Are you crazy about cats? Or are cats making you crazy?


How many cats do you guys have? Do you feel like your cats are diabolically controlling you? Do you suddenly want more?


right now. yes I’m crazy because of my cats because look what they did to me.

we let em out too often and they brought fleas back home.
we bombed the house three times, bathed them twice, and gave them treatments, and vacuumed five times a day and washed all the sheets and blankets and rugs, shaved my whole freaking body, and I’m still getting raped.

i gave myself a vacation away from my house and the pest control came and took care of the house.

so i hope I go back and the flea disaster is over.

so i can love my cats again.

and they’re NEVER going back out. EVER.


Four cats right now. Had more, but one old outside [his choice] cat, I think fell to cancer and several over the years have fallen to coyotes. I can’t refuse a cat their outside life. I think they need to be cats, climb trees, catch prey… roll in dust, all that good stuff.
Have always had cats in our family. So, probably have it.


@supernokturnal :scream: Geez! How many cats do you have? And maybe lease walking instead of free roaming?

@TinyYellowTree, do you feel the inclination to collect more?


I’m allergic to cats so no cats for me. We did have a cat once, for an afternoon. It spent the whole time hiding under the bed and I kept spelunking after it and trying to pet it like you would a dog, but he just scratched at my face. I sneezed for days. We said “that’s that” and sent the cat back to his owner. We named him Levin, from Anna Karenina. Except Levin was a girl, which we found out later when she gave birth to kittens.


2 cats at my house, one partly outdoors. I volunteer at an animal shelter and can get a kitty fix there, but my 17 year old cat has forbidden me to bring home any more animals. She also writes poetry.

Song of a Teenaged Cat

is for losers.

Blinking in sunlight,
I see those fools
rushing around,
chasing stupid shit.

Not too enticing,
slow, easy breathing
I return to darkness;

the nap goes on.


@Tom: Looks like you’re impervious to the disease! :stuck_out_tongue: Was she pregnant when you had her? I know pregnant cats act weird in general.

Such an existential cat. Plus, 17 years? That’s incredible! Makes sense why she write such good poetry.


I’m a proud mother of a clowder of four.

Jinx, Katie, Pep, and Joe.

I don’t want anymore…for now.


Just give it time… :stuck_out_tongue:


Cat politics discourages me from getting more right now. We had 8 for a while cause two momma cats had kittens and we kept 3 and already had three older cats. Kids taped a sign to the door saying ‘keep the cats’. One momma cat we still have. The other has taken up residence elsewhere do to cat politics. Not so long ago, she came to visit us, healthy and happy, so she is fine somewhere being fed, but is an amazing hunter as well.
I imagine if I got down to none, we would get a few more, but we are right now holding at 4, since my wonderful Squirrel disappeared [he was wonderful to people, but a total dick to our other cats] our kitty politics have been minimal.
Right now we have a big old cat named Bob, my son named him when he was four. Bob is 14.
We have a momma, Cori-ander, about 4 and her kitten, Kloe and nephew, Lui who are 3.
I want to show pictures but most are from my Nikon and too big to load. I will have to search for iphone pics.


Lui with his winter fur.

Bob was younger.

Cori-ander, as a kitten. She is Kloe’s mother.


Oh yea I like cats…:smiley_cat:





(I swear I’m not trippy right now haaahahaha…)


@TinyYellowTree: Omg you have so many! You could open a cat cafe or something. Also, I love the pictures!! Thanks for sharing. Please do find more!!

@iamrl: It’s just the parasites! They’ve burrowed into your braiiinzzzzz


I have two cats now. But… here’s some not fun fact about fleas.

female flea lay 30 eggs per DAY.
so if I caught 200 fleas myself, and let’s say half of them is female, then 100 female fleas lay 3000 eggs per day.
so in a week, they laid about 21,000 eggs.
now. they multiply. so… I’m not gonna do more math because it grosses me out.

anyways. this topic isn’t even about fleas.

but I really love cats. my favorite animal in the world.
I was trying to look for my own comment about ‘how to make a cat fall in love with you’ but I can’t find it.

but yeah.
I was obsessed with cats since I was young and my dad wouldn’t let me have them so when I started living on my own I took bunch of homeless cats inside my house.
actually, if I ever ran across a stray cat, I would lure them, kidnap them, and domesticate it. hahaha

and I used to name them depending on my location.
so if I was at a bar called ‘sake’, I would name her ‘sake’, the name of Japanese alcohol.

but my cat names right now are Nana and cookie.
just sounds cute and fun calling them by it


That’s super adorable!

Yeah I agree! I named my cat “nyam nyam”. People think it’s weird, but it’s just so fitting. It’s the name that came to me when she was a kitten. I think it’s her soul sound.


Kittens are irresistable! Getting my kitten fix here, thank you!


Yeah, I know fleas are terrible. I know way too well.
We have had a some bitey times. Far too many.


Ohhhhhh my gawwwwwd :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

oh my gosh.
I’m definitely gonna get another kitten after this flea mess is taken care of.

hahaha I know what you mean.

even cookie wasn’t spelled that way.
I just liked the sound “Koo Kee” and it was so fitting for him.
but I took him to the vet one day, and I said his name is "Koo kee"
and they wrote "cookie"
so I’m like… Whatever.

gosh I’m glad someone can share my pain.
I literally wake up middle of the night just to scratch my legs and it gets all bloody.


Pinterest is on to me…

I have cute kitties in my feed now…why must these cute fuzzy demons torture me so!!!


I call the last one: smooshy poo-poo

And I want to kiss it’s little face and snuggle with it and take a nap with it and name it fuzzy tazz, tazz for short, fuzzy razz a ma tazz for long. And it would follow me everywhere and we’d play with yarn or momma’s shoes and it would barf and I’d say how cute and people would travel far and wide to see my razzy tazz. And when he pooped I’d say you stinky poo poo razz and he’d meow at me all cute like he didn’t do it and I’d believe him.