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Way overdue, but better late than never?!..

ARIES FULL MOON – Tues 25 September, exact at 3.52am BST, Mon 24 September, exact at 10.52pm EDT.

This Moon brings the potential for some amazing healing that involves us being very brave and honest with ourselves and others. Chiron the Wounded Healer is sitting right next to the Moon in Aries, meaning that we could find ourselves being quite strongly triggered by those close to us, or could potentially be the one to deliver a hurtful blow or two. Aries energy is very forthright and tends to act first and think later, so it is possible that we could hurt one another’s feelings without meaning to or even realising it. Not only that but Mars, the ruler of Aries, is forming a challenging square aspect to Uranus, signifying the potential for angry outbursts, sudden acts of aggression, shocking anger or truth telling. Aries is a very honest sign, and while the truth can sometime hurt, is can also be incredibly cathartic and healing. This Moon could certainly be the time for getting things out into the open and off our chests!

Libra season is now upon us, with the emphasis being on our relationships and finding more of a sense of balance, compromise, harmony and peace within them. The Aries Moon is opposite the Libra Sun, bringing into focus where we might be out of balance within our relationships. Issues around domination could come up, as well as lessons around having our needs met and learning how to meet other people’s needs. Aries tends to have a “me first” attitude, while Libra thinks of “other” first, while actually we are looking for a happy balance between learning to meet our own needs and dancing to our own tune, and really learning to listen to what others needs are. Questions to ask during this Moon are “How can I express my needs in a healthy way?”, “What needs to be said that has been pushed under the carpet?”, “Where am I giving too much/too little within my relationships?”, “How can I be honest in a way that isn’t hurtful or destructive?”, “How do I follow my own path at the same time as considering my partner or the relationship?”, “How do I handle anger in my relationships?, “Do I need to become more selfish, or selfless?”

Just to add to the stew, we have Mars, Black Moon Lilith and the South Node of the Moon sitting right next to each other during this Moon. This could bring up hidden resentments or unexpressed rage, pulling our darkness out into the light. It is important to be careful that we don’t project our own darkness or anger onto others. It’s a strong and powerful combination, the warrior and the enraged feminine. Whenever we have something we really hate or have a strong aversion to in someone else, the chances are it is something we haven’t healed in ourselves. It is important to be self-aware during this Moon, because there is the potential for some very heated emotions to rise to the surface. There is definitely the possibility of overreacting and putting the blame outside of ourselves during this time, so a bit of self-reflection is imperative. If something or someone aggravates us to the point of anger or rage then we probably need to have a long hard look at why! Are we being defensive because we are afraid on some level, or are they acting out some part of ourselves that we simply cannot see? Are they opening up an old wound that is still quite raw, or behaving like someone who has hurt us in the past? Why are we so bothered?

Saturn is forming a challenging square aspect to the Son and Moon during this Full Moon, forcing us to take responsibility for ourselves and to be accountable for whatever comes up during this time. Saturn is the planet of karma that reminds us that we reap what we sow, teaching us about cause and effect, often the hard way! It’s hard to look reality square in the face and be an adult about it, but there may be no choice in this situation. Saturn may be calling for a bit of emotional maturity and integrity, whereby we are forced somehow to step up to the plate and take responsibility for our actions. All of this Aries/Mars energy is quite impulsive, spontaneous and potentially volatile, while Saturn represents our inner parent or judge holding us back and forcing us to suppress our natural impulses and urges. Indeed, this could bring up the themes of judgment, control and guilt-tripping for us to deal with within our relationships.

It’s interesting, this Moon, as we have all of this honest, triggering, assertive and brave energy with the Moon and Chiron, whereby things could be said or done that poke at our core wounds like they are open sores. We also have a very prominent Mars / Lilith situation brewing that could bring some difficult emotional material to come up and force us to face our fears and shadows. We definitely need to watch out for projections during this time! And then we have Saturn, bearing down on us, like a stern judge forcing us to be grown-up, behave and make sure we are accountable for all we are and all that we do. Ultimately this does feel like a Moon that could bring hitherto suppressed material into the light, which could be so very healing! This could definitely be a very good time to become more aware of our relationship with anger. It might be very hard for some of us to be brave enough to assert ourselves and express our needs in healthy ways. However, if we remember the potential of this Moon to find the balance between peaceful, giving Libra and assertive, honest and self-oriented Aries, we could do a lot of good for our relationships during this time. This is a powerful moon indeed, and a very good time to be very honest both with ourselves and our loved ones.

Much Love

Artwork: Honesty, by Poona



LIBRA NEW MOON, at 15° Libra – Tuesday 9 October, exact at 4.46am BST, Monday 10 Oct, exact at 11.46pm EDT

This New Moon brings our relationships into focus. It is an ideal time to set some positive intentions around how we relate to our loved ones and what we want to give and receive within our relationships. It might be helpful to give some thought to what unhelpful patterns of relating we want to leave behind in the dark of the Moon and what healthier patterns we want to cultivate as the Moon waxes towards the Full Moon. New Moons are an incredibly potent time energetically, when whatever is bubbling away in our consciousness has the capacity to blossom and grow over the course of the month ahead. As such, if we choose to actually harness the energies and set conscious intentions then amazing things can happen! We just need to watch out what we ask for because we can be taken quite literally!

Do we need to improve the way we listen to our loved ones? It is so easy to hear others through the filter of our own needs and expectations and not objectively hear what they are actually asking of us. Are we guilty of projecting our needs onto our loved ones and expecting them to be something they are not? Do we need to learn to meet our own needs rather than expecting others to meet them? Are we guilty of conditional giving and withholding affection when our projected needs aren’t met by our loved ones? Or do we love unconditionally? Likewise, do we tend to give too much in our relationships, to the detriment of our own needs? Does our need to be needed lead to subservience or allowing ourselves to be dominated? Do our relationships involve an equal balance between give and take? Are we dependent on others to validate our own sense of self-worth? What disowned parts of ourselves do we project onto others?

So often what we dislike about another person is something that remains unhealed and unrecognised in ourselves. Our relationships truly are amazing mirrors, allowing us to learn and understand so much about ourselves if we are willing to be honest and objective about ourselves. Libra represents a need within us to find balance rather than going too far in one direction or another. Where in our life to we need to find balance? Where to we tend to go to extremes? Do we have a habit of holding back our true feelings out of a need to keep the peace? Similarly, is there a relationship or situation in our lives that is in need of some peaceful resolution? Libra is very adept at the art of diplomacy and compromise. As long as it doesn’t go too far and merely lead to people pleasing. The art of healthy relating involves such a delicate balancing act!

Venus is the ruler of this New Moon and has literally just gone retrograde in the intensely emotional sign of Scorpio. As such, we should not be surprised if people from our past pop up in the next few weeks! Any unfinished or unresolved relationships may reveal themselves as we have the retrospective action of Venus to review, repair and reflect on our past relationships. Venus will move back through Scorpio until October 31, when it will cross back over into Libra. While Venus is in Scorpio we may have to confront issues such as trust, loss, power/powerlessness, abandonment and intimacy, and could be called to expose our darkest secrets and the parts of ourselves that we would normally prefer to keep hidden from view. Indeed, we may find ourselves drawn to reflecting upon our past relationships, remembering things that have long since been brushed under the proverbial carpet, deep within our subconscious!

Venus will be retrograde from the 5th until 17th of November, when the planet of relationships will turn around and start going forwards again. This could be an incredibly profound time for our relationships and has the potential to bring the past back to meet the future, with memories of love long since forgotten coming back into our consciousness. It’s a great time to reflect upon and transform the way we relate to ourselves and others, and we may find ourselves thinking about people we haven’t thought about for a very long time. The connections we have with people transcend time and space, and those we were once close to are always in our hearts even if we haven’t physically seen them for years. It is also possible that old grievances and resentments could come to the fore during this period, especially while Venus is still in Scorpio. This intense sign asks us to be emotionally honest with ourselves and our loved ones and to allow the vulnerability that comes from showing someone the more raw, “unattractive”, shadowy parts of ourselves. This is what allows true intimacy. We all have our flaws and darker aspects; and only showing the more “civilized” parts of ourselves does not allow people to see all of who we are.

Speaking of Scorpio, Pluto is forming a challenging square aspect to the Sun and Moon during this New Moon. This brings the potential for a bit of a cosmic kick up the bum, whereby some kind of power struggle is a potential within our relationships, as well as some rather profound shift or transformation. We could become all too aware of how our old, ingrained patterns of relating are running the show and sabotaging our adult relationships. These kind or realisations can be painful, but it is so powerful to actually be able to see how our old conditioning is affecting our present day reality. Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, are also squaring off against each other during this Moon, causing friction in our relationships and the potential for sexual frustration or urgent, powerful attractions. Our passions could be running rather high with the divine masculine and divine feminine in different camps! However, this could be exactly what we need to bring things out into the open and resolve whatever issues we may be facing in the realm of our relationships.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon, at 16° Libra, is: “After a storm a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction”, which brings the sense of a storm having swept through and left a considerable amount of emotional damage that is now in need of repair. The boat landing could be seen as our foundation and sense of security, while the storm could be a torrent of emotions, as water represents our emotional life. The Sabian symbol for Venus, at 11° Scorpio, is: “A drowning man is being rescued”. Dane Rudyar says of this symbol: “A man risks his life to save another: this is love, based on a sense of responsibility produced by the vivid sense of interrelatedness”. This symbol brings a sense of us being out of our depth somehow, at the mercy of forces larger than ourselves, unable to cope on an emotional level. Sometimes we have to admit to ourselves that we can’t manage something alone before we can allow ourselves to be saved or rescued. This symbol evokes a feeling of true vulnerability and the power of love to save us in times of need.

The spotlight is definitely on our relationships during this New Moon! Parts of ourselves that we prefer not to face could come rising to the surface, demanding attention. Long kept secrets could be revealed, hidden resentments and unexpressed feelings brought out into the open. People could resurface from our past, reminding us of parts of ourselves we might have forgotten or left behind. This Moon gives us an opportunity to transform the way we relate, and to set some powerful intentions that could make a big difference when it comes to the future of our relationships. Libra’s ultimate aim is balance and equality, and so this Moon could help us to move towards a greater sense of harmony in our lives.

Much Love



Painting: Libra by Julia Ismambetova

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Thanks for sharing! The last couple of forecasts have been very apt!


Thanks, I thought this was an extraordinarily insightful and comprehensive analysis of the current Astrological zeitgeist from Amy, even by her own high standards!

And the painting of Libra she chose to illustrate her forecast has utterly enchanted me with its beauty and intricacy.

I’ve been feeling the growing Venusian influence all week, as she patiently danced her magic transformation into her Scorpio femme fatale incarnation.


TAURUS FULL MOON – Wednesday 24 October, exact at 5.45pm BST, 12.45pm EDT

This Full Moon has the potential to provide an unexpected twist or turn in the plot of our lives! Uranus is a very big part of the story during this Moon, and this erratic and unpredictable planet can cause some unexpected events to occur that bring about change, especially if we are blocked or in need of a bit of a shake-up in our lives. Full Moons tend to bring to the boil anything that has been simmering away beneath the surface since the New Moon, so that we have no choice but to face whatever it is and to express it to ourselves and our loved ones. This Moon is no exception, and we will be especially sensitive to it if we have personal planets within 5 or so degrees of 2° of a sign, and particularly the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Scorpio season begins on the 23 October, and brings with it the potential for transformation and a shedding of the skin. It’s no coincidence, methinks, that Scorpio Season coincides with Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, and as the trees shed their leaves so do we have the chance to let go of whatever isn’t serving us anymore. Scorpio can bring about a death of sorts, whereby a part of us passes away and is reborn, shiny and new. As such, it is important not to cling on too tightly to anything that quite obviously needs to shift or pass away during this time. We might be tempted to hold on to whatever it is, as Taurus does like to feel stable and secure and can be quite resistant to change, but with Uranus in on the act it seems that we may have no choice but to let go and ride the waves of change! There is the potential for us to blast through some pretty big blocks during this Moon, so it’s good to be open and willing to step outside of our comfort zone, releasing the past and liberating ourselves from old patterns. It could be shocking, unsettling and threaten our sense of emotional security, but ultimately it will bring fresh air into our lives and set us free.

Uranus and the Moon are also opposing Venus, the ruler of the Taurus, during this Full Moon. Venus is currently retrograde in Scorpio, and so we may be taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting the past, especially if there is unresolved material or karma that is still affecting our present day relationships. Some of these memories may not be very comfortable or pretty, but they could have important messages and lessons for us. We have a chance to review our relationships and the way we relate to ourselves and others. Are we too trusting, or do we need to learn to trust more? Do we need to work on our sense of confidence and self-worth? How are our boundaries with people, especially our loved ones? Do we tend to put others before ourselves and deny our own needs? Or do we need to work on listening to others needs more closely? What is blocking us from being close to others, or blocking true intimacy? Are we holding onto resentments that are preventing open hearted relating with our loved ones? Are we held back from moving forward by a relationship from our past? Is it time to lay it to rest and move on? What is most important to us within our relationships; what do we value the most?

We have a chance to transform our relationships while Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, bringing a greater sense of trust and deeper intimacy, although the process may not be an easy one. Indeed, we may have to confront some quite uncomfortable material. This Moon, however, with Uranus opposing Venus, brings the potential for liberating ourselves from old, sticky, karmic relationships and also for finding a new way of being in relationship. There could be a few shocks and surprises along the way, as our loved ones act or react in unexpected ways, and indeed it could be us who behaves erratically or out of character. The opposition between Uranus and Venus will be exact on Samhain/Halloween, when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. Not only that, but it will occur at 0° on Taurus and Scorpio, which is a powerfully potent degree. As such, between now and the 31st October we should be very mindful of the way we relate to our nearest and dearest, because some sticky karmic material could come to the fore and subconscious impulses and compulsions could be running the show.

Long kept secrets could be revealed as we dare to look beneath the proverbial carpet, and some shocking disclosures could occur. Issues around trust, loss, abandonment and intimacy could be brought out into the open. Relationships could end suddenly, although only if they are already on shaky ground. Profound revelations could occur which radically transform our relationship to ourselves and others. We could experience a sudden and significant shift around our sense of security, both financially and emotionally. We could make a break for freedom, busting ourselves out of stagnant ruts or impasses and breathing new life into our relationships and how we make a living. Blocks to intimacy could be broken down somehow. We could find ourselves “waking up” to something that we have been ignoring denying for a very long time. Indeed, we could have some quite profound revelations during this time.

The good news is that Saturn is helping us out during this Moon, forming harmonious aspects to the Sun, Moon and Venus. This will help us keep our feet on the ground and to be accountable for whatever comes up. When it comes down to it we are only responsible for ourselves and our actions and reactions, so it is important to act with integrity. Saturn’s influence helps us to take responsibility for ourselves and to be grown up about it. We may also be able to see more clearly how our conditioning and karma has led us to where we are now. With Saturn we can see all too clearly how we reap what we sow. Saturn’s influence helps us to control our actions and reactions and to look at things in a realistic light.

Jupiter is at the very end of his stay in Scorpio, getting ready to move into his own sign of Sagittarius on 8 November, and as he does so he and Chiron the Wounded Healer are forming a harmonious trine aspect with one another. This is a very positive pairing indeed, as it can help us to gain access to our higher wisdom. We are given the opportunity to find our inner guru and deepen our relationship to it. Instead of looking outside of ourselves for guidance we are invited to look within and trust our internal compass and our own innate sense of “knowing”. We all have an internal guidance system, it’s just a case of trusting it. This could be a time when we have a chance to heal whatever blocks us from our own wisdom, intuition and inner knowing. It is so easy to give our power away to others, thinking that they know best, but here we have an invitation to develop a relationship with our inner GPS and to learn to truly trust that we are being guided in the right direction. This trine between Chiron and Jupiter will be exact on 1 November, and the energy is building now.

The Nodes of the Moon are also getting ready to move from Leo and Aquarius into Cancer and Capricorn on 6 November (True Node), so November brings a few shifts of energy with it! During this Full Moon, the Sun and Moon and literally squaring off against the Nodes of the Moon, which makes brings the sense that we are at a bit of a cross roads. What bounder in our path do we keep coming up against, again and again? What keeps tripping us up and preventing us from really shining in the world, in true Leo North Node style? What needs to change in order for us to fully follow our joy? What is our biggest block, preventing us from moving forward and growing? Where are we staying safe, standing back in the wings and not fully participating? Where are we most resistant to change? It seems that we have a chance here, before the Nodes move signs and the emphasis shifts to Cancer and Capricorn, to make some decisions and make a shift forward. We have the full support of the planets to take a leap into the unknown and liberate ourselves! And there is no better time to purge old patterns, transform and transmute our lives than during Scorpio season!

Much Love

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Artwork: Winds of Change – Marleen Visser


Thanks Stewart & Amy - lots to think about there!


SCORPIO NEW MOON – Wednesday 7 November, exact at 4.01pm GMT, 11.01am EST.

This is an incredibly potent New Moon that brings with it the possibility of some powerful and cathartic purging and metamorphosis. With Scorpio we experience a purification process and a symbolic death, then we rebuild and regenerate, much like a phoenix rising out of the ashes. There is an interesting mix of planetary energy surrounding this Moon that could help us to really face ourselves and dive deep into the murky shadows of our psyches, hopefully finding some hidden treasure lying there! New Moons are a time of endings and beginnings, whereby we leave whatever is no longer serving us behind in the dark of the moon and plant new seeds that then go on to blossom and grow over the course of the month ahead. It is like a mini death and rebirth, month after month, and this Moon is a particularly potent one as it is in Scorpio, the sign of transformation, death and rebirth. Like the leaves shedding their leaves or a snake shedding its skin, we now have a chance to shed old patterns, letting go and releasing ourselves from anything that simply doesnʼt work for us anymore.

Something very interesting to note during this New Moon is that the Nodes of the Moon, otherwise known as the Destiny Line, will have literally popped over into the Cancer and Capricorn the day before the New Moon (Election day in the US), finishing their 18 month stay in Leo and Aquarius. This brings a significant shift of energy for us all, both collectively and personally. The South Node of the Moon, representing the past , our old, familiar patterns, karma and tendencies that may be hindering us and preventing growth, is entering Capricorn, the sign of the Patriarchy, authority, control, conservatism, boundaries, societal systems, parental and societal conditioning. The North Node of the Moon, which represents qualities and new patterns to encourage and develop in ourselves, is entering Cancer, the sign of the Matriarchy, nurturing, emotional sensitivity, our roots, motherhood, home and family. On a collective level this symbolises a big push for us to recognise what aspects of the patriarchal system we are living in simply arenʼt working anymore and to seek another way that is softer, more sensitive and inclusive, less rigid and controlling and more feminine in nature. What kind of a world do we want our children to grow up in? This is a serious question to ask ourselves at this time.

Jupiter is also in the very final degree of Scorpio, forming an exact trine to the Nodes of the Moon, which feels very significant indeed. This New Moon certainly has an incredibly fated quality to it, as the Destiny line is being strongly triggered by Jupiter, Uranus and retrograde Venus! It seems that that, just before Jupiter goes into his own sign of Sagittarius on Thursday, we have a golden opportunity to dig deep into the shadowy parts of ourselves that we would usually prefer to keep hidden from ourselves and others and face some icky, sticky, uncomfortable material! It is the last hurrah for Jupiter in Scorpio, so we should not be surprised if some rather dark secrets are revealed and issues around power and powerlessness come to the fore. There is also the possibility of power games, some pretty extreme beliefs and a considerable amount of

Scorpio brings up issues around trust, intimacy, loss, betrayal, jealousy, sexuality, power, emotional manipulation and can force us to be really honest with ourselves and others, revealing aspects of ourselves that could make us feel quite uncomfortable! Jupiter in the last degree of Scorpio has an exposing quality to it that can make us squirm and cringe, but it can penetrate to the core and bring the bare naked truth out into the open. It is important to make the most of this amazing opportunity to really face our demons and recognise our shadows. What this means for the USA remains to be seen, but it certainly feels like an incredibly karmic and potent moment in time.

Indeed, this could be an incredibly cathartic and transforming moment in our lives and relationships, as we also have retrograde Venus square the Nodes of the Moon, taking us back in time and bringing old material to the surface that we may have long forgotten or buried. We have a chance here to recognise how the past has shaped our present day reality and just how much our conditioning has had an impact on our relationships. If there is any unresolved material in the realm of our relationships, this is the time to bring it out into the open and face it head on. The future of our relationships depends on it. This is a karmic moment in terms of our relationships; a crossroads of sorts, and we may have no choice but to dive back into our past in order to be able to move forward. What we find there may be somewhat uncomfortable and even painful, but it could also hold the key that is essential to our growth. During this New Moon, Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, are forming a harmonious aspect to one another, which could be very helpful indeed for our relationships.

Tuesday 6 November does seem to be a very significant day, as not only do the Nodes of the Moon shift signs, but Uranus also shifts from Taurus back into Aries, squaring the Nodes of the Moon at the same time! That is a lot of planetary energy on the 29 degree of a sign! This definitely brings a feeling of closure to the story. With Uranus involved, we could experience a few shocks and surprises, it seems. Uranus helps us to break from the past, and so we have a chance here to release ourselves from some old, entrenched patterns or trauma that may have been affecting our lives and relationships for years. In fact, we may have no choice in the matter! As unpredictable and revolutionary Uranus moves back into this forthright, brave, assertive and occasionally aggressive sign we have the potential for sudden outbursts of anger, acts of revolution, truths suddenly being revealed and a certain amount of volatile and unpredictable behaviour. Change is afoot, methinks! Is this a fork in the road; a turning point or a crossroads? It will be interesting to see what Uranus dipping back into Aries will bring. It could certainly bring our inner rebellious teenager out into the light and help us to fight for freedom, equality and brotherhood! Uranus will be in Aries from 6 November until 6 March, so we have four months to find out.

Pluto, the ruler of this Scorpio New Moon, is forming a helpful aspect to the Sun and Moon, helping us to release anything we donʼt need anymore. This is a great time for purging and letting go. Pluto is currently in Capricorn, where it has been since 2008 and where it will stay until 2024. This has been bringing about a detoxification of the power structures, as Pluto exposes the rot in our governing bodies and reveals the shadows that have always been there but we have been unwilling or unable to face. Issues around boundaries, control, power and authority are being brought out into the spotlight and the dark side of the patriarchy has never been quite so obvious and blatant.

Neptune in Pisces is also helping this Moon along, reminding us that we are all in this together and that what happens to one happens to all. Neptune brings our compassionate, empathetic side to the fore and can bring about acts of devotion and unconditional love. This is the planet of oneness and unity that has the potential to open our hearts and remind us that we are all connected.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon, at 16 Scorpio, is “A girlʼs face breaking into a smile”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The fervent reaching out on the part of the young of heart to new experiences”. This is a very hopeful symbol and brings the feeling of a release of some kind and a sense of unguarded, open-hearted connection with others. Indeed, this New Moon feels very hopeful, especially if we are open to being completely honest and allowing ourselves to let go and purge in true Scorpio style! We may have to face some uncomfortable material during this time and it could all get a bit intense, but whatever comes up is probably necessary to help us move forward and grow. Itʼs probably a good idea to simply dive into the murky depths and take a long hard look at what is hiding there, because it could be worth its weight in gold! With Venus retrograde we could definitely be quite retrospective, delving into past relationships and dealing with any unresolved material that might still have an impact on our present day reality. This seems like a bit of a turning point; a pivotal moment that could be both uncomfortable and incredibly liberating! We must let whatever needs to just fall away, and wait to see what might take its place.

Much Love
Amy xoxo
Picture: Rebirth by Delawer-Omar