Astro talk! What's your chart look like? Do you feel as blessed/cursed as you should! How well does it match your life?


I know astrology and its inherent system of symbolism mixed with the actual observable/empirical facts of astronomy and math makes for tantalizing dicussion!

And besides the temptation to look into the possible predictive qualities, even more delicious for some of you Ni-heavy folk will be to look internally inward into your “soul” , your “personality”, your “metaphysical DNA” !

So here’s a place to talk about that! What’s your chart look like? Give me the interesting infos! Most of us are only novices in the field, so if you want a more “professional” interpretation, you can hit Blake up for an actual consult, but in the meantime I am mainly interested in looking and showing, so have at thee!!

Here’s what my chart looks like for example!! I don’t normally use Eris and Vertex (dunno what they truly do), but added them in anyway to look at. Please regard my saturn (and pluto?! bully) squaring all my good stuff hiding in the 4th. What a party pooper delegating me to a life of servitude or something. I try not to consider the “yod” made at my north node and chiron as a true yod but I also dunno what it means besides that I may have to be respnsible for something, which I abhor. On the upside, maybe if I focus on my quintiles and biquintiles, I can save my ego.

I looked into astrology during my preteens and stuck to glancing and reading back and forth about it (mostly myself lol naturally…) ever since, so I do not know how much “looking” directly influenced my personality vs how well it effectively describes it. Oh well, confounding variables and all, I think it’s an interesting analysis of who I might be!

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Hi Prax,
I could post my chart, but I know too little of the terminology to interpret.
Where did you retrieve that chart?


Go to After getting user info in. under “free horoscopes” there is an “extended charts” selection. Scroll down to the list and hold ctrl + click on any other extra asteroids you might be interested in (i usully go with lilith, chiron, north node, juno, vesta, pallas, ceres, fortuna) and on the right side is a checklist, click “lines to all aspects”. Then " generate chart". You will get a chart you can right click and save as a “.gif” or you can just screenshot. :smiley: Crop out the location and birthday info if you feel that’s too privacy revealing.

Hope that helps!

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It does. Here is the pic.




I have some research to do.


And by a perfect synchronicity, I read this thread on my actual birthday! Here’s my birthchart:

Taurus Rising so Venus is the chart ruler (same as for Prax).

Venus is part of a four planet Stellium in my 8th and 9th Houses (Sun, Mars and Venus in Sagittarius plus Mercury in Capricorn), all directly opposite the Moon in Gemini.

The other significant pattern is a fixed sign T-square between Taurus Ascendant, Neptune conjunct Descendant in Scorpio and Jupiter in Aquarius.

The chart is very “me” in so many ways; and it’s uncanny accuracy helped to convince me of the validity of Astrology.

Blake referred to the art of seeing an Astrological chart as a whole via intuitive perception, and this has been my experience as well. Once you begin to discern the overall pattern, a symbolic meaning becomes apparent. This is when a chart morphs from being a random collection of glyphs and pretty coloured lines into a living entity with profound meaning.

For example, if you study my own birthchart in a certain way, it starts to resemble the image of a bow and arrow, nocked to shoot its seeking missile high into the heavens. A perfectly apt symbol to both describe and inspire a Sagittarian type such as myself.




will comment mroe later but for now:

@SeeTheElephant : i think a rather packed 4th implies i like being at home. and this is true. i am happy in my nest rooting around where i have most control. in fact, perhaps it’s so prominent that were it not for saturn and pluto (and mars?) bullying me in the 6th, i could probably easily be some basement dwelling millennial or at least some shut in mostly using the internet as my looking glass to the outside world~. :smiley:


There it is :slight_smile:

The day I was born.


Happy Birthday, Stewart!!! :kissing_heart::bouquet:


I literally don’t know what any of this means (except that I’m Sungittarius, Scorpioon, and Caprisingcorn):

What mean?

Am fucked?


Happy belated birthday :slight_smile:

You have Uranus conjunct your ascendent (along with other planets)… and Sag sun (happy belated birthday to you too :p) dunno whether you’re fucked but sure explains why you sound like an Ne dom sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

I think @Stewart’s ENTP man has Uranus conjunct ascendent too…

And you got a very heavily loaded social quadrant… extremes are interesting :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s my chart bob…

So what would my foolish character do in one of your stories? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not quite sure how to understand the chart as a whole… but the individual positions make a lot of sense… the IC region especially explains a lot of things… aspects are something I’m yet to analyse in depth…

Right now just feels like Saturn is being super heavy on me… Got my Saturn return in Capricorn coming up :smiley: How did yours in Scorpio go?

And I’m curious whether you think your chart hints at Asperger’s… moon + sun conjunct nadir with Saturn bearing down on both + venus… and uranus in 7th house being quite friendly to these planets? I dunno shit about aspects and rulers though :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve also been kinda intrigued by the idea of funny charts… like a chart with only trines or a chart with only squares or a chart with 8 retrograde planets (I don’t know whether this is mathematically/astronomically possible)… and also to what extent can charts indicate one’s tendency to commit suicide or play a role in one’s own death? Read an interesting article about this perfectly happy guy called Martin Manley who planned his own death and even created a website dedicated to it…


Woah, woah, hold up. Whose anus we talking 'bout here? Uranus or Mine?


Hey, hey, who we callin’ Ne dom here? I will not stand for this! (I am presently seated). I don’t Ne-ed no love to be no man. Ne-ither do you. All we Ne-ed is some lovin’ in our Ne-ther regions. Ne-ato!

Huh? Who? What? Where am I? What is you?


What social quadrilateral? Quadriceps? Well, mine do come in contact with each other quite frequently, but I’m not sure if mere physical contact qualifies as sociability. I mean, then we’d just be having sex all the time and no one would need to talk to each other. Quadunga? Quadunga.

Stewart’s ENTP man Uranus conjunct and My-anus conjunct? Anuses in conjunction with each other? I don’t know about you, but that sounds like buttsex. Ménage à trois buttsex. I don’t think it will be hard to imagine a lot of things becoming ascendant…if you know what I mean :wink:

In all seriousness though, what’s a very heavily-loaded social quadrant? And what are the implications for one such quadrant of a very heavily-socially-loaded nature?

Cowabunga my nipples, baby!


And here’s the birthchart for my aforementioned ENTP partner (aka Ha Ha the Sun God):

Kevin, you may be relieved to see that his chart bears little resemblance to yours, apart from both having Uranus Rising. So no preordained buttsex for you, I’m afraid. If you end up having lots of buttsex anyway, then it’s 'cos you wanted it, not because the planets made you do it"


And I somehow managed to post that before I added this emoji to show I was joking: :smiling_imp:

That little snafu I can blame on a planet; specifically Mercury, which has just turned retrograde (and much hilarity ensued…)



Uranus’ probably been feeling rather frisky cause of the heat of the Sun transit :wink:

Lol… I’m no expert… Just a beginner… Anyway… the wheel is split like this…

Two halves vertically :
On the left = Eastern hemisphere = self-motivated take charge and get things done vibe

On the right = Western hemisphere = Receptive and chilled out go-with-the-flow kinda vibe

Two halves horizontally: Upper half = Southern Hemisphere = Extraverted, objective, socially inclined vibe

Lower half = Northern Hemisphere = Introverted, subjective, personally inclined vibe…

The 10th, 11th and 12th houses form the South-East quadrant, which is the quadrant of social expression… you got a lot of planets here… in fact, excluding Saturn and Uranus, all the other major planets are here…

10th house = Saturnian vibe = status, authority, career, role to play in society… you got your moon and pluto here… powerful intense… I can guess at what it means but I might not be right…

11th house = Uranian vibe = idealism, community oriented humanitarianism and friendly stuff with friends…

12th house = Neptunian vibe = collective unconscious, spirituality, dreams, self-undoing, etc.

So you’re probably a whimsical, wise, weirdo with an intense need to affect change in society and want to succeed in doing so… not too sure about the implications…

The Uranus in the 1st house… free spirited, quirky and idealistic… With Capricorn rising you have Saturn presiding over your chart… Not easy… And you might self-sabotage your sense of security now and then… but life will get easier brave face… consult Blake for professional inputs… what I say might be trash :stuck_out_tongue:

Both you and Ha Ha the Sun God have quite similarly interesting looking charts with those tight oppositions and those pretty box like trines and sextiles…


Here’s mine. NO real clue of how to decipher. I just haven’t spent enough time really trying to learn, if I’m being honest. I am curious though! Blake says Libra represents(if that’s even the best word) Te, if I recall correctly, while the signs Aquarius and Gemini represent Ti, the former being my moon. I can’t remember which cognitive function for Virgo… in any case, I know they make me present as rather aloof for an INFJ. Blake says I sound nonchalant, a word I’ve heard from others. Suffice to say, there’s a little bit of cognitive dissonance happening, ha. Okay, bye!


Dammit! I thought it’d be easier than this.

Well, they don’t call me Buttsex McGee for nuttin’ (pun very much intended) :eggplant::cherries::peach::sweat_drops::tongue::lips:

I swear, the planets made me do it! :wink:

Oh, baby babe~

Sounds 'bout right!

How specifically?

Mmmm, don’t stop


@lunar Your chart looks very pretty! It has a very “star” look to it! (Mine in comparison looks a bit like dropped jar of jam to me haha!) Like a fat bay star! I’m surprised how symmetrical it seems. You seem VERY loaded in the 11th. It seems like you are destined for a life filled with people and communicating with them even though you often talk about how you come off as a weirdo or something when you do try to communicate. :smiley: It’s okay, I think you are a good kind of weirdo. You got a lot of different things going on your chart!

@stuart You have a serious looking chart! Perhaps a life of service, but good for your career? I think the T-square suggests frustration with your work-life balance. Maybe with the moon in fourth house and it being your ruler, you really just wanna be at home having a good time but are forced out into the working world–I feel ya. lol

@SeeTheElephant You also got a couple of T-squares going on! The battle seems between monies and educational aspirations with a focus on your creativity and passions. You have a mystic rectangle going on between pluto, neptune, mars, and jupiter. Apparently this can be a very good thing and pushes you to accomplish stuff in the world! Overall it looks like you will gather enough monies in life (partly through luck maybe? haha).

@stewart But I also have… saturn co-ruler because it’s in the 3rd decante of taurus… ;-; SATURNNNNNNN!!! I think your co-ruler of mercury, who is being a good team player in your chart except in its opposition to your moon (but maybe it’s mroe the moon who is at fault, being contrarian to many other planets here haha!). And you’re right, it does look like a bow pointing toward sagittarius and I guess your all over the place moon is the one who launches you into those places. Your husband’s chart also has a similar notched bow and arrow, but I guess it’s more accurate to say it’s like a firework! So many T-squares and double mystic rectangles… a lot of dyanmic push and pulls in him!

@Ankh You seem to have a surprisingly symmetrical chart going on. Your sun and pluto being conjunct in scorpio in the 7th gives you a lot of deep scary power probably, especially when it comes to your relationships with others! Perhaps many a power struggle happens (and you often win, for better or worse lol). You have a focus in the 8th too, which is focus on occulty mysteries and death and the like. I think all this combined with the “scary power” part could make for a good dark arts persona! (despite the seemingly stable and down-to-earth taurus wrapping). haha

@Kevin.K You’re loaded into the last quadrant! lol A very outward, projecting person with a lot of things going on in the subconscious? Your uranus is doing you some favours with good open-mindedness, but it probably makes you come off all over the place. lol Maybe your destiny is to find out how to calm down enough to focus on your good will toward and help others!

@piggie Hmmm! I think if you were a character in my story with this chart, I’d have them as a quirky store owner… maybe bartender or someone who runs an inn/hotel who gets to “work from home” and meet with all kinds of different people and hear their stories. They probably cause your place a lot of unwanted upsets or stress. You have a good trine between the earthies though, so may your home and hearth be bountiful and resilient…!
I think I got married right near the ending of it, but the whole thing was a lot of hassle and a test of patience with my family. haha! And yeah, my mercury’s afflicted with uranus and chiron and the north node too. There’s definitely some kind of “communication”/mental struggle that I have lol (it’s social anxiety and maybe aspergers–i have self-sabotaged myself in many ways form the struggle). I think maybe I am lucky uranus blessed my sun and moon otherwise. So I get to be half the time “bearable” or quirky :smiley: .

@SisterJ88 A natural intellectual! You have some nice planets being friendly with each other in the air signs. I think it does give you an easy airy aloofness, more distance from your emotions than the average INFJ. I think your mars in aries and in the 7th and being tense with a few other planets point to come temper issues though. Maybe it’s a fast blast of heat that then dissipates when you get to talk it out. It also seems like you might be an idealistic and passionate romantic but you might hide this part of yourself to the outside world. :0

PHEW!!! okay, i may not even be really on point with any of these, but you get what you pay for! hahaha!

Also many good cheers and days of merry to you all!