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Here it is. A little late as I was away for a few days. Had a fantastic view of the moon from our Auckland apartment last night:

LEO FULL MOON - Sunday 9 February, exact at 7.33am GMT (2.33am EST)

A Leo Full Moon, combined with the Sun in Aquarius, has the potential to lighten and brighten things up, though not without a bit of drama, as is the Leo way! Leo represents the creative impulse in all of us and the urge to express all that we are. Aquarius is the visionary that can come up with creative solutions to make the world a better place to live in. While the Leo part of us tends to be more subjective and “self” centred, the Aquarius part of us has the capacity to step back and see ourselves more objectively, contemplating how we can contribute to the larger whole. A Full Moon in Leo has the potential to bring some rather big, dramatic emotions to the surface that may simply demand expression. Leo is the diva, the star of the show and its ruler is the Sun, around which everything revolves. As such, our Sun signs are a very big and obvious part of our chart, as they represent the energy we express in the world and the light we shine outwards. The Sun represents our purpose in this lifetime and the urge to be the master of our own destiny, creating the life we want to live.

This is the kind of Moon that may help us to come up with some creative solutions to anything that we may be currently facing. Leo is a very playful, joyful, romantic fun loving sign that likes to follow its bliss and also has the capacity to be somewhat melodramatic, so this Moon could be flavoured by this energy. Leo is also the little child in all of us that needs attention and likes to feel appreciated and validated by others. If you picture the little girl who has just finished a painting she is really proud of, saying to mummy “Look what I did!!” or singing a song at the top of her lungs, then you get a good idea of what Leo is all about! However, if we don’t receive the attention and encouragement we so craved as little children, which can lead to self-worth and self-confidence issues and seeking validation from others as adults. This Moon could certainly bring out our inner child and some diva-like behaviour! This is a great Moon for expressing all that is in our hearts and not holding back, although the Aquarius Sun does remind us that it is not all about us!

While we do have a nice boost of creative energy of playful Leo and eccentric Aquarius for this Moon, we do still have Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node of the Moon in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn is currently exposing the rot in the power structures everywhere, so that we are able to see them exactly for what they are. The dark side of the Capricorn is being revealed as the power structures are made more transparent. This is both helpful, as it strips away any illusion and helps us to look reality squarely in the face, and also unsettling as there is no getting away from what this reality brings up for us. Pluto takes us into the deep underbelly of all things Capricorn, such as government, societal structures, corporations, the Patriarchy, status, career, judgement, control and our parental and societal conditioning, bringing the potential for a profound transformation and detoxification to occur.

Pluto is forming a nagging inconjunct aspect to the Leo Moon, which could bring some quite intense emotions to the surface and force us to be very honest with ourselves. This combo could bring up control issues and power games, showing us how we might manipulate to get the attention we crave. Pluto represents the subconscious, our compulsions and power/powerlessness, while Capricorn is control and the “governor”, and Leo is the king/queen and “diva”. This is quite a combo, which could highlight our need to get our own way and help us to see where and how we feel the need to be in control. Often we feel the compulsion to control people or situations in order to somehow feel “safe”, and this Moon could highlight that tendency, giving us greater insight into ourselves and our psyches.

The South Node of the Moon is still in Capricorn and will be until June. The Nodes of the Moon are very much in focus during this Moon, because Venus and Chiron are forming a square aspect to them. The South Node in Capricorn is highlighting any tendency to maintain control or to put walls up to hold others at arm’s length, or working too hard at the expense of our emotional health, or acting from fear, while also showing how societal pressures and patriarchal regimes are taking a toll and no longer serving us, if indeed they ever did!

The North Node in Cancer is beckoning us forward, asking us to nurture our emotional health, to take care of ourselves and those close to us, to let down our protective walls and allow ourselves to be more vulnerable with our loved ones, to contemplate what is more important to us in terms of work/life balance, to do things that nourish us, while moving towards a more feminine, inclusive way of being that takes into consideration the well-being of all forms of life on this planet, as well as Mother Earth herself. We are seeing the effect that greed and the desire for power and control have on this planet and all who live on her, and now we are being urged to find another way. And it starts from within.

This Full Moon is definitely bringing the energy of the Nodes into focus, through the square from Venus and Chiron the Wounded Healer. Chiron and Venus are joining forces in Aries, as Venus will have just moved from sensitive Pisces into honest, forthright and assertive Aries on Saturday 8 Feb. Aries is a sign that acts first and thinks later and can be quite reactive and even aggressive. This combination could cause us to say or do things within our relationships that are quite spontaneous, impulsive and ill thought out and which could potentially trigger pain or sadness. However, there is also the potential for amazing healing to occur as things that may have been hidden or festering are brought out into the open. Whatever pops out during this Moon could certainly trigger our old wounds and insecurities, but could also help us to let down some of the Capricorn South Node walls of defense and share our true feelings. Aries is a brave and pioneering sign, and it does indeed take great courage to allow ourselves to be vulnerable instead of suppressing our real emotions and pretending that we are ok when in fact we are feeling scared, angry or hurt.

The conjunction between Venus and Chiron will be exact on Monday 10 Feb, but will be very strong during this Moon. Venus will move on to directly square the Nodes of the Moon on Thursday 6 Feb, which definitely brings the potential for us to see how our relationship patterns may be tripping us up and holding us back from getting to the growth potential of the North Node. It may become all too obvious how we hold back from voicing our needs through fear, and how we suppress our true feelings in order to somehow feel “safe” or because we are scared of how they may be received. Venus in Aries is a very open and forthright way of relating that could help us to express things to our loved ones that we may usually find it hard to show. Aries can help us to break new ground in our relationships, finding new ways of relating that open us up and allow the walls to come crashing down. And while Chiron can mean that we could feel quite triggered or reactive, it can also help guide us forward towards a more honest, open way of relating. We have a chance to undo some old conditioning around the way we relate, which could be very healing indeed. Anyone with personal planets, nodes or angles between 0° and 7° of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn will feel this energy most acutely.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon, at 21° Leo, is:”Intoxicated chickens dizzily flap their wings trying to fly”, which on the one hand is quite an amusing image, but is also unsettling, because the chickens are out of control and probably don’t feel very well, having probably eaten fermented fruit of some kind. The chickens are dizzy and disoriented, and don’t understand why. This is a strange symbol, as the chickens are trying to do something that would usually come so naturally to them, but instead they are completely incapable. It is possible that this Moon could bring similar feelings up in us, making us feel confused and giddy so that we may feel excited and euphoric but also disorientated and unable to actually do whatever we are trying to do.It’s like we can’t quite take off! What is interesting is that Neptune is also inconjunct the Moon, which also holds the potential for confusion, disorientation, over-sensitivity and not knowing quite what to feel. It is possible that alcohol or drugs could heighten the energy of this Moon and while it may be fun, and a means of escape, it may not agree with us as the energy of the Moon peaks, causing us to lose ourselves and creating confusion and irrational behaviour.

This Moon has a twinkle to it and a hint of creative sparkle! Overall, the energy of the planets is most definitely lighter than it has been in recent times, which is quite a relief. On the one hand the Leo Moon brings the potential for a bit of fun and joy, while on the other hand it could cause us to behave like spoiled little children looking for attention and acting out our more unconscious, irrational impulses.However, there is hope here, as we have the opportunity to follow our bliss and simply have fun, while possibly coming up with some creative solutions for whatever we are currently facing, which could certainly lighten the mood somewhat.The Leo/Aquarius team are certainly very creative and help us to envision a better way of being. We are also encouraged to express all that is in our hearts. Also mixed in with this Moon, however, is the Venus/Chiron conjunction. This is an important energy to look out for, as it could bring some interesting material to the surface to be healed which could have far reaching effects on our lives and relationships.

Much Love


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PISCES NEW MOON – Sunday 23 February, exact at 5.47pm GMT, 12.47pm EST

This New Moon has quite an energetic, exciting feel to it, as it is helped out by a harmonious trine between Mars and Uranus which can help us to have the motivation and courage to release ourselves from stifling or stuck situations or patterns of behaviour. Indeed, Mars is rather a big player in this Moon, so it is possible that we are currently being called to step into our sacred warrior energy and stand up for ourselves. In the meantime, however, the Sun and Moon have just moved into spiritual Pisces as well as Mercury being retrograde in Pisces, so we can all benefit from turning inward and listening to the subtle whispers of our soul. This is a perfect Moon to open ourselves up to guidance, meditating and tuning into spirit so that we allow ourselves to be shown the way. As we move towards the New Moon on Sunday we are invited to rest in the dark of the moon and reflect on what we might need to leave behind us so that we can start anew.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and we are also in the final phase of the moon, so this is a very Piscean time! Pisces energy dissolves any barriers within us that might prevent direct contact with spirit. As such, this Moon has the potential to make us feel quite sensitive, as if our skin is somehow a bit thinner than usual. Pisces is the part of us that feels compassion and empathy for one another and, indeed, all of creation. We are reminded that we are not separate beings, but rather we are all connected by a giant invisible web. What happens to one affects us all. Pisces also teaches us acceptance, which is truly a gift. As such, this Moon could be a very good opportunity to contemplate upon whatever we might be struggling with in our lives and see if we can reach a state of acceptance of what is. There are some things that we find challenging either within ourselves, other people or the world, and while it may be hard to forgive, we at least have it within our power to accept “that which we cannot change”. This can bring a greater sense of peace and serenity that makes it easier to cope.

Pisces also represents the act of surrender. Many of us have had that moment in our lives when we have literally had enough. We are at the end of our tether, with nowhere else to turn. At that moment we give up, let go, we surrender, we “crack open”. It is the moment when we give ourselves up to something larger than ourselves and admit that we can’t do it on our own. We might fall on our knees and “pray”, surrendering to forces larger than ourselves, reaching out to whoever and whatever might be out there to help, hold and guide us. In that moment of darkness, when we have lost all hope, we crack open and allow the light in. This Moon could be a reminder to tap into that force, surrendering our will and allowing ourselves to be guided to wherever we need to go and whatever we need to do next. This Moon invites us to let go and allow ourselves to simply go with the flow of the river instead of fighting it. The path of least resistance!

Mercury is currently retrograde in Pisces, which really is a perfect opportunity to allow our rational,analytical, logical, conscious minds to take a break and to tap into the subtle realms. Forcing ourselves to focus too hard on the mundane, nitty gritty details could be a fruitless exercise with the planet of the mind and communication going backwards in intuitive, imaginative, dreamy Pisces! There is the potential for overwhelm if we push ourselves too hard, so it might be good to allow time for meditation, reflection and giving our minds a bit of a rest. Pisces can be a bit confusing at times, as it is hard to know what is real and not real. Our imaginations can run wild, and all in the wrong direction at times!

Mercury Retrograde is known for bringing miscommunication and misunderstandings, and in Pisces it could become downright confusing! This is a perfect time for reflection, retrospection, review, re-visiting; anything that involves going back and looking over things. It is quite possible that our blind spots could be revealed during this time, as anything we may have pushed into the back of our unconscious may pop back up to remind us that it is there and still needs dealing with, rather than pretending that everything is perfect and rosy. Mercury went retrograde on Monday 17 February and will turn direct on 10 March.

Mars and Uranus are helping out during this Moon, as they are working well with each other, and not only harmoniously aspecting the Sun and Moon but also the Nodes of the Moon, which makes it very significant in terms of our soul growth and evolution. The combination of Mars and Uranus could help us have the courage to revolutionise our lives and release ourselves from any stagnant ruts we may have fallen into. We are less likely to just “put up with” situations that are unhelpful or unhealthy. Mars is also sitting right on top of the South Node in Capricorn, and so we might be called to recognise any unhelpful habits, patterns or conditioning around Mars issues such as anger, how we assert or stand up for ourselves and our attitude to authority and the “system”. Do we control our natural impulses and suppress our anger and rage, or is anger something that need to harness in a healthier way? What messages have we received around anger, sexuality and assertion?

With Uranus in Taurus, which is calling us to make rise up and find solutions for the ecological crisis we are facing, aspecting Mars in Capricorn, the sign of government, the patriarchy and societal structures, are we being called to find our righteous anger and stand up to “the system”, demanding action? Are we being asked to find our courage and motivation to make the changes we know must happen? With Mars on the South Node, are we being shown how history is repeating itself? Mars in Capricorn could bring out the aggressive side of those in authority. Indeed, it could bring up our anger AT those authority figures! There are already five celestial bodies in Capricorn, including Pallas Athena, and now the warrior planet has been added to the mix! This could definitely heat things up, as it brings the potential for some strong battles and anger to come to the fore in the world arena.

Mars in Capricorn calls for us to act with integrity and also to have the courage to step out of our conditioning and embrace the Cancer North Node. The Cancer North Node is calling us forward, teaching us to express our emotions instead of repressing them, to ask for help when we need it instead of feeling like we have to have it all under control. It takes courage to be vulnerable, and Mars is here to assist with that. It is hard to unravel our conditioned responses and try something else on for size, but the help is here at the moment for us to do exactly that. However, we may become all too aware of our old habits and tendencies, especially within the realm of anger, assertion, sexuality and having the courage to express our needs.

Chiron the Wounded Healer is also forming a challenging square aspect to Mars and the Nodes of the Moon, which is significant indeed. It is interesting to note that Chiron has been forming a square to the Nodes of the Moon during the coronavirus outbreak, highlighting Capricorn South Node issues around hard control, boundaries, barriers, suppression, government, judgement, intolerance and prejudice. The square between Chiron and Mars is exact on Friday 21 February and is particularly potent because Chiron is also in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars. It is a call for courage and action. This combination could call for us to be really honest about our core wounds, as they could be brought to the surface in no uncertain way.

Who and what are we angry at? Do we repress this anger or do we have a healthy outlet for it? What still needs healing within us? Are we dealing with unresolved trauma around violence or sexual abuse? What might we need to stand up for in our lives? How good are we at expressing our needs? What is our conditioning around anger and assertion – do we direct it outwards in a destructive way or turn it inwards in a self-destructive way? Who and what do we need to forgive? How might we take a more active approach in our healing process? How might our repressed anger, both personally and collectively, be showing up in the physical realms, in the form of illness, for instance? This is a very good opportunity to look into our relationship with all things Mars related. It seems like this is important work right now.

There is definitely an emphasis on all things Pisces during this Moon, encouraging us to find a greater acceptance of what is and to turn inward, allowing spirit to guide us. This is an ideal time to meditate, spend time in nature and to nourish our spirits. However, this is set against a backdrop of a plethora of Capricorn energy, which is very different energy from Pisces! Pisces is boundless and knows no barriers, while Capricorn is structure itself, and is that part of us that can be judgemental and needs to feel like we are in control. Indeed, an excess or distortion of Capricorn can be very controlling indeed and bring about repression and suppression of natural emotions and instincts. Pisces encourages us to simply surrender and let go of this illusion of control, allowing ourselves to be swept along with the natural flow of the river. It reminds us to have compassion for all beings, including those who it is easy to judge as being “evil”, “bad” or “wrong”. They all have something to teach us, and when we hate the only person we are really hurting is ourselves. The most important message of a Pisces Moon, however, is to find compassion for ourselves.

*“There is a crack in everything *
That’s how the light gets in ”

Leonard Cohen

Much Love

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VIRGO FULL MOON - Monday 9 March, exact at 5.47pm GMT, 12.47pm EDT

There surely is a lot going on in this cosmos of ours at the moment! This Virgo Moon very much highlights health and healing, as it is in the health-conscious sign of Virgo. The Sun is currently in sensitive, compassionate, empathetic Pisces, directly opposite the Moon in humble, health and service oriented Virgo, the sign that seeks purity and perfection. This is the healing axis, and so the focus during this Moon is on our spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. It is interesting that we also have Chiron, the Wounded Healer forming an exact square to the Nodes of the Moon, which puts even more emphasis on health and healing. This is also a supermoon, which means that the Moon has an even greater impact on our mind, body and spirit than your average Full Moon. There certainly is a sense of things coming to a head as the Moon reaches its peak on Monday.

Virgo is that part of ourselves that is aware of what is going on in the body and seeks to find ways to cleanse, purify and heal ourselves and also help others do the same. In the extreme this can bring hypochondria, as we imagine all sorts of things wrong with us that aren’t even there, simply by being close to someone who is ill or because someone tells us that we don’t look well. It is amazing, the power of the mind over the body, and Virgo is a sign that knows this all too well. We all have the power to invent symptoms in our minds that then become reality, and equally we have the power to heal ourselves with a mixture of love, faith, diet, healthy routines and the power of positive thinking and creative visualisation. Pisces represents the power of our imagination, which can help or hinder, depending on which direction our minds are running in! Pisces is the part of us that connects to spirit and prays for help when all else has failed. Pisces also dissolves boundaries, which includes our immune system. People with a lot of Virgo/6th house and Pisces/12th house energy in their chart tend to be more sensitive to toxins and have a weaker immune system than most.

Virgo is the part of us that seeks to improve ourselves, always striving to do better, although in the extreme this can manifest as being intensely self-critical, perfectionist and always feeling like we need to do better. Virgo is the sign of crisis, which is sometimes needed to wake us up and make the necessary changes that we may have been resisting or denying. Crisis can come in many forms, although a health crisis is a very effective way of helping us to see the bigger picture and remember what is most important in life. A crisis can really help to put things into perspective and put us back on the right path. It can also ignite our empathy and compassion for others, which are some very beautiful Piscean traits. It is interesting that we are experiencing a global health crisis just as we approach the Virgo Full Moon. There is certainly a huge amount of focus on Virgo cleanliness, purification and healthy routines at the moment, while Piscean issues around boundaries, immunity and vulnerability are also very prevalent right now.

Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is also right next to the Pisces Sun during this Moon, which greatly emphasises Pisces sensitivity and vulnerability, and can also bring the potential for confusion, illusion and smoke screens, making it hard to know what is real and what is made up. Pisces and Neptune represent the collective unconscious, and with Jupiter in Capricorn forming an aspect to Neptune there is the potential for paranoia and fear being used as a tool for control. There is a huge amount of planetary energy in Capricorn at the moment, the sign of authority, hard control, fear, limitation, power structures, societal rules, boundaries and judgement, and with Jupiter in this sign there is the potential for an exaggeration of this energy and for people espousing some more conservative, prejudiced and intolerant beliefs and opinions. Jupiter is the preacher, the planet that represents our beliefs and that which we put our faith in, and it is currently in Capricorn, a sign known for its conservatism. This is the biggest planet, so it has a tendency to magnify the energy of the sign it is in, and so we may find ourselves dealing with a magnification of fear and realism which can easily turn into pessimism. Jupiter in aspect to Neptune can also make our imaginations run wild, all in the wrong direction! This combination brings the potential for fear and control based paranoia and hysteria.It is important to be as self-aware as we possibly can at the moment, as it may be very difficult to know what is real and what is simply our own fears.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also forming an exact square to the Nodes of the Moon, which brings great potential for growth and healing, both personally and collectively, although not without bringing up our weak spots and vulnerabilities. Chiron represents “the wound that cannot heal”, so we may be more aware than ever how our core wounds and insecurities keep tripping us up and hindering our growth. This is a time when we are asked to try to let our protective walls down, however, and try to express how we really feel. Instead of being defensive when we are triggered, or going into fear and withdrawing, we are asked to embrace the Cancer North Node and allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to express our true emotions. We are encouraged to ask for help instead of putting up the brave front and suppressing our feelings. Instead of trying to keep it all under control we are asked to admit that we are struggling. We may find ourselves more easily triggered during this time, but amazing growth can come from reacting in a different way, rather than from our old conditioning.

It is very clear how Chiron square the Nodes is manifesting in the world arena, with a Chirotic health crisis that is bringing the Capricorn South Node sharply into focus as we are witness to the extreme conservatism and fear-based control on the part of certain power structures, with walls and borders being strengthened and intolerance, bigotry and judgementalism becoming more and more rife. Chiron, in the form of this virus, is bringing up a huge amount of Capricorn fear, Virgoan hygiene concerns and Neptunian paranioa, but it is also propelling us towards the Cancer North Node, which represents our growth potential at this time. The virus is bringing up some important issues and helping bring a change in priorities and behaviour. The Cancer North Node asks us to focus less on the external, such as getting ahead in life and keeping up with the Joneses, and more on our inner sanctum, such as home, family and our emotional health. We are, quite literally, being forced into a more simple way of living, as people are staying at home and not travelling so much at the moment.

It is interesting to note that Chiron and Uranus are working in tandem at the moment, so the two are very much playing off each other. Uranus is currently in Taurus, the sign of finance, values and Mother Earth. At the same time as Chiron is forming a square to the Nodes, Uranus is forming a harmonious trine and sextile to the Nodes. Uranus is in Taurus for seven years, during which time we have the potential for a complete overhaul, or revolution, of our financial system as the old, outmoded, antiquated way of doing things is swept away, making the way for a system that reflects our changing needs and values. It also brings an opportunity for some amazing change and innovation in terms of the ecological crisis that we are currently facing. This Chirotic health crisis is literally triggering a financial crisis and could bring a change in values that is much needed as people are now being forced to stay more local (Cancer North Node) and travel less frivolously. It is quite likely to trigger an “eat and shop local” movement, with less reliance on foreign trade, as well as an examination on the way we treat animals and a rise in vegetarianism. Mother Earth herself is forcing us to wake up!

It will be interesting to see the effect that this health crisis has on the financial system in the long term and how a financial crisis might bring a change in our behaviour, priorities and values. It is also important to note that all of this is occurring under the backdrop of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, exposing the rot in our power structures and potentially bringing a detox and transformation of the patriarchal system. We are currently seeing the darker side of Capricorn being revealed, in the form of nepotism, extreme conservatism, hard control and a divide and rule mentality within many of our power structures. Saturn is forcing us to see things as they really are, without the rose tinted spectacles, while Pluto brings any material out from under the carpet that we may have been in denial about before now. There is no escaping the reality of whatever we are facing right now, and it is so very important not to succumb to fear. Fear is an incredibly destructive force indeed. If we can be mindful and keep a close eye on ourselves, making sure that we do good things for ourselves that generate a healthy outlook, love and positivity, this can really help.

Mars, the warrior planet, is marching through Capricorn as well at the moment, which could also bring the cards out onto the table. Mars is the planet of anger, assertion, action and aggression, and in Capricorn it could mean that we put a lot of energy into achieving whatever goals we may have set for ourselves. Mars in Capricorn is very disciplined, focused and achievement oriented. We may find ourselves reining in our natural impulses and recognising how we are held back from acting on our desires. Indeed, we may literally be prevented from acting or asserting ourselves, and physical activity may be limited or restricted. We could also find ourselves quite angry at those in authority, as hypocrisy and double standards are more in our face than usual .Indeed, those in authority or power may literally use Martian aggression or force. It is also possible that material could come out that has hitherto been repressed or suppressed. Mars is good at getting things out into the open, although with a sextile from Mars to Neptune, hopefully this will be done with kindness and compassion, for the good of all.

Mars is going to join forces with Jupiter on 20 March at 22 degrees Capricorn, the same degree as the Saturn Pluto conjunction back in January. This brings the potential for the Mars in Capricorn energy to be magnified and exaggerated, and for people to bravely or aggressively assert their beliefs. Things can get a bit out of control when Mars and Jupiter get together, although it could be good for self-confidence in achieving our goals. Mars will then move on to join Pluto on 22 March, which could either be amazingly transforming as we bravely face all that we have been hiding from, finding the courage to act on our soul’s desires, or could be bring up some rage and be quite volcanic and destructive. Pluto is the planet of power, the God of the underworld, and if you combine this energy with Mars, the warrior planet, we have the potential for the use to force or aggression to gain power and control, or to bravely confront our shadows, both personally and collectively.

This is quite a Moon! Wherever Virgo and Pisces are found in our charts is where we find the focus of this Full Moon. Similarly, with the Sun at 19 Degrees Pisces and the Moon at 19 degrees Virgo, anyone with personal planets or angles between 17 and 21 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel the energy of the Moon most acutely. However, anyone with personal planets around 4 degrees of the fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) or cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) signs will be feeling the energy of Chiron the Wounded Healer and Uranus, the Awakener and harbinger of change. It is quite likely that this Moon could bring a lot of material for us to look at, including some of our more sensitive, vulnerable-making issues. It is important to remember that a crisis can be very helpful, as it can help to put us back on the right track if we have strayed away from it for whatever reason. It can force us to make changes, adjustments and improvements to the way we live that we may have been too apathetic, scared, lazy or selfish to make before, even though we knew we needed to. It can reveal the cracks that may have been covered over as we looked the other way. It can wake us up.

Much Love

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ARIES NEW MOON - Tuesday 24 March, exact at 9.28am GMT

I apologise in advance for the length of this post, but there is so much going on right now, and it all feels very important!

This is the first New Moon of the astrological new year, as the Sun and Moon are now in Aries, the very first sign of the zodiac. This the ultimate New Moon, a time of new beginning, symbolising the start of a new chapter of development. It certainly feels as if this is the beginning of something big, as we are very much in uncharted territory, in a place we have never been before, facing challenges that we couldn’t have even imagined up a few months ago. There is a sense of this being the beginning of a new world, with all the uncertainty, curiosity and fear that comes along with facing something that we have never come across before.

Aries is the trailblazer, the pioneer that is brave enough to venture into places others may shy away from in terror. This is an impulsive sign that isn’t afraid to start things, although the follow through can sometimes leave something to be desired! Aries is a sign that struggles with anger on one level or another and can be quite aggressive. Ares is the Greek God of War, representing the violent and untamed aspect of war. Pallas Athene, on the other hand, represents miltary strategy and generalship and, interestingly enough, she is currently in Capricorn, the sign representing, government, society, authority and power structures. Not only that, but she is in exactly the same degree of Capricorn as the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 11 January, which many awaited with curiosity and dread because Pluto represents power and transformation while Saturn represents control, karma and authority. A powerful blend of planetary energy! Both planets represent endings and a death of sorts, and in Capricorn it seems that we could indeed be about to experience the collapse of society as we know it. We, as a civilisation, are currently reaping what we have sown.

Pluto has slowly but surely been exposing the rot within our governing structures since moving into Capricorn in 2008 (which, interestingly enough coincided with the a global economic crash), and has been slowly but surely making us all too aware of just how dark the obsession with greed and power can and has become. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, so it has always had the potential, before it moves into Aquarius in January 2024, to bring some kind of a “death” or purification of government, society, the power structures and, indeed, the structures of our own lives, so that something better can take its place. It brings the potential for some kind of societal rebirth - a purification process. The question for a while now has been “But how will this actually happen?” Combine this with Uranus in Taurus, which holds the potential for some kind of a financial revolution and a massive shift in values, plus the need for a radical change in the way we approach the ecological crisis we are facing, and it is clear that something needed to happen. But what? What was not clear was what form this death and rebirth would take, and how the financial system and our values could actually change so radically.

What is perfectly clear is that the obsession with “success”, money and power has reached a peak in our society and has taken us away from what really matters in life. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and this is the way it has been for centuries. Consumerism is rife, as is the desire for success. The rat race is a hamster wheel that is very hard to get off of. The Nodes of the Moon have been in Capricorn and Cancer since November 2018, where they will remain until the beginning of June this year, and have been trying to push us, both personally and collectively, away from the darker side of Capricorn towards the energy of Cancer. Now we have Chiron the Wounded Healer in fast moving, pioneering, aggressive Aries forming a square to the Nodes, which is literally forcing us towards the Cancer North Node and making us take care of each other, stay at home, focus on community, leave the rat race behind, drop the striving for success, working so hard and nurture ourselves.

This virus, as symbolised by Chiron in Aries, the “violent and untamed aspect of war”, is an aggressive and virulent virus that is literally being labelled as a “war against humanity”. No matter where it came from (and there are so many theories being thrown around at the moment), this virus is forcing people to remember what really matters. People are coming together, despite any physical distance, and coming up with imaginative and innovative ways to help one another get through this. People are offering their services from free. Governments are forced to admit that they are vulnerable and don’t have the answers. The rich and poor alike are experiencing the impact of this - no-one is exempt. It is an equaliser, a great leveller. Finally, just before the Nodes leave Capricorn and Cancer, humanity are really, truly learning that “getting ahead in life” and “keeping up with the Jones” and accumulating wealth, working crazy hours and not seeing family, and being “successful” in the outer world is not actually what it’s all about.

And it is scary. And it is ok to admit that. The Capricorn part of ourselves may try to suppress these feelings, or do something to distract ourselves, or pretend we have everything under control while even judging others for the way they are handling their fear. The Cancer North Node encourages us to simply feel the fear, to own it, to admit it, and by so doing we are not pushing it away but allowing it to just be. This can help take its power away. It is human nature to feel fear in the face of the unknown, especially something of this magnitude. How we respond to the fear is something else altogether.

There are so many things happening that could make us feel fearful at the moment, and with Jupiter and Pluto coming together this week we could experience a magnification of fear as well as a feeling that the problem is spiralling way beyond our control. Jupiter is the largest planet - the planet of excess! All sorts of things could get blown out of all proportion. Not to mention that there are so many opinions and beliefs being thrown around that we have absolutely no idea what the truth is anymore. There are also so many theories around regarding the origin of and reason for the virus that also have the potential to bring up fear and paranoia. Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn also bring the potential for people being extremely self-righteous and sanctimonious, not to mention incredibly judgemental. We really need to watch ourselves right now and be careful of what we say and also who we listen to and believe. This conjunction will be exact on 5 April, but the energy has been building all week. Jupiter can make everything much more extreme, including the widespread panic that is rife at the moment.

Naming it and admitting our fear and letting go of control can allow tears to fall and grief to surface instead of being “rigid with fear”, or acting and reacting with anger, or putting up walls and shutting others out. Showing our vulnerability can also allow others to help so that we can all come up with solutions and comfort each other. We are all in this together! Fear is in the collective right now, there is no doubt about it. This situation has the potential to really show up people’s discomfort around illness and bring up anger that blocks compassion. This situation could definitely bring our shadows to the surface, as we see the best and the worst in ourselves and each other, not to mention making our not so pretty coping patterns and conditioning very obvious indeed! However, there is the potential for enormous growth if we allow it. It can be very powerful to look fear squarely in the face and peer into our own shadows. We are experiencing a powerful shift in consciousness right now. However, change and growth can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful.

This is where Neptune in Pisces comes in. Neptune is in its own sign, reminding us that we are all in this together in a very tangible way. Neptune knows nothing about boundaries between people or countries anyway, as essentially we are all the same - rich, poor, black, white, Muslim, Christian. This situation that we are facing has the potential to be profoundly unifying, as all the countries of the world and their citizens are facing exactly the same problem. It can bring a greater sense of empathy and compassion for others, providing that we don’t allow fear to cloud it. This situation certainly has an equalising quality to it. It also brings an opportunity for a giant pause for humanity. The imposed or self-imposed isolation brings the potential for turning inward and spending more time meditating and praying or doing mantras to help the earth and humanity. As we have less distraction we are forced to spend time in quiet and solitude, not to mention that crisis can literally bring us to our knees as we ask for help and guidance in this time of need. And this is not a time to be selfish or self-serving. All for one and one for all. We are being asked to act with consideration for everyone.

Of course, Neptune in Pisces is not without its pitfalls. It can also cause us to want to “numb out” and escape reality, which can take many forms, including losing ourselves in television, movies, drugs and alcohol, reading novels, sleeping too much or endless hours of computer games - there are many different ways we can “exit stage left” and go into La La Land! Which is all absolutely fine and completely understandable, but if taken to the extreme could also be a waste of an opportunity to step up our spiritual game and really work through whatever is coming up for us. Isolation can make one feel a bit unhinged, especially if we are not used to being alone and are used to having a lot of interaction and distractions in our life. Neptune can literally blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy, making everything very unclear and confusing. Indeed, it is hard to know what is real and what is illusion at the moment, as Neptune is the king of smoke screens. However, we also have an opportunity to use our imaginations in very creative ways to help one another and to dream up a better future.It really is possible that a profound and global awakening could come from all of this.

With Uranus, the Great Awakener in Taurus, the sign of Mother Earth, this could bring a huge wake up call regarding our values and our attitude towards this beautiful planet we live on.This could be seen as Nature’s rebellion; a revolt against humanity and our terrible treatment of this planet, enforcing the changes that are needed to slow the ecological crisis that we are facing. If we won’t do it voluntarily then Gaia will make it happen anyway! As human beings slow down and stop travelling, the Mother Earth heaves a huge sigh of relief! This is showing itself everywhere, as skies clear and nature ventures back into the empty spaces left by humans. Not to mention the fact that nature herself can offer solace and the ultimate “chill pill” during this time, for those who are still able to take advantage of it. It is the best antidote for stress that there is.

In the meantime, Saturn has just moved into Aquarius. This represents an energetic shift. Saturn tends to shine the harsh light of reality onto the sign that he is in and also bring a sense of limitation and some profound lessons. Aquarius is the rebel, the revolutionary, the humanitarian, representing brother/sisterhood, liberty and equality. On the one hand, we could be called to take responsibility for our sisters and brothers and really understand what it means to be a citizen of the world. It is a time to truly be accountable in terms of making this world a better place to live in. On the other hand we could find our liberties and the right to rebel/revolt are somehow squashed or limited by those in authority. Lessons around equality could come up as those in control are forced to act in ways which take into account the rights of everyone rather than favouring the rich. However, this could go the other way as our freedom is somehow curtailed or squashed by those in authority. We are moving into the age of Aquarius, and Saturn could show us the reality of what this all means. Are we moving towards utopia or dystopia? All shall be revealed in due time. And possibly it is all a question of attitude.

One thing that is interesting to note is that some of the current astrology is very similar to 9/11, which was a time when the whole world changed completely. Pluto was opposite Saturn then, while they are conjunct now, so this could be a continuation of what started then - another phase. The Nodes were also in Capricorn and Cancer, which is interesting considering that the situation then also made people more nationalistic and travel more challenging. It also brought about extreme paranioa and a closing of borders, not to mention heightened control. During this New Moon we have Pallas Athena (military strategy), Jupiter (beliefs, magnification), Pluto (Power/transformation) and Mars (anger, war, aggression) all joined together in Capricorn, the sign of society, control, fear, authority, government.This is quite a party! On a personal level it brings the potential for rage, fear and feelings of powerlessness to come up, as well as the death/rebirth of the way our lives are structured. Not to mention that it is hard to know what to believe! We do have a chance to powerfully transform ourselves at this time, there is no doubt about it. It also brings the potential for the power structures and those in authority coming up with strategies to gain a greater sense of control. They may also need to use force (Mars) to enforce this control.

The Sun, Moon and Chiron the Wounded Healer are all sitting together in Aries for this Moon, so Chiron is very much the focus. This is no surprise whatsoever, given that the very Chirotic corona virus is the biggest focus in the minds of the whole world right now! The New Moon is in 4° Aries, and the Sabian Symbol is very interesting and also quite comforting: “ A triangle with wings.”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The capacity for self-transcending. This is the symbol for the desire to reach a higher level of existence, of pure aspiration or devotion, of bhakti. The principle of “levitation” is seen as one of the two essential factors in evolution. The emergent being glorifies and deifies it, but it is still only an ideal. At this stage, nevertheless, the whole being experiences a childlike longing for its eventual realisation. A NEW DIMENSION of being is envisioned mobilising creative endeavours.”

This is a beautiful, incredibly “uplifting” symbol, which brings the sense that we can utilise the situation we now find ourselves in to rise above it all to a place of greater spiritual connection, inner peace and joy. This symbol brings the sense that all that is happening is ultimately for our greater good, helping us to purify our karma and find greater meaning in our lives, beyond the mundane, materialism, greed and striving for power. The triangle is the strongest shape, reminding us how strong and resilient we are. It represents mind, body and spirit, mother, father and child, past present and future, and is a very spiritual symbol indeed. The ancient Greeks saw it as a doorway. It might be useful to visualise a triangle with wings whenever we feel the fear rising in us, as a reminder.We have a chance here to find a greater sense of connection, peace, compassion and Love than we have ever known before.It is up to us to make the most of this time, this giant collective pause, and remember what is most important. It is so important to be incredibly mindful of how we act and react. May love, not fear, prevail.

Much Love

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Phew lots going on. And echoes of 2008 interesting as I find myself in a very similar situation I did then - just about to embark on a new direction/career after a period of depression and retraining - and boom! The economy collapses, things just suddenly grind to a halt - nope, no work for you! :woman_facepalming:t2:

Like I’ve just jumped on stage from behind the theatre curtain, flamboyantly, arms wide ‘TADA!’ to surprise my audience, only the auditorium is empty. And all I hear is a distance door click shut. But this is my moment! Where’s my applause and adoration? I’ve been practicing this for months, where is everyone, did I miss something? Crest fallen.

Though I’m glad to say I do to feel better equipped to deal with the challenges this time round and focusing on the important lessons here. (It’s not all about me, lol)

And here’s my astrological forecast for the week. Even though I am nowhere near at Amy’s level of sophistication, I think I might have the edge when it comes to accuracy:

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Wonderful metaphor! Maybe you could turn your hand to play writing in the interim?

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:laughing: Yes, maybe time to get back on that online writing course I signed up for 2years ago!

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A couple of weeks ago, I cast a series of horoscopes for the date of around 4-5 April for different locations on the planet to try and get a sense of how the Covid-19 crisis was going to play out. I chose that date because it is the day when Jupiter (the planet symbolising expansion and long distance travel and communications) exactly conjuncts Pluto (the planet of death, the Underworld and unseen but profound transformations) at 25 degrees of Capricorn.

My reasoning was that this conjunction would indicate the date on which the world would finally understand the full extent of both the geographical/social spread of the virus and the lethality in terms of numbers likely to be infected and potentially at risk of dying.

The chart which worried me the most was the one I cast for the USA, using Washington DC as the location since it represents the leadership of the nation.

I didn’t even have to do a detailed breakdown of the planetary positions and aspects to realise that America was about to be faced by a pandemic the likes of which it had never before seen (at least in modern times), and that it was both woefully unaware and unprepared for the full extent of the crisis heading it’s way.

I reluctantly decided not to post it to the forum, because I could have been wrong and didn’t want to overly alarm the many US citizens who regularly post here. But yesterday even Donald Trump admitted to the nation that the next few weeks were going to see the numbers of infections and deaths across the US rise dramatically, and that the next few days were going to represent some kind of peak in the spread of the virus. His timing is impeccable, as the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction becomes exact at 10.45pm on Saturday 4 April US time.

So for what it’s worth, here’s the chart for that moment:

Just a few salient points may highlight why I was so worried:

Scorpio rising, so Pluto is the chart ruler.

The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction is exactly sextile the Ascendant degree further emphasising the Scorpio-Pluto-Capricorn connection.

The Moon (the Moon usually symbolizes the “common people” or the “general public” using modern terminology) in Virgo (the principle sign of health/ill-health and also healers such as doctors, nurses, paramedics etc) closely conjunct the Midheaven (public consciousness/awareness/visibility) and forming the apex of a yod configuration with both the Saturn/Mars conjunction in Aquarius (symbolising social isolation/lockdown (Saturn) being strictly enforced by the police or military (Mars)), and also with Chiron in Aries (which I’m slowly coming to accept may be deeply symbolic of the coronavirus itself!).

The list of significant alignments goes on and on but I don’t have the heart to go any further!

My best advice to all my friends on this forum is to hunker down and minimise any contact with others outside your immediate “bubble” of friends and family during this fated weekend, and not to become overly despondent at the torrent of dire news and opinions bombarding every media outlet during these dark days. If I’ve read this correctly, this weekend is when the crisis finally peaks in intensity and spread. The fallout over the next few weeks will seem like it’s still getting worse, but that’s because we’re inevitably a few steps behind the phenomenal speed with which this cursed pathogen has brought our societies to their collective knees.

The Sagittarian optimist in me would like to believe that after this weekend the slow and painful process of containing and pushing back against the virus can finally begin.