread there would be dead people all over.


That’s not entirely untrue. The worst afternoons are the glaring sun in the concrete jungle.

So, nature, right. Ah.

Yes, but who is an afternoon person? See what I mean? So far, it looks like we got one morning person and the rest night owls.

And tiny. :partying_face:

So the party face is for? Alone time?!

The party face is for being an all-day-leave-me-alone person. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, that’s accurate.

Dudes, the morning is the shit (minus alarms). Try allowing the sun to wake you in the summer. Nothing more magical. Have coffee outside when the birds are talking shit about each other and diamonds are left on the grass. Not to mention the feeling right when you wake up. Numb. Awesome. Unless you had a dream that your sister got lost in an apocalyptic monsoon and body snatchers used her body to rape her and her face was gone and the only reason you found her is because you told a prostitute in a holding cell that she has purple hair and you secretly pretended to be a part of the evil just so you could get close enough to the bastards who did this so you could murder the fuck out of them, all of them.
Night can be a bummer - “woe is me.” “I’m horny, fuck me world.” “Yes, I’m going to eat this family-sized bag of twizzlers.”
Morning is like - “thank god that’s over.”

that was my morning ritual month of June! watching sun finally break out over trees. it’s odd the coffee needs to be a part of it. but man, a perfectly brewed cup nice touch…