AURORA's type: Type 3 ENFJ?


Is this girl an ENFJ type 3??

Saw her typed INFP in a YouTube video of an MBTIer I follow…

But Blake’s ENFJ article has made my radar so sensitive to this particular type… Ping!

Her eyes are unmistakable ENFJ eyes…

Please tell me I’m right!

How interesting! She gives me chills… Taylor Swift can never do that… but well… can’t say TS is not the lowest end of the same continuum :stuck_out_tongue:

(Should I be posting this on this thread or another one?)

Your soul albums
Your soul albums

Since I don’t do the “type thing”, I have more questions than answers. What makes you think she is an ENFJ besides her eyes? Do my eyes have the same quality? And what quality is that exactly?


Hi Piggie, I think she might be enfj. She reminds of both Byork and Adele. But I am not sure.


Oh, I like her music a lot. I don’t know if I’d say ENFJ. She definitely has a sweet and sunny smile, but she also seems to avoid the gaze quite a bit too, getting caught up in her own thoughts… I don’t really know that it’s Fe dom she’s projecting. Hmmmm.

I could see INFP - maybe one who’s done a good job at activating her Ne and can let loose a lot of playfulness and quirkiness.

She does have intense eyes - so, I do see what you mean. But ENFJs kind of give off this vibe of…yikes. Like they’re going to eat you alive. For better or for worse. I think I need to see more of Aurora in interviews and such, but from what I have seen of her, she seems a bit more internally focused and lost in her own head.

I could be totally wrong, though. I mean, I would have sworn up and down Taylor Swift wasn’t an ENFJ before, but now I think she probably is.

Anyway, in an attempt to half-tie this reply to the topic…the first song I heard by Aurora was “Under Stars”. I don’t know that I’d say it makes me feel like I’m hearing myself exactly - maybe a reverse effect, like it’s taking me out of myself. Gives me some yearning for things I wish I could do, places I wish I could go, to be someone I wish I was. Maybe that’s Ne. Ne id (ENFJ) or Ne aux (INFP)? I don’t know. Here’s the song:


@Ankh @Wendy @lunar

Hmm thoughts… hard to articulate… but I’ll try…

First impression… that warrior song and whatever she said before she sang it sounded very Pisces… which could be ENFJ or INFP… since both are the most Pisces of all types…

Dramatic use of facial expressions while singing… voice modulation… connect that with Fe more than Fi…

Ni aux eyes… intense, detached… I think of them as piercing infinity… intensely focused on a point at an infinite distance behind you… it’s like ENFJ’s soul-anchor isn’t inside them… they’re trying to find it inside you or beyond you… umm and yes @Ankh! you got those eyes too!

INFP eyes centred in their soul within themselves… definite feeling of person looking out from the inside… infinite too but dissolved in their own infinity… warmer than ENFJ eyes…

Other things based on other videos…

  1. Her videos are very concept driven… not that INFPs aren’t concept driven, but their concepts are expressed as a random collection of strange images… she has very specific images she’s trying to convey/emotions she’s trying to evoke through her videos (Ni aux)… But they are still telling “stories”, which I associate with Ne lying in the id… apparently she explains the story/inspiration behind each song when she’s performing live (Fe)…

  2. Her physicality… she is other-worldly & awkward (Ne), but she’s not goofy as INFP would be… she’s very aware… and there’s a sensuality in her dance in that Winter Bird video which suggests a strong use of Se… even the way she feels the music in this video (posted below)… she’s lost but very present in an Ni-Se intense way…

  1. The flavour of the strangeness… ENFJ strangeness can seem disturbing… but it’s very beautiful and appealing… it makes you go wtf but it’ll caress your senses and leave you feeling like you “travelled” (I feel you about the wanting to go places @Wendy) … INFP strangeness seems harmless at first, but the aftertaste leaves you feeling very uneasy and disturbed… the taste of Ni id…

Sample this very INFP video (posted below) cause I don’t think my words in 1, 2 and 3 can describe the feeling accurately…

Haha yeah that’s the confusing bit… like if you compare Taylor Swift’s demeanor to hers, aurora is such a sweet little elf… doesn’t seem dangerous at all :stuck_out_tongue:


I also notice her movement and think it might indicate enfj. Adele does similar moves. It is a way of emoting as a need but you are invited for the pinging:) Ne in there too. And what you said about stories. It is like vignettes. Kind of like page flipping. Looks different when you flip the page. New vignette. Hmm.


And this is the official video version of Running with the Wolves… doesn’t it look like a performance? And kinda… primal…

Yes… The right words… :slight_smile:


You’re right!

She strikes me as an enneatype 3 ENFJ with a lot of air element in her chart. There is an INTJ impression there (mimicking) more than anything else, not INFP.

I get confused between enneatype 3 ENFJ and INTJs all the time. I tend to think of the more avant garde ENFJs as INTJs. Kate Bush being the pivotal realization for me. I used to think she was a really out there INTJ, but, now I think she is an enneatype 3 ENFJ.

Same thing happened with this chick:

Thought she was a really out there INTJ. Now, I think she is a good example of enneatype 3 ENFJ with a lot of air in her astrology chart. In her case, a Libra Sun with Aquarius Moon…like St. Vincent! Remember?

Except St. Vincent is INFJ and these type of women are enneatype 3 ENFJs - more sexual and grabby. Struggling toward sensation in a barren world.

Remember Kate Bush’s album The Sensual World?

Yeah, some tertiary Se thing going on with a lot of conceptual craziness.

Enneatype 3 ENFJs love to use their bodies in crazy conceptual ways.


Wiki: Typings By Blake
Help type these YouTubers

@piggie, @lunar, @Wendy, and @Blake, do we have some examples of American ENFJs type 3??? Besides Taylor Swift???

All of the chicks we talk about with this type are European. And Taylor Swift seems sooooo different from all of them. Why is that? What’s going on? What is this place?!?!?! Literally, just in the way they dress. All of these European chicks vs. Taylor. Taylor conforms to what is popular to wear and how to present yourself. The European chicks where whatever the fuck. Let’s look at Helena Bonham Carter again. She likes to wear 80s themed dresses with combat boots. Okay, cool. But would you ever see Taylor wearing that? Fuck no. See, the more I think about it, the more I think I’m a type 8. @Blake, recalculate and get back to me. Is this a cultural thing? I feel like I’m running a moat into the ground with my questions.

Seriously, I see myself more closely related to Taylor than any of these chicks. Is there a cultural thing to do with this? And even though I see myself closer to Taylor, I don’t see myself as fake as she is. Judge away. There is a clip I saw of Taylor once at a concert. It was a huge fucking concert. She walked on stage and said, “Aww you all came for me?” I was so angry at this. My reaction was “FUCK YOU.”. So where do I fit here? Because I don’t see a comparison in any of these broads. If they’re sexual and grabby, okay. But maybe I’m seeing myself more relatable to Brando. Type 8.

“They want gratification of their base impulses and they are good at seeking out the avenues for the attainment of these desires.” “But, the thing is that ENFJs transcend conventional morality in a way, and often, by reveling in sensual and cathartic experience, save humanity from mediocrity.” “sexual beast, tortured soul, a lot of nonverbal and interesting visual moments, most of which are sexual, and did I mention sex. Yes, ENFJs are sex. Pornographic beasts. Not so much the physical act of sex exclusively, but the pornographic and obscene aspects of existence as a feeling creature in an increasingly mechanized and regimented world.” “They are monsters of love, monsters of experience, monsters of art. Look into this whole monster archetype because it is what ENFJs reveal in a rather profound way. They are not nice. But, they are not evil either. They more reveal evil through their pursuits. They are not afraid to explore the limits of the human condition.” - all of these quotes are from this article:

The only thing in there that I can see that MAY be a difference is the positive vs. cynical aspect of type 3 and type 8. I don’t feel as fluffy as an type 3, but I don’t feel as completely “evil” as a type 8. Is this maybe the contrast of life and death aspects in my astrology - with Scorpio and Pluto and that bitch Venus? Help, oh help! I don’t see myself in this mix of strange broads. No type it is!!!


Omg thank you! :smile:

So I checked… and you’re soo right! She’s got all her inner planets in Gemini… north node and chiron in Libra… uranus in Aquarius… how do you do it Blake? :stuck_out_tongue:

And now that you mention it I see the sterility in the videos… even the iamamiwhoami one you shared… so much going on but it has that clutter free INTJ vibe…

But the movements… trying to blend self with the external to feel something… hmm… lost enticing wanderers these… their unabashed yearning moves me… such a curious type…


“I feel like I’m running a moat into the ground with my questions”

No this is like the best question ever! I don’t know enneagram type. I remember though Blake bringing up Scarlet Johanssen as some type of enfj. She is American:)


Yeah unabashed. Even when she does the neurotic version. I like Blake’s wording “conceptual” movement.
Man this place is like the best place for learning.


Erika… you are enfj and you don’t seem like type 8 to me…

And maybe you don’t notice the similarity… but I feel it… when I hear your recordings… remember I said they left me with a longing for something I couldn’t explain… I felt exactly the same thing while watching these Aurora videos… and that’s how I correlated the story telling thing with Ne id and the tertiary Se… takes me places I desire to explore but am scared to… and didn’t you just say that you are on point when you dance but really accident prone otherwise… don’t you see that in aurora’s body language?

Taylor Swift is a very earthy version of enfj I guess… it makes her look more conformist… but she’s got 'em eyes… she’s kinda power hungry though… easier to associate with the mad bad and dangerous to know…

And I think that sun+pluto in Scorpio makes for a relatively unfluffy person cause it’s not easy… but who said type 3 is fluffy? It’s driven is what I think… Btw… I do see the positive side you associate with type 3 more than the cynical side in you, atleast outwardly… you feel sad when you come across cynical people, either cause you wish you could regulate their mood or because the negativity hurts you or you think the world would be a better place if everyone were less cynical… :stuck_out_tongue:


Her body language is freaky! She looks like she talks to dead people. Or that she’s constantly receiving messages from the mother-ship. That’s what her body language tells me to be quite honest. And the longing that we’re talking about - are we talking about lyrics or body movements? Cause I can understand what you’re saying with lyrics. I can appreciate those. And I can see how those would make someone long for the other. But, her body movements… and when Blake says shit like, “Enneatype 3 ENFJs love to use their bodies in crazy conceptual ways.” it messes me up. I don’t use my body in crazy conceptual ways unless I want a good fucking. Otherwise, it’s in a state of auto-pilot. He said something like this in the ENFJ article too…something about interpretive dance or something. Blah! Humbug!

Well type 3 is more positive and go get 'em and type 8 is more cynical, bad attitude type right? Both are driven, yes?


Chill yo :stuck_out_tongue:

Lyrics and body movements in her case… poetry and delivery in your case… but same feeling… some sort of urgency…

All people of the same type aren’t the same… Maybe you don’t like interpretive dancing/using your body in conceptual ways… but there’s like similar base preferences and styles of expression :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes… both are driven… do you think you’re more cynical and bad attitude?

Or maybe the whole categorisation thing is getting you stressed out…

Hmm… So the question is… what do you hope to feel when you know you’re a particular type and you have clear cut examples of that type?


Help. This thread was driving me crazy because the music vids start on their own after I pause them and then scroll away from them.

Anyway, Aurora’s texture to her music is interesting and I like it. It’s lush, crunchy, and swelling to me.
Maybe Bjork-like. A pressured Fe release. So I feel she probably is Fe-dom like ENFJ. But yeah, due to blondness (lol) and robotic mannerisms, an overall airy vibe.

I still think Swift is an ok imitation of ENFJ in her music, but I am still not convinced of it in her person. lol But maybe it’s due to her more earthy Si-like sentiment + her industriousness that gives her mixed messages. Oh, mixed messages… probably ISFJ after all? lol I think I half respect her and don’t like her, whereas for many ENFJ, I respect them and am neutral or like them, so that probably plays into my interpretation.


I really love the conceptual description for enfj movement.

Conceptual and “trancy” (not a word perhaps). It is almost as if having 2 left feet wouldn’t prevent an enfj from doing amazing dance performance. Almost. A bit exaggerated.

It is different with ?isfps? If you see someone like I don’t know Micahel Jackson in “beat it beat it beat it…” his movement is fine tuned and remarkably coordinated.

I know an enfj professional dancer who does conceptual stuff up on stilts. It is nice stuff but I think what locks you in is her performance of it. She does kind of pursue these random ideas and she actually conveys “idea” lol, but she mesmerizes especially when she lets the wild enter. Like some bizarre pact that we are all in it together. Really hard to describe. I bet these words are not conveying much.

Hmm for those who sing maybe not dance like Adele. Isn’t she enfj? You’ll see things like a tremendous pleasure in the blasting of the amazing voice pipes. Little notes are actually missed here and then because they don’t really matter for the overall effect. Major emoting. Every now and then okay dancing but definitely dance for the trance kind of thing. Well if she isn’t enfj to me she still is an example of what some enfs do.


ENFJs convey ideas with their bodies. They communicate through their bodies. They speak body language.

For example, if one of them likes you, they might punch you in the face.

And then take you to outer space!



This is so true.

And in another extraordinary synchronicity, last night I received the sad news that one of my dearest ENFJ friends passed away yesterday at the grand old age of 94. I’ve talked about her before:

She started her career as a ballet dancer and was one of the most physically expressive people I’ve ever met. Here’s a great picture of her with my partner and I on our last trip together at Machu Picchu in 2008. Bear in mind she was 85 when this photo was take, and was still climbing over ancient ruins with the two of us.

Don’t let her petite size and “Sweet Old Lady” persona fool you: she was a force of nature incarnate! If she liked you, you knew it straight away, but if you crossed her, oh boy, were you in trouble…:volcano:


I love the comeraderie in this photo.
Energetic old ladies tend to be fun:)
Do you think you will always remember her as energetic.

In strange coincidences, my enfj stilt-dancer shared a pic of herself doing stilt art this afternoon.