Articles on the Id Function


I accidentally stumbled on these articles about the 6th function (Id function) manifest in all the 16 types.

@Blake Any thoughts on these articles?


I like these articles. I think generally accurate, although it kind of lacks the emotional “weight” that Blake would probably add in their descriptions. So… theoretically ok, but bland, and doesn’t capture the really frustrating, overly-indulgent essence of the id.

There’s more “flavour” when he writes about the 8th function though:
example on Ti-8th function in INFP and ISFP:

The initial impression people have of this person is of someone who is a stoic, discerning, fair, and unanimated person—even cold and aloof. They initially appear to have sound, cool-headed rational judgment.
This impression dissipates over time, and when you hang out with them, as they become warmer but also emotionally tumultuous inside. It becomes more and more apparent they throw logic out the window whenever they want to, seeing it as “optional”. They actually want to do things when they feel like it, rather than if it makes rational sense, even if it seems “dumb” to the Ti-dominant.

Or INTJ Si (emphasis mine LOL):

Overtime the Si impression starts to lessen. Despite being bold at Si, these types are weak at it. For example, an INTJ may take on carpentry and then saw his or her arm off by accident. These types will misread things and miss details, spacing out too much. They go out-of-body while “attending” to chores. Their souls disappear when they go out for long walks.


thanks for sharing these hikaru!

that’s because these website that talks about mbti never wanna talk shit about the type.
it’s really hard to find ‘ugly truth’ about mbti in popular sites.

they make piss look like orange juice


Leon is someone best enjoyed in video I think.


he’s definitely read Stellar maze, I think :wink:


For sure. He references it in this article:


Well, the guy is an INFP.
I guess that means he will be less “aggressive” when it comes to dragging each type to really illustrate the best and worst haha.

His advice on Ni for INxP is also very “hmmm”. I don’t think you should cultivate and embrace the id. You should just be aware that it’s there, respect that it does stuff and is pretty strong, but sublimate its energies and control it. Otherwise you end up metaphorically masturbating too much or being thrown.
He might be hepped up that Ni is “wise” seeming, so he wants to make use of it, but I am not sure if good idea. lol



that’s hilarious. wow. so THAT’S where he got the sixth function thing from.

i remember telling Blake this other guy in youtube had similar idea as him on id but he didn’t know who this guy was.

and I’m thinking this infp guy came up with it on his own or somewhere else or something.

wow. very interesting.

seriously though, talking to mbti typist here and there, they don’t know as much as people on this website.

a lot them hate talking about socionics and shadow function.

the only thing I can do is go on each of type’s forum and observe how they interact with each other.

oh btw. if you want, I can post ISTP’s very blunt mbti draggings. It’s gonna hit the sore spot for all hahaha


Put it into general MBTI category if it’s not just about the Id!
A little bit o’ pain helps u feel alive after all.


Not really. I read the first one about introverts. Seems reasonable enough. I can tell the person who wrote it is heavily influenced with my concept of the id function. But, I prefer my take on it. But, to this person’s credit, they did write two articles interpreting every position of the id function. I can’t say that I disagree with the one I read for introverts. I mean, it’s all more or less true. I don’t know, what did you get out of it?

If you have any particular questions about points this person brought up regarding the id function, I’d be happy to address them, give you my thoughts on it.

It’s just hard for me to answer such a general question as if I had any thoughts on these articles. No, not really. My interest wasn’t really piqued enough from what I read to have any thoughts as such. They did not cause me to think. However, they seemed like reasonable enough interpretations.

Basically, I prefer all my writing on any Myers-Briggs topic to anyone else’s. That’s pretty much my long-standing thoughts on that matter in general. :grinning:

But, yeah, let me know if you have any specific questions about any of the stuff he wrote. I’d be glad to attempt to answer them. I’d probably be the one to ask since I came up with the basic concept.