Astrology, MBTI, and relationships


Hi, everybody ~ I’ve lurked here on and off, but never joined the deep discussions bc I dislike not being able to keep up or reply in a timely manner. Probably won’t do a great job with this thread either, but will try. :relaxed:

So I’m an INFJ woman who’s recently re-met an ENFJ E3 guy I knew YEARS ago and never forgot. To say he’s a handful is an understatement. I honestly thought he was an ESFP at first and was wondering what kind of magical terror I might be opening myself up to, until I read Blake’s article on the E3 ENFJ/Neptune 7H (“I MUST HAVE THIS (WO)MAN”) this morning.

Before I start posting weird questions/observations/charts/etc, tho, I just want to float the topic to see if there’s any interest.

In a nutshell, Blake’s observations are pretty dead-on (as usual): I’m INFJ with Scorpio rising and Neptune conjunct the ASC in H1. He’s Taurus rising with Neptune conjunct his Scorpio DSC in H7. And there’s a lot of other good/bad/interesting shit, but I’m trying to read the tea leaves ~ does anyone here have an interest in or experience with this combo?

PS: we are both Leo suns, but on opposing axes ~ he’s H4/IC and I’m H9/10 (conjunct MC). And his Scorpio Mars (H6 for him, so transposes to my H12) makes me wary… *lol


I don’t know what degrees anything is in, but I also don’t buy into orb value and all that bullshit… I do imagine there is some hot/interesting chemistry between you two. What are your Moon signs?

Synastry can be incredibly interesting/exciting, but I feel like it can be both too restrictive in it’s scope and also get people’s hopes up too much. “His Vertex is semiquintilesasquatch my Venus!!!” It depends on how you look it. I also think transits can have a major impact on how two people experience one another and how things work out. Transits can bring people together, and then tear them apart.

I don’t have full charts for you two, so there’s big chunks of the puzzle missing, so it may not be entirely fitting, but still we can have some fun. Plus, I have known at least a handful of Leo Sun/Mars in Scorpio guys with angular Neptunes. No joke.

MARS IN SCORPIO: Automatically sexy. It’s a given. I’ve noticed this in my own life. He can be a rockstar or a hunchback librarian who wears Mr. Roger’s cardigans. He can have b.o. from Hell and still live in his Mom’s basement or be an actual bum. Doesn’t matter. He will be the sexiest bum on the street corner. Mars in Scorpio tends to give people that something extra. You just don’t know what it is. It’s something intangible. Something you can’t pinpoint to any one thing in particular. It just is. Everything can be wrong with them. For instance, they can be the most antagonistic motherfucker you’ve ever met and just be an all-around dick…but still you will come back to them because of this almost magical, mystical quality they have. Animal magnetism. Especially if he’s also got a hard Venus/Pluto (conjunction, square, opposition) aspect. Can be the dangerous and hard-to- forget type that combo. Scorpio energy all amped up. Watch out for this one.

SUN IN LEO, MARS IN SCORPIO, TAURUS RISING. I don’t know this guy and I hate making blanket statements about people I don’t know, but whether he is a nice guy or a troubled bad boy, this combo is typically the bossy, demanding, combative type. Typically is the fixed attitude type, is strong willed, and has strong opinions. Can possibly be that kind of guy who automatically takes an authorative/condescending tone with everyone he meets, like “I know better than you.”

NEPTUNE IN THE 7TH HOUSE: Definitely has a lot of illusions regarding himself and others. Idealistic, especially in relationships. Vacillating sense of self. In general, in a state of constant flux. Likes to spend more time dreaming about the perfect relationship than actually be in one. The type that will promise you the Moon and will be in a hot ass hurry to move in together, but then get bored quickly when you do decide to move in with him. Tends to heavily idealize someone in the beginning stages of a relationship; becoming totally enamored and infatuated with someone, only to bail out later without any warning, once the glamorous, seductive haze dissipates. Watch them get really angry, even bitter, once the inevitable cracks in their perfect reality start to appear. And…they will point the finger, blaming their lover for not measuring up to the dream love they have concocted in their minds. Or… they just don’t bother with any of that classic settling down shit at all. Forever Bachelor type. Series of (possibly imaginary) hot, short term flings. Another variant is the type that fronts the classic married with 2 kids, picket fence thing all the while secretly harboring the desire for an impossible love. Secret soulmate agenda. Being married and having kids is just a placeholder until the secret soulmate appears. Possible alcohol, drug, sex addiction issues. Neptune in the 7th House might also create the illusion that he is nicer, more sensitive than he really is. Neptunians can be genuinely sensitive, empathetic, intuitive types, but Neptune also has that effect of taking something shitty or rotten and giving it an outer shiny, beautiful and “nice” veneer. Neptune in an angular house can make a person appear sensitive, caring, dreamy, mysterious and otherworldly, but then they can just be an absolute turd underneath it all. A turd wrapped in a beautiful and inviting cellophane candy wrapper. He may have a lot of issues, nasty habits, overall shitty, disrespectful behavior that you continually overlook because you want to believe he is much more sensitive and caring underneath it all. Troubled bad boy with a heart of gold kind of thing. Unfortunately, he might just turn out to be a bad boy.

An ENFJ (3) (if he is in fact one) with this kind of astrology… I’d watch out for him being an Narcissist. It doesn’t automatically make him one, but it is something to watch for. ENFJ kind of already have a Narcisstic bent to there type makeup. Watch out for love-bombing, trauma bonding, gas-lighting, triangulation with “psycho” ex’s and future victims, and the infamous disappearing act. Devalue & discard. That shit can be soul-crushing.

The other side of that coin is that ENFJs are fun as hell to be around, at least some of them can be… temporarily. ENFJs are attractive because they can get your adrenaline pumping, especially if you have been living some boring, hum-drum existence for awhile. They come along and remind you what it’s like to feel alive again.

As cliche it is, follow your intuition, your gut on this. If it feels like a shit storm waiting to happen and you don’t want to go through that, then don’t. But if you want the adrenaline-fueled adventure, then go for it. I think we are often attracted to certain people/situations whether they be good or bad because we need the experience. Live and learn. Soul growth.


WOW… thank you for taking the time to share all that, Pluto! Yeah, he’s got red flags flying high, but he’s also in the midst of a MAJOR life change (w more to come, according to his transits), and I’ve learned that I’m extremely susceptible to narc-like personalities, so I’m hanging back in deep observation mode. :wink:

Want to reread your thoughts a few more times and let them sink in, but absolutely will return ~ *thank you for the objective POV!! :hugs:


Honestly, I was about to delete my comment just before you commented. I wrote it in the middle of the night (insomnia) and I’m worried it was too negative. It’s also way more subjective than I would like it to be (based on guys, as well as a couple of females I have met with the Leo/Mars in Scorpio combo/Fixed Ascendant with heavy Neptune and/or angular Neptune. I happen to be a magnet for Mars in Scorpio people in general as well.) Also, what I wrote just feels…way too vapid to me. Astrologically speaking, that is definitely not my best writing…

But yeah, I can only imagine with your Neptune in H1 - being the sensitive, empath type (I’m assuming you are) that you are a bit of a magnet for Narcissists. Narcissists always seek out sensitive, compassionate types who are attractive and have all around good qualities. Qualities that the Narcissist lacks himself, but likes to claim as his own.