Ball lightning


Do you have any experience with the phenomenon of ball lightning?

I want to share one incident that happened here in Lithuania a month ago. A girl was struck dead by a lightning. The media covered the story, but there was no mention of ball lighting. I guess the reason for that is that it was covered quite quickly, before all the facts were straightened out. And the reason I know of it, is that the girl who was struck was with another girl, which I know personally.

So, what happened.

My friend was with that unfortunate girl in a remote place called Curonian Spit. It’s important to mention that the girl who was struck was in a rather bad state. Existential stasis. Not really up for life. Now the storm was coming from the sea. My friend remembers, that when that girl saw the clouds she commented: “Look, death is coming”. Something like that. Grim mood. But there was no storm. My friend and that girl were in a park. It was not even raining, just some drizzle. And no thundering was heard anywhere. At one point, they both stood under the pine tree. Next thing my friend knows, she’s lying on the ground a couple of meters away. She got up and started running back towards her friend only to realize that her foot is almost 90 degrees away from where it should be. She ran to her friend nonetheless and saw that she’s dead. It was pretty obvious that she was from the glazed stare of the eyes.

Now, it’s important to mention another thing. That girl who was struck was very Christian. Like, very. With that in mind, it is quite synchronistic what happened next. The very next moment, a monk emerged from the forest. Please note, that it was not a place where one would expect to meet a monk at all, let alone in such circumstances. So the monk came and tried to revive the girl. Well, she was already dead. Another uncanny thing was that the monk’s name was Elijas (Elijah). As you know, Elijah was the prophet who with Yahweh’s help could bring fire down from the sky and who entered the Heaven alive in a chariot of fire. Moreover, in Lithuanian folklore, Elijah was one of the names of Thunder god Perkūnas. Odd enough?

Now this monk later testified, that he was walking through the forest, when he saw a ball of fire soaring right above the treetop. His testimony was confirmed by a couple of other people, who claimed to have seen the same thing. It was concluded that at some point that fireball traveled down the tree and entered into that girl through the top of her head (the hair was melted) then went down through her whole body and exploded right after exiting through her foot (one shoe was melted).

This queerness of this story does not end here, but later synchronicities are not directly related with the ball lightning, so I will end this story here. I will only add that at the funeral some older people shared another story of this sort. They were sitting in a dining room when a ball of fire flew in. They all froze but the fireball just circled the room and flew out. Moments later, they heard a bang. The lightning ball struck the owner of that house, who was somewhere outside. It’s as if the fireball had a concrete purpose!

I’ve heard some more stories of this kind. That’s pretty much all I know about the ball lightning. And I’m very interested to know whether some of you have similar stories to share. :zap:

There’s not much documentary material on Youtube, but check out this: