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Thanks for sharing, Stewart. Aries new moon has been challenging to say the least and this really spoke to me.

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LIBRA FULL MOON - 19 April 2019
Exact at 12.12pm BST, 7.12am EDT

This Full Moon is a powerful one indeed, falling in the very last degree of Libra and on Good Friday, a powerfully symbolic day in the Christian calendar. It is also the second Full Moon in Libra as the previous Full Moon was in the very first degree of Libra, which is unusual because we usually only have one Full Moon per sign during the year. Libra is the sign of balance, which of course means that there is the potential for us to experience imbalance, opposing sides or seesawing between extremes. Libra may seek balance, but can also find it quite hard to achieve! The Full Moon occurring in the last degree of a sign brings a feeling of completion and dissolution; a sense of things coming to a peak, of finishing and tying up loose ends before moving into the next sign. This Moon feels very significant as it marks the end of a cycle, with the Moon moving into Scorpio an hour or so later and the Sun moving into Taurus the following day.

The planetary rulers of this Full Moon are Mars and Venus, the cosmic lovers, representing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Ultimately this is the balance we seek, between our inner masculine and inner feminine.

Relationships are highlighted whenever Aries and Libra are involved. Aries represents self-love, assertion, independence and freedom to follow our own instincts while Libra represents relationship to other, harmony, equality and compromise. They involve a delicate balancing act, relationships, as we are asked to tend to the relationship itself while at the same time not losing sight of our own needs. Aries helps us to stay true to our own path and to say no when we need to, while Libra helps us to truly listen to others so that we can truly understand their needs. A mixture of both approaches is helpful! This Full Moon could bring to a head whatever has been bubbling away beneath the surface within our relationships, bringing it out into the open so it can find full expression.

During this Moon we have both of the harbingers of change, Pluto and Uranus, forming a hard aspect to the Sun and Moon. Pluto represents death and rebirth, while Uranus brings sudden events that can bring radical change, wake-up calls and revelations. There is a strong sense of things ending and beginning during this Moon. Mercury, the planet that represents our thought processes and communication, has finally left confusing, unclear and illusory Pisces and moved into honest, forthright and assertive Aries, marking quite a shift in the way we think and communicate and make decisions. Mercury is not entirely at home in Pisces, as it can foggy our thinking and cause our minds to feel overwhelmed, so he’ll be happier and more decisive in Aries! Venus, the ruler of this Moon, is also getting ready to change signs, moving from compassionate, empathetic and sensitive Pisces into independent, brave and forthright Aries. If we have been dithering about making a decision then Aries will help us out! It’s time to be brave and take action!

With Mercury and Venus both moving into Aries there is a sense of a shift in the way we relate and communicate. Aries energy is very direct and doesn’t hide anything, so this could be a good time to lay the cards out on the table! Mercury is sitting right next to Chiron the Wounded Healer during this Moon, so we could have some very honest, open conversations that have the capacity to either hurt or heal, or both! This combination could really help us to say things that we may have been reluctant to say before, and could also involve being more honest with ourselves than we have been in recent times. Venus moves into Aries on Saturday and joins Chiron on Tuesday 23 April, which could bring some uncomfortable material out in the realm of our relationships. Honesty, assertiveness and openness can really help us to get our feelings out into the open, which is a beautiful thing, although sometimes the truth can hurt! Better out than in, however. Aries energy is very impulsive and spontaneous and doesn’t have an agenda, but it also doesn’t have a filter, so it does bring the potential for things being said or done that can’t be taken back.

This next week involves Saturn and the South Node of the Moon getting closer and closer together in Capricorn, with Pluto not far away either. Saturn and the South Node will join forces on 30 April, but the energy is building now. This energy is very powerful indeed and very appropriate for a Full Moon on Good Friday, as the themes of death and rebirth are rife with this combination. We are being shown the starkest, darkest aspects of power, control and authority at the moment as Saturn shines the harsh light of reality on all things Capricorn, such as government, the power structures of our society, our parental and societal conditioning and the patriarchal system.

This is a very karmic time, when it is becoming all too clear how the past keeps repeating itself and the toxicity of our current system is all too apparent. The old way is simply not working anymore and it is time for a restructuring to occur, both personally and collectively. The more we resist the necessary change, the harder it will be. It is very interesting and symbolic, what happened to Notre Dame this week, in terms of the death by fire and the “falling” of the old system and the upsurge of love, compassion, unity and togetherness that has risen from the ashes. “Our Lady”, or the Divine Feminine, will be resurrected, and with it a new way, one based on mutual values, faith and the idea of working together in the spirit of love, unity and compassion.

This is such an important year for us, with Pluto and Saturn dancing around each other and the South Node of the Moon. It is time to step up to the plate. We cannot ignore what needs to change anymore. This is showing itself both personally and collectively. There is a sense that the darker side of power, authority and control will continue to be revealed and exposed so that we literally can’t hide from it anymore. Pluto exposes the rot, revealing the flaws in the system, and then tears the whole system down so that something new can rise out of the ashes. Saturn can help with creating a new structure to take the place of the old, failing system. And this process will be occurring both internally and externally; both within our own personal lives and within the global arena. As within, so without. As above, so below. What is happening outside of ourselves is merely a reflection of our inner reality.

The pressure is on to move from Capricorn to Cancer: from hard control to softness and caring, from holding it all together to admitting we don’t have all the answers, from suppressing our emotions to allowing them to flow freely, from needing to “succeed” to focusing on home and family values, from putting up the walls to allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. What happens if we let go of the need to be on top of everything and “in control”? What happens if we let our proverbial walls down? We allow others to help and offer their input. We work together.
The Sabian symbol for the South Node, at 22° Capricorn, feels very appropriate: “By accepting defeat gracefully, a general reveals nobility of character” which Dane Rudyar describes as: “The realisation that one may grow through defeat as well as, and perhaps more than, through success”. This symbol “presents us with the possibility of turning apparent external defeat into an inner spiritual achievement. We have recently seen how totally vanquished nations (Germany and Japan) have leaped forward and achieved great economic success. Much depends on the quality of the will and the inner integrity of the person.” It is interesting that the South Node, which represents the past, is on such a symbol right now. Sometimes it seems as if everything is lost, when in fact more is gained on a spiritual level than we think. All is not necessarily as it seems. A seeming disaster can be our greatest gift. Integrity is essential.
Jupiter is also retrograde in Sagittarius at the moment. It went retrograde on 11 April and will remain so until 11 August. This gives us a chance to go back over the ground we have covered since January and possibly discover a deeper truth around what has happened since then. In June and September Jupiter will revisit the square to Neptune that occurred in January, which could signify a crisis in faith that forces us to examine our beliefs and what we put our faith in. Neptune represents oneness, unity and spirituality, while Jupiter represents our beliefs and philosophies. This combination could force us to examine what we truly believe and could also show the disparity between certain religions and true spirituality. Indeed, Jupiter retrograde could cause us to reassess and re-examine our beliefs, both about ourselves and life itself. Once again, Notre Dame seems significant, as it is a place of faith. Do our faith and beliefs need to be burned down in order to be reborn again? Where might we have lost our faith and what might reignite it? Are we able to see the bigger picture? How can we rediscover a sense of hope and optimism?

This does feel like a powerful Moon indeed and it feels like a new chapter. There is a sense of things falling away in order to make way for new energy to come in. Old beliefs, patterns, conditioning, systems and habits are all under scrutiny at the moment; an old order is passing away and it’s important not to hold onto it but rather to let go with grace. We’ve never been here before, and so it would be easy to fall into fear and to cling to the “familiar” and the known, but there is actually nothing to hold onto because it is crumbling. All we can do is look forward and take one step at a time into this unknown territory. It’s important to keep our eye on the bigger picture and have faith that all is unfolding exactly as it should and is part of a larger plan that will reveal itself in the fullness of time. Sometimes things have to get so extreme, and start to crumble and crack, and that is when the light has a chance to shine through.

Much Love
Amy xoxo

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Taurus New Moon – Saturday 4 May, exact at 23.45pm BST, 6.45pm EDT

This New Moon highlights our sense of self-worth and survival instinct, and asks us to contemplate what we truly value and give meaning to in our lives. It also calls into question our relationship with Mother Earth herself. New Moons represent a mini death and rebirth in the area of life symbolised by the sign they are in, which is Taurus, and the house in which it is found. Something may need to fall away in the dark of the Moon in order for new energy to come in as the Moon starts to wax towards fullness again. This is an ideal time to plants seeds and set intentions, as the soil is especially fertile now. Taurus asks us to contemplate what we need to feel safe and secure, and how we are relating to ourselves in terms of our self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem and the inner dialogue we have with ourselves. Our inner vibration, inner magnetism and inner relationship with ourselves all have a direct relationship with what we attract into our lives, physically, emotionally and materially. As within, so without! This is a good time to be very mindful of the internal messages we we send ourselves and to monitor any feelings of insecurity or self-doubt that might be preventing us from attracting what we would wish for into our lives.

Taurus is that part of us that knows how to take care of our own needs and become self-reliant, self-sufficient and self-sustaining, both emotionally and physically. Rather than looking outside of ourselves to have our needs met, we learn to look within and nurture our own innate capacities and inner strength. Wherever Taurus is found in our chart shows were we have the talents and abilities that help us to survive in the world. It also shows where we are most resistant to change and may tend to get stuck in a rut. This New Moon is an ideal time to work on our relationship with ourselves and to recognise how our outer reality is a reflection of our inner vibration. What do we need to feel safe and secure? Are we able to take care of our own needs or do we rely too heavily on others? Do we truly feel like we deserve love and abundance? Do we have fears around money and survival? What are our innate abilities that help us survive in the world? What do we truly value most in life? Where are we most resistant to change? Are we overly self-reliant or too dependent on others? What might need to change internally in order to attract what we need externally?

The Sun and Moon are forming a harmonious trine aspect with Saturn and the South Node of the Moon, which are very prevalent right now in the cosmos. These two joined forces in Capricorn on 30 April, but the energy is still strong. This Moon could give us the capacity to see our old conditioning for what it is and to recognise how it can still tend to run the show. We have a chance to go backwards in order to move forwards, looking at our familiar patterns with a critical, realistic eye and seeing how the past still governs our behaviour in the present. Issues around control and suppression of emotions could come up, as could material around societal or parental conditioning and specifically the legacy of the dark side of fatherhood, the patriarchy or authority figures. Any issues or difficulties from our past that we may have around our relationship with our fathers or authority figures could come to the surface now to be examined.

We are being asked to really see, with open eyes, the more detrimental patterns of our own South Node and how is impacts our lives and relationships. The South Node is our Achilles heel; our greatest vulnerability and the set of habits and patterns that feel oh so familiar and oh so old at this point! This Moon could really help us to recognise and work on this karmic material and to see it for what it is, in a realistic, sensible light. It can also help us to “grow up” somehow and take responsibility for the old patterns that keep repeating through our lives; for that “old chestnut” that has come up so many times at this point. Saturn also went retrograde on the 30 April, and so Saturn and the South Node will meet again on 4 July and one last time on 28 September, so this is the beginning of a karmic maturation process that will impact us both personally and collectively. We are being asked to really take responsibility for our South Node issues now. On a collective level we are being made very well aware of the dark side of Capricorn in terms of our societal structures, government and the patriarchal system. It’s completely impossible not to see the flaws at this point!

Venus, the ruler of this Moon, is forming a square to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node of the Moon. This energy will be building over the next week, as Venus exactly squares the Node on May 6, Saturn on May 7 and Pluto on May 9. Venus square the Nodes could have a profound effect on our relationships, as we are forced to recognise how our old patterns and conditioning govern the way we relate to those we hold dear. We all have habits and tendencies that come from our childhood experiences and tend to have a sabotaging effect on our relationships. This next week could definitely highlight any control issues, or power struggles, emotional suppression or inhibitions around intimacy and sharing that we may have within our relationships. We may find ourselves going back over old material that we thought we has already resolved, or recognising our more compulsive patterns of relating that seem to come from a buried place deep within our subconscious. We may be forced to look at how we put protective walls up, shutting people out instead of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and share how we are truly feeling. This next week could certainly bring a reality check to the realm of our relationships.

Venus and Mercury are still in brave, honest and forthright Aries for this Moon, combined with Mars in Gemini. This brings the potential for open, honest discussions whereby we have the opportunity to lay the cards out on the table and get any uncomfortable material out into the open. There is no hiding where Aries is concerned, but rather we are asked to be brave and say what we mean and mean what we say. Mars is forming a crisis inducing aspect to Pluto and Saturn during this Moon, which could bring up some rather intense material. Mars and Saturn are not very comfortable together with this aspect, so we may feel held back somehow from acting or speaking, either through guilt, inhibition, control, authority or our old conditioned habits. Saturn inhibits our Martian capacity to act and assert ourselves, so this could be a bit frustrating. With Mars in Gemini we may feel a strong urge to speak our minds, while Saturn puts the breaks on and makes it difficult to do so. We may also have to deal with boundary issues in some capacity. This aspect is exact on 1 May, but will still be prevalent during the New Moon.

Mars and Pluto in aspect is an intense combo that holds the potential for profound transformation and moving past our limitations, but not without a bit of difficulty. There could be some kind of power struggle, or a battle within ourselves. This combination could bring some uncomfortable, thorny issues out into the open, although there is the potential for us saying things that are a bit below the belt. Our more compulsive, conditioned habits and behavioural patterns could cause us to act or speak in ways that we can’t control very well. It could feel like we are on some kind of auto-pilot, with our behaviour and actions at the mercy of our subconscious fears and desires. However, some amazing insight into our psyches could come out of this process, uncomfortable as it may be! This aspect is exact on May 5, and is very prevalent during the New Moon.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is “Head covered with a rakish silk hat, muffled against the cold, a man braves a storm”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The courage to meet the crisis precipitated by social ambition. The man with the silk hat has seen some of his ambitious efforts bring him social success; but he learns that often ‘nothing fails like success.’ The storm may be within him, or it may attack his social status. He is ready to face it daringly. This shows a willingness to accept crises and to go on through them – and therefore great character, the soil upon which a higher kind of consciousness may develop.” This symbol shows the capacity to put on a brace face when confronted with crisis and “weather the storm”, but the silk hat could also point to a tendency to be so self-sufficient and dignified, “putting up appearances” so that we don’t allow others to see that we might need help.

There is a lot of deep and karmic material being churned up at the moment, and so this earthy Taurus Moon can help us to recognise how we can strengthen our relationship with ourselves and Mother Earth. Neptune in Pisces is also helping out with a nice sextile aspect to the Sun and Moon, imbuing this Moon with the spirit of unconditional love, compassion and empathy. Combined with Saturn’s dose of realism, common sense and clear boundaries, this Moon could help us to navigate through some choppy waters as we are forced to confront some ancient material that we have faced many times before. This is a great opportunity to see our South Node patterns for what they are, but in order to do so it is quite possible that we will find ourselves in their grips so that they are so glaringly obvious that we can’t possibly avoid them. Neptune and Saturn could help us, however, to be both grounded and accepting of ourselves and others, and to take responsibility for whatever comes up. This is a powerfully transformative time, on many levels.

Much Love



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SCORPIO FULL MOON – Saturday 18 May, exact at 10.11pm BST, 5.11pm EDT

This is a powerfully potent Full Moon that is asking us to really face ourselves and let go of whatever is not serving us anymore. It falls on the Taurus Scorpio axis, which represents accumulation and elimination, and as such we may need to examine where and how we are bogged down either materially, emotionally, physical or spiritually. What unnecessary baggage are we dragging around with us? Are we staying in a situation, relationship, job or living situation simply because it is safe, secure and comfortable? How might we benefit from shedding some skin? Are we too self-reliant or too enmeshed in relationship? What is our relationship to power? Are we self-empowered or giving our power away? How might we manipulate people or situations in order to maintain control? How might others be manipulating us? Are we able to recognise our shadows and own up to the parts of ourselves that aren’t so pretty? How are we with intimacy? Are we able to be vulnerable enough to admit our fears and show our tender underbelly, or do we deny and hide the darker, less desirable aspects of ourselves? These are all questions to ask as the Moon moves towards its fullest expression in Scorpio on Saturday.

The Sun is currently coming to the end of its stay in practical, stable and security conscious Taurus and is sitting directly opposite the Moon in powerful, intense and metamorphic Scorpio. Full Moons tend to play out in the realm of our relationships and represent the time of the month when whatever has been simmering beneath the surface comes to a head and finds a way into the open. And this Moon is no exception! While the Taurus part of us likes things to stay the same and resists change because it threatens our sense of safety and security, Scorpio encourages us to strip away any unnecessary baggage and, if necessary, walk across a burning bridge and not look back. The Taurus part of ourselves can get a bit bogged down in the material world, becoming quite possessive about our things and the people we love. Scorpio reminds us that nothing is permanent in this life and that change, transformation and loss is inevitable. Nothing can stay the same forever. The more we cling on to people, possessions or situations, the more painful it is when they are taken away.

This Scorpio Full Moon may demand that we be truly honest with ourselves about some uncomfortable material that we would usually rather not admit to. This is an ideal time to get out of our stagnant ruts and purge any emotional patterns or habits are preventing growth. Indeed, we may have no choice in the matter! It is very interesting that at the very same time as the Moon reaches its peak, retrograde Saturn and the South Node of the Moon are also joining forces for the second time, forcing us to look our past squarely in the face. Saturn, the Great Teacher, impels us to take the rose tinted spectacles off and see things as they really are, rather than as we would like them to be. We are given an opportunity to review our past and recognise our repeating patterns without the filter on, so that we can see the stark reality and truly take responsibility for what we find. It might not be comfortable and we might have to be really honest with ourselves, but the rewards will be great if we are able to do so.

Saturn is helping us to see our South Node patterns in a realistic light, which is a serious gift, as hard as it may be. Wherever the South Node is found in our chart, by sign and house, shows the tendencies, habits and behavioural patterns that are comfortable and familiar to us but which may hold us back from growth. This past month, and this Moon in particular, seem to be giving us an opportunity to reminisce on our past as it actually was and to recognise how the past might be repeating itself. The Scorpio Full Moon forces us to be truly emotionally honest and get any uncomfortable material out from under the carpet so that we can understand ourselves better. We could either succumb to feelings of guilt, shame , futility or self-judgement or we can simply look at whatever comes up and learn from it.

With the South Node currently in Capricorn we are currently being shown, both personally and collectively, how the less desirable aspects of the Capricorn experience may be holding us back. While Capricorn teaches us about integrity, discipline, authority, control and responsibility for our actions, in its more distorted form it can bring patriarchal dominance, hard control, fear, rigidity, feelings of guilt, authoritarianism, feelings of futility, repression, conservatism, intolerance, suppression of emotions, rigidly conforming to the rules, judgement and old, suppressed grief. Capricorn is that part of us that tends to put up a capable front and stuff down our emotions, often out of the fear of being judged or deemed incapable. It’s that part of us that doesn’t express our true feelings because we don’t want to seem needy or irrational. It is the conditioned part of us that is still acting out unhealthy behavioural patterns formed in childhood.

The Cancerian North Node, however, is showing us that there is great strength in being vulnerable and allowing others to help us, and in being honest and open about our needs and feelings. It’s ok to let go and admit that we don’t have the answers and might need a helping hand. In fact, beautiful things can happen as a result! Saturn is currently showing us how trying to maintain control over everything is not working for us anymore, either personally or collectively. We are seeing very clearly how we are reaping what we have sown in the past. Indeed, we are seeing the past repeating itself within collective in rather uncomfortable ways. The old order being revealed exactly for what it is, in its stark reality. The flaws in the system are painfully apparent at this point and it is important not to succumb to feelings of futility and pessimism about the future. So many grassroots movements are springing up to show us another way of doing things that values and supports the wellbeing of the community and future generations.

While the Capricorn South Node emphasises success in the outer world and “keeping up with the Joneses”, and the societal pressure to make something of ourselves, the Cancer North Node is pulling us forward, reminding us of what really matters in life, such as our inner world, our tribe and our emotional wellbeing. Cancer invites us to step towards the more matriarchal values of care-taking, nurturing and peace-making, while maintaining the more positive Capricorn qualities such as integrity, discipline and a sense of responsibility for ourselves and our actions. Neptune is currently forming a helpful sextile aspect to Saturn and the South Node, helping us to remember that we are all in this together and to treat ourselves and one another with kindness, compassion, sensitivity and acceptance. Neptune helps to dissolve boundaries and to drop the walls that we have erected to protect ourselves so that our true essence can shine through.

Venus and Uranus are joining forces in Taurus during his Full Moon, bringing the potential for some wake-up calls, epiphanies and sudden surprises to occur within the realm of our relationships, values, self-worth and finances. Taurus, as mentioned above, is the part of us that likes to stay safe and secure and finds change quite unsettling. With Venus, the ruler of Taurus, sitting right next to the Great Awakener and harbinger of sudden change, we may experience some turbulence and change, especially if we have personal planets around the first few degrees of the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. While our inner Taurus may prefer the safe, comfortable route, Uranus is not a planet known for helping us to feel comfortable or secure, as it has a rather erratic, unpredictable energy. This Full Moon could make us very aware of just how quickly things can change, and that the world that we are currently living in is inherently unstable. Uranus can ultimately bring new vision and an innovative approach to our financial system and to the ecological crisis that we are facing. It is important that we ride the waves of change rather than resisting them. Sometimes things have to break down before we experience breakthrough.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon, at Scorpio, is: “The king of the fairies approaching his domain”, about which Dane Rudyar comments: “beyond both outer nature and the realm of the proud ego, a spiritual world exists to which the intuitive consciousness of man can pay allegiance…… In an individual sense, this principle is the Self. …….The presence of a spiritual unifying factor begins to be sensed by the individual perhaps weary of the outer shows of his culture” This symbol brings a sense of coming back to where we belong, to our Higher Self and our spiritual centre. It also shows a need for a different type of power and leadership that stems from a humble place of spiritual connection rather than from ego or greed. We are asked to step up and embrace our own power that comes from within rather than trying to take others power in order to feel powerful ourselves. True leadership commands respect naturally and does not exploit others.

This Moon packs a punch, that’s for sure! Issues around power, authority, judgement and control could come to the fore for us to look at realistically and with a sense of personal responsibility. This Moon could bring some kind of reality check that forces us to get some uncomfortable material out into the open. We have an opportunity for some purging of old patterns, as we become more aware of where we may be stuck or holding on for the sake of security. The past has much to teach us at the moment, although what we see when we look back may not be very easy to face! However, it seems that there is the potential for seeing ourselves more clearly, which fosters a greater self-awareness and the capacity to recognise the patterns that might be repeating in our lives. Both personally and collectively we are seeing the past repeating itself. It is up to us how we respond to it this time. Are we going to make the same mistakes, going back over old ground, or is there another way? Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth. What needs to die in order to be born anew?

Much Love

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