Are you a morning, afternoon, or night person and why?

@schlopadoo, I’m beginning to think either @Blake

A) doesn’t care, OR
B) likes being poked more than we realized…

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Not too bad these days, but I think you should be on standby in case my condition takes a turn for the worse.

These afternoon mass murder impulses could flare up at any time.

And I know you wouldn’t want the blood of innocent people on your hands just because you couldn’t render a little assistance in this matter.

One might say it is your duty, no?

Well yes, I’d feel obliged. I mean I’d have to. You know. To save all those lives.
Otherwise I wouldn’t really be interested. Clearly.

Fucking asshole.

Standby it is :smirk:
Note to self: Find something bigger to poke with.

A 20" black dildo should do.

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My thoughts exactly :smiling_imp:

Wow so you meant it literally when you asked what 3pm was for? I thought you were being rhetorical, and later I thought perhaps there was an implication towards doing things more practically. This was funny to discover.