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It’s a shame to hear you’re going through these difficulties, @Stewart. We’ve got your back!

And I’m not sure I’ve thanked you before, but thank you for posting these forecasts.


CANCER NEW MOON – exact at 3.47am on Friday 13 July (BST) and 10.47pm on Thursday 12 July (EDT)

This New Moon, at 20° Cancer, packs quite a cosmic punch, as it is also a partial Solar Eclipse and a Supermoon. It is the first of three Eclipses this summer, which represent powerful and potent turning points in our lives, whereby one chapter is ending and another is beginning. As such, this New Moon could have more far reaching impact on our lives than your regular, run of the mill New Moon. Whatever is going on in our lives during this Eclipse season will have a correlation to something that was happening in 1999; and could feel almost like an echo, or the next phase. Supermoons occur closer to Earth, so that they have a greater impact on our mind, body, emotions and spirit. This is a good opportunity to set some positive intentions for ourselves that could have a strong impact on our emotional and domestic lives. It’s time to concentrate on our “inner home” and let go of unhealthy emotional patterns from our past. Pluto, the planet of metamorphosis and transformation, is a very big player during this Moon, so we have a chance to make some profound changes within our lives and psyches during this time. Indeed, it could feel as if the metamorphosis is out of our hands.

The Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in emotional, sensitive and sentimental Cancer. Cancer brings into focus issues around family, childhood and our emotional roots. Pluto is opposite the Sun and Moon, which could bring up some very strong and powerful emotions, forcing us to be very honest with ourselves about our more deeply ingrained emotional patterns. Our relationships could provide us with profound psychological insight into where our more destructive and unhelpful habits are coming from, which might not be very comfortable but could be deeply transforming. Cancer represents our self-image based on what happened in our early childhood. If we didn’t receive the appropriate kind of nurturing when we were young it can lead to emotional insecurity and a tendency to be quite needy as we reach out to others to meet our previously unmet needs. This is dangerous in relationships, and so the onus is on us to learn to meet our own needs from within, rather than expecting others to take care of us. This is the mission of Cancer, to develop a sense of emotional security from inside ourselves, rather than seeking it outside of ourselves. We need to develop our own inner parents rather than making our partners into defacto mothers and fathers.

It is possible during this Moon that issues around power and powerlessness could come up within our relationships, and emotional manipulation could become a factor. It could become very obvious how people close to us play games in order to have their needs met, and indeed we could be the perpetrator of these subtle power plays. This is a perfect opportunity to delve deep into our psyches and gain some amazing insight into our emotional nature and the impact our family and childhood has made on us as adults. In what way are we emotionally needy? Is it hard for us to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, or do we have a tendency to be a bit of a baby? How might we still need to grow up? It what way are we still acting out issues from childhood? Do we rely on others to take care of us rather than taking responsibility for our own problems? Are we subconsciously looking for our mother or father in our close relationships? How to we project unresolved needs from childhood onto our partner? Where and how might we be compensating for lack of nurturing from our childhood? What might we need to let go of from our past? Where is Home? How might we develop a relationship with our own inner parent? Are we too attached to the story of our past?

Saturn is involved in two very different configurations during this Moon – a challenging square with Chiron the Wounded healer and a harmonious and helpful Grand Earth Trine with Uranus and Venus. Chiron and Saturn are dancing around with each other all summer, never quite forming an exact square but coming very close in mid-August. This feels like an opportunity to take responsibility for our core wounds. Indeed, it could be hard to avoid them, as Saturn forces us to take a long hard look at ourselves and be willing to do the necessary inner work to promote healing. With Chiron retrograde may find ourselves healing some ancient, deeply ingrained wounds that have been weighing us down for a very long time indeed. We could feel somewhat vulnerable and we may have to deal with feelings of futility or failure, inadequacy, grief, or fear as we are forced to go into places we would much rather avoid like the plague! However, there is a feeling that enough is enough. This is a perfect opportunity to grow up and move the boulders aside rather than allowing them to weigh us down.

Saturn and Uranus are working towards a harmonious trine aspect with Uranus which will peak at the end of August. These two planets are like chalk and cheese, as Saturn represents the structures of our lives and society while Uranus seeks to break down these old, rigid structures. Saturn represents tradition, while Uranus is the instigator of change and innovation. Saturn sets the rules and regulations, while Uranus breaks them! This trine could help us to gently break down any structures within our lives that are no longer appropriate and to question authority without creating too much of a stir. We may be able to make constructive changes in our lives that don’t rock the boat too much. We could find ourselves breaking through boundaries and limitations that may previously have seemed impossible. We might gain profound insight into where we are stuck, or holding ourselves back through fear, or limiting ourselves, or are too rigid and unyielding. It seems like we have the opportunity at the moment to release ourselves from old karmic baggage and find new ways of dealing with old, ancient problems. During this Moon this energy is connected to Venus, so it will specifically affect our relationships, creating new solutions to old problems, helping us move past our fears, breaking down barriers and blasting those pesky boulders out of the way!

We also have this beautiful trine re-forming between bountiful and expansive Jupiter and receptive and spiritual Neptune, which will peak on the 19 of August. These two planets very much complement each other anyway as they are the co-rulers of Pisces! Now they are working together in harmony, which brings the potential for a beautiful boost of faith and trust. We could find ourselves having more faith in the benevolence of life, experiencing a sense that we are somehow being guided in the right direction. We are encouraged to put our trust in the flow of life, letting go and allowing the current of the river to gently take us where we need to go. Anything that comes up during this time can be met in the spirit of kindness, forgiveness, unconditional love, compassion and, above all, acceptance. We should be able to put whatever difficult material we may be facing into perspective, as we are better able to see the bigger picture. This is a very helpful blend of planetary energy to have as a backdrop as we navigate our way through this powerfully impactful set of eclipses. July is set to be a big month as we move from this Eclipse towards a Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27.

This Moon sets the ball in motion and gives us an opportunity to break from any stories from the past that might be holding us back and preventing us from “growing up”. With Uranus currently square the Nodes of the Moon we may be forced to recognise what old trauma keeps tripping us up and repeating in the form of our emotional patterns and behaviour. We have a chance to liberate ourselves from some old, ancient wounds and patterns that have been running the show and holding us back; keeping us small. This Grand Earth Trine involving Venus brings an opportunity to step outside of the box and try a different approach to our relationships while also remaining realistic and grounded. Some quite heavy material could come up for us to deal with during this time, but we are ready. Enough is enough. It’s time to free ourselves from the past and recognise where we quite simply need to grow up, to face our fears, release old trauma and become more accountable for ourselves. If we are willing to be self-reflective and do the necessary inner work during this time we should be able to reap the benefits and heal some deep karmic wounds. It’s time to let go.

Much Love


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i thought about clicking the “like” sign, wherever it is, but it’s not that i like this post, like, “like”, if anyone knows what i mean…

what i’m trying to say (at 2:10 am) is, that i finally got this insight about the whole concept of the energies of this month - and i’m referring to the jewish month which start today. basically, all months begins with new moon. this month has the most potent, hardest spiritual energies (there’s more to that). ever since i can remember, my fi id took over my every life’s aspects in this month and no matter what, i never knew how to deal with the storms inside and outside.

is it related to my moon sign? - i almost sure mine is cancer.

recently, i started to ask myself why do i feel so frustrated all the time? and then it makes me frustrated just because i’m frustrated! and the cycle is vicious and viciously magical!
and this is very interesting, for me anyway, because ‘frustration’ and ‘seeing’ / ‘keep one’s eyes on’… have the same source of letters (in hebrew).
so it is my own doing, my choice and decision: which one do i choose?

so, i came with an idea as i’m reading nowadays a book - “the creative path” by caroline schlam.
i always thought that i have to begin every moment from the beginning, i wanted to like the beginning moment but in the end or more like ‘right from the start’ i felt frustrated that is hellish fi.
there’s a saying that before god created the cosmos i. e. the big bang, there was a ‘thought’ about it, an inspiration. i’m not going to write about the kabala’s mystical aspects and secrets of this month though interesting and deep and colorfull and so much light and good and beauty… but to try and to find a way of understanding how to overcome this clusterfuck of storm - where is my mind?
she says in this book “the knowledge to do something is often preceded by the desire to do it… it is the desire that is the engine, our inspiration…it goes without saying that we need to be receptive to receive those messages” (the sources of inspiration).

“In the story of Genesis, it is said: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” God is the spirit, the divine energy that impels all creation. There has to be this energy for anything to begin and it is the underlying cause and meaning of all that follows. In our metaphysical analogy, God is the source, the wellspring of all creation, and without this spirit, this inspiration, there is the void. Nothing is possible, nothing is going to happen…”
Ni dom is the “Spirit, then proceeds with the act of creation.” And than “the creative force” - “A smart artist will make lots and lots of beginnings, and even when he is working over time, he will remember and honor Genesis, the source. Everything follows from it” - this force, i think is fe power.

and i feel warmth spreading through my body when i read:

this is inspiration indeed!

i always fought, poor weary warrior! no luck when using fi weapon!
now i choose to see, i welcome the balancing quality of never ending beginnings, oh! how i wish to activate fe!

July 27 is a very interesting date - the middle of this month, it is called “the love day”, kind of valentine day for most, but the true nature of this date runs deeper, it is an ancient energy that brings blessings and healing. the union within one’s self.


AQUARIUS FULL MOON / BLOOD MOON / TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE at 4° AQUARIUS – Friday 27 July, exact at 9.20pm BST, 4.20pm EDT

This Blood Moon is the mother of all Full Moons, with such powerful potential to create major shifts in consciousness and to help liberate us from old karma and the patterns that bind us! Eclipses represent a period of significant endings and new beginnings; a turning point, as one chapter ends and another begins. This one, however, feels even more potent because Uranus, the ruler of the Moon and harbinger of change and liberation, is squaring the Sun, Moon, Mars and the Nodal axis. Wherever Uranus is found in our natal chart shows the dynamics that we have chosen to liberate ourselves from in this lifetime, and wherever it is right now shows us in what area of our lives we are experiencing change and transformation at the moment. The last Moon brought a feeling that enough is enough, that it’s time to let go, and as this Moon builds there is a sense that we are being stripped back, peeling back layer after layer of our conditioned selves so that our true, core essence can come shining forth. This process could be extremely painful and unsettling or amazingly exciting and freeing, or all of the above! It is time to wake up to who we really are.

This Moon falls on the Leo/Aquarius axis, with the Moon in Aquarius directly opposing the Sun in its own sign of Leo. The two luminaries are also sitting smack, bang on top of the Nodes of the Moon, hence the total eclipse. The Aquarius Moon is joining forces with Mars and the South Node of the Moon, taking us back to the past and highlighting any old trauma that we might have suppressed, causing a tendency to detach or dissociate from our emotions or to project the old trauma onto people and situations out of a subconscious fear of it happening again. We have all experienced trauma of various types and in various degrees in this and other lifetimes, and if it is left unresolved and undealt with then it tends to play out in the form of emotional patterns and projections, so that we keep recreating the past over and over again, perpetuating the trauma.

This Moon is the chance to get off the hamster wheel. We have an opportunity here to liberate ourselves from old stories and to purge these old, unhealthy patterns and projections, shedding the skins of our past. Like an onion, layer upon layer is being peeled back to reveal our inner core; our true, unique essence. We might experience old, buried memories resurfacing and we could become painfully and acutely aware of the way that our emotional patterns are playing on a loop, creating unhealthy dynamics in our lives and relationships and preventing growth. It is quite like that we are going to have to be brave enough to really confront ourselves and recognise what need to change. This may not easy work; indeed it might be downright uncomfortable, but the rewards will be great.

The purpose of Aquarius is to liberate us from the many layers of parental and societal conditioning that we have received over many lifetimes, revealing our true, unique nature. Uranus is very present right now, helping us to wake up and become more objective about how we have been shaped and moulded and what we need to do to free ourselves from this conditioning. We are encouraged to practice the art of detachment, freeing ourselves from unhealthy attachments and an overactive ego, and recognising any behavioural patterns that are holding us prisoner and preventing further growth.

Aquarius dares to think outside of the box, and to challenge authority and cultural norms. It is the part of us that questions what our parents and society have told us and has the inner strength to be different and stand apart from the mainstream if necessary. Of course there is also a shadow side, which is feeling like an outsider, or feeling ostracised somehow, like we don’t belong. We might be working with that energy right now as well, and could be dealing with the consequences of making the choice to take a different path or stand apart from the crowd.

The North Node is in Leo, with the Sun right next to it, pulling us forward on our path towards growth. Leo encourages us to take our own, unique essence out into the world and to let it shine! If Aquarius helps us to bust out of the mould and individuate, then Leo helps us to take charge of our own special destiny and create the life we want. Leo also helps us to find the path to joy, reclaiming the parts of ourselves that we might have left behind as a result of certain traumatic events in our lives. While Aquarius helps us decondition and liberate ourselves from old patterns, Leo helps us to put that into action and realise our full potential and take charge of our own destiny. This is all a possibility for us at the moment, although with Uranus square the Nodes we could become all too aware of what is blocking us from this joy and creative self-actualisation that we sense is possible. We may have to revisit old, unresolved material that seems to keep replaying in our lives and relationships, keeping us trapped in the past and preventing growth. It is time to wake up, to remember who we really are, to release ourselves from the past, to sever old attachments, to set ourselves free, to let go of these patterns and blocks that seem to keep tripping us up over and over and over again!

We do have some very helpful energy around to help us out with this process. Chiron the Wounded Healer is currently in brave, bold and forthright Aries and is forming a helpful, harmonious aspect to the Sun, Moon, Mars and the Nodes. This will help us to be brave enough to face ourselves honestly and without fear. There is great healing potential here, but we might have to have the courage to confront some pretty uncomfortable material, not to mention old memories coming to the surface and potentially unsettling revelations, realisations and insights. Chiron is also forming a challenging aspect to Saturn at the moment, which again is forcing us to recognise how certain crystalised, rigid or entrenched patterns of behaviour are keeping us prisoner. This combination could cause us to feel quite vulnerable as old wounds are brought to the surface, and could also bring up old grief or feelings of guilt or futility. We might have to confront how our need for control is preventing us from healing. Sometimes we need to just surrender and let the walls come down.

Uranus and Saturn are also forming a positive aspect to one another, which further reinforces the sense that we are currently being given the opportunity to break free from the past and liberate ourselves from old conditioning and restrictive or limiting behavioural patterns. It feels like we have a chance to reinvent ourselves somehow and gently dismantle any structures in our lives that are preventing growth. Uranus is shaking up the status quo while Saturn is helping us to remain relatively stable during the process. We don’t have to completely throw the baby out with the bathwater. We can learn from the past while paving our way for a better future.

And all the while, this beautiful harmonious trine aspect between Neptune and Jupiter is building again, and will be exact on August 18. This brings the faith that ultimately everything is happening for a reason and that somehow it will all work out the way it is supposed to. These two have been dancing with each other since April and can really help us to face our shadows with compassion and forgiveness. This combination brings the potential for amazing spiritual growth and for helping one another in the spirit of unconditional love and acceptance. We all have our struggles and failings and we all have our shadows. Jupiter and Neptune help us to really empathise and find compassion for one another and to see past all of the crap to each other’s true essence. This combination helps is to surrender and let go of resentment, attachment, control and anything we might be holding onto that isn’t serving us anymore. It allows us to find our flow and to be open to synchronicities and helpful omens. It gives us faith and trust that life is unfolding exactly as it is supposed to.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun/Moon midpoint is interesting and poignant, at 5° Taurus: “A widow at an open grave”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The impermanence of all material and social bonds. “All natural compounds decay,” said the Buddha. The most beautiful and enjoyable substance loses its potential energy through continuous actualisations and the principle of integration and form is withdrawn, leaving the Void – “the open grave” that ends all attachments. The Void is the great challenge: What next? One must begin anew, and if possible at a “higher,” more inclusive and universal, less egocentric, level. This symbol may seem negative, yet it opens the door to self-renewal. Beyond the personal attachment rises the possibility of participating in a larger sphere of existence. The possibility rarely manifests itself except, as one is ready to DISCARD THE PAST.”

This symbol again brings the sense of us being somehow stripped back, severing attachments and letting go of the past so that we can begin anew. This surely does feel like an incredibly powerful Full Moon / Eclipse which has the potential to really help us to rid ourselves of old conditioning, purging unhealthy habits and patterns and moving onto the next level of our evolution. This is a fateful time, when we let go of anything that is preventing us from creating the life that reflects our true nature. It’s a time of confrontation, releasing, purging and letting go. People and situations may pass away and new ones may take their place. We could become acutely and uncomfortably aware of our more unhelpful patterns of behaviour. Change is most definitely afoot and we have the potential for some massive shifts, both on an internal and external level, especially if Uranus and the Nodes are prominent in our charts right now. It’s time to let go of who we thought we were supposed to be and to become who we really are. Our cages could be well and truly rattled during this Eclipse season, but it is time. We are ready.

Much Love

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Latest astro weather forecast from Amy. Check out the peacock picture with her report - it’s absolutely stunning!

LEO NEW MOON / PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE – Saturday 11 August, exact at 10.57am BST, 5.57am EDT.

This is the last of three Eclipses and brings a sense of completion to the process we have been going through during the last month. We are entering a new chapter, and so we are saying goodbye to an old way of being as we move into the next phase of our lives. This is not necessarily an easy process, and this past month has been quite challenging for many, as layers of old conditioning have been stripped away so that we can become more aligned with the truth of who we are. Something significant is passing away so that we can move forward with a lighter step. And now we have the Leo New Moon. It is time to create the future we want for ourselves, forging a new path and shaping our destiny out of the strength of our own will. It’s time to follow our hearts and recognise what brings us our greatest joy. It’s time to roar like lions and express the fullness of our being! If this is a new chapter, then what do we want it to look like? How can we create the reality we really, truly want for ourselves?

There are a few planets challenging the New moon, as well as 6 planets (and Chiron) retrograde at the moment, including Mercury and Mars, bringing a sense that we still have some work to do before things really start moving in the right direction. The retrograde activity brings a sense of having to look backwards into the past before we can move forward. It is possible that we will need to look at how our old attitudes, patterns, beliefs, relationships, actions and behaviour might be impacting the here and now and holding us back from completely shifting into the next phase. It feels as though we are being asked to just stay put, turn within, wait a while and just remain open rather than trying to forge ahead too quickly. It is a time for reflection, retrospection and review. We are on the threshold of a new chapter, but it is important to recognise how easy it would be just to slip back into old patterns and end up repeating needless suffering.

Pluto is forming a nagging aspect to the Sun and Moon, which could create some kind of crisis that forces us to be accountable for ourselves and be true to our soul’s path. It is possible that our integrity could be tested somehow and there could be a struggle between our desire to follow the path of joy and our sense of duty and responsibility. Pluto is the planet of soul, power, death and rebirth, and forces us to look deep within and to be emotionally honest with ourselves, even if we don’t like what we see. It is important to keep an eye on how we use power during this moon; do we tend to give our power away or do we abuse power we have over others? Do we play power games or manipulate people or situations in order to get our way? Similarly, Jupiter is in Scorpio is challenging the Moon, which again is forcing us to face some not so pretty aspects of ourselves and recognise how our shadows might be running the show. So often when we have something that really bothers us about another person it is actually a blind spot within ourselves; something that is unhealed within us. This Moon could well force us to take a long hard look in the ugly mirror and see how we project unowned parts of ourselves onto others.

Neptune is also forming a nagging aspect to the Sun and Moon, which could cause us to feel utterly confused and disoriented, and could also bring out any escapist tendencies and make us want to bury our heads in the sand! This Neptune aspect does also bring the potential for spiritual crisis and disillusionment and can cause us to feel overwhelmed by forces larger than ourselves, so we should watch out for any tendencies to feel like a victim or a martyr. Leo reminds us that we are the master of our own destiny, even though we may feel like a leaf being blown around in the wind! Issues around boundaries could also come up around this time.
Uranus is retrograde now, and is still square the Nodes until October, when the energy peaks. We have a chance to liberate ourselves from our unhealthy patterns and conditioning, but equally we could relive experiences, including trauma, from the past, which could simply be an echo reminding us of what we don’t want to repeat. Uranus is the planet of wake-up calls and epiphanies, so we could have some quite jarring realisations that help to shift us out of old habits and tendencies. It is possible that old memories could come rising up that we have long forgotten, which could be quite unsettling but could be incredibly insightful and liberating. Along with the South Node in Aquarius, Uranus could help us to realise how easy it is to detach from our emotions when someone reawakens or triggers old trauma within us. Uranus can cause something to” happen” suddenly which changes things drastically and forces us to “wake up” and see things from another perspective.

Mars and Black Moon Lilith are joining forces in Aquarius during this New Moon and this aspect is exact on Friday 10 August and will be exact again on 29 September. This could bring up repressed and suppressed anger and rage, and cause some rather intense and turbulent feelings to arise in us. We could have experiences around jealousy, intense passion, eruptions of destructive anger, emotional manipulation, not to mention issues around rejection and being ostracised. It is also possible that some repressed rage that comes from old trauma could come up to bite us. It’s an interesting combo, this one – the dark, destructive feminine and the Warrior, the Divine Masculine. Mars’s energy is aggressive and assertive and in Aquarius is quite rebellious and wilful, so if we combine this with Lilith, which is an energy that can bring up supressed anger and shadows, who knows what might happen? Anybody with planets or angles on or around the first degree of Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio or Taurus will feel this energy more acutely. As this conjunction is happening in Aquarius, there is the potential for liberating ourselves from the more shadowy aspects of our nature and being able to see it more objectively.

We are still dealing with the Saturn Chiron square, which could be bringing up our old wounds, especially around the father or the masculine, and could be making everything a bit heavy at the moment, causing us to feel a bit vulnerable. We have a chance to see how we have been wounded by our conditioning, society, parents, authority figures and do some deep healing in this area. At the same time, the beautiful Jupiter Neptune trine continues to build, helping us to have the faith and trust that even though we might be facing some challenging times, we are still being looked after and guided in the right direction. This beautiful combination reminds us that there is a bigger picture that we might not be aware of yet, but will be revealed in the fullness of time. We are invited to surrender to the flow of life and have the faith that ultimately everything is as it is supposed to be.

There are a lot of powerful energies swirling around at the moment, that’s for sure! We are starting a new chapter, and this Moon will consolidate it, although it also has the potential to throw us back into old patterns if we don’t watch out. It seems that we may be confronted with our shadow side during this New Moon, so it important to be mindful and recognise where we are projecting our more undesirable qualities onto others rather than recognising it as part of our experience. Ultimately, however, this Moon brings the potential for us to start walking down a new road - one that we have not been down before. There has been a lot of shedding and letting go in the past month or so, and now this Leo Moon urges us to follow our hearts and contemplate what brings us our greatest joy. We are invited to reflect on the chapter that is coming to an end and then allow the door to firmly shut. Leo encourages us to create the life we want and to shine our light out into the world!

Much Love

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Amy’s insights never fail to amaze me - the sections I’ve quoted above are exactly what i’ve been going through during the last few months!

And last night I had some kind of epiphany, after spending a couple of hours star-gazing. The early evening sky in Auckland was crystal-clear, and on my walk home from work I could see four planets (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars) spreading across the Auckland skyline. Venus and Mars were particularly spectacular; both shining brighter than I’ve ever seen them.

Mars is currently retrograde and Venus is about to enter a retrograde phase, which means their orbits have moved them closer to Earth, which is why they are so bright at present. I took loads of photos with my iPhone - trying out different settings to try and capture the beauty of the planets. I managed to get some decent images of Venus, Mars and Jupiter (Saturn was too dull to show up on the iPhone camera). Once I’ve sorted through them, I’ll see if I can post the best of them in this forum.

As for the epiphany - after my astral meditations, I finally became aware of a disowned part of my psyche which has been troubling me for many years. It seemed to be pleased to have been noticed; like a naughty child that is desperate for attention. It spoke to me in both words and imagery, until I finally realised that it represented Neptune in my birthchart. To paraphrase Amy:

Neptune was causing meto feel utterly confused and disoriented, and was magnifying my escapist tendencies and making me want to bury my head in the sand! I have been going through a period of spiritual crisis and disillusionment and feeling overwhelmed by forces larger than myself, and I’ve been trying extremely hard not to feel like a victim or a martyr; which is something I’ve always struggled with. My natal Neptune sits right on my Descendant at 13 degrees of Scorpio, which is a classic “martyr/saint” placement, and these tendencies are being maxed out by transiting Jupiter which is sitting right on top of my natal Neptune in Scorpio.


These are some of the best of my recent photos of the visible planets. They show up well on my devices but not sure how good they’ll be once uploaded to the maze.

Mars and Saturn in the Eastern sky over Auckland last Thursday evening:


Mars showing its orange-red colour:

Mars up close:


Auckland city lights as seen from our apartment on the slopes of Mt Albert:


Venus and Jupiter in the Western Sky:


Venus up close:


Not the best quality photo, but it does show just how bright the planets are at present in the Winter skies over Auckland. This was taken from a car park on the site where I work, just before sunset. The bright light is not the moon, but a lamp post, above it in the centre of the image can be seen Mars, The fainter star at top left is Saturn. The blurry light in between is just a reflection.

Close-up of Mars:



Even the small closeups make me feel woowoowoo-wow.

Thanks for posting Amy’s forecasts every moon btw. I read them religiously since I started lurking here.


Thursday evening’s sky was even brighter with a crescent Moon adding to the display.

Venus and Moon conjunct in Libra, plus Jupiter in Scorpio:


Retrograde Mars in Capricorn and (fainter but still visible) retrograde Saturn also in Capricorn. Saturn marks the beginning of Cap, and Mars the very end, so the entire sign of the Goat is conveniently marked out in the sky for those with the eyes to see:


This phenomenal alignment of our planetary neighbours is unlike anything I’ve ever seen since I became interested in astrology. It’s not just the visible planets either; at the time I took the last photos, Pluto was close to Mars in Capricorn, Neptune was lower in the Eastern sky in Pisces and Uranus at the beginning of Taurus was hiding just below the horizon, waiting for the Moon to set before leaping over the Ascendant to wreak his usual Trickster magic.

Here’s the chart for 8pm on Thursday:


And the physical manifestations of this abundance of retrograde planets, all aligned in a complex cats-cradle of an aspect pattern, have been impossible to ignore during this extraordinary week!

We’re talking global-level events here, just one horrible example was that appalling bridge collapse in Genoa. On a more local level, it’s been a week of miscommunications and accidents at my laboratory, culminating in a serious incident on Wednesday which I had to spend all day managing in my H&S officer role.

And right now I’m sitting at the boarding gate waiting to board a flight to Sydney, delayed by Mercury retrograde, natch, after the whole of Auckland international airport was shut down by a “security alert”…


Latest forecast from Amy:

PISCES FULL MOON – Sunday 26 August, exact at 12.56pm BST, 7.56am EDT

This is a tender, gentle Full Moon that has the potential to remind us that we are all in this together! There is also a Grand Earth Trine involved in the picture, so we have some nice, flowing energy that should help us to feel quite grounded in the real world. Pisces can bring feelings of oneness and unity as we become more aware of how we are not actually separate, but rather we are part of all that is. With the Moon in this sensitive and empathetic sign we can tap into the collective conscious, as the boundaries between us and the world of spirit are dissolved. In fact, boundaries between ourselves and others could become an issue during this Moon, so it is a good idea to practice Virgo’s talent for discernment and discrimination! Pisces is a very idealistic sign that can tend to look at people, life and situations through rose-tinted spectacles, which on one level is very beautiful, but it is important to see the reality rather than what we would like to see. Disillusionment, as painful as it can be, can also be a positive thing, as we finally see things as they actually are.

Indeed, this Full Moon could help us to find acceptance of what is rather than hoping for what might be. Acceptance is one of Pisces greatest gifts, and can bring the peace that we all so dearly wish for. Some things we simply cannot change, and rather than trying to mould and fit people and situations into what we would want them to be, it is much easier and less stressful to just accept them as they are. Compassion and forgiveness are also Piscean gifts, which counteract any Virgoan tendencies to criticise or focus on what is lacking in ourselves and others. Virgo has a tendency to want to put everything into little tidy boxes in the search for unattainable perfection, but life doesn’t work like that! Life is messy and nobody is perfect and so it is better to simply allow what is to be rather than trying to make it into something it is not. Some things are suite simply out of our control, and this Moon could be a gentle reminder to just let go and allow ourselves to surrender to the flow of the river. Resistance is futile!

The trine between Saturn and Uranus is very strong during this Full Moon, and these two planets are joined by the Sun and Moon to form a Kite formation, which is an intensified version of a Grand Trine. This trine between Saturn and Uranus brings with it the opportunity to liberate ourselves from the past, releasing ourselves from any heavy karma that has been holding us prisoner. Indeed, this is a perfect opportunity to continue to let go of our old conditioning, freeing ourselves from our old stories so that we are free to be ourselves. The structure of our lives could be shifting considerably at the moment, although as this is a trine it shouldn’t be too jarring. Uranus is a big player in the cosmos at the moment, helping release us from old trauma and to wake up and shake up our lives. This Grand Trine/Kite formation could help us to see our lives more objectively and realistically, giving us the ability to make positive changes without rocking the boat too much. There is a nice blend between past and future, tradition and innovation, and we could well see quite clearly what needs to stay and what needs to be eliminated from our lives. We might find that we have a new approach to old problems. There is a sense of us clearing old karma from our lives so that we can make a fresh start.

The trine between Neptune and Jupiter is starting to wane now, but its energy will still be with us for the Full Moon. This trine heightens our intuition and faith, helping us to see the bigger picture and face ourselves and others honestly and with compassion, forgiveness and acceptance. This influence can really help any spiritual work and helps us to be more broad-minded and to let go of petty or small-minded concerns or quibbles. Don’t sweat the small stuff is the message here! The Saturn Chiron square is also waning, which is a welcome relief, as it seems to have made many people feel quite vulnerable. However, it has also brought with it the impetus and experiences we needed in order to face some very old wounds related to our parents and conditioning. This has not been especially easy, as some of us have been forced to re-encounter some of our core wounding, which has been rather painful but it has given us an opportunity to be brave and honest with ourselves so that healing can occur. This is big stuff, as for many of us our mother and father wounds tend to dominate our lives and relationships.

During this Full Moon there are a couple of planetary aspects that are worth being aware of. Pluto and Venus are forming a challenging square aspect that could bring some intensity to our relationships and interactions. There is a possibility of power games within our relationships, with the potential for manipulation, jealousy, obsession or compulsively acting and reacting from our old patterns. This certainly isn’t a superficial combination, as we could be forced to be very honest with ourselves indeed, and our less desirable qualities could show themselves. This aspect will be building as the weekend approaches and is exact around the time of the Full Moon and certainly could bring a soulful, transforming quality to our relationships. It might be hard to hide from ourselves as those close to us hold the “truth” mirror up to look at! Neptune is also forming a nagging aspect to Mercury during this Moon, so it is important to try to be as clear as possible when communicating with people because there is the possibility of misunderstandings or misinterpretation, or people just hearing what they want to hear. We could also come up with some very creative ideas during this Moon, but should be careful that they are not simply a case of wishful thinking!

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun/Moon midpoint is beautiful, at 4° Sagittarius: “A little child learning to walk with the encouragement of his parents”, which Dane Rudyar describes as: “The natural assistance of superior powers during crises of growth. This implies passing through a critical stage of growth – growth in freedom, symbolises self-induced progress. In such a crisis the individual is not left alone. Some more evolved Power and Intelligence watches, encourages and give examples to be followed.” We are not alone. We are here on earth at a very special time, and this Eclipse season brought yet another shift which leaves us somewhere we have never been before. We are walking on new ground and this Sabian Symbol reminds us that we are being guided. We just need to trust our heart. It will show us the way.

The Pisces Moon is the Moon of unconditional love and acceptance. Pisces dissolves the ego and brings us closer to our true Self. It reminds us that we are all connected; we are not separate. It brings the capacity for true connection with others that transcends boundaries and barriers. This has been a turbulent few months for many of us, and the Eclipses brought with them a powerful cosmic shift and the beginning of a new chapter. We have let go of a lot in recent times and with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces we have the chance to heal and soothe our souls. Virgo season has a “back to school” feeling about it, and brings the potential for considering what we need to improve or tweak in order to feel more whole. Pisces asks us to consider what truly holds meaning for us now, in our heart of hearts. We are stepping forward into a more heart-centred way of being, free of a considerable amount of baggage. We just need faith and trust so that we can dive in and surrender to the flow of the river.

Much Love

Artwork: Where Heavens Meet – Rassouli



VIRGO NEW MOON – at 18° Virgo on Sunday 9 September, exact at 7.01 BST, 2.01 EDT

During this Moon we are called to contemplate what needs to change and what might need tweaking in order to improve our lives. It is quite possible that we will become all too aware of what is out of balance and we could experience quite a sense of urgency to make the necessary adjustments to feel better about things. New Moons represent a time of letting go and starting again. We can really tap into the potent power of the New Moon by consciously setting intentions for what we want to create in our lives moving forward. Virgo season is upon us, and so we have a chance to set in motion some healthy routines for ourselves and recognise what habits and tendencies simply aren’t serving us anymore. Virgo is adept at the art of self-analysis, discernment and discrimination, and so we have a chance to have a long, hard look at ourselves and recognise what is lacking in our lives and what we might be able to do to improve things. It’s important not to be hard on ourselves, however, as Virgo does also cause us to focus on our shortcomings and inadequacies and to dwell on what is lacking in our lives.

Virgo represents that part of us ourselves that seeks to cleanse and purify; and in the extreme can cause us to seek some unattainable perfection both in ourselves and others. As such, while it is always helpful to take good care of our mind, body and spirit, and this Moon is a good time to do this, it is also important not to be overly self-critical when we slip up or “fail”. Virgo has a tendency to create crises that cause us to take a step back and recognise what we need to change in order to make things better. It’s so important to simply take one step at a time rather than getting overwhelmed by whatever problem we are facing. With Virgo we seek to humble ourselves and deflate our egos, and to truly be of service to others. Of course this can also go too far, as we busy ourselves taking care of everyone else but don’t take care of ourselves. Then resentment can set in. Some questions to ask ourselves during this moon are: “How can I simplify my life?” “What habits and routines no longer serve me?” “How can I be kinder to myself?” “What constructive steps can I take in order to feel more healthy and whole?” “What can I eliminate from my life in order to feel more at peace?” “How can whatever I am currently facing help me to learn about myself and grow?”

We do have help during this Moon to make some positive and constructive changes, from both Pluto and Jupiter. Both of these planets are forming harmonious aspects to the Sun and Moon and each other, helping us to be honest with ourselves about what needs to change and to transform our lives for the better. We have an opportunity here to empower ourselves and take the steps needed to improve our lives. It’s as if we are getting a gentle cosmic kick up the bum, giving us the boost we need to move in the right direction. It’s important to trust our hunches and be alert to the little prompts the universe gives us along the way. The signs are always there but we just have to let them filter into our consciousness! Jupiter reminds us not to sweat the small stuff, while Pluto encourages us to step into our power and not be afraid to grow and transform.

Neptune is also sitting directly opposite the Sun and Moon, which could bring some confusion, making it hard to see the wood for the trees. I suppose it could contribute to any feelings of anxiety or overwhelm we might be feeling, as if we are at the mercy of forces larger than ourselves. It’s important not to fall in the role of the victim or martyr, however, but rather use the energy of Pluto and Jupiter to be honest with ourselves and step into our power rather than playing small or placing the blame for our situation outside of ourselves. Neptune’s involvement in this Moon could make us feel quite sensitive, possibly even over-sensitive. We might be sorely tempted to bury our heads in the sand rather than confronting whatever we are facing head on. Neptune also reminds us, however, to step off the Busy Bus and tend to our spirit. Virgo energy can cause us to become so busy that we work ourselves into a state of anxiety, while Neptune in Pisces reminds us to find some balance by turning within, meditating, stilling the mind and spending time in nature. This can help us to come back to ourselves, finding our centre and reconnecting to our Source.

The Nodes of the Moon are quite prevalent during this Moon, as we have Mars and Black Moon Lilith joining forces next to the South Node of the Moon, causing us to connect to old resentments, trauma or rage from our past and to recognise how we might be stuck in old patterns that simply don’t work for us anymore. Mars and Black Moon Lilith have already met each other this year, around 21 April, so this could have a resonance with whatever was happening then. Mars and the South Node have also met twice this year already, around 8 June and 21 July, so this is the last chance we have to work with this energy and hopefully we can come up with some gold this time! The energy of this combination will peak at the end of September, so it will be prevalent for the New Moon and also the Full Moon in Aries at the end of September. It is quite a potent, potentially volatile mixture of the Dark Feminine and the Warrior Masculine! It certainly brings the potential for blasting through some rather entrenched patterns from the past.

This combination could have a strong impact on our relationships, because Venus is also forming challenging aspect to Mars and BML. Any hidden resentments could build to a climax and come out in the form of anger and rage. Any unresolved patterns of relating or tendencies to project our issues onto partners could be revealed and magnified during this time. Anything we have simply been putting up with in our relationships could become so intolerable that we are forced to bring our grievances out into the open, although we must be careful not to do so in too much of a destructive way. Black Moon Lilith’s energy can be quite ruthless! It is quite possible that we might be forced to confront our shadows this month and it might not be very comfortable! However, it’s far better to bring them out into the light of day rather than them operating from an unconscious place within us. Uranus is also involved in this picture, bringing the potential for sudden eruptions or wake-up calls to occur that take us by surprise but that also bring great insight, revelation and liberation.

Whatever comes up during this Moon is an opportunity for growth. Virgo can cause us to be rather merciless on ourselves, berating ourselves for our perceived lack, bad habits and personal inadequacies, but it’s important not to fall into that trap. We really can be our own worst enemies at times! Any crisis that comes up brings amazing potential for some honest self-analysis and an evaluation of what needs to change in our lives. We are being given a chance to separate the wheat from the chaff! Instead of getting overwhelmed by what might be perceived as a giant mountain for us to overcome, it is better to simply put one foot in front of the other and take whatever action we feel is necessary to improve the situation. One step at a time! The Virgo New Moon really is a wonderful time for a proverbial “cleaning house”, so we can take advantage of the current energies and do just that! We just have to listen to Neptune’s promptings as well, and take some time out to quieten our busy mind and smell the roses.

Much Love

Artwork: Mind Chaos – Unknown

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