Are you a morning, afternoon, or night person and why?

You describe a perfect morning. I choose top floor habitats in the trees and changed my curtains to flimsy whimsy muslin for this. Not sure I’m up early enough to appreciate the bejewelled grass though. My mornings (sans alarms) starts around 10 because I don’t have dreams like yours and I drift in & out of slumber quite happily lol!

But even with an early rise mornings are a fleeting bliss and just a count down to Everyone Else waking up and smacking the vibe with…busy-ness.

I think I could be a morning afternoon and night person in the right climate, environment and lifestyle. I appreciate them all at different times under different conditions.

I love coffee. Come fall/winter I’ll be back on my blueberry/green tea.

Holy Moly! That’s half the day! You must stay up well past midnight. See the night is great, but so is sleep. Lately I’ve been going to bed too late 11-1130. Usually my bedtime is 930-10. And for work, I’m up between 530 and 630, depends on if I feel like sleeping in. On off days I’m out of bed by 8 at the latest.

I always feel like people are doing the “right” thing in the morning. As the day treads on, the evil starts to creep back in. People are more willing to give you a friendly hello in the morning. After 2pm, it’s every man for herself.

I know, right. I think it’s the late nights. I need a defo 9hrs sleep. When I sleep good I’ll be up 8ish, when I’m excited about a project I’ll spark awake at like 6.30/7 on a sunny morning but 5am?? No chance!

Oo interesting. Is that before commuter rage kicks in?

Sleep is interesting to me. I think I sleep too much. I sleep roughly 8 hours at night and take a 2-hour siesta during the day, after work.

It’s surprising. All the commuters I encountered in the morning were chill. Maybe because I was on the train at 5am. A lot would sleep. I think people are pissier at the end of the day when they’ve had time to wake up and realize they’re underpaid and their boss is unequipped. Ah, the sweet life of a cubicle worker.

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I suppose I am a morning person these days, thanks to coffee, morning pages, and a wife who’s a morning person.

Before I drank coffee, wrote morning pages, or married, I was a hardcore night owl. Up until 2 or 3 most nights. During my post-college depressive phase, I went full vampire. Went to bed around 8 am, woke up at 4. Started drinking an hour after waking up. :scream:

I like the morning a lot more now. I write most of my poetry at night, though. Seems right for that. But editing and writing prose is better in the morning. When you get up and get things done in the morning, lunch turns into the best part of the day too. You feel accomplished and mostly finished with the important things, so you can lounge around.

The afternoon is for loafing. Long walks. Or baseball games. Naps. Reading under a tree. The evening is for socializing. Chat with the wife. Invite some friends over for dinner. Nighttime poetry and sleep.

That sounds like a great balanced division of the day. It fits my ideal. Do you work freelance? How do you breakaway from time with your wife to write at night and what’s a good sleep schedule for you now?

It’s more my ideal at this point too than my reality. :grin: I do some freelance work, but I work full-time at a company with “flexible” working hours and “unlimited” PTO. So I usually try to break away for a long walk most afternoons. On weekends, though, I can really lean into that loafer lifestyle.

My wife is a school teacher, so she’s usually asleep around 9 and up at 5. Once she’s in bed, I can write for an hour and a half or so. I try to be in bed by 10:30 and will read until I fall asleep. My alarm wakes me up between 6 and 6:30. I can then write some more in the morning before I have to get ready.


Sleep, child, sleep
Our cottage vale is deep

Sleep, child, sleep
Down where the woodbines creep

Cause if you don’t
Little Bo Peep will never find her sheep
And never again will you hear the lamb’s tender bleat.


Meanwhile, you’re surrounded by four of these things outsleeping your ass.

And they’re crepuscular!

Learned a new word.

Let me rephrase my question…

Who is most active in afternoon?

And they’re not always the best nap partners, surprisingly.

I thought you knew all of them?!

Aye, I think you should sing it though :slight_smile::sleeping:

I always sing Mother Goose rhymes, or add my own words to them as in this case.

I think the title to the sequel of Jack and Jill should be called Jill Is On The Hill Still.

Sleep, very important subject indeed.

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Bit creepy…Blake’s renditions of nursery rhymes drifting through an open window over the sound of a bubbling cafetière.

With contracted eyes and a cigarette barely hanging on his lips while he carves something into his table with butter knife. :scream:

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In someone else’s house :slight_smile:


Lmao srsly!

So, is there an off chance you’re an afternoon person?:crossed_fingers: (fingers crossed in vain because he knows she’s a night person)

Oh, he knows her alright. Though, I might add she’s quite a chameleon…

“Something calls to me
The trees are drawing me near
I’ve got to find out why
Those gentle voices I hear
Explain it all with a sigh”

And I hate the summer sun of the Middle East.
I wish I could sleep through the day, wait for this moment when the fire ball almost touches the waters to wake the fucking up. It’s easier to breathe in the dark and quiet.