Are you really entitled to your opinion?


Yes, there I said it.

Strikes me as odd that a person would be entitled to their opinion. What does that really mean? What are you really saying when you say that you are entitled to your opinion? Are you? Why? What if you aren’t entitled to your opinion? Now, then. Hey now. That’s interesting.

From now on, no one on this site is entitled to their opinion!


Opinions are like assholes, eh?

I don’t ever really say I’m entitled to my opinion. It’s just the most basic thing to have your own view on something. I suppose the entitlement comes when someone disagrees with your opinion. So you claim it right then and there that it’s yours and that should give the message that it is something that is unlikely to change.

I mean if it’s over something important to you, I can see where the inflexibility comes from, but if its not important, it’s like you are are fighting for a lost cause. Everyone feels the way they feel about things and some people don’t mind telling ya about it. Fair enough, I just hate when people take that mentality without any regard to the consequences of those actions.

As for me, I just tend to take the path of least resistance when it comes to my opinions. The environment and the importance of the situation are paramount as to whether I would disclose my opinion in the first place (like now? lol). Some situations are favorable for sharing them, some aren’t. It’s not too often where I would say my opinion if it were to get me in trouble, but if it does, then so be it. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and that’s okay.


Well yes. But, by the same logic, are you entitled to having an asshole? I mean, we know everyone has opinions just like everyone has assholes, but, are you entitled to have either of those things.

I don’t think you are entitled to have an asshole.


From now on, no one on this site is entitled to have an asshole!

You may have one, but, you are not entitled to it.


Fair enough. Though I do enjoy having both.


Hahahaha my wife said “he’s probably just defending Erika I guess”

but what the hell does that even mean? entitled to their opinion? Wtf?

do you want us to be your little slaves?

if you take away language, we no longer are entitled to our opinion.

i wonder who created this.

i wonder if God actually didn’t want us to be entitled to our opinion. is that why he kicked them out when they decide to eat “fruit of knowledge of good and bad”?

because ultimately we don’t get to choose?

let’s destroy first ammendment!

and we can let North Korea control the whole world =D


Your wife is a keeper and hot.

If we’re comparing assholes to opinions here, then yeah, my ass has got something to say about all of this!


Can I at least opinion on the maze withought being entitled? Are we only sharing facts now? Can I fact on the maze and be entitled to it?


If I’m not entitled to my asshole, who is?!?!?!

Don’t anyone fucking answer that.



How little are we talking here? I’d prefer to have big slaves. Ones that can do heavy lifting.

You don’t have to take away language to not be entitled to your opinion. But, you would have to take away language for me not to write double negatives. [quote=“supernocturnal, post:7, topic:157”]
i wonder who created this.

People. People with opinions. [quote=“supernocturnal, post:7, topic:157”]
i wonder if God actually didn’t want us to be entitled to our opinion. is that why he kicked them out when they decide to eat “fruit of knowledge of good and bad”?

Yes, probaly. [quote=“supernocturnal, post:7, topic:157”]
because ultimately we don’t get to choose?


Well, anyway, notice the similarity of the word opinion to the word onion. I think there’s a connection.

Get to work slaves!


Are we entitled to our feelings?


Not if we’re slaves.

Wow - slaves and assholes. This thread is becoming something I can really work with.


Not sure I care if I am entitled to my feelings. They are all messed up.


They can make people cry…
All these nasty things keep trying to come out of mouth ever since the asshole comparison. I have had to show tremendous restraint. Kind of like holding it in. Shit. See? Oh man shit<—see.


I think we could all do with more crying.


Yeah, onions? I’m really sensitive to onions. But I love 'em!!

Thank goodness you’re here, lunar. You are saucesome lunar.


You need someone to lick your feelings.

  • I’ll do it as long as they make me cry and taste like onions.


Are we then also not entitled to our shit?


If someone else owns your ass, then no. You don’t even get your own shit.

Takes the pressure off, huh?

But I love my shit, and so I am definitely entitled to it.


So community asswholes? :open_mouth: Damn socialists! How can you contradict your distaste for entitlements within the same breath? :pensive: