Astrology 101


yes. i was blown away by both Prax and Piggie’s interpretation of my chart.

i want to learn more about it so i can interpret my own chart and other people around me, including my wife!


  1. what do the planets do? what do they each represent?
    what does Sun represent?
    What does moon represent?

  2. what are houses? 12 houses. does it change depending on which house there are?

  3. what are blue and red lines? Blake told me blue is ‘soft’ and red is ‘hard’, thorough explanation?
    are lines good? what does line do? more lines better? less line better? does it matter how many lines?

  4. what are conjunction and quincux ?

  5. what do each sign represent? what does rising sign and ascending sign represent?
    what if you were born in the cusp? does that matter at all?

  6. what is the green line? and what is the finger of God exactly? (Blake said Yod only sounds cool, and he doesn’t subscribe to it. but i want to know what it does)


  8. why do some houses are larger than the others? why aren’t the 12 houses divded equally?

  9. what do each color represent when it comes to sign? wind, fire, water, earth? what color is which?
    and what do those each element say about someone?

,and lastly. tell me any ‘danger’ or ‘warning’ signs. and how to look for them.

and when you look at my chart, in the other topic. please tell me if you see anything ‘fucked up’.

please criticize me or correct me. using my chart.

tell me something like “if you don’t calm down, you will get hurt” idk some stuff but more detailed and accurately.

and no i don’t want to hear "if you pay me $150, i will remove your curse"
i will send the money and curse along your way.


AH! so much to learn!!


That’s a lot of questions!!!
It will take a while to go through one by one because each thing has to be explained 12 times or more (since so many combination? lol).

Anyway, I’m going to bed and have to go to work after, but I will eventually get back to trying to answer some of the stuff. Though maybe someone else will be able to jump in too!

Stuff I don’t know the real answer to yet and would have to learn too:

Someone explain this to me too. ;-; I don’t like intercepted houses stuff. (I think it might have to do with the tilt of the earth depending on your location, but not sure!)


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I work night shift!!! :smiley: So really… i am sleeping too late. haha

i cannot believe you already went off topic in your own thread., you must love purgatory despite being so into scripture!!!


i cannot believe you already went off topic in your own thread., you must love purgatory despite being so into scripture!!!

hahahahaha oh my goodness… excuse my ExxPness
i’m not good at staying on one topic.

we can make this more ‘humane’ can’t we? xD

wow. you are the real supernocturnal. working at nights.

okay! will be waiting for your INTJ knowledge!


Oh boy… I’ll try to answer some of the questions… but it’s gonna take me a while to find the right words :stuck_out_tongue:

Going to indulge in some Se now… so after that :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, great to see you’ve rejoined @supernocturnal! The subscription rate for this forum is incredibly good value in return for what you get (but don’t tell @Blake that in case he decides to charge more…).

And I have an idea for a different approach to help you learn more about Astrology. As you are an ESTP, I don’t think long 2-3 hour sessions are the best way for you to learn the complex theory and astro-technobabble. Plus most of us introverts would be utterly drained by the end of that amount of time! @Blake is an exception, though, since he does this as a profession. But from what I’ve heard, his mastery is such that he can read the broad themes in a chart, intuitively sense how they match the client’s MBTI type and issues, and then weave these together into a meaningful narrative and offer sound advice and practical suggestions.

When it comes to learning about Astrology, however, why don’t you play to your type strengths instead? We could honestly use a few more Sensing types on this forum, as we have just as much to learn from your observant pragmatism.

So I suggest taking one principle at a time and using your dominant Se to see if you can observe it in action in real people for a few days. One of the powers of strong Se is to visually “lock on” to a subject of interest and study the observable details in great depth. The longer you can observe, say, a single person, the clearer your focus becomes, until you are able to notice very subtle details with incredible clarity (such as body language, skin tone, fine muscle movements and also what they are wearing and how this also expresses their character). And most ESXPs are so skilled at doing this that the subject may not even notice your attention (unless you want them to!).

Let me know if I’m on the right track here, and if this sounds like a good approach, then I’ll start posting some basic principles that you can then look for in others.

I don’t expect to receive any money for this either, since I hope others will also find it useful or tell me if I don’t explain something clearly.


And use the same approach with your posts here. Pick one item of interest to discuss and keep the intro quite brief and focussed. The details can then be explored in smaller chunks and greater depth as the thread progresses.


Hello, I’ve been studying astrology as my main subject for the last couple of months, from beginner level.
I’ve been able to apply some of the things I’ve learned to my life with good results
Leggo blocks I’m adding to my bag


Anyhow, I’ll answer point 1 of question 1 in my own kooky way

ok fixed

I was going to ask about the dual planets that @Piggie is about to mention
"Pisces <-- Neptune (+ Jupiter)" so thank you for the answer


Astrology is psychology with a mystical, metaphysical bent.
Do not think of astrology as proof for a deterministic universe… Like psychology, it is not so much about the external, as it is about the internal… A person’s chart represents how they perceive and react to the experience of existence and life, not what life does to them…

About Planets, Signs and Houses

There are different energies (mental, physical, emotional) we, as human beings, are wired to express/satisfy… Each planet represents distinct qualitative energies inside of us… @xijack’s notes
give a good idea about the energies/urges associated with each planet…

The zodiac signs are styles/attitudes of expression…

The houses represent different areas of life experience…

Very simplistically,

Planet = Function = What

Sign = Style = How

House = Area of Experience = Where

So, if a planet is in a particular sign and a particular house, you will feel most satisfied/self-actualized when you consciously channel the energy represented by that planet, with the style of the sign, in the area of life represented by the house…
Of course, astrology is more subtle and complex than that… But that’s a fairly decent starting point…

Signs derive their characteristics from the four natural elements and modalities…

Fire = Intuition
Earth = Sensing
Air = Thinking
Water = Feeling

This is Blake’s stuff…
Cardinal = Extraversion
Fixed = Introversion
Mutable = Ambiversion (first half introverted, second half extraverted)…

Aries - Fire Cardinal
Taurus - Earth Fixed
Gemini - Air Mutable
Cancer - Water Cardinal
Leo - Fire Fixed
Virgo - Earth Mutable
Libra - Air Cardinal
Scorpio - Water Fixed
Sagittarius - Fire Mutable
Capricorn - Earth Cardinal
Aquarius - Air Fixed
Pisces - Water Mutable

Signs are ruled by Planets… So, the styles of the signs are also kinda influenced by the planets that rule them…

Aries <-- Mars
Taurus <-- Venus (sensual)
Gemini <-- Mercury (information oriented/structural)
Cancer <-- Moon
Leo <-- Sun
Virgo <-- Mercury (analytical)
Libra <-- Venus (intellectual)
Scorpio <-- Pluto (+ Mars)
Sagittarius <-- Jupiter
Capricorn <-- Saturn
Aquarius <-- Uranus (+ Saturn)
Pisces <-- Neptune (+ Jupiter)

(Taurus/Libra and Gemini/Virgo are characteristically different faces of the same planet… basically
similar energy but different mechanism… small eg. Venus likes harmony… Taurus (Earth sign) is sensual, so, wants to be surrounded by physical harmony/security/stability, whereas, Libra (Air sign) is intellectual, so, wants to be surrounded by social harmony/justice/equality… another small eg. Venus likes romance… Taurus will be more tactile and touch your body in all the right places, whereas, Libra will spin an enchanting web of words… another small eg. Venus likes art and beauty… Taurus more likely to create beautiful cozy home decorated with antique furniture, whereas, Libra more likely to indulge in conversations/debates about art history/things it finds beautiful…)

Coming to the Houses…

Imagine you were the center of the universe when you were born (this is pretty much how we think of ourselves our entire lives… as the center of the universe)… Your chart is a snapshot of what the universe looked like, with you at its center, the second you were born… Since the universe looks slightly different based on the latitude and longitude of the location you were born at, you can
imagine how each human being born at exactly the same time (universally) might still have a slightly
different (unique) snapshot… The snapshot represents the first impression the universe made on your delicate brain… so, astrology basically says that this first impression greatly influences your
nature/psyche and affects how you may perceive/react to future experiences… The houses represent these experiences…

The chart is divided by two axes…

The horizontal axis is actually a line joining the Eastern (to the left) and Western (to the right)
horizon at the time of birth…

Eastern Horizon = Ascendant = What was rising when you were born = What you identify in yourself most easily…

Western Horizon = Descendant = What was setting when you were born = What you identify in (or through) others but can’t see in yourself easily…

Imagine the vertical line joins the North (lowest point from the center) to the South (highest point from the center)…

Southern most point = Highest point in the open skies overhead at birth = MC/Midheaven = What is
most visible to the world about you

Northern most point = Lowest point (hidden beneath the ground) at birth = IC/Nadir = What is hidden from the world, but forms your core or inner center…

According to me, all life experiences are about developing self-awareness (might be a very biased Fi
id driven view)… so… you see 4 quadrants… each of the quadrants helps us develop self-awareness in
different ways…

Quad 1 (North Eastern) - Asc to Nadir

Self-awareness purely through self.

Quad 2 (North Western) - Nadir to Dsc

Self-awareness through personal action/reaction, as part of surroundings.

Quad 3 (South Western) - Dsc to MC

Self-awareness through relational understanding.

Quad 4 (South Eastern) - MC to Asc

Self-awareness through identification of personal role in relation to the bigger picture.

The houses start at the eastern horizon and are incremented in a counter clockwise direction… Each Quad has 3 houses…

The cusp which begins each quad is called an Angle and the corresponding house is called an Angular house… To start something, you need a pioneering spirit… hence, these houses are
characterized by high energy that establishes the approach the person will take towards this quad… this is why Ascendant, Descendant, MC and IC are considered so important… because they are the cusps of Angular Houses…

The second house in the quadrant is called the Succedent house… characterized by stamina, which helps enhance
and maintain… so, a more laid back energy…

The third house in the quadrant is called the Cadent… it’s about synthesizing an understanding of the quad and making way for the next stage of development with a different aim… Kinda mitigating energy (I dunno why Cadent houses are considered to be weak, cause I think they play an important role)…

Anyway… You could also associate this with modalities like this :

Angular = Cardinal
Succedent = Fixed
Cadent = Mutable

Now, on to the 12 Houses or pies in your chart…

Quad 1

Pie 1

  • Natural persona/projection of self…
  • Filter through which you view the world…
  • Personal energy…

You are BORN… the first thing you become aware of is… yourself… the fact that you exist… and you
become aware of this primarily because you notice that there is something that separates you from everything that is around you… I am an individual… a distinct entity… everything around me is “not me”… It is a very selfish (I don’t mean this negatively) kind of self-awareness…

The sign at the cusp of the first house/your Rising sign/your Ascendant describes the natural characteristics you identify with when you first deal with this awareness… so, in life, these are the
characteristics of the natural persona you tend to adopt, like a mask, when you meet the rest of the world… any planets here are focused on the establishment of self as distinct entity… i.e. all the
functions associated with those planets are performed with that goal in mind… and the method of execution will depend on rising sign…

The planet that rules the Rising sign is also called the chart ruler… i.e. for your life to feel worth living, you really got to make sure that planet is getting to express itself the right way… The planet need not be in the 1st house (but it might be)…

Pie 2

  • Self-worth (psychological and material) and how you earn it
  • Self-gratification/self-centered sensuality
  • Possessions and possessiveness

Now that you have established that you are an individual, you gotta go into Fixed mode… How do you add value to this individual?

How we value ourselves depends on what we have earned for ourselves, both psychologically (self-respect), as well as, materially (money/property/belongings)… the value we assign also depends on how much, or, what kind of effort we had to put into earning these things… Planets here focus their energy on, and the sign at the cusp describes your attitude towards, building value for yourself

for eg. I have Scorpio cusping the 2nd house (with Pluto in there)… I do feel worthless if I’m not using my time and energy to dig deep into the mysteries of life (unfortunately this is not part of my job description)… I feel like an imposter if I don’t lose myself in whatever I’m doing, i.e. feel like I did it
right only when I work with intense focus on task at hand… i am afraid of not having complete control over my financial situtation… simultaneously, I am afraid of not having control over what I am
expected to do to earn for myself and hate being denied the freedom to transform… since physical pleasure and sense of ownership also comes under the purview of this house, I have powerful sex drive (with need to be in control of it) and the tendency to be very possessive about people/things… with Pluto in there, there is potential for tremendous power, but also, possibility of frequent ups and downs (because, destruction does away with what is unnecessary to make place for the new and better)… obviously, I am not using Pluto energies properly… I am choosing fear/obsession aspect of Pluto (inversion as @xijack listed) over fearlessness/power and am not able to respect myself for it… anyway… that’s the gist of how 2nd house can be interpreted according to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay… I’m gonna take a break now, because I’m tired… I’ll update the post later…

I’m back. taking it one at a time…

Pie 3

  • Interaction with immediate surroundings
  • Nuts and bolts understanding of the world (what is all this)… Naming things and putting them in boxes…
  • Communication : language, speaking, writing
  • Basic education

Awareness of self includes awareness of what is not self… The 3rd house deals with the basic understanding of both and mediating the interaction between them… so obviously, this house is associated with curiosity, the development of the thought process and the ability to communicate it… some say that this house is linked with neighbourhood, siblings, school, local culture and even local transportation… I dunno about that… but logically, you could explain it saying that the 3rd house is still an early stage of development, so it is likely to be about interaction with the things/people in our immediate surroundings…

The energy of the planets here and the style of the sign cusping your 3rd house is channeled into your logic and influences your perception/communication…

eg. I have a friend with Mars in the 3rd house… Just from a concrete observation POV, her enunciations sound more like barks… interestingly, Mars is in Cancer… it makes her almost combatively defensive about what she’s saying, if she is not feeling confident… on the flip side… can say very reassuringly protective things when on a positive upswing… compare this with @Ankh, who has her moon in the 3rd house, also in Cancer… she has a cascading, emotionally expressive voice… her moods are reflected in her words… also gets kinda defensive sometimes… when feeling positive, she is trying to get people to open up and interact like one big family… more interestingly, both, my friend and Erika have Chiron in the 3rd House (Chiron is the wounded healer)… both have anxiety about expressing themselves/opening up to random people in real life… the privilege is restricted to the selected few they consider close to them… I don’t know about Erika, but my friend will not open her mouth in public if she is afraid of being challenged for what she said (aggravated Mars problem in her case)… but she always stands up for people who find it difficult to express themselves, because she can empathize with their pain…

Quad 2

We are entering the more responsive part of the chart… this is what I meant by Quad 2 is self-awareness through action/reaction wrt surroundings… Quad 1 was self-oriented action… this quad is more like a response to surroundings…

Pie 4

  • Your sense of personal security, stability and responsibility… How do you feel being the center of your own universe?
  • Early childhood imprints and influence of nurturing parent…
  • Personal intuition…

This pie has the IC cusping it… This is the deepest part of yourself… It’s where your life is rooted… It is also the first house that adapts itself to external feedback… So the foundation has gotta be strong to make you adapt positively… what makes the foundation strong? How secure did you feel when you were a wee lil helpless baby… so yes, it’s about your experience of the home environment and your relationship with the nurturing parent… a strong foundation also means a strong sense of personal intuition or “knowing your self” and how you want your tree of life to grow, flower and fruit… a tree always grows upwards, away from the ground… so, in life we want to grow upwards, from our IC towards our MC… this is why, we don’t always share the stuff that goes on in our 4th house… its buried under the beautifully constructed exterior… anyway… 4th house is also about your sense of responsibility to your roots (could be your personal beliefs, or your family, or your country too)…

The sign cusping the 4th house is what you really feel like on the inside… It’s the sign which accepts all the inputs you are gathering from the upper, public houses/MC and develops your inner intuition… Planets here could indicate the energies influencing your early experiences and also what kind of guiding voices you hear…

eg. My dad has Cancer cusping the 4th house, with Uranus and Jupiter conjunction in there… He had a really BIG (Jupiter… 7 siblings) and eccentric (Uranus) family… his dad literally took in random children and raised+educated them which left his mother flustered and left the kids to tend for themselves… some crazy turn of events (Uranus) lead to losing family property and having to move around a lot (Jupiter)… My dad is rather sensitive and soft on the inside (Cancer)… so all this struggle made him decide that he would never put himself in that kind of situation where he had no sense of security… he worked his ass off and paid for himself and his family, found a really stable job (positive effect)… But also made him very self-protective and anxious about stability for the family above anything else (negative effect)…

Pie 5

  • Offering self as a gift to others
  • Personal improvement and competing with others

After acknowledging that others exist and have an impact on us… Just to lighten things up, let’s think about what we can give to someone that will make us feel positively radiant (think the Sun)… This is our conscious persona… Unlike the 1st house, which is natural, almost like a reflex, the 5th house is about the person we want to be seen as after we have developed a tiny bit of understanding about the self and the world… these are the characteristics that we “want to” identify with now… what are the different areas in which we can shine as an individual beacon? Creative expression, romance, the act of sex (shallow… deep will come later and is always about the other as much as the self), even competition and risk taking… we want to be the best… the “only one”… almost like a performer on stage who wants the spotlight on him…

The sign cusping the 5th indicates the characteristics of our conscious persona and the planets in this house indicate the energies we want to channel into the gifts we offer to others…

eg. The ESTP I was talking about in another thread has Sagittarius cusping the 5th house with Uranus and Saturn conjunction in there… he also has Jupiter in 10th house acting as the key that unlocks Uranus or Saturn in the 5th … When I first met him I was hit by a blast of Jupiter like energy… I suspected that he had some really strong Jupiter/Sagittarius influence in his chart, because he definitely seemed like an ESTP, but with very strong pull towards Ni… when I asked him for his birth details I found this configuration… anyway… One of the first things he told me was that he likes playing the role of a Guru (I dunno whether most of you people know what Guru means… basically, a spiritual mentor)… In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is called Guru… so it was very fitting for him to have Sagittarius cusping his 5th house… He had a very weird (Uranus) dressing sense and he would deliberately behave like a non-conformist everywhere we went, just to provoke people (again Uranus)… it was almost like a test (Saturn), and anyone who remained unbiased and passed the test would receive a truck load of goodwill and advice on how to improve their life… when he was younger… he studied in a school that was run by the army and it had a very Saturnian effect on his personality… strict regimen… punishment for failing to conform to rules… no scope for uniqueness… but he still found ways of breaking the rules and getting away with it thanks to Jupiter/Uranus and ESTPness… lol… its weird how charts almost indicate the ideal personality type for a person to be able to deal with the energies they are endowed with…

Pie 6

  • Health, disease and restoration of balance
  • Analysing what has been learned so far (how does all this work)
  • Self-discipline
  • Letting go of self… Offering self in service to others…

We’re in a cadent house… so we are mitigating and preparing for entry into the objective realm… so far, we were in the realm of the self, learning and adapting for the self alone… we are going to move into the realm of self which learns and adapts for the sake of others… so the 6th house, is literally about bringing ourselves back to earth, where our actions/reactions affect us and others… one way to be brought back to earth is to be forced to control the desires of the self… to control the tendency to over-indulge oneself… so health and the requirement to maintain a healthy internal balance come under the purview of this house… another way is through the analysis of how actions/reactions affect the delicate balance, both internally and externally (analytical understanding… understanding the hows of the whats we learnt about in the 3rd house… and then finally, practicing letting go of the solipsistic self by allowing the interests of others to dictate our actions (being subservient/submissive to another, or, having to follow a demanding daily routine for the sake of keeping a job given to us by another, or, literally going into a service oriented job)…

Sign at cusp will colour our approach towards this aspect of life and Planets either make it easier or harder for you to do what needs to be done… Outer planets tend to really fuck things up if they are badly aspected…

eg. My mom has Pluto and true node in Virgo here… she is plagued with psychosomatic health issues and OCD like symptoms… she’s a total workhorse… her entire life has been about service… she is a teacher and beyond being a teacher, she is always ensuring that the household is running (it wouldn’t if it weren’t for her)… she doesn’t really get the respect she deserves professionally and personally, but works obsessively (while also thinking people are always trying to undermine her)… I, on the other hand, have Pisces cusping the 6th… I kinda just drift through life and don’t really know what’s happening half the time… I just go with the flow… and my health is so out of my control… i suffer from sinusitis and migrane and a sensitive stomach… in fact… not much about my life is organised or under my control… but i’m meticulously clean and perfectionistic too… thats probably Virgo Sun/Mercury and INFJness :stuck_out_tongue:

@Prax you have a lot of planets in the 6th… what’s your experience been like? @lunar also has luna in the 6th in Pisces… how it feel?

Okay… @supernocturnal… I’m done for a while now… hope that’s enough for you to chew on… sorry I didn’t follow your question format… I’ll probably get around to doing the rest next weekend or something…


That was a great post, Piggie! I learned so much!! :smiley:

Though I’m not sure super will be able to read through it all hahaha. For me, this is something that brings it all together after years of fooling around with astrology. Now I’m like “Ohhhh it makes sense now… I see…” lol


Hahaha i have the same doubt…

Is super going to be able to get through the post without getting restless?!

He asked for it… this tsunami of INFJ thoughts :joy:

And thanks! thats how i feel when i read your astrology/mbti stuff (:


Awesome. This is going to be useful and motivating.


Moon likes being in Taurus and in the 4th house… and yes I would imagine that having a Taurus IC must give an inner stability… Taurus is the most stable and sensual sign… And with the moon there, emotions aren’t likely to be expressed verbally… more through actions and especially for loved ones…

Partly because of that… partly because you’re a dominant sensor… partly because you have Mars in the 5th house… that’s a pleasure seeking Mars… you really care about your sexual performance… and it’s trine Venus in Libra in 8th/9th house… Venus is romantic and naturally belongs in Libra… 8th house is about spiritual union through sex… Venus there is just wow… super intense… but yours is borderline 9th house… so it’s more intellectual instead… And mars in Gemini is also intellectual… so you probably like the aesthetics of sex and talking about it, during it or after it just as much… lol…

Yes you have a lot of planets in Air in your chart… and you have Te id/Ti aux… that’s a lot of thinking energy…

I guess the drive to learn something new each day comes from that beautiful trine between the 9th house Sun in Libra and the Mars in Gemini in 5th house… that’s like Te trine Ti… plus Mercury is ruling your Mars…

(trines are the blue lines by the way… they mean that the two planets are being friendly to each other and the energy is flowing easily between them… which is why it’s a ‘soft’ aspect… can be taken for granted because it comes real easy)…

9th house sun automatically makes ideas/abstract/spiritual learning a way of life… having it in a cardinal air sign makes it even more determined… Mars, being ruled by Mercury here, is driven to learn and craves intellectual variety/novelty… since it’s in the 5th house it’s also eager to project its knowledge consciously and openly… since sun and mars are exchanging energy freely, you can project the learnings of both… besides… you have both planets and Mercury sextiling Jupiter in the 7th house… that gives you great ability to influence people and expand their minds with your ideas and words… since Jupiter is in Leo and Venus is also sextiling Jupiter, you have the added advantage of being very charming in your one on one interactions…

Lol… love the loud bass logic :smile:

Yes… house 1 is on the left… your 1st house starts at the point marked AC and then go counter clockwise from there…

Your Saturn is conjuncting the Asc from the 12th but it will also express itself through the 1st… that’s a very serious and heavy placement for the 1st house… but life gets lighter with age because you learn your lessons early… and you have your north node in the 1st house in Aquarius… so you really got to focus on being objectively, detachedly and unapologetically yourself (Ti aux!!) this life and let go of feeling bad about other people cheating you or taking advantage of you… :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a bit of a wandering mind, and notes like this help me

Those notes are sourced from various websites, so it’s just what I found,
but the planets from Sun to Mars are considered personal planets
where as the slower moving outer planets are more about the collective or are generational (repeat i’m a beginner so may be wrong)
There shouldn’t be anything under Jupiter, I’ll fix that after I get back from the city

Star Walk app has been good for motivation, tracking the planets and constellations etc. anytime, it’s fun!

Happy to sit in on this class,


Ok…bear with me :slight_smile: I am not an Ni dominant…

Q: when you are explaining things to supernocturnal you are very much explaining it in the context of supernocturnal? Like some little details about him have already been absorbed unconsciously and the chart guides the insights? I could sort of imagine how that could go. Or is it more a trust in astrology?

Ni is still somewhat ungraspable to me. The other day I had an experience I thought might be Ni but it felt rare. Our roof had rain damage and a sheet rock fell through the ceiling. Then at work there was similar looking debris on the floor there had been at our house. It just knew it was significant. I marveled at the knowing and how it felt like “seeing” into that reality fabric. It was really strong. What did I know? That the water damage to this state is on the rise. So I guess I wonder if Ni-lead chart reading has any of this same seeing feeling or not. Or because it is that very fine tuned cognitive process it is less astounding as an experience.


What is a dance battle?


Even for Ni-leads, this type of pèrception can still be surprising and extraordinary. What you don’t usually hear about are the “feelings” that accompany Ni in action. You mentioned it above in your story. It starts when we notice coincidences or corresponding small events happen in quick succesion. For me, the magic number is usually 3 times. At this point I might get the sense that this is significant in someway, and will start to actively look out for further events or meanings. Gradually the picture begins to take shape and the feeling shifts to a more focussed “knowing” and a desire to actively investigate where this is leading me. Once I’ve done my research, I then get a sense that I need to pass it over to my unconscious to wotk its magic in the background, while I get on with a more mundane activity.

The time factor is highly variable, from as little as a few minutes, to several hours, or sometimes a day or two. If I need to check in on Ni’s progress, it will send some visual signal to let me know thst its still processing. This can be entertaining in its own right, it used to show me the Windows hourglass icon, but lately this has shifted to the spinning blue circle of recent software updates!

Then comes that magic moment of “knowing”, when the meaning or idea or realisation pops fully formed into my head. There is always a burst of pleasure when this happpens, usually centred in my head (similar to the pleasure you get from laughing or drinking alcohol very quickly!). But if the realisation is a really huge or significant one, the feeling is much stronger and washes down through my whole body. It can be so ecstatic and powerful that I may even need to sit down as waves of insight download one after another. My internal voice will start exclaiming expletives (f#$k!) at the intensity of this type of “cosmic download”.

I may then need to go somewhere private and quiet to process it all and wonder at the mysterious nature of reality. These are my peak experiences of Ni, and the sense of wonder and joy can last for days afterwards!


And I notice in your birtthchart a few signifiers of your own Ni, @lunar. Ive got to go out right now, but I’ll post more later today :smirk::sagittarius: