Aspergers and Autism: Spectrum Talk!


I didn’t wanna mess up 2018 thread so I starting this here now!

SO! AUTISM! Let’s talk! (Not to be confused with Autism Speaks the organization, which has had contreversies surrounding it? haha)

Aspergers is now generally absorbed under the umbrella term of “autism” these days, but typically, people with aspergers show normal or accelerated language development, while it may be stunted or even muted in kids with more severe causes of autism. For example, I learned to talk at around 9 months! I think that’s pretty early!

On the other hand, people with aspergers show general autistic traits such as inappropriate social behaviors due to poor reading of social cues (in self and others), rigidity in thought or routine, and often some sort of sensory integration issues (over or underreactions to stimuli; can appear as taste, texture, temperature, pressure, sight, hearing sensitivities, and motor coordination problems). My own thoughts are that while most children develop in a more generalized manner, there is probably some opposite direction development and too-early specialization in children with autism, throwing them out of sync with most of their peer group and social world.

Autism is often comorbid with a bunch of other things, such as mood and anxiety disorders due to living a life of chaos and inability to understand why the world is so nonsensical and what its cryptic rules are! :0

Gereally, aspergers is underdiagnosed and tend to remain undiagnosed in adult women because of the way girls are socialized to push them to pay more attention to social cues and etiquette. I think this makes them even out to a more “boyish” kind of personality, which is somewhat acceptable besides being chastized for being so tomboyish. When girls are diagnosed, it’s usually when they are much more affected with serious behavioral issues or cognitive disabilities.

People who remain undiagnosed as adults probably have had to struggle as kids to learn enough coping skills to “pass” for normal. Often this means they had high enough IQ to anticipate this would be a problem in their lives and worked really hard on improving it or they had a lot of guidance and dicipline from others around them. If you manage to score normal on the test but know you are on the spectrum, chances are you had to cultivate those normalized skills. I often think about how I went into psychology (and psych and anthropology and sociology and linguistics!) knowing I was lacking in the “WHY DO HUMANS DO WHAT THEY DO” area to formalize and solve for these mysteries.

I was also lucky I had an ISFJ mom who tried her best to drill in the importance of social decorum to me (sometimes I tell her it gave me my anxiety problems instead lol), and yelled at me all the time for things like banging my head against the wall. I was not self-harming! I thought it “felt cool” and I thought I was being edgy as a 2 year old because “it doesn’t hurt! lol!”? But looking back, yes, perhaps this was but an early sign. Goodbye precious baby braincells. Anyway, besides being kind of a jerk kid who refused to learn from physical discipline, I was also gifted when it came to academics, so that let me bypass a lot of scrutiny!

And you can take the quick quiz here:


Got average result. Must mean I’m not an INTJ!!!




I am gonna guess most introverts will score slightly above average, high teens to low 20s. And general INTJ and INTP would score 22-25! (I tried again as I think a normal INTJ would answer and yeah, 22!)


Covert INFJ.


I got 25, sounds about right, weird but not quite borderline. I’m sure I had ADD, daydreaming, stare out the window non-hyperactive type as a child. Part of Te development was learning some self-discipline and organizational skills. I do have some compulsive little routines I do, but more compensatory than disruptive or dysfunctional.


Thank you for doing this! I am realizing I am notorious for sidetracking threads entirely so my apologies on that tip. Undergrad in Psych? Any masters? What do you do for that cold hard cash these days? Tell us about your wonderful life Prax!!!

11 for me! I’m good with humans.



I almost finished my masters in Occupational Therapy, aced pretty much every class, BUT you have to do a few fieldwork placements. Can you guess why I couldn’t go through with them? LOL

The placements required interacting with patients and clients and other healthcare professionals and I had like daily panic attacks and couldn’t take it and quit that noise to the bill of a nice 25k debt!!!
I just work stocking shelves at grocery store in the midnight shift now and am SO HAPPY!!! You can tell I am aspergers version of INTJ because most INTJ would not abide by this kind of “career”. I love putting up procetag. I love number.


I’ve always lowkey thought that this would be such a peaceful and marvelous job. That and being a librarian.

Saaaaame though. 22k for a wonderful piece of paper.


As my post hasn’t been transferred to the new thread. Here’s what I said:

But that was my very first try when I was barely awake in the morning.

We’ll see what I get when I try a second time. :stuck_out_tongue:


25 :v::robot:


Yeah! Or like someone who just does data entry. My dream job has always been something lowkey, mindless, and boring that would fund my actual hobbies and interests. I don’t wanna waste my quality time and skills for other people, which is an issue if you want to be making mad money haha!

At least you got the paper… I love… earning credentials!!! I still have about 8 years to go until it’s slowly paid off, but I am otherwise fairly financially secure right now.
Maybe one day I will go back for more schooling, since that’s the part I like, not the “working for someone else with skills” part. It’d have to be when I have much more expendable money and time.


If only going to school was free :frowning:

Wish I could pull a Nietzsche and just study until I pretty much die. Would this be the Ni sponge?


So I tried again…and I got…32! :laughing:

I can’t say I agree with this result. I swear I don’t have Aspergers :stuck_out_tongue: But I do like numbers and I can remember telephone numbers, addresses and the like very easily. This test is prejudiced against those who like numbers and hate socializing! I protest!


I got 14, but wasn’t expecting to score highly, as I’m quite outgoing for an introvert and am good at reading social cues.


I did it honestly but not conservatively and got 41

I tried to take it very conservatively and got a 39. Surprising I thought I’d get like 30…

Keep in mind I’m extroverted so like, would actually rather go to a party than a library, a theater than a museum. I like theaters! ANYWAY. 39 seems like a real result for me.

On the other test with 200 possible, where like 150+ is very Aspergers, I score like 185. Average is like 100.


if you take a break from a website but then someone puts up a fun quiz to take and so you come back and take it twice is that a sign of the autisms?

Also these questions should ask “is your kid autistic” and then add 5 points to your score if so.


As far as I know asperger and autism is related to the energy leap that the brain has when someone needs to solve a problem. I can’t recall the study exactly, so I can’t post it, but if you’re interested you can check it out.


yes lol


Oh boy! When i read about asbergers and autism i definitly think - Yep that’s me! Fortunatly this isnt a thing where i grew up. So i always rejected the idea of being inferior to others. If they can be soical and have fun so could i. I have issues talking and relating with people. Nowdays i do it mechanically, like i’ve done awkward mistakes so many times i know the right way. I find that 95% of the people boring and unintresting, i respect them tho.

The hard part is growing up beliving that something is wrong with you, instead of accepting yourself. You know things you cant explain, so you use weird metaphors and analogies that nobody understands.

Its also bad seeing when you like someone and they like you back, you dont know what the hell you are doing. And you always manage to screw it up. Meanwhile everyone is living and having fun.

Always feeling left out, unable tontruly connect with people. Especially when you grow up with extroverts who think being an introvert is wrong.

I say that as hard as it is, we introverts can learn to be soical. Meanwhile those extroverts could never reach our depth and insight. We have it hard at first then we have the best of both worlds.