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ARIES FULL MOON – Tues 25 September, exact at 3.52am BST, Mon 24 September, exact at 10.52pm EDT.

This Moon brings the potential for some amazing healing that involves us being very brave and honest with ourselves and others. Chiron the Wounded Healer is sitting right next to the Moon in Aries, meaning that we could find ourselves being quite strongly triggered by those close to us, or could potentially be the one to deliver a hurtful blow or two. Aries energy is very forthright and tends to act first and think later, so it is possible that we could hurt one another’s feelings without meaning to or even realising it. Not only that but Mars, the ruler of Aries, is forming a challenging square aspect to Uranus, signifying the potential for angry outbursts, sudden acts of aggression, shocking anger or truth telling. Aries is a very honest sign, and while the truth can sometime hurt, is can also be incredibly cathartic and healing. This Moon could certainly be the time for getting things out into the open and off our chests!

Libra season is now upon us, with the emphasis being on our relationships and finding more of a sense of balance, compromise, harmony and peace within them. The Aries Moon is opposite the Libra Sun, bringing into focus where we might be out of balance within our relationships. Issues around domination could come up, as well as lessons around having our needs met and learning how to meet other people’s needs. Aries tends to have a “me first” attitude, while Libra thinks of “other” first, while actually we are looking for a happy balance between learning to meet our own needs and dancing to our own tune, and really learning to listen to what others needs are. Questions to ask during this Moon are “How can I express my needs in a healthy way?”, “What needs to be said that has been pushed under the carpet?”, “Where am I giving too much/too little within my relationships?”, “How can I be honest in a way that isn’t hurtful or destructive?”, “How do I follow my own path at the same time as considering my partner or the relationship?”, “How do I handle anger in my relationships?, “Do I need to become more selfish, or selfless?”

Just to add to the stew, we have Mars, Black Moon Lilith and the South Node of the Moon sitting right next to each other during this Moon. This could bring up hidden resentments or unexpressed rage, pulling our darkness out into the light. It is important to be careful that we don’t project our own darkness or anger onto others. It’s a strong and powerful combination, the warrior and the enraged feminine. Whenever we have something we really hate or have a strong aversion to in someone else, the chances are it is something we haven’t healed in ourselves. It is important to be self-aware during this Moon, because there is the potential for some very heated emotions to rise to the surface. There is definitely the possibility of overreacting and putting the blame outside of ourselves during this time, so a bit of self-reflection is imperative. If something or someone aggravates us to the point of anger or rage then we probably need to have a long hard look at why! Are we being defensive because we are afraid on some level, or are they acting out some part of ourselves that we simply cannot see? Are they opening up an old wound that is still quite raw, or behaving like someone who has hurt us in the past? Why are we so bothered?

Saturn is forming a challenging square aspect to the Son and Moon during this Full Moon, forcing us to take responsibility for ourselves and to be accountable for whatever comes up during this time. Saturn is the planet of karma that reminds us that we reap what we sow, teaching us about cause and effect, often the hard way! It’s hard to look reality square in the face and be an adult about it, but there may be no choice in this situation. Saturn may be calling for a bit of emotional maturity and integrity, whereby we are forced somehow to step up to the plate and take responsibility for our actions. All of this Aries/Mars energy is quite impulsive, spontaneous and potentially volatile, while Saturn represents our inner parent or judge holding us back and forcing us to suppress our natural impulses and urges. Indeed, this could bring up the themes of judgment, control and guilt-tripping for us to deal with within our relationships.

It’s interesting, this Moon, as we have all of this honest, triggering, assertive and brave energy with the Moon and Chiron, whereby things could be said or done that poke at our core wounds like they are open sores. We also have a very prominent Mars / Lilith situation brewing that could bring some difficult emotional material to come up and force us to face our fears and shadows. We definitely need to watch out for projections during this time! And then we have Saturn, bearing down on us, like a stern judge forcing us to be grown-up, behave and make sure we are accountable for all we are and all that we do. Ultimately this does feel like a Moon that could bring hitherto suppressed material into the light, which could be so very healing! This could definitely be a very good time to become more aware of our relationship with anger. It might be very hard for some of us to be brave enough to assert ourselves and express our needs in healthy ways. However, if we remember the potential of this Moon to find the balance between peaceful, giving Libra and assertive, honest and self-oriented Aries, we could do a lot of good for our relationships during this time. This is a powerful moon indeed, and a very good time to be very honest both with ourselves and our loved ones.

Much Love

Artwork: Honesty, by Poona


LIBRA NEW MOON, at 15° Libra – Tuesday 9 October, exact at 4.46am BST, Monday 10 Oct, exact at 11.46pm EDT

This New Moon brings our relationships into focus. It is an ideal time to set some positive intentions around how we relate to our loved ones and what we want to give and receive within our relationships. It might be helpful to give some thought to what unhelpful patterns of relating we want to leave behind in the dark of the Moon and what healthier patterns we want to cultivate as the Moon waxes towards the Full Moon. New Moons are an incredibly potent time energetically, when whatever is bubbling away in our consciousness has the capacity to blossom and grow over the course of the month ahead. As such, if we choose to actually harness the energies and set conscious intentions then amazing things can happen! We just need to watch out what we ask for because we can be taken quite literally!

Do we need to improve the way we listen to our loved ones? It is so easy to hear others through the filter of our own needs and expectations and not objectively hear what they are actually asking of us. Are we guilty of projecting our needs onto our loved ones and expecting them to be something they are not? Do we need to learn to meet our own needs rather than expecting others to meet them? Are we guilty of conditional giving and withholding affection when our projected needs aren’t met by our loved ones? Or do we love unconditionally? Likewise, do we tend to give too much in our relationships, to the detriment of our own needs? Does our need to be needed lead to subservience or allowing ourselves to be dominated? Do our relationships involve an equal balance between give and take? Are we dependent on others to validate our own sense of self-worth? What disowned parts of ourselves do we project onto others?

So often what we dislike about another person is something that remains unhealed and unrecognised in ourselves. Our relationships truly are amazing mirrors, allowing us to learn and understand so much about ourselves if we are willing to be honest and objective about ourselves. Libra represents a need within us to find balance rather than going too far in one direction or another. Where in our life to we need to find balance? Where to we tend to go to extremes? Do we have a habit of holding back our true feelings out of a need to keep the peace? Similarly, is there a relationship or situation in our lives that is in need of some peaceful resolution? Libra is very adept at the art of diplomacy and compromise. As long as it doesn’t go too far and merely lead to people pleasing. The art of healthy relating involves such a delicate balancing act!

Venus is the ruler of this New Moon and has literally just gone retrograde in the intensely emotional sign of Scorpio. As such, we should not be surprised if people from our past pop up in the next few weeks! Any unfinished or unresolved relationships may reveal themselves as we have the retrospective action of Venus to review, repair and reflect on our past relationships. Venus will move back through Scorpio until October 31, when it will cross back over into Libra. While Venus is in Scorpio we may have to confront issues such as trust, loss, power/powerlessness, abandonment and intimacy, and could be called to expose our darkest secrets and the parts of ourselves that we would normally prefer to keep hidden from view. Indeed, we may find ourselves drawn to reflecting upon our past relationships, remembering things that have long since been brushed under the proverbial carpet, deep within our subconscious!

Venus will be retrograde from the 5th until 17th of November, when the planet of relationships will turn around and start going forwards again. This could be an incredibly profound time for our relationships and has the potential to bring the past back to meet the future, with memories of love long since forgotten coming back into our consciousness. It’s a great time to reflect upon and transform the way we relate to ourselves and others, and we may find ourselves thinking about people we haven’t thought about for a very long time. The connections we have with people transcend time and space, and those we were once close to are always in our hearts even if we haven’t physically seen them for years. It is also possible that old grievances and resentments could come to the fore during this period, especially while Venus is still in Scorpio. This intense sign asks us to be emotionally honest with ourselves and our loved ones and to allow the vulnerability that comes from showing someone the more raw, “unattractive”, shadowy parts of ourselves. This is what allows true intimacy. We all have our flaws and darker aspects; and only showing the more “civilized” parts of ourselves does not allow people to see all of who we are.

Speaking of Scorpio, Pluto is forming a challenging square aspect to the Sun and Moon during this New Moon. This brings the potential for a bit of a cosmic kick up the bum, whereby some kind of power struggle is a potential within our relationships, as well as some rather profound shift or transformation. We could become all too aware of how our old, ingrained patterns of relating are running the show and sabotaging our adult relationships. These kind or realisations can be painful, but it is so powerful to actually be able to see how our old conditioning is affecting our present day reality. Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, are also squaring off against each other during this Moon, causing friction in our relationships and the potential for sexual frustration or urgent, powerful attractions. Our passions could be running rather high with the divine masculine and divine feminine in different camps! However, this could be exactly what we need to bring things out into the open and resolve whatever issues we may be facing in the realm of our relationships.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon, at 16° Libra, is: “After a storm a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction”, which brings the sense of a storm having swept through and left a considerable amount of emotional damage that is now in need of repair. The boat landing could be seen as our foundation and sense of security, while the storm could be a torrent of emotions, as water represents our emotional life. The Sabian symbol for Venus, at 11° Scorpio, is: “A drowning man is being rescued”. Dane Rudyar says of this symbol: “A man risks his life to save another: this is love, based on a sense of responsibility produced by the vivid sense of interrelatedness”. This symbol brings a sense of us being out of our depth somehow, at the mercy of forces larger than ourselves, unable to cope on an emotional level. Sometimes we have to admit to ourselves that we can’t manage something alone before we can allow ourselves to be saved or rescued. This symbol evokes a feeling of true vulnerability and the power of love to save us in times of need.

The spotlight is definitely on our relationships during this New Moon! Parts of ourselves that we prefer not to face could come rising to the surface, demanding attention. Long kept secrets could be revealed, hidden resentments and unexpressed feelings brought out into the open. People could resurface from our past, reminding us of parts of ourselves we might have forgotten or left behind. This Moon gives us an opportunity to transform the way we relate, and to set some powerful intentions that could make a big difference when it comes to the future of our relationships. Libra’s ultimate aim is balance and equality, and so this Moon could help us to move towards a greater sense of harmony in our lives.

Much Love



Painting: Libra by Julia Ismambetova

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Thanks for sharing! The last couple of forecasts have been very apt!

Thanks, I thought this was an extraordinarily insightful and comprehensive analysis of the current Astrological zeitgeist from Amy, even by her own high standards!

And the painting of Libra she chose to illustrate her forecast has utterly enchanted me with its beauty and intricacy.

I’ve been feeling the growing Venusian influence all week, as she patiently danced her magic transformation into her Scorpio femme fatale incarnation.

TAURUS FULL MOON – Wednesday 24 October, exact at 5.45pm BST, 12.45pm EDT

This Full Moon has the potential to provide an unexpected twist or turn in the plot of our lives! Uranus is a very big part of the story during this Moon, and this erratic and unpredictable planet can cause some unexpected events to occur that bring about change, especially if we are blocked or in need of a bit of a shake-up in our lives. Full Moons tend to bring to the boil anything that has been simmering away beneath the surface since the New Moon, so that we have no choice but to face whatever it is and to express it to ourselves and our loved ones. This Moon is no exception, and we will be especially sensitive to it if we have personal planets within 5 or so degrees of 2° of a sign, and particularly the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Scorpio season begins on the 23 October, and brings with it the potential for transformation and a shedding of the skin. It’s no coincidence, methinks, that Scorpio Season coincides with Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, and as the trees shed their leaves so do we have the chance to let go of whatever isn’t serving us anymore. Scorpio can bring about a death of sorts, whereby a part of us passes away and is reborn, shiny and new. As such, it is important not to cling on too tightly to anything that quite obviously needs to shift or pass away during this time. We might be tempted to hold on to whatever it is, as Taurus does like to feel stable and secure and can be quite resistant to change, but with Uranus in on the act it seems that we may have no choice but to let go and ride the waves of change! There is the potential for us to blast through some pretty big blocks during this Moon, so it’s good to be open and willing to step outside of our comfort zone, releasing the past and liberating ourselves from old patterns. It could be shocking, unsettling and threaten our sense of emotional security, but ultimately it will bring fresh air into our lives and set us free.

Uranus and the Moon are also opposing Venus, the ruler of the Taurus, during this Full Moon. Venus is currently retrograde in Scorpio, and so we may be taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting the past, especially if there is unresolved material or karma that is still affecting our present day relationships. Some of these memories may not be very comfortable or pretty, but they could have important messages and lessons for us. We have a chance to review our relationships and the way we relate to ourselves and others. Are we too trusting, or do we need to learn to trust more? Do we need to work on our sense of confidence and self-worth? How are our boundaries with people, especially our loved ones? Do we tend to put others before ourselves and deny our own needs? Or do we need to work on listening to others needs more closely? What is blocking us from being close to others, or blocking true intimacy? Are we holding onto resentments that are preventing open hearted relating with our loved ones? Are we held back from moving forward by a relationship from our past? Is it time to lay it to rest and move on? What is most important to us within our relationships; what do we value the most?

We have a chance to transform our relationships while Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, bringing a greater sense of trust and deeper intimacy, although the process may not be an easy one. Indeed, we may have to confront some quite uncomfortable material. This Moon, however, with Uranus opposing Venus, brings the potential for liberating ourselves from old, sticky, karmic relationships and also for finding a new way of being in relationship. There could be a few shocks and surprises along the way, as our loved ones act or react in unexpected ways, and indeed it could be us who behaves erratically or out of character. The opposition between Uranus and Venus will be exact on Samhain/Halloween, when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. Not only that, but it will occur at 0° on Taurus and Scorpio, which is a powerfully potent degree. As such, between now and the 31st October we should be very mindful of the way we relate to our nearest and dearest, because some sticky karmic material could come to the fore and subconscious impulses and compulsions could be running the show.

Long kept secrets could be revealed as we dare to look beneath the proverbial carpet, and some shocking disclosures could occur. Issues around trust, loss, abandonment and intimacy could be brought out into the open. Relationships could end suddenly, although only if they are already on shaky ground. Profound revelations could occur which radically transform our relationship to ourselves and others. We could experience a sudden and significant shift around our sense of security, both financially and emotionally. We could make a break for freedom, busting ourselves out of stagnant ruts or impasses and breathing new life into our relationships and how we make a living. Blocks to intimacy could be broken down somehow. We could find ourselves “waking up” to something that we have been ignoring denying for a very long time. Indeed, we could have some quite profound revelations during this time.

The good news is that Saturn is helping us out during this Moon, forming harmonious aspects to the Sun, Moon and Venus. This will help us keep our feet on the ground and to be accountable for whatever comes up. When it comes down to it we are only responsible for ourselves and our actions and reactions, so it is important to act with integrity. Saturn’s influence helps us to take responsibility for ourselves and to be grown up about it. We may also be able to see more clearly how our conditioning and karma has led us to where we are now. With Saturn we can see all too clearly how we reap what we sow. Saturn’s influence helps us to control our actions and reactions and to look at things in a realistic light.

Jupiter is at the very end of his stay in Scorpio, getting ready to move into his own sign of Sagittarius on 8 November, and as he does so he and Chiron the Wounded Healer are forming a harmonious trine aspect with one another. This is a very positive pairing indeed, as it can help us to gain access to our higher wisdom. We are given the opportunity to find our inner guru and deepen our relationship to it. Instead of looking outside of ourselves for guidance we are invited to look within and trust our internal compass and our own innate sense of “knowing”. We all have an internal guidance system, it’s just a case of trusting it. This could be a time when we have a chance to heal whatever blocks us from our own wisdom, intuition and inner knowing. It is so easy to give our power away to others, thinking that they know best, but here we have an invitation to develop a relationship with our inner GPS and to learn to truly trust that we are being guided in the right direction. This trine between Chiron and Jupiter will be exact on 1 November, and the energy is building now.

The Nodes of the Moon are also getting ready to move from Leo and Aquarius into Cancer and Capricorn on 6 November (True Node), so November brings a few shifts of energy with it! During this Full Moon, the Sun and Moon and literally squaring off against the Nodes of the Moon, which makes brings the sense that we are at a bit of a cross roads. What bounder in our path do we keep coming up against, again and again? What keeps tripping us up and preventing us from really shining in the world, in true Leo North Node style? What needs to change in order for us to fully follow our joy? What is our biggest block, preventing us from moving forward and growing? Where are we staying safe, standing back in the wings and not fully participating? Where are we most resistant to change? It seems that we have a chance here, before the Nodes move signs and the emphasis shifts to Cancer and Capricorn, to make some decisions and make a shift forward. We have the full support of the planets to take a leap into the unknown and liberate ourselves! And there is no better time to purge old patterns, transform and transmute our lives than during Scorpio season!

Much Love

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Artwork: Winds of Change – Marleen Visser

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Thanks Stewart & Amy - lots to think about there!

SCORPIO NEW MOON – Wednesday 7 November, exact at 4.01pm GMT, 11.01am EST.

This is an incredibly potent New Moon that brings with it the possibility of some powerful and cathartic purging and metamorphosis. With Scorpio we experience a purification process and a symbolic death, then we rebuild and regenerate, much like a phoenix rising out of the ashes. There is an interesting mix of planetary energy surrounding this Moon that could help us to really face ourselves and dive deep into the murky shadows of our psyches, hopefully finding some hidden treasure lying there! New Moons are a time of endings and beginnings, whereby we leave whatever is no longer serving us behind in the dark of the moon and plant new seeds that then go on to blossom and grow over the course of the month ahead. It is like a mini death and rebirth, month after month, and this Moon is a particularly potent one as it is in Scorpio, the sign of transformation, death and rebirth. Like the leaves shedding their leaves or a snake shedding its skin, we now have a chance to shed old patterns, letting go and releasing ourselves from anything that simply doesnʼt work for us anymore.

Something very interesting to note during this New Moon is that the Nodes of the Moon, otherwise known as the Destiny Line, will have literally popped over into the Cancer and Capricorn the day before the New Moon (Election day in the US), finishing their 18 month stay in Leo and Aquarius. This brings a significant shift of energy for us all, both collectively and personally. The South Node of the Moon, representing the past , our old, familiar patterns, karma and tendencies that may be hindering us and preventing growth, is entering Capricorn, the sign of the Patriarchy, authority, control, conservatism, boundaries, societal systems, parental and societal conditioning. The North Node of the Moon, which represents qualities and new patterns to encourage and develop in ourselves, is entering Cancer, the sign of the Matriarchy, nurturing, emotional sensitivity, our roots, motherhood, home and family. On a collective level this symbolises a big push for us to recognise what aspects of the patriarchal system we are living in simply arenʼt working anymore and to seek another way that is softer, more sensitive and inclusive, less rigid and controlling and more feminine in nature. What kind of a world do we want our children to grow up in? This is a serious question to ask ourselves at this time.

Jupiter is also in the very final degree of Scorpio, forming an exact trine to the Nodes of the Moon, which feels very significant indeed. This New Moon certainly has an incredibly fated quality to it, as the Destiny line is being strongly triggered by Jupiter, Uranus and retrograde Venus! It seems that that, just before Jupiter goes into his own sign of Sagittarius on Thursday, we have a golden opportunity to dig deep into the shadowy parts of ourselves that we would usually prefer to keep hidden from ourselves and others and face some icky, sticky, uncomfortable material! It is the last hurrah for Jupiter in Scorpio, so we should not be surprised if some rather dark secrets are revealed and issues around power and powerlessness come to the fore. There is also the possibility of power games, some pretty extreme beliefs and a considerable amount of

Scorpio brings up issues around trust, intimacy, loss, betrayal, jealousy, sexuality, power, emotional manipulation and can force us to be really honest with ourselves and others, revealing aspects of ourselves that could make us feel quite uncomfortable! Jupiter in the last degree of Scorpio has an exposing quality to it that can make us squirm and cringe, but it can penetrate to the core and bring the bare naked truth out into the open. It is important to make the most of this amazing opportunity to really face our demons and recognise our shadows. What this means for the USA remains to be seen, but it certainly feels like an incredibly karmic and potent moment in time.

Indeed, this could be an incredibly cathartic and transforming moment in our lives and relationships, as we also have retrograde Venus square the Nodes of the Moon, taking us back in time and bringing old material to the surface that we may have long forgotten or buried. We have a chance here to recognise how the past has shaped our present day reality and just how much our conditioning has had an impact on our relationships. If there is any unresolved material in the realm of our relationships, this is the time to bring it out into the open and face it head on. The future of our relationships depends on it. This is a karmic moment in terms of our relationships; a crossroads of sorts, and we may have no choice but to dive back into our past in order to be able to move forward. What we find there may be somewhat uncomfortable and even painful, but it could also hold the key that is essential to our growth. During this New Moon, Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, are forming a harmonious aspect to one another, which could be very helpful indeed for our relationships.

Tuesday 6 November does seem to be a very significant day, as not only do the Nodes of the Moon shift signs, but Uranus also shifts from Taurus back into Aries, squaring the Nodes of the Moon at the same time! That is a lot of planetary energy on the 29 degree of a sign! This definitely brings a feeling of closure to the story. With Uranus involved, we could experience a few shocks and surprises, it seems. Uranus helps us to break from the past, and so we have a chance here to release ourselves from some old, entrenched patterns or trauma that may have been affecting our lives and relationships for years. In fact, we may have no choice in the matter! As unpredictable and revolutionary Uranus moves back into this forthright, brave, assertive and occasionally aggressive sign we have the potential for sudden outbursts of anger, acts of revolution, truths suddenly being revealed and a certain amount of volatile and unpredictable behaviour. Change is afoot, methinks! Is this a fork in the road; a turning point or a crossroads? It will be interesting to see what Uranus dipping back into Aries will bring. It could certainly bring our inner rebellious teenager out into the light and help us to fight for freedom, equality and brotherhood! Uranus will be in Aries from 6 November until 6 March, so we have four months to find out.

Pluto, the ruler of this Scorpio New Moon, is forming a helpful aspect to the Sun and Moon, helping us to release anything we donʼt need anymore. This is a great time for purging and letting go. Pluto is currently in Capricorn, where it has been since 2008 and where it will stay until 2024. This has been bringing about a detoxification of the power structures, as Pluto exposes the rot in our governing bodies and reveals the shadows that have always been there but we have been unwilling or unable to face. Issues around boundaries, control, power and authority are being brought out into the spotlight and the dark side of the patriarchy has never been quite so obvious and blatant.

Neptune in Pisces is also helping this Moon along, reminding us that we are all in this together and that what happens to one happens to all. Neptune brings our compassionate, empathetic side to the fore and can bring about acts of devotion and unconditional love. This is the planet of oneness and unity that has the potential to open our hearts and remind us that we are all connected.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon, at 16 Scorpio, is “A girlʼs face breaking into a smile”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The fervent reaching out on the part of the young of heart to new experiences”. This is a very hopeful symbol and brings the feeling of a release of some kind and a sense of unguarded, open-hearted connection with others. Indeed, this New Moon feels very hopeful, especially if we are open to being completely honest and allowing ourselves to let go and purge in true Scorpio style! We may have to face some uncomfortable material during this time and it could all get a bit intense, but whatever comes up is probably necessary to help us move forward and grow. Itʼs probably a good idea to simply dive into the murky depths and take a long hard look at what is hiding there, because it could be worth its weight in gold! With Venus retrograde we could definitely be quite retrospective, delving into past relationships and dealing with any unresolved material that might still have an impact on our present day reality. This seems like a bit of a turning point; a pivotal moment that could be both uncomfortable and incredibly liberating! We must let whatever needs to just fall away, and wait to see what might take its place.

Much Love
Amy xoxo
Picture: Rebirth by Delawer-Omar


GEMINI FULL MOON – Friday 23 November, exact at 5.39am GMT, 12.39am EST

This Full Moon has the potential to bring things to a head with regard to our thoughts, communication, opinions, and beliefs. It falls on the teaching/preaching axis, which means that emotions could be riding high in when it comes to any discussions, disagreements or debates we may be having with others. Sagittarius season begins on Thursday, which on the one hand can make us quite jovial, giving us the ability to see the bigger picture and laugh at the absurdity of life. On the other hand, Sagittarius energy can cause us to become too firmly entrenched in our own beliefs and so convinced that our version of the “truth” is right that we try to convince, convert or indoctrinate others. Gemini reminds us that there are many paths to the same destination and that truth is relative. Our personal beliefs, in fact, are merely a drop in the ocean when it comes to the total, universal, timeless truth. This Full Moon could bring heated discussions as our beliefs and opinions are challenged. The key here is to remember is that who is right and wrong isn’t important, as we are all entitled to our point of view and have opinions that are valid. What’s right for us isn’t necessarily right for someone else, so it’s better to simply live and let live.

The rulers of Gemini and Sagittarius, Mercury and Jupiter and right next to each other and also right next to the Sun in Sagittarius during this Full Moon. It’s a full on Sagittarius party, with all its right brained intuition, wisdom, humour, ability to see the bigger picture and potential for self-righteousness. Sagittarius allows us to piece together all the data and information we have received over the course of our life into one big belief system, which then determines how we interpret life. However, some of those beliefs need to be challenged once in a while, because they come directly from our conditioning and experiences over the course of our life. For instance, if we had a violent or aggressive father we may grow up with the underlying belief that all men are predators and the world isn’t a safe place. Similarly, if we had a manipulative or controlling mother we may live our lives with the belief that all women want to control us. These beliefs can be so firmly entrenched that we are completely unaware that they are running the show and colouring our reality! This Moon has the capacity to bring these beliefs to the surface of our conscious minds and make us more aware of the conditioned indoctrination that we have received and how it colours our experience and interpretation of life.

Mars in Pisces is forming a challenging square aspect to the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter, which certainly could add some heat to any discussions or debates we might be having over the course of this Full Moon week! When our ideas, thoughts, opinions and beliefs are challenged it’s hard not to become defensive, as it can threaten our sense of security and shakes and rocks our perception of reality. In the same token, we could find ourselves receiving so many opinions from others that we don’t know what to think, in which case it helps to remember that they are just their opinions and when it comes down to it we need to listen to our own inner wisdom and trust our own inner guidance system. People may have nuggets of wisdom to impart, but when it comes down to it they are still interpreting it from their own viewpoint and life experience. What is true for one person may not be for another.

With Mars involved in the picture we could be called upon to assert ourselves and say our piece, although as Mars is in Pisces hopefully we can do so in a kind, sensitive and compassionate way, calling upon our sacred divine warrior rather than simply forcing our opinions and views down one another’s throats! With Pisces in this gentle, empathetic sign we could be called upon to act with fierce compassion. The combination of Mars and Jupiter does bring the potential for pride, arrogance and self-righteousness, as well as some quite strong and hard hitting opinions! Some age old and deeply held beliefs could be challenged during this Full Moon! When it comes down to it there is no right or wrong – just differing viewpoints. Sometimes it helps to let go of the need to be right and simply agree to disagree. If we do become locked in a battle with someone else it might help to ask ourselves why it is so important that the other person accept our version of the truth. Are we able to step back and see things from their perspective? In what way do we actually agree with one another? What is the underlying issue causing the disagreement in the first place?

Mercury, the ruler of the Moon, is retrograde from 17/18 November until 6 December. While Mercury is retrograde we have a chance to go back over old ground, looking back over our lives and taking stock of where we are. This is an opportunity for review and reflection, so it’s good to use the time turn within and to be a bit retrospective. People from the past may pop up if we have unfinished business with them, or things left unsaid. This is a good time to let our left brains have a bit of a rest and allow our intuitive right brain run the show for a while. The Sabian Symbol for Mercury is very appropriate: “In the left section of an archaic temple, a lamp burns in a container shaped like a human body”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The value of the “return to the body” advocated by modern thinkers in order to balance the stress on intellectuality and objective consciousness….This refers to the process of deconditioning a consciousness that has become a prisoner of intellectual concepts with their total reliance on quantitative values, objectivity and conformity to the official patterns of our culture.” When in doubt about what to think, we should listen to our intuition and trust the wisdom of the body, as it is our internal guidance system. What is it telling you about whatever situation you are facing? Our bodies do tend to send us some very clear signals, if we are willing to listen.

Venus is now moving forwards again, after being retrograde for 40 days. This means that she will be going back over the same ground she has already covered twice in the last couple of months. This includes Venus squaring the Nodes of the Moon while opposing Uranus. The first time this configuration occurred was around 13 September, the second pass was around 30 October and the third and final pass is building now and will be exact on 1 December. This brings the potential for some shocks and surprises in the realm of our relationships that could shake us out of our proverbial ruts. It is quite possible that we could have some epiphanies and potentially “wake up” to some rather profound and unsettling realisations about ourselves and our relationships. Some relationships may break apart if they are on shaky ground to begin with, while others could receive a much needed breath of fresh air. We have here the possibility of releasing ourselves from some ancient conditioning and ingrained patterns that have been running the show and not serving us in the slightest!

We are now at a turning point, potentially a pivotal moment of liberation from whatever keeps us imprisoned in these patterns formed so very long ago. This is the time to break free, to break the cycle, to step out of the comfort zone and do things completely differently, even though it might scare us to death! It is time to face any unresolved material regarding the way we relate to ourselves and others. We have an opportunity to break the shackles and to do whatever is necessary to step beyond this old way of relating that is simply not serving us anymore. This is a watershed moment that could change the way we relate forever, radically revolutionising our relationship with ourselves and others. Sometimes it takes a bit of a shock to wake us up. Anyone with personal planets around 0 degrees of the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, and around 29 degrees of the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will have been feeling this the strongest.

This Full Moon involves an interesting mix of planetary that could bring some firmly help beliefs crashing to the ground and brings the potential for disagreements and heated debates as people attempt to convince or convert one another. However, with all of this comes the opportunity to break down the walls of our conditioning and recognise how some of our belief about ourselves and life are simply not helping us anymore. We have a chance to change the way we relate, which could feel quite uncomfortable as we try a new way on for size, but if we are brave we have the chance to revolutionise our relationships. An important thing to remember during this Moon is that it’s not about who is right or wrong. Everyone’s truth is personal and relative to them, depending on their life experience, and what is right for us may not be for the other person. Opinions are simply opinions, and when it comes down to it we need to trust that we know what is right for us. Sagittarius invites us to look at the bigger picture, listen to our bodies and trust our gut, while Gemini reminds us that there are many paths to the same destination!

Much Love

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Picture: An Argument Between Deities – Danni Moresi

SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON – Fri 7 December 2018, exact at 7.20am GMT, 2.20am EDT

This is an enthusiastic Fire sign Moon with quite a lot of emotional Water energy, so it may be a bit more emotionally intense than your average Sagittarius New Moon. With the Sun and Moon and Jupiter all in Sagittarius, we are encouraged to shoot for the stars and to envision ways to expand our horizons and broaden our scope. Sagittarius is the eternal optimist who gives us the ability to see the bigger picture and not sweat the small stuff. Even the most difficult and painful of circumstances are seen as an opportunity to grow and understand ourselves better. The New Moon in Sagittarius encourages us to have a sense of humour about whatever we are experiencing and to look forward with hope, faith and trust in the benevolence of life. Whatever is happening for us around the time of the New Moon tends to blossom and grow over the course of the month ahead, finding full expression around the time of the Full Moon. As such, any heartfelt intentions that we set during this New Moon have a chance of manifesting later on. It is important, however, that they truly come from our heart and not our ego.

This Moon could help us to connect with our truth and to the highest part of our being, so it is important to trust our instincts and intuition. The truth is very important to Sagittarius and so we may find ourselves uncovering our truth and also expressing it to others. Sagittarius energy can be quite blunt, and the truth can sometimes be painful to hear, but it is far better to get things out into the open. As long as we do so from our heart then we know that we have done the right thing. The truth is relative, and so what is true for one person may not be for another, but that doesn’t make it any less valid. This could be a very good Moon for expressing things that have been on our minds and clearing the air. With Venus and Mercury both back in Scorpio we have the chance some profound psychological insight and the ability to really get to the nitty gritty in terms of our own emotional honesty. Mercury is stationary in Scorpio during this Moon, getting ready to turn direct again after his retrograde period, so there is a big emphasis on thoughts and communication that really penetrate to the heart of the matter. This is helped by a harmonious aspect from Chiron the Wounded Healer. This is not a time for superficial chatter, indeed we could find ourselves having some very intimate and healing conversations that lay our souls bare!

Mars is currently in sensitive and compassionate Pisces, which is a strange sign for the warrior planet to be in! This combination could make us feel very tired indeed, as Mars represents our energy levels, conscious desires and capacity for action while Pisces represents the unconscious realms, dreams and the world of spirit. We may not feel as energetic as usual, feeling more tired and prone to feeling overwhelmed by the demands of our busy lives. Our dreams could also be very active. Neptune is also sitting right next to Mars in Pisces, which compounds this energy, so it is important not to rush ourselves and instead honour our need for quiet and rest. Direct action could be difficult during this time and we could literally find that we can’t be bothered, or that we somehow need to be inspired in order to do things. It’s probably best to just surrender and go with the flow of our own river rather than resisting the inevitable. We could also find ourselves feeling quite overwhelmed by anger that comes deep from our unconscious, and could give off angry signals that we are entirely unaware of. It’s important to get to the bottom of what is really, truly bothering us rather than taking it out on the wrong people.

This energy of Mars and Neptune is also forming a challenging square aspect to this New Moon. It would be good to harness the positive parts of this combination and use Mars in Pisces to assert ourselves with sensitivity, compassion and grace. We may be forced to find the courage to speak our truth from a loving place, but equally we could find ourselves being passive aggressive and indirect about our anger and resentments. Gentle assertion and fierce compassion is possible here, as is divinely guided action, but equally we could find ourselves giving mixed messages and not being open or direct about whatever is bothering us. It is important to make an effort to be straightforward and honest during this time, as Neptune/Pisces energy can sometimes pull the wool over our eyes and create smoke screens. We may find ourselves much more sensitive, impressionable and weary, and could even feel unclear about our identity and sense of purpose. This combination of planetary energy could be quite ego-dissolving, but equally could be very confusing and disillusioning. It is quite possible that we will want to escape somehow, whether it be through drink, drugs, sleep, television, computer games, etc. There are so many different ways to escape reality!

Uranus is still square the Node of the Moon, and this provides the energetic back-drop to our lives at the moment. It is starting to wane now, but nevertheless is still strong. We are being given a chance to liberate ourselves from our old patterns that come from our conditioning and experiences growing up; becoming more aware of these patterns of behaviour that are learned and simply don’t work for us anymore. They are not who we really are, but rather they are a protective shell that we have constructed along the way. It’s time to let the walls down now and discover who we really are. Even if who we really are is shocking to ourselves and others.

Uranus is also really waking us up to just how distorted this patriarchal system has become. With the South Node, Pluto and Saturn all in Capricorn it will become more and more clear over the next 18 months just how flawed the patriarchal world is that we are living in and the imbalance between the masculine and feminine in our culture. We are being encouraged to let go of the Capricornian need for control, suppression, repression, domination, rigid boundaries, authority and blind conformity to the “rules” and to move towards Cancerian sensitivity, vulnerability, family values, softness and focus more on our sense of belonging and our “tribe”. Sometimes things have to get worse to get better, and the next couple of years could really break things apart as the imbalance feels so intolerable that things simply have to change. Interesting times ahead, methinks, both personal and collectively!

Some final thoughts on this Sagittarius Moon, as I am confused as to how this Mars/Neptune in Pisces square this New Moon might manifest. All is not necessarily clear, as is the nature of Pisces!. However, it is possible that we could be asked to take a leap of faith during this Moon. Mars allows us to access our courage and act on our desires, and in Pisces those desires could be coming from an unconscious place within us, or they could be coming from the divine. Sagittarius represents faith and trust that everything is happening for a reason. As such, it is possible that we may be forced to be brave somehow and act from a position of faith and trust rather than the way being clear to us. Mars brings an impulsive quality to this Moon, however, which could also mean that we don’t look before we leap and could be quite angry or confrontational without realising it. It seems that we are being given an opportunity to say our piece, speak our truth and get things off our chest. It is, however, so very important that we do so from a place of compassion and love, and for the good of all. We need to watch out for our blind spots during this Moon!

Much Love

Painting: Leap Of Faith by Lisa DuBois

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A little late as I’ve been away enjoying the NZ sunshine; Christmas and the New Year holidays occur at the height of summer here down under - an excellent arrangement IMHO!

CAPRICORN NEW MOON / PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE – Sunday 6 January, at 1.28am GMT, Saturday 5 January, at 8.28pm EST.

The first New Moon if the year is a veritable Capricorn party, with so many planetary bodies in this serious, self-reflective, committed and disciplined sign! Not only that but Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn is also in his own sign, making it even more concentrated! New Moons are a wonderful time for setting intentions, and for leaving behind whatever we don’t need in the dark of the Moon. This New Moon is especially potent and far reaching because it is also a Solar Eclipse. We are at the beginning of a new chapter, and as such something will be literally or metaphorically passing away during this time so that new energy can come in. There can be no beginning without some kind of ending. This Eclipse will open the gateway to Eclipse season, which is a powerfully energetic time between the two eclipses. We are building up to a Total Lunar Eclipse on 21 January, so this New Moon/Solar Eclipse offers us an opportunity to gently open ourselves up to change and new possibilities for our path ahead. These Eclipses are linked to the Eclipses in 2000, so there could be an energetic similarity between what we are facing now and whatever happened then. Are we coming full circle, or is this the next phase of whatever was occurring then?

It is interesting when the Capricorn New Moon falls so very close to the New Year, as this is a time when we experience bit of a reality check and set some serious intentions for the year ahead, and we may also start paying for any over-indulgence during the holiday season. Capricorn follows Sagittarius, which has an over-extending, abundant, expanding quality, while Capricorn tends to pull in the reins and make us a bit more controlled and austere. Capricorn can correlate to feelings of guilt and futility, so it would be better to simply be a bit self-reflective and to set some realistic goals during this time rather than judging ourselves too harshly. Capricorn represents our inner parent, which can sometimes be quite severe, depending on the messages we received in childhood. There is a big difference between guilt for something that we have actually done wrong and the pervading sense of guilt that comes from our upbringing, religion or society.

The good news for this New Moon is that Neptune is forming a harmonious aspect to the Sun and Moon, helping us to find forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love towards ourselves and others. This softens everything a little bit, helping us not to be quite so hard on ourselves! We’re all in this together and are doing the best we can, so it’s important to remember that we are only human! Neptune is also forming a challenging square aspect to Jupiter, which will be exact on 13 January. These two planets do like each other, as Jupiter represents growth, faith and expansion, while Neptune represents oneness, connection to spirit and helps dissolve the ego. Together they can really help us to connect spiritually and develop faith and trust. However, with the square aspect there could be too much of a good thing! Spiritual or religious delusions are possible with this combination, as is being overly idealistic and putting our faith and trust in someone or something that is not actually what we think or hope it is. We might be particularly susceptible, open and vulnerable to other people’s beliefs during this time, as we could be more open, porous and gullible than usual. This transit will repeat in June and September.

This Eclipse season brings the Nodes of the Moon into focus, which is otherwise known as the Destiny Line. As such, this is a very fateful and karmic time we are approaching right now. The South Node of the Moon is currently in Capricorn, so we are currently being asked to recognise and let go of any of the more unhealthy Capricorn traits such as guilt, fear, too much control, fear of failure, feelings of futility, depression, repression, suppression of emotions, inner and outer judgement, over-emphasis on worldly concerns and career or worrying too much about our status, reputation or what other people think of us. Capricorn is a very karmic sign, and the South Node represents the past, so it is quite possible that we could find ourselves dealing with and hopefully clearing some old karma during this time. Capricorn teaches us that we reap what we sow, so we should not be surprised if we are forced to deal with some heavily weighted karmic situations or relationships during this time.

Capricorn represents the patriarchy, so we are currently going through a process of shedding the more unhelpful, unhealthy and destructive aspects of this system and trying to find more balance between the patriarchal (Capricorn) and matriarchal (Cancer) ways of doing things. It is certainly true that all that is flawed and distorted about the old structures and systems is becoming increasingly obvious and overt with Pluto, Saturn and the South Node all in Capricorn at the moment. Both Saturn and Pluto will join forces with the South Node during March and July this year, which could be a powerfully karmic time and cause us to recognise how the past is repeating itself and what needs to change in no uncertain terms. Sometimes we have to look back to learn how to move forward. History keeps repeating itself, over and over and over again. Hopefully this is an opportunity to recognise what needs to change, although the process may not be easy. We are being forced to take responsibility for our karma, both personally and collectively, so it is hard to avoid it at the moment! Every one of our thoughts and actions has a consequence. This is a very pertinent concept to explore at the moment, both personally and collectively.

The North Node is in Cancer, representing the energy we need to develop in order to evolve and grow, both personally and collectively. Cancer is feminine, yin energy that helps us to really get in touch with our emotions and encourages us to allow ourselves to be vulnerable rather than trying to hold it all in and pretend we’re ok. We could benefit from really allowing ourselves to feel the feelings rather than suppressing them, and by exploring why we might be protecting our inner child in the first place. This is a good time for looking back and seeing how our past conditioning has prevented us from feeling emotionally secure and to allow the inner child to feel safe enough to share his/her feelings in a healthy way. Are we able to allow ourselves to be taken care of? Cancer represents the home, the family, the homeland, our roots and our ancestry, so we are being asked to create a more caring, nurturing and sharing reality for ourselves. The Cancer North Node asks us Where do we belong? Who is part of our soul tribe/soul family? Where do we want to put our roots down? Where and what is home? Ultimately we are being asked to find that sense of coming home within ourselves.

The Nodes of the Moon will be in Cancer/Capricorn for 18 months, from November 2015 until May 2020. This New Moon and Eclipse will potentially bring these questions into focus. The Cancer/Capricorn axis relates to our parental/societal conditioning, our childhood and family, our mother and father, and the matriarchy/patriarchy of course. Obviously, the experiences we have in childhood shape the rest of our lives and relationships in the form of behavioural patterns and beliefs. The holiday season in an emotional time that can certainly bring a lot of these patterns out into the open, for better or worse, and is a testing time for all of our close relationships so this is a great time to look at ourselves realistically and explore some of our family karma. It is also a time that can make us feel very alone and cut off, making it hard for us to reach out.

During this New Moon we might want to consider what we still need to let go of in order to move forward and grow. All of this energy in Capricorn can certainly cause us to judge ourselves and our real or perceived wrongdoings quite severely, not to mention, on a more mundane level, beating ourselves up for any recent over-indulgences! However, instead of allowing guilt to rule the show, we might want to reflect upon our lives and contemplate what might we want our reality to look like if we had the choice? What would we need to change in order to achieve that? What might we need to do to bring us a greater feeling of integrity and wholeness? What old karma do we need to clear? Who do we need to forgive? Does that include ourselves? With Neptune involved, this is a great Moon for using our imagination and faith to envision our most heart-felt fantasy and to set an energetic ball in motion that could change the course of our lives for the better. We are beginning a new chapter, so let’s start as we mean to go on!

Much Love

Picture: Karma (artist unknown)
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LEO FULL MOON / TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE – Monday 21 January, exact at 5.16am GMT, 12.16am EST

This is one powerful Full Moon, that’s for sure! It is not only the first Full Moon of the year, in the very first degree of Leo, but it is also a Supermoon and Total Lunar Eclipse! Full Moons have the tendency to bring to the surface whatever has been bubbling away since the New Moon and often play out within our relationships. Supermoons are closer to earth so that they have a stronger effect on our mind, body, emotions and spirit. It is as if they amplify the energy of the Moon. Another term for a Lunar Eclipse is a Blood Moon, because the Moon gradually turns red. Imagine what people must have thought in times gone by when they saw the moon turning red! They might have thought that the Gods were angry, or that is was some kind of powerful omen! Indeed, Lunar Eclipses do tend to be harbingers of change. Something in our lives, both personally and collectively, is coming to an end in order to make way for something else to take its place. Wherever the first degree of Leo and Aquarius falls in our chart could show where we will feel the impact of the transformation. Indeed, if we have any personal planets or angles around the zero degree of the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, we will very likely feel this Eclipse most strongly.

The Sun will have just entered individualistic, humanitarian and revolutionary Aquarius as this Full Moon peaks, starting off Aquarius season for us. Directly opposite will be the Moon in strong-willed, creative and playful Leo, and so the onus is for us to find some balance between the two signs rather than veering too far in either direction. Leo encourages us to take charge of our own destiny and creatively actualise our own unique, special purpose. The expression “Follow your bliss” comes from Leo, because if we do what brings us our greatest joy then it is quite likely that we will find fulfilment in life. Aquarius, however, urges us to align that special sense of purpose with a socially relevant need, rather than it being merely self-serving. Leo is the sign of the monarch, and much like the planets revolve around the Sun, Leo can feel like the world revolves around him. Aquarius is the sign of the rebellious revolutionary, who feels quite detached from the mainstream and delights in being different. Leo shows where we tend to be quite heartfelt and subjective, while Aquarius helps us to be objective and somewhat detached.

Questions that might come us during this Moon are: “What makes me unique?”, “Am I afraid to stand out from the crowd?”, “Where do I seek validation from others?”, “What is my greatest joy in life?”, “What is my true purpose in life?”, “Am I making a difference in the world?”, “What trauma is still unresolved in my life?”, “Am I afraid to truly shine my light in the world?”, “Am I insecure or jealous of other people’s talents?”, “Do the people I spend my time with help me to fully express myself?”, “What patterns and behaviours do I still need to let go of in order to grow?”, “Do I dissociate or detach from my body and/or emotions?”, “Am I trying so hard to fit in that I am suppressing who I really am?”, “How can I take the reins and fully take charge of creating the life I so dearly want?”, “Am I merely self-serving or am I contributing to the world?”, “What part might I have to play in making the world a better place to live?”, “Who do I feel intimidated or insecure around?”, “Do I put other people down in order to make myself feel bigger?”, “Do I manipulate others for attention?” “How can I encourage others and make them feel special?”, “Who or what might I need to let go of in my life that is restricting my growth?”, “What is my heart’s true desire?”, “What is holding me back from my vision of my ideal life?”

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is a big player in this Moon and is forming a challenging square aspect to the Sun, Moon, Mercury and the Nodes of the Moon. Aside from the fact that we are in Eclipse season, which portends change and transformation, Uranus has a tendency to create sudden upheaval and change in order to release us from stagnation and help us to grow. This can be quite traumatic, but can also force us to be more objective about our lives and liberate us from any patterns or situations that are preventing us from growing. Sudden shocks or surprises, change and upheaval that seems to “happen” to us is usually merely mirroring our own inner need for change and liberation from old patterns that are holding us prisoner. The tarot card that springs to mind as an evocative illustration of the energy of Uranus is The Tower. This card speaks of sudden change, upheaval, chaos, revelation and awakening. Some amazing epiphanies, realisations and insights could arise during this time, as we are forced to see things from a different perspective and step outside of our comfort zone.

Interestingly enough, the asteroid Pallas Athene is directly opposite Uranus and is also forming an almost exact square to the Nodes of the Moon. Pallas Athene is also known for bringing upheaval, change and sudden wake up calls that lead to a greater understanding of things. Pallas Athene is an a very strong, female goddess and, among other things, she is known for destroying Medusa and completely rejecting her matriarchal roots in favour of male superiority, hence being a catalyst for the transition from the matriarchy to the patriarchy. With the Nodes of the Moon currently in Capricorn and Cancer, the Patriarchy and the Matriarchy, we are seeing the flaws of the patriarchal system all too clearly and are being asked to adopt a more inclusive, gentle, nurturing, tribal and family oriented way of approaching the world. Pallas Athena is an incredibly sharply intelligent female energy who denied her female roots and, by all accounts, allowed the unconscious masculine side to take over and dominate her personality. People with a strong Pallas Athene in their charts tend to identify very much with their fathers and, indeed, are known for having a father complex. This means that they have a tendency to submit to and validate patriarchal power or to absorb and imitate this patriarchal power.

As Pallas Athene is currently square the Nodes of the Moon, it means that her energy is very prominent indeed during this Eclipse season. The South Node in Capricorn, which shows tendencies we need to leave behind in order to grow, represents the patriarchal authority, repression of emotions, suppression of maternal, nurturing instincts and too much focus on control, career and status. The North Node, which shows tendencies we currently need to cultivate in order to evolve, represents the matriarchy, tending to the community and family, nurturing and nourishing one another, allowing our feelings to show, allowing more vulnerability and a greater emphasis on the home and family and honouring our mothers, grandmothers and the wisdom of womanhood in general. We are also being encouraged to heal the collective Mother/Daughter relationship, which has become quite damaged over time. The symbolic energy of Pallas Athene, as shown by this square to the Nodes, is part of what might be blocking this progression.

There are a couple of noteworthy aspects that feel important during this Full Moon/ Eclipse, and both involve Venus, the planet of love and beauty, which represents our relationship to ourselves and others. Venus and Jupiter are joining forces in Sagittarius, which is a beautiful thing! This could expand our heart space and help us to relate to one another in ways that are mutually beneficial. Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion and is the biggest planet, so he tends to expand the energy of whatever planet he comes into contact with. In this case he is expanding the energy of the planet of love, harmony, beauty and relationship! There is a hopeful feeling about this conjunction, which also brings the potential for meeting people who could be really good for us, helping us to grow and expand our horizons, and vice versa. This aspect will be exact on the 22nd, so the energy is strong during this Eclipse.

Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, are also forming a harmonious aspect to one another during this Moon. This is very good for our relationships, as it creates a nice balance between our ability to attract and our capacity to assert ourselves. Venus is yin energy and Mars is yang, and so we should be able to connect with others quite easily and even playfully. If we have been trying to find the courage to approach someone that we like then this would be the time to do it, as Mars gives us a boost of confidence! Likewise, this aspect could help us to be brave enough to tell our partner things that we might usually be too shy to divulge. This is great for meeting new people and also for enjoying the relationships we already have. Both Venus and Mars are in Fire signs at the moment, which lends an enthusiastic, passionate, self-confident and inspirational element to the whole affair! This aspect is exact on Fri 18 January, but will still be present during the Full Moon. These two Venus aspects definitely lighten the atmosphere and provide a considerable amount of hope for this Eclipse.

This Moon certainly feels like is could bring in some changes, both on the internal and external; both personally and collectively. With the next three Full Moons occurring in the first degree of the sign they are in, there is certainly the whiff of new energy coming in. We never know what might be around the corner, as things can so easily change, in the blink of an eye! This Leo Moon should enhance our creativity and help us to not only envision the life we want to live, but also to shape it out of the strength of our own will. We are being asked to follow our greatest joy and to act on our heart’s desires! There certainly is the potential for some shocks and surprises during this Moon, but ultimately this could bring some amazing insight and understanding, as if we will somehow be able to see ourselves and our lives more clearly. The more we resist change the harder it is, so it is better to do the inner work and contemplate what area of our lives is stagnant or stuck and needs some life breathing into it. We all know what it is, but the question is, are we willing to act on our inner knowing and actually instigate change? Or are we just going to wait for it to come along and hit us over the head?!

Much Love
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Picture: from Prisma Vision Tarot by James R. Eads

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AQUARIUS NEW MOON / CHINESE NEW YEAR – Monday 4 February, exact at 9.03pm GMT, 4.03pm EST.

This New Moon also coincides with the beginning of the Yin Earth Pig, a peaceful, patient and thoughtful creature who is very well aware that “charity begins at home”. The New Moon represents mini death/rebirth, whereby we let go of whatever is not serving us in order to make way for something else to come in that is more in line with who we are in the process of becoming. Whatever energetic seeds are planted during this time tend to blossom and bloom later in the month. It can be a powerful and potent time to set some heartfelt intentions, although we must watch what we ask for because the universe, or spirit, has a tendency to really take us at our word and can be quite literal. Often we are given only what is needed for our greatest growth at that time, and that can come in many guises! We may consciously want something for ourselves, but deep down inside we might be absolutely terrified of what it might mean if we actually get it, or on a subconscious level we feel that we don’t deserve it. And when it comes down to it, our subconscious rules the show!

The Sun and Moon are forming their monthly union in humanitarian, non-conformist and idealistic Aquarius, a sign well known for standing out from the crowd! Wherever Aquarius and its ruler, Uranus, are found in our chart shows where we feel a need to do things differently, in a way that does not conform to societal norms and expectations. Aquarius represents the part of us that questions the rules and regulations in order to individuate and liberate ourselves from conditioning patterns that we have accrued throughout this life and previous lifetimes. Slowly but surely we peel back the layers of parental and societal “should and shouldn’ts” in order to arrive at the core, which is our own, unique essence. It is essential that we liberate ourselves from our conditioning in order to grow spiritually. Aquarius challenges us to be strong enough to be our own person and to break down the walls that are keeping us confined in consensus reality. Sometimes we have to go out on a limb or go a bit crazy to begin to awaken and see the light. Breakdowns, as hard as they may be, can lead to massive breakthroughs.

This New Moon also has Mercury sitting right next to it, and Black Moon Lilith not far away. We could experience some real “aha” moments during this Moon, not to mention having some quite off the wall thoughts or visions of the life we truly want for ourselves. It is possible that memories resurface into our conscious mind that are important pieces in the jigsaw puzzle of our life! We have a chance to take a step back and look at our lives objectively, from the bird’s eye perspective, and see what might need to change in order for us to be the truest version of ourselves. Epiphanies could come hard and fast that help us to understand ourselves better. With Black Moon Lilith involved, we could experience some quite raw, visceral feelings, possibly around feeling rejected, or bullied, or ostracised, or misunderstood. Where in our lives are we intolerant? Can we sometimes dissociate or detach from our emotions? Are we insecure around being different or are we overtly rebellious and contrary? How do we feel in group situations? Do we feel like an outsider? Are we brave enough to question authority and to act on our visions? How can we help make the world a better place?

Mars is a big player during this New Moon, especially as he is moving towards a conjunction with Uranus, the ruler of this Moon! First, however, Mars will form a challenging square to Pluto which will be exact on Friday 1 Feb, but will still be around during the New Moon. Mars is currently very potent, as he is in his own sign, Aries. When the planet of assertion, courage, aggression, desire and independence squares off against Pluto, the planet of the soul, power, transformation and our subconscious desires, the results could be interesting indeed! On the one hand we could experience intense power struggles, rage coming up from the depths, confrontations that force us to be more transparent, impulsive acts that come from subconscious urges and anger that we might usually prefer to suppress. On the other hand, this combination could help us to confront something that we might usually prefer to avoid or sweep under the carpet. It could help us to face ourselves bravely and honestly and to dive deep so we can move past our own limitations. This is a powerful combination that could signify some kind of face-off between our soul and our ego.

Mars is also building up to a square to the Nodes of the Moon, which will be exact on 9 February. Whenever a planet squares the nodal axis it represents unresolved material that might prevent us from moving forward and achieving our North Node objectives. With the South Node (familiar patterns that may be holding us back from growth) currently in Capricorn, we are being asked to have a good look at any unhealthy or limiting parental and societal conditioning and to let go of our more patriarchal values, issues around judgement, hard control, suppression of feelings and too much emphasis on duty, status and keeping up with the Joneses. The Cancer North Node is beckoning us forward, asking that we nurture our inner child and move towards greater sensitivity, allowing ourselves to be more vulnerable and nurturing, taking care of one another and healing our ancestral roots and the Mother Daughter relationship. Ultimately we are being asked to bring some more matriarchal values in so that we can achieve a balance between the two signs.

How might Mars be preventing us from doing that? Are we harbouring anger towards our parents or society for their inability to meet our needs when we were younger? Was our need for independence thwarted when we were young? Were we forced to conform to our parent’s expectations at the expense of our own individuality? Have we suppressed our instinctual will for so long that we don’t even know what it is? Do our desires feel at odds with how we have been taught to behave? Does our anger come out in distorted ways because we were somehow given the message that anger is not acceptable? Are we angry at the system? Are we afraid of our own anger? Have we lost ourselves by being the good little girl or boy? Where might issues around domination come up, both personally and collectively? Do we assert ourselves in healthy ways? Have we got the ability to create healthy boundaries and to say “No” when we need to? How does sexuality and violence play a part in our lives? Has it been normalised by the media so much that we have become desensitised to it?

Finally, Mars will join Uranus in the 29th degree of Aries! This is building now and will be exact on 13 February. This combination could help us to release any stuckness around anger, although of course this could also mean literally losing our temper! Mars and Uranus can signify violent uprisings or revolutions and sudden acts of aggression, but it can also help us to be brave enough to step outside of the box and act differently. Uranus is getting ready to leave Aries once and for all on 6 March, and so this pairing of the warrior planet and the Great Awakener and revolutionary in the very last degree of Mars’ own sign of Aries does feel quite important. Could this give us the courage to stand up for a better world for us all to live in? Might we be brave enough to make the changes in our lives that we know we need to make? Could this pairing help us to step outside of our safe ruts and comfort zone and act on our deepest desires and visions for a better future? Could we find the inner strength to bust out of the mould and be who we really are? Where in our lives to we need to make a stand, or to liberate ourselves? This could be our chance.

I will go into this more next time, but we are building up to a very important conjunction between Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn which will be exact in January 2020, although these two planets are dancing around each other throughout 2019. What might happen when these two powerful planets join forces – the planet of soul, power, death and rebirth combined with the planet of karma, hard control and societal structures? In the beginning part of this year these two bodies are going to join forces with the South Node of the Moon in Capricorn. This will happen in April, but Pluto is already only 5 degrees away from the South Node, so it feels important to mention it now as the energy is already building. There is a sense of us having to go back in order to go forward. Possibly we have some unresolved material in our past that holds the key to the future. Is history repeating itself?

It is important to consider that all of this is occurring in the sign of Capricorn, which represents the patriarchal structures, governments, corporations as well as the parental and societal conditioning that we have received in this and other lifetimes. Issues around power, powerlessness, loss, abandonment, trust, suppression of feminine values, control, karma, authority and domination could come to the fore and we could be forced to confront them in order to move forward both personally and collectively. We are entering into a very important time indeed and it will be interesting to see what has changed by the end of this process. There is a sense of some kind of purging of the old, outworn structures so that something new can be built in its place. Sometimes we have no choice but to revisit the past in order to learn what we need to grow and evolve. Some hard lesson could be learned during this time, but if we learn then well then hopefully we will never need to repeat them!

So, the beginning of the Yin Earth Pig year involves quite a lot of powerful planetary energy! The year of the Earth Pig involves issues around what we digest, both literally and figuratively, so it is important to be careful about what we take into our body, mind and spirit this year. There is also a big relationship, interestingly enough, between our true nature that we have come in with versus what we have been “fed” by our parents and the culture we were born into. We might want to be more aware of what thoughts we circle around, as they can powerfully affect our reality. Something to consider this year is what we might want to generate and bring up to be expressed through our heart. On another level, this year could also be quite damp, involving issues around water. I like that idea – what can we bring to the fore that is the truest expression of our heart?

Interestingly enough, I just realised that I found myself being drawn to watch Babe last night! Ha ha ha! Coincidence? I think not! What a perfect message for the Earth Pig Year and Aquarius New Moon!

Happy New Year!

Much Love
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VIRGO FULL MOON – Tuesday 19 February, exact at 3.53pm GMT, 10.53am EST

This Full Moon is the second of three full moon/supermoons in a row, and also the second of three full moons in the very first degree of the sign they are in, which makes it feel like we are currently entering new territory. In fact, this is the largest moon of this year, being the closest to the earth. Supermoons have a stronger impact than usual on our emotions, bodies and spirits. For those lucky enough to have clear skies and a good view it will be a sight to behold as it comes up over the horizon! This Full Moon occurs on the healing axis, with the Sun having just moved into sensitive, compassionate and intuitive Pisces and the Moon directly opposite in humble, analytical and helpful Virgo. Anyone with personal planets near the first degree of the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will probably feel the effects of this Moon the strongest. However, with Chiron the Wounded Healer having just moved into the first degree of Aries, and Uranus also about to move signs, any personal planets around the first degree of a sign will be experiencing some action!

Full Moons can have a big effect on our emotions, and tend to bring things to a head, especially in the realms of our relationships. Whatever might have been gestating since the New Moon now comes up for full expression and is very much illuminated by the bright light of the moon at her fullest! We may become aware of any imbalance within us between the energy of the two signs in question, and the onus is on us to try and find some balance rather than teetering one way or another. While Virgo represents that part of us that can be quite hard on ourselves, mercilessly over-analysing our shortcomings and being our own worst critic, Pisces helps us to practice the art of self-forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love towards ourselves and others. On the other hand, while Pisces is that part of ourselves that can fall into victim mode, feeling like we are the mercy of forces larger than ourselves, Virgo can help us to take responsibility for ourselves and take practical steps to improve our situation. While the Pisces in us might allow others to trespass over our boundaries, Virgo helps us to develop the art of discernment, recognising who and what is good for us and who and what is not serving us at all, and making decisions based on that.

Virgo is the part of us that seeks to humble ourselves and to be of service to others while Pisces is capable of true devotion and unconditional love. Obviously we could go too far with this and become subservient or find ourselves helping everyone else to the detriment of our own well-being. This Moon asks us to practice the art of self-care; because if we don’t love and care for ourselves then we’ve got nothing to give others! This is the healing axis and so we are asked to tend to all parts of ourselves with tender loving care; mind, body and spirit. This could be a very good moon for getting out into nature and connecting to spirit. It is also great for experiencing some kind of healing modality.

These are the questions we might ask during this Moon: How can I truly be of service to humanity? Is the work I am doing truly meaningful? Do I make myself small in order to make other people feel comfortable? How can I be kinder to myself? What kind of escapist tendencies might I need to change? Where in my life am I burying my head in the sand and refusing to face reality? What practices or routines can I set up that well help me develop a closer connection to spirit? What do I need to forgive or accept, both in myself and others? Where am I overly critical or perfectionistic, or far too sloppy and lackadaisical? How might whatever crisis I am facing help me to grow? Where in my life to I need to just let go and flow? Do I need more rest, and how can I give that to myself? Do I have a tendency to stay busy in order to avoid myself? What in my life is need of healing and unconditional love right now? Wherever Virgo and Pisces are found in our chart can show where these questions might apply to us.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, will move into Aries literally the day before this Full Moon and will be there until 2027. This will signify a shift for us all in terms of our healing journey. What is up for healing while Chiron is in Aries? Well, Aries in the sign of “I am”. Chiron represents our core wounds and also helps us to connect to our higher self and our capacity to heal others. Chiron in Aries could bring up a healing crisis around Aries issues such as assertion, anger, aggression, domination, war, our right to be here and to exist, our identity, independence, our animal instincts, our need to be individuals in our own right, meeting our own needs, the urge to separate from our family and forge our own path; these are all areas that could come up for healing while Chiron is in this forthright, headstrong and independent sign. Interestingly enough, Chiron is forming an exact quincunx “crisis” aspect with the Virgo Moon, so it is possible that we could experience some kind of healing crisis as this Moon become full. Again, those of us with planets around zero degrees of a sign will feel this more acutely.

In the same token, Chiron in courageous and pioneering Aries could also help us to be brave enough to go further into our healing journey than ever before, facing our core wounds and being completely honest with ourselves and others about our insecurities and sore spots. In the same token we can help those close to us to do the same, bringing material out into the open that we may usually find it hard to face and calling a spade a spade. This is helped by Mars, the ruler of Aries, forming a helpful trine aspect to the Moon during this Full Moon. Where might we need to be more brave or assertive, and do we have some healing to do around our relationship with anger? Chiron in Aries can really help us to embody the sacred warrior and to assert ourselves when needed. Chiron also taught Hercules, Achilles and others the art of warfare, as well as being a gifted healer! While Chiron is in Aries we could become more aware of our “raison d’etre”, connecting more with our sacred and unique mission, our higher purpose on this earth. Aries is that part of us that requires the freedom and independence to discover who we are and what we are here to do, and Chiron could help us to do just that.

Even though the Sun will be entering gentle, sensitive and compassionate Pisces on Tuesday, there is rather a lot of Capricorn activity at the moment! Venus will be sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn during this Full Moon, which could bring up a lot of material around how we relate to ourselves and others. On Monday Venus will join forces with Saturn, which on the one hand could make it hard to truly express what we are feeling and may cause us to feel a bit more cut off or withhold affection from one another. It is certainly not the most demonstrative place for the planet of love to be right now! Rather, we could be more aware of our responsibilities within our relationships, which could feel quite heavy, and we may be urged to honour our commitments more deeply. Saturn represents authority, control, duty, limitation and societal pressures, so these may be a factor within our relationships during this time. It could be a time of facing reality within our relationships and taking care of any practical considerations. It is also possible that we come face to face with our conditioning and how it impacts the way we relate to those closest to us. The closer we get, the more aware we are of how we have been “taught” to relate and how it might help or hinder us.

After this Venus will move from Saturn onto Pluto, finally catching up with this powerfully intense planet on Saturday 22 February. As such, next week could be a challenging yet rewarding week for our relationships! First the reality check with Saturn, and then some real soul searching with Pluto, who asks us to dig deep and be absolutely and completely emotionally honest with ourselves and our loved ones. Pluto can bring to the fore our subconscious compulsions within the realms of our relationships and could bring out jealousy, possessiveness, manipulation, trust issues, power games and anything that we might usually prefer to sweep under the carpet or deny the existence of. This is a great opportunity to deepen intimacy, although this could come about as a result of us facing our shadows and showing our loved ones the not so pretty side of ourselves. Ultimately this next week could bring a deepening and transformation of our relationships, although it also has the potential to makes us much more aware of the flaws and cracks.

Venus will then move from Pluto towards the South Node of the Moon in Capricorn, where it will finally merge on Monday 25 February. Quite a journey for our relationships and sense of self-worth! The South Node represents past patterns that may be familiar and could give us a sense of security, but which ultimately no longer serve us. As such, we could be forced back into our past somehow with regard to our relationships, possibly because there is something there for us to learn from. It is also possible that we become uncomfortably aware of how our parents, schooling and society, in this and other lives, have had an impact on the way we relate to ourselves and our loved ones. This could be an ideal opportunity to recognise the patterns of relating that are not helpful, or the ways that we hold back our true feelings out of fear, or control ourselves and others to avoid being vulnerable. This transit could ultimately help us to move past some big blocks to our growth, but not without having to face some uncomfortable material and step outside of our safe, familiar territory!

Just to finish up, as there is so much going on right now that I could keep talking for pages; the two rulers of the Pisces Sun and Virgo Moon, Neptune and Mercury, are joining forces in Pisces during this Full Moon! This is very interesting, as it could help us to find the balance between the energy of Pisces and Virgo. This combination asks us to trust the subtle whisper of our intuition and listen to our guidance, in whatever form it comes. This could be a very good time to pay attention to our dreams. Mercury represents the way we think, process information and communicate, and combined with Neptune we could struggle to make ourselves clear, so it is important to be aware of the potential for misunderstandings. We could also find it hard to think straight, finding ourselves daydreaming or experiencing difficulty concentrating, and so this could be a good time to allow our minds a bit of a rest and not make concrete decisions. Deception is possible during this time, as we may either conceal the truth from others, and vice versa, or not be willing to face reality. It is far better to simply allow our intuitive right brain to run the show, and trust that we are being shown the right way to go. This could be a time of amazing healing if we are able to be honest with ourselves and allow ourselves to be shown where our sore spots are.

Much Love

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PISCES NEW MOON – Wednesday 6 March, at 4.03pm GMT, 11.03am EST!

This is a powerfully potent New Moon as not only is it in Pisces, the penultimate sign of the zodiac, but Neptune, Pisces ruler, is also in exactly the same degree as the Moon! This certainly brings a double dose of dreamy, empathetic and spiritual Pisces energy to this New Moon. Each month, at the New Moon, we experience a mini death and new beginning in whatever area of life the Moon is found in our chart. During this process, whatever is no longer serving us is left behind in the dark of the moon and the seeds are planted for something new to form in its place. While we are in this phase, leading up to the time of the New Moon, it is a good time to be quiet and reflective, and a perfect time to meditate and receive guidance. This is called the Balsamic phase of the Moon and balsamic means to yield to balsam, which means soothing and restorative. Pisces itself occurs in the balsamic phase of the entire zodiac, and so this particular moon really asks us to let go, slow down, turn within, rest and sleep more and pay attention to our dreams.

Pisces is that part of us that yearns to connect with spirit and seeks to dissolve and emotional, physical or spiritual barriers preventing a conscious connection with the Divine. Wherever Pisces and Neptune are found in our chart, as well as the signs and planets found in the 12th house, show the way we find it most natural to develop spiritually. Neptune and Pisces represent the mystic in us, but also the part of us that is prone to delusions and wearing the proverbial rose tinted spectacles! Pisces is that part of us that would prefer to bury our head in the sand and pretend that something isn’t happening rather than have to face the reality of whatever we are dealing with. One of the big lessons of this sign is to learn to see and accept things as they really are and also to stop projecting ultimate meaning outside of ourselves, but rather we need to find it within. With Pisces we are invited to recognise what is rather than creating illusions/delusions or fantasies that reflect what we think we want. Disillusionment can occur wherever Pisces and Neptune are found in the chart, but this is a necessary part of the spiritual process; seeing this as they really are and acceoting them anyway.

Questions we might ask ourselves during this Moon are: What do I use to escape or avoid reality? What methods can I use to form a more direct connection to Spirit? Do I need to develop my spiritual practice? What are my dearest and most heartfelt dreams and wishes? Where in my life do I tend to project my ideals and fantasies rather than seeing things as they really are? Where and how do I fall into victimhood or “poor me”, feeling that I am at the mercy of “fate” or forces larger than myself? Do I listen to my higher guidance or do I block it with mind chatter? What are my dreams trying to tell me, and am I paying attention? Am I open and alert to the signs for the universe? Do I need to work on my boundaries? Am I too empathetic and sensitive, or do I need to develop more compassion for my fellow man/woman? What are my blind spots; what unconscious beliefs and tendencies do I project outside of myself that trip me up over and over again? How can I be more consciously aware and present? How can I be more honest with myself? Do I need to get more rest? Do I spend enough time in nature? Am I open to seeing the magic in the everyday?

It is interesting that Neptune is right next to the Sun and Moon, heightening our sensitivity and compassion and blurring the boundaries between us and spirit, between fact and fiction and between “us” and “them”. This influence reminds us that we are all connected and that what happens in one part of the world has an impact on the whole organism. We are not separate beings, much as our ego might like us to think so. Saturn and Mars are also part of the story, forming helpful aspects to the Sun, Moon and Neptune and also to each other. This energy can help us to take responsibility for and act on whatever guidance we receive from our own intuitive hunches or the signs and omens that the universe provides us with during this time. Pisces and Neptune are great for inspiration, dreams and fantasies, enabling us to have the visions and helping us to connect to spirit, but they don’t exactly help us to ground it into reality! Mars and Saturn, however, are currently both in practical, grounded Earth signs, helping us to actually get up and do something about our intuitive hunches and guidance! There truly is a wonderful blend of intuition, guidance, spiritual connection, inspired action, discipline, responsibility and drive with this combination of planets!

Vesta is also part of the Pisces party, as she is also in the very same degree as the Sun, Moon and Neptune. Vesta has priestess energy and was worshipped as Goddess of the Hearth and keeper of the Sacred Flame. Vesta refused to marry and her energy in the chart is that of someone who is “untouched” by relationship. Often when Vesta is prominent it symbolises a need to cyclically withdraw from the enmeshment of relationship to come back to oneself and become whole again; to find out who we are and align with our own path. Vesta also represents the work we must do in order to fulfil our dharma, which is our true, higher purpose and that which will bring us happiness in the truest sense of the word. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made in order to follow our own personal quest. Vesta represents dedication and commitment to one’s path, true devotion, spiritual and magical ritual and ceremony and the capacity to sacrifice relationships or family, if needed, to follow one’s chosen path.

Vesta’s prominent presence during this Moon could help us to transmute our karma into dharma. In other words, what repetitious and unhealthy patterns, habits and tendencies formed in the past are preventing us from stepping up to the plate and accepting our mission on earth for this lifetime? How can we align with our true path and the reason that we are here? How can we truly be of service to humanity? All of this Pisces and Neptune energy, combined with Vesta, suggests that using magic, ceremony and ritual, devoting ourselves to a spiritual practice, turning in and meditating more and truly opening ourselves up to spiritual guidance during this Moon could really help us to connect with our “raison d’etre” and align with our true destiny. How beautiful!

There is so much going on during this Moon that feels powerful and worth commenting on! Not least of which we have Uranus literally going into Taurus at the EXACT moment that the New Moon is exact! As Uranus finishes off his 7 year journey through brave and assertive Aries it has been interestimg to see the teenagers harnessing their righteous anger about climate change and developing their own form of revolution! Let’s see what happens as Uranus moves into stable and security conscious Taurus, as it could manifest in a variety of ways. Uranus and Taurus are not two energies that naturally gel with one another! Taurus is that part of ourselves that has a tendency to get stuck or stagnate because we fear change, finding it hard to see our way out of whatever situation we are in. Uranus seeks to shake up the status quo and force change upon us, which could upset our sense of security but could also bring a lot of excitement and new vision into our lives. So often we don’t make change unless it is forced upon us, but once we do it really clears the qi and can be incredibly liberating!

Taurus represents our talents that give us a sense of self-worth and the means by which we make a living, and Uranus could potentially release and reveal talents and abilities that we have supressed, buried, lost and long forgotten, specifically in the area of life where Taurus is found in our natal chart. We could experience fluctuation, breakdown or revolution with regard to our personal and collective monetary system and may be forced to find more inclusive, progressive and ingenious ways to deal with money and finances. For instance, bartering could become more prominent by the end of Uranus’s stay in Taurus. Taurus also represents Mother Earth and the natural world, and while Uranus could shake things up and make us all too aware of what needs to change, we could also experience a massive upsurge in eco-friendly enterprises and sustainable living. In fact, by the end of the next 7 years, this will probably be more of the “norm”.

It is interesting to watch the symphony of the outer planets at the moment, all with their part to play in what happens in the next year or so, both personally and collectively! Saturn, Pluto and the South Node are all coming together in Capricorn at the moment, calling into question any old, antiquated power structures and also bring the past to meet the present in ways that are quite uncomfortable and also very revealing. On a collective level we are seeing the past repeat itself and the dark side of power and the patriarchal system make itself painfully obvious. One can only assume that there is method to the madness and trust in the process. Certainly there is the potential for a thorough detoxing and restructuring with Pluto and Saturn involved. The financial uncertainty and change that Uranus in Taurus could bring makes perfect sense given the current climate! Pluto and Saturn combined are calling for us to step into our true power and truly take responsibility for ourselves and all that we are. Combined with the South Node in Capricorn we may become all too aware that we reap what we sow, as we are called to be completely honest with ourselves and clear any karma and conditioning that is preventing growth.

And then there is Neptune in Pisces, the lead player in this New Moon, reminding us that ultimately we are all in this together! On the one hand we may just prefer to bury our heads in the sand, avoiding and escaping reality through drink, drugs, television, movies, computer games, sleep and even meditation! However, there is also the potential for awakening and enlightenment through staying completely conscious and present, dispelling illusions and trying to remain as aware of ourselves and our sabotaging tendencies as we possibly can. Eckhart Tolle talks about the personal and collective pain body and how it can literally “take us over” at times of stress and duress, but if we can become more consciously aware of when it is happening, learning to step back and “watch” ourselves, then we will be much closer to finding true peace and enlightenment. We certainly have the opportunity to see the collective pain body right now, in spades! It couldn’t be more glaringly obvious and any Neptunian, sensitive and empathetic types would be feeling that most acutely.

We are going through a massive shift right now and many feel of us feel that we are in a process of transition. This New Moon certainly feels like it is a big part of this process, and Neptune and Pisces ask us to keep the faith and trust that, whatever is happening in our lives and how unclear everything may seem, we are being guided in the right direction. We are invited to open our hearts to signs and guidance and then simply surrender and allow the flow of the river to take us where it will. Of course that it easier said than done sometimes, as our minds seek to control the outcome and know for certain what is coming next!

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon, at 17° Pisces, is “An Easter Parade”, a symbol which evokes a feeling of hope, faith and renewal and which Dane Rudyar describes as “participation in collective peak experiences” and says that “the Image of the Resurrection spurs all men…to dynamise themselves in some kind of self-renewal in response to the Christ mythos, and to the call of nature’s springtime as well. Wherever found, this symbol emphasises the value of attuning one’s life activities and moods to the ritualistic patterns of society or Earth-nature, rather than acting in complete independence from the group”. This certainly brings a feeling that we are all in this together! How can we help heal the earth? What in us is being resurrected right now? How can we help ourselves surrender to the process? What needs to pass away so that we can be reborn?

“Sometimes a change in perspective is all it takes to see the light” Dan Brown

Much Love


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LIBRA FULL MOON - Thursday 21 March, exact at 1.42am GMT, exact on Wed 20 March at 8.42pm EST

This feels like a very significant Moon indeed, as it coincides with the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. In fact, the Moon reaches its peak of fullness only two and a half hours after the Equinox which is the moment when the Sun moves into Aries. The Spring Equinox heralds a new chapter; a new cycle of development, and Aries itself is an incredibly brave, pioneering sign. When I think of Aries I always picture a shoot pushing itself out of the hard ground after a long winter. What courage, bravery and instinctual intelligence it takes to push up out of the darkness, and what a strong desire to become the plant or flower it is destined to be! Sometimes the way may not be clear to us, and what lies ahead may feel unknown and a bit scary, but we feel compelled to take the plunge nevertheless, trusting that we will end up where we need to be. Such is the energy of this Full Moon and Equinox. The Sabian symbol for the first degree of Aries is quite evocative “A woman just risen from the sea. A seal is embracing her”.

The Pisces New Moon two weeks ago asked us to rest, turn within and simply listen, opening ourselves up to the guidance of the universe and looking out for the signs that will tell us what comes next. With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, this is certainly not a time to make any concrete plans or decisions, but rather to take time to reflect and listen to the quiet voice of our intuition and the whispers of insight and guidance from the spiritual realms. Mercury will remain retrograde until 27 March, and while it is getting ready to turn direct will stand still for five whole days in exactly the same degree as Neptune, Pisces ruler. If things have got a little bit confused or unclear during this Mercury retrograde, then Mercury about to turn direct while joining forces with Neptune could completely befuddle us, causing ridiculous miscommunications or even deceit to occur and overwhelming our minds with fear, fogginess and paranoia. On the other hand, it could really open our minds up to other dimensions, helping us to access our intuition and compassion more easily and to open ourselves to spiritual guidance in whatever form it takes. Pisces and Neptune often don’t make sense in any concise, concrete, rational, linear way, so this time could be amazing for meditation, contemplation and spiritual insight but not so good for logical, clear and definite communication and decision making!

This Full Moon is taking place on the relationship axis, with the Moon in Libra, the sign of “I balance” sitting directly opposite the Sun in Aries, the sign of “I am”. The key to the Full Moon is finding the balance between the energy of the two signs rather than veering too far in any one direction. Aries is that part of us that needs the freedom and independence to follow our own desires and instincts, allowing them to lead up along our own path of discovering who we are and what we are here to do. Aries is brave, bold and spontaneous and is that part of us that feels the fear and does it anyway. We are now entering Aries season, which will last a month. Libra is the part of us that seeks to relate to others, as it is through the mirror of relationship and by comparison with others that we discover who we are. Libra seeks to achieve true equality within relationships, and is adept at the art of listening to other people’s needs. Libra helps us to truly understand the concept of compromise.

However, both of these signs can go too far. Aries can become a lonely place if we only think of ourselves and aren’t willing to compromise our own desires or listen to the needs and wishes of others. Similarly, if we spend all of our time thinking about other people’s opinions on what we should do and sacrifice our own needs for the sake of others then we lose ourselves and allow ourselves to be knocked off our own path. The Aries part of us needs to be able to act on our instinctual desires and think for ourselves rather than being too swayed by others. The Libra part of us needs to truly listen to others without projecting our own needs or agenda onto them, and by so doing has the capacity for a beautiful balance of give and take. And how can the two signs help one another? The Aries part of ourselves can actually learn a lot about “I am” through the mirror of relationships, while the Libra part of ourselves can greatly benefit from learning to say no and keeping our sights on our own mission here on earth.

This Full Moon could bring to the surface any imbalance we have between the energy of the two signs. This is especially so because we have an almost exact square-off between Mars and Venus, the two rulers of Aries and Libra. This brings the potential for a certain amount of friction within our relationships during this Moon, whereby our passions could run high but we may somehow assert ourselves inappropriately! It would be a good time, however, for getting things out into the open and may also help us to recognise where and how our needs aren’t being met.

Chiron the Wounded Healer is a big player during this Moon, sitting right next to the Sun in Aries and opposite the Moon. This holds the potential for us truly discovering who we are and what we are here for, and shining the light of our higher essence out into the world. Chiron and the Sun in forthright Aries could help us to be really honest with ourselves about our purpose and what we are really here to do and could also give us the bravery and passion to follow our bliss and fulfil our sense of a higher destiny. Feel the fear and do it anyway! Chiron can, of course, bring a certain amount of pain, making us all too aware of our primary wounds and insecurities, but so often our deepest pain can become our greatest gift that we have to offer humanity. Where we are wounded we can heal others! With Chiron opposite the Moon we do have the potential for some pain or discomfort to come up through or from our relationships, as others could point out things or do something that could trigger our old wounds and make us a bit reactive or defensive. However, there is a gift here if we are willing to be open, self-reflective and honest with ourselves and to recognise that any angry reaction or defensiveness is pointing to something that is unresolved within us. Otherwise it simply wouldn’t bother us!

There is an interesting phenomenon occurring during this Moon, in that we have Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, the Nodes of the Moon, Vesta, Pallas Athene and Black Moon Lilith all on or around 23° of the signs they are in! As such, anyone with planets around 23° could have quite a lot going on during this Moon! The Nodes of the Moon are certainly getting a lot of action at the moment, which could really help us to move forward and take a step beyond our old, familiar patterns into some uncharted and unfamiliar territory. We are being encouraged to take a leap of faith, moving past our old conditioning and opening ourselves up to growth and giant step forward towards our destiny. Wherever our South Node is in our natal chart, by sign and house, shows the familiar tendencies, habits and patterns that come very easy to us but might also be holding us back. Wherever the North Node is, by sign and house, represents what we might need to move forward and grow, even though it may feel deeply uncomfortable and we might resist it greatly!

Right now we are being called to our North Node, which could involve us stepping way outside of our comfort zone and embracing all that we might usually resist! However, before we do so we may have to deal with some old karma. Pluto and Saturn are both sitting on top of the South Node in Capricorn at the moment, which is a very big deal. Issues around power, powerlessness, control, patriarchal authority and our parental and societal conditioning could be holding us back in the past and preventing us from moving forward. Possibly there is some kind of profound choice we have to make in order to let go of the past and step forward towards our destiny. We may be all too aware of our more compulsive and habitual patterns and tendencies that simply no longer serve us and are preventing us from taking the plunge and allowing ourselves to step towards that proverbial North Node. This could be the moment when we have a chance to clear our karma and recognise how our learned responses and behaviour are hindering our growth. We may also become all too aware of how we are repeating patterns. We have been here before, and if we actually heed the gift of hindsight then we have a chance to recognise the call for change and voluntarily make the right choices before they are forced upon us!

Pluto and the South Node are the first to join forces, exact on 4 April, which feels like a very important moment for our evolution, both personally and collectively. How is the past repeating itself? Have we been here before? What needs to pass away for us to move forward? What choice do we need to make in order to grow and evolve? What can we learn from looking back into the past? What structures or support systems need to pass away in order for something more appropriate to take their place? How are we holding ourselves back through guilt, fear and a need for security?

Saturn and the South Node then move towards one another, exact on 1 May. This is an interesting time indeed, when the power structures are under scrutiny and we are thrown back into the past, hopefully so that we can learn something in order for us to evolve. This is a time when we are really being asked to step up and embrace our true power; the kind of power that comes from within, not power over or against others. However, we may become all too aware of how power and authority is used in the name of greed and personal gain. We have a chance to clear some karma here, but not without some very uncomfortable reality checks! The old ways simply aren’t working anymore, and this combination of Pluto, Saturn and the South Node should make this acutely apparent.

The Sabian Symbol for the midpoint between the Sun and Moon, at 1° Cancer, is “On a ship the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one” which Dane Rudyar describes as “A radical change of allegiance exteriorised in a symbolical act: a point of no return.” There are some times in life when we have to make a choice. Either we act or something happens that there is simply no coming back from. This seems like one of those moments – a turning point; a decision; a transformation. What needs to change in our lives in order for us to grow? What old patterns are holding us back? What seeds have been gestating during Pisces season that are getting ready to burst out of the ground? With this powerful Full Moon/Equinox a new cycle is beginning. There is a sense that either we voluntarily choose to make changes that we know we need for our growth or we wait for them to happen anyway. We have been here before. We have a chance make the right choice this time.

Much Love

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hi stewart, i’ve missed ya.

ARIES NEW MOON – Friday 5 April, exact at 9.50am BST, 4.50am EDT

This Moon may be in brave, pioneering, independent Aries, but there is also a lot of planetary energy in sensitive, compassionate and inspiring Pisces at the moment! This actually creates a lovely balance between the independent, pioneering nature of Aries and the tender, intuitive nature of Pisces. Pisces has the dreams while Aries can put them into action! This enables us to be brave and honest while also coming from a place of unconditional love. This is a time of new beginnings, whereby we allow something to be left behind in the dark of the moon so that something new can take its place. It is a mini rebirth of sorts. This is a time for planting seeds so that they can grow and flourish over the course of the next month. There is a lot going on in this cosmos of ours at the moment, so a bit of Aries courage, decisiveness and motivation is definitely welcome! Aries is that part of us that is willing to face our fears and step into unknown territory. It is also that part of us that is able to put the cards on the table and get everything out into the open. Aries invites us to trust our instincts to lead us in the right direction.

It helps that Mercury is now direct after the retrograde of all retrogrades!!This particular Mercury Retrograde was also in elusive, right-brained and down-right confusing Pisces while sitting right next to Pisces’ ruler Neptune! It is not surprising that chaos has reigned and people have been so incapable of making concrete decisions! This energy could literally cause our minds to be completely overwhelmed and prevent us from thinking clearly at all! It could also bring free-floating anxiety and the potential for some confusing misunderstandings.

Over the course of the next week this energy will be abating, although Mercury and Neptune are still partnered up. However, now that Mercury is moving forward instead of backwards, this combination does bring the potential for interactions to occur that come from a place of unconditional love and profound empathy. It also helps us to come up with some inspired and imaginative ideas. Neptune and Pisces remind us that we are all in this together, helping us to see beyond the ego and relate from a place of truth and compassion. With Venus, the planet of relationships, joining the Pisces party we have the potential for us to really be able to open our hearts and tune into one another, seeing beyond our usual protective walls and relating to one another’s true essence. Venus is moving towards Neptune over the coming week and the energy will peak on 10 April.

In the meantime, we have a veritable symphony involving the outer planets at the moment that is profoundly transforming and also quite unsettling! We have Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, exposing the rot in the power structures and systems, both globally and personally, and bringing about a much needed restructuring process. At the same time we have Uranus in Taurus shaking up our sense of material and financial security, which of course makes sense when so much is unsure and changing in our world! Taurus is that part of us that likes to feel safe and secure and resists change, while Uranus is the planet of wake-up calls, sudden shocks and upheaval. This combination is bound to create some feelings of insecurity! We humans do tend to resist change and fear the unknown, and we are certainly veering into uncharted territory right now on many levels!

There is an unsettled feeling in the air, which wasn’t helped by Mercury retrograde because everything was so unclear, making it hard to see where we are going or to make any decisions! Hopefully now we will be able to think clearly, which could help us to transform unsettled feelings of fear into excitement about the possibilities that lie ahead. Uranus is also making us all too aware of what needs to change regarding our treatment of Mother Earth. It is time to radically change the way we approach this growing crisis and Uranus should help us to come up with some alternative and visionary ideas on how to do this, as well as potentially creating a new approach to our financial system. However, sometimes things have to break down before we are able to have a breakthrough. And then of course we have Neptune in Pisces, helping us to open our hearts and feel profound compassion and empathy for the suffering of others, while also bringing the potential for overwhelm, burying our heads in the sand, deception, propaganda, numbing out and escapism. Neptune reminds us that we all come from the same melting pot and that what happens to one has in impact on us all. We are not separate. We have to remember this.

However, the most prevalent energy at this moment is the approaching conjunction between Pluto and the South Node which peaks on 4 April, followed by Saturn conjunct the South Node which peaks around 30 April. We are currently being called to clear old karma and to purge our old patterns that are simply not working for us anymore. Pluto calls for us to be really, truly honest with ourselves and to have a long hard look under the proverbial carpet and bring out into the open whatever we have hidden away there. It is time to step into our power; not power over others, which is the old way, but our true power that comes from within and also empowers everyone else who comes into contact with us. The Cancer North Node reminds us that there is great strength in allowing ourselves to be vulnerable rather than trying to control ourselves and others in order to somehow feel safe and protected. True vulnerability involves admitting that we don’t have it all figured out and that we are human. It involves allowing people to see who we really are, beyond our façade.

We all have an inner Capricorn – that part of us that suppresses our real feelings and tries to control people, situations and our reactions out of fear or to somehow feel safe. That part of us that contracts and puts the walls up, shutting others out when we are hurt or afraid. We are being asked to recognise this and make way for a new way to come in. We are being encouraged to soften and allow whatever emotions are there to emerge. To allow others to see that vulnerable part of ourselves, and by so doing, we allow both our heart and theirs to remain open rather than contracted. To let go instead of holding on too tightly. To let our inner child meet the other person’s inner child. To show how we really feel rather than putting up appearances. To admit when we are scared, can’t cope and need help, or don’t have the answer. To admit that we’re not perfect. To let others see that part of ourselves that we tend to protect and keep hidden. To be honest about feeling hurt instead of closing down. To let the walls and defences fall.

This could be a time of profound realisations and insight into our more unhelpful patterns and conditioned habits. We have a chance to be really honest with ourselves and others, helped by this Aries Moon, and to recognise what needs to transform in our lives. The past is meeting the future and now we have a chance to do things differently and write a different script. We have been here before, but how can we transmute it this time and turn the lead into gold? What are our particular walls that we put up in order to stay safe? We are in the midst of a profound shift and have the potential to transform some very old karma and purge some deeply entrenched, familiar and unhealthy habits and patterns. We are being called to really step up to the plate and operate from a plate of integrity and vulnerability. We are being asked to be brave, self-reflective and honest and do the inner work necessary to step out of the darkness and into the light.

The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Pluto / South Node conjunction, at 24° Capricorn, is “A woman entering a convent”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “Total commitment to a transcendent goal”. This symbol reinforces the feeling that this is a time to turn within and be willing to do the inner work. However, one could also see how going into a convent could involve turning away from societal pressures and also denying or supressing the need for earthy pleasures.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon itself is a beautiful one, at 16° Aries: “Nature spirits are seen at work in the light of sunset”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “attunement to the potency of invisible forces of nature” and an invitation to open our minds to “the possibility of approaching life in a holistic and nonrational, intuitive manner….the process of ‘becoming like a little child’”. This, again, encourages us to put our rational, sensible adult down and allow our inner child to come out that has the absolute faith that we are always guided and protected. Even when things may seem dark and bleak and hopeless there are unseen forces at play that we are unaware of. On another level, maybe this is also an invitation to become more aware of and honour the nature spirits in order to help heal our relationship with Mother Earth.

This Moon feels very hopeful indeed. It feels like we are being given a chance to take a big step forward, with the courage and honesty of Aries and the sensitivity and compassion of Pisces. This is the first New Moon of the astrological New Year and so it feels like a good time to start fresh, shedding our old ways and moving forward, all shiny and new! There is a sense of innocence and naivety about Aries and we are being asked to cultivate some of that energy for this Moon. Like the Fool in the Tarot, we are encouraged to remain open and curious, and even though we may not know where we are going we are invited to keep our hearts open and bravely take a leap of faith and step into the unknown. We have been here before but it’s time to do it differently this time.

“There is a strength in vulnerability, in facing your demons and knowing that kindness is more important despite of them. To be vulnerable it to be brave” Chrissie Pinney

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Thanks Stewart :new_moon:

Hey @lunar, I’ve missed you too!

I’ve not had much time to post here recently as my job has been taking the majority of my energy and focus recently. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it has coincided perfectly with the current astrological transits to my birthchart placing a great deal of emphasis on my 10th House.

So I was already expecting to have to step up and claim my authority in a number of 10th House matters (particularly relating to my field of expertise in Forensic Drug analysis) and that’s exactly how it has played out. No time to go into the details, but it’s as if all my hard work and self-sacrifices in my career have suddenly began to pay off in terms of being taken seriously as a leading expert during a time of great transition in the way Western society is approaching the problem of illicit drugs.

I’m glad they’re taking you seriously. It makes it that much better to have ones contributions noticed and to be respected appreciated for them and have an impact.