B-MOVIES: The weird, the creepy and the incomprehensibly terrible


In light of the Troll 2 obsession around here, some offerings in a similar vein:

The Peanut Butter Solution. Super creepy kids movie.

The Boy Who Loved Trolls. This soundtrack will destroy you. Hard to make it through the whole movie without a hash flute.

Brain Damage. Favorite horror movie ever. This is a B-movie but also a brilliant work of art. Heads up–>it’s comedy gore but if you are sensitive to violence some scenes are hard to watch.

Be My Baby. This is more D than B. Only for the most advanced trash consumers. If you aren’t interested in how weird it is then it will bore the shit out of you. Link is just a trailer. Whole movie isn’t on the site linked in the info section, but that site appears full of B-movie gold.

Have any gross, creepy or weird favorites? Please share!


These look awesome. Definitely gonna have to see these. You familiar with the Troma movies? Don’t know if those are considered B movies. They could be D or F exploitation type movies. But their pretty fucked up. Lol.


Haha, think I might pull a few of these out as a surprise for my Mr.
He’ll either be delighted and recognise a few or be horrified at my selection and wonder who I’ve been speaking to & where I got them from.


I love this one. Soooo gooood. And scary! AHHHH! I need Fred. (He’s my teddy bear)



OMG. This looks sooo good, Stewart!
I’m going to try to incorporate this into my conversations with people. Like if the weather is bad for instance, I can tell people, “It’s like night of the lepus out there!” I think people might like it.

I’m reminded of this movie too.


Oh, the sheer joy brought to the world by kitsch “horror” movies! Here’s another classic of the genre:


An early Peter Jackson classic:


This kinda freaks me out!