Aries id versus Scorpio id.


This is an ENFJ vs INFJ article. What is what and who is who and how to tell them apart. It’s pretty much a “please type me” article but ising your experience with the id.

Because this is an ENFJ vs INFJ article I’m interested to know how do the id’s show in each type as well as how do heavy auxiliar users look ENFJ vs INFJ.

Also, is Aries id all colorfull and whimsical or does this only happens when Aries is in a positive position in a type? And well, the same thing will go for all the functions in the id position.


Yeah, so, ENFJs tend to be gangbusters like “Hi, here I am, how you doing, this is what I’m about”. Talkative, voluble, animated. That sort of thing.

INFJ tends to be self-contained like “Hi, I’m an INFJ…are you reading my mind right now?” Some are talkative I suppose, but there tends to be this deep undercurrent of … silence. Or they might open up all at once and then you won’t here from them ever again.

ENFJs tend to be edgy in presentation. That’s the Aries in part, yes.

INFJs tend to be intense, cryptic, and verging on mute in communication. That’s Scorpio id. Punctuated by occasional bursts of intensity. Then, to fall silent again for long periods of time.

So, ENFJs will be more continuously outgoing, talkative, sexually out front, use sexuality as a form of communication (this is more Se), more sure of themselves even if they aren’t. They just present more extravertedly. Even if they are edgy loner types. There is a definite difference in vibe between INFJ and ENFJ (mostly talking about enneagram type 3 ENFJ because enneagram type 8 ENFJs can be very closed circuit in their communication).

Anyway, you come off as an enneatype 3 ENFJ because you lay your sexuality out there, let it speak for you in a way, the frequency of your communication is…frequent. Here on the forum. The way you communicate and present yourself here leads me to enneatype 3 ENFJ over time.

You’re not contained enough to be an INFJ. Part of this containment does indeed come from the Fi id of INFJ.

I see much more Ne in you. Voluble Ne that comes from having it in id position. It leads to a hyperactive all-over-the-place quality. Impatient to cover and range over a lot of ground quickly.

INFJ is slower and deeper, more intensive.

I’ve seen a fair number of ENFJs come on this forum (all type 3) and be like “Figure me out. Who am I? Dare to know me!” It’s a kind of challenging vibe.

INFJ is more like “Who am I? Who would dare to want to know me? Figure me out? Nigga please. Good luck”.

Type 3 ENFJs all have that hot Aries vibe. It’s fiery and in your face.

INFJ is like a deep contained mute slowburning fire that can barely express. They are hot inside but it barely reaches the surface. You may feel none of it. Like the way Jung describes Fi in Psychological Types, it can appear cold to the unwitting observer, but it burns inside.

ENFJs generally easily express their burning quite naturally in one way or another.

The best way I can say it is that they are “in your face” whereas an INFJ…isn’t.

ENFJ tends to be more positive and healthy in being able to express it’s drives rather easily.

More mobile, animated, all over the place. Want to express all these things at the same time. Bodily. There is an unmistakable physical kinetic quality to type 3 ENFJ. Like, you can hear them want to body talk.

INFJ, nope.

The Se is the telling difference. ENFJ has Se, INFJ doesn’t. One gets a sense of sensationalism when dealing with an ENFJ. Like a bit of salacious hot gossip hot off the press. ENFJs are just plain hotter than INFJs. Se.

INFJ is more ethereal, tentative, unsure.

Aries tends to act without consideration, like, “Here I am!”

INFJs don’t do that. They will say “here I am” in a much slower and intense way. Slow burn, long legs, undetectable. INFJs often have a big thing with being unknown, undetectable, not giving too much of themselves or information about themselves away. This is all Scorpio in nature.

Anyway, hope that helps. If it doesn’t blame @Ankh.


Nigga, waaa! :stuck_out_tongue:



Just kidding homegirl. You da bomb. I put you in there so perhaps you could testify or sumptin. You are out top-ranking and most preeminent ENFJ, are you not?


You know what? The first flavor I got of how a enneatype 3 ENFJ comes across in writing was from this chick’s comments on my site a few years back. Ha, I still remember her. She has that kapow! quality that I was alluding to above. She was commenting as an INFJ but that’s definitely not right.

Here are the 3 comments she left on my site on the same day in order:

I’ll never forget how she concluded with “I want to be observed.” That has stuck in my mind since then.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Jenny, the first girl to clue me in one the difference between the way an INFJ and ENFJ sound in comment form :

Also, Jenny’s comments may remind you of @iamrl, one of our resident enneatype 3 ENFJs who has voiced a similar passion for science. But, at the end of the day, perhaps, they are the ones who want to be observed. I’ll never forget that.

You also are seeing a huge amount of Ne id in Jenny’s comments, all that talk about fractal waveforms and collapsing universe clusterfuck interdimensional travel to quarkian Dimension Z. That’s not Ti. However, she is voicing her Ti inferior throughout all that verbiage. Essentially, she is saying she wants to know and be known. She sounds out of breath and like she is begging for some clarity or clarifier, someone to cut through the Fe-Ne clusterfuck. And her tone is preemptive and confrontational followed by gradual degrees of desire to yield and submit.

That shit’s hot!


All I’ve ever done is use the internet to its full, silly, and worthless potential. If you think me ENFJ, so be it. I have nothing to say in defense or in agreeance. I just like to play with bots.

What’s interesting to me is - how people can be so different in “public” than they are in “private”. Communication doesn’t have to be that hard, but status is status and so we must ALL continue the smoke screen.


First of, thank you for your great insight and I sure feel flattered that @Blake himself answered to this thread. I’ll need to digest the whole information, but it does gives me a picture of the difference between Ne on the id and Ne on a positive position. Or, well, it gives me an idea of Ne in the id alone, too. I’ll think about it. Thanks again for the insight.

Also, yeah, I read the ENFJ thread and I kind of got the different flavours in Jenny’s answer. And @Ankh does give me the ENFJ vibe you talk about, which isn’t the most common, PC definition of the type, but that’s what I like about your descriptions, they are based in the observing of people instead of a formulaic interpretation of functional stack alone.

Just as a side note, my boyfriend is an ENFJ type 3, how about that?


lol those comments WOW! i loved how deranged they sound from my standpoint
i especially liked how she accused you, Blake of being intj so she could tease you about how unattainable she was for you? I am also not sure about male intj, but it seems to me that intj will generally ignore enfj’s antics.

It makes it sound like I dislike enfj, but I generally have neutral stance toward them.

On the other hand… I often get scorpionic enfj mixed with isfp i think (Lana del Ray for example? Maybe she is enfj aping isfp)! But I should have realized sooner how much overlap they have since I have a character that is probably scorpio enfj with those types of aries-Ne bursts of nonsense, and she’s one of my favourites (not sure about enneagram since I only have loose attributions in my mind about that).


I know, right? As if.

Mmm, they’ll either ignore them or worship them. Or in a milder form, INTJs will admire or look up to ENFJs (if they’re not ignoring them of course, or faux-ignoring them). This is an ego-ideal relation and one of two unequal relations in Myers-Briggs (actually, it’s more Socionics, but same principle).

In essence, the INTJ is the one of lesser status in this relationship. How the INTJ deals with this natural dynamic is probaly dependent on a host of factors, one of which would probaly be the relation they had to their father or the natural authority figure in the family of origin.

Whatever the case may be, there is likely to be some envy and admiration, whether it is hidden, acknowledged, conflicted and so forth.


Is this relevant, @Blake?

Something about ENFJs (of both genders) brings out a cheeky, flirtacious side of me. I normally am not like this at all and generally find it pretty hard to talk openly about sex except in highly abstract terms. A combination of my introversion and English reserve, I suppose.

But whenever I encounter a vivacious ENFJ, either online or in real life, there’s this instant chemistry and suddenly I find myself flirting and teasing outrageously. It happened here, the moment @Ankh showed up on the main Stellar Maze site, and she still brings out my naughty side every time we interact.

Is this typical for INFJ/ENFJ relationships?


I don’t know, but it’s typical for Erika :grinning: