Bernie Sanders

Anyone want to give typing him a try?

I think he’s an ENFP with developed Te. Saw this typing in a discussion of him a few months ago and I agree with it.

Just looked at his chart, he’s a Virgo Sun, Aries moon/Mars conjunction, Scorpio rising. That could explain some of his grumpy persona and “yelling” (lol I love the media focus on his yelling). Also subtypes, which I don’t want to take a stab at rn.

His very pure desire to create policy/political structure that provides a voice and services to everyone equally seems very Fi-aux/Fe-id to me. Typically I think of Fe-id as compulsive people pleasing behavior with one’s intimates and the subconscious need to belong to a larger group despite pushing back against authority, then proving one deserves positive attention and group membership through an assertion of individuality. Bernie seems to be presenting a more ideologically elevated version of this. His IC is in Pisces, adding to the idealistic vision of universal love and care.

Oh wow enfp I hadn’t thought about.

Thought he was a T type with a zeal. But I feel like I’m missing something.

Here is a clip that makes it seem Fe is low in his priorities.

There is a lady’s over the top shocked reaction to his admission of not caring to wish people happy birthday:) at least not in order to get something out of them.

Edit: watching that video, I’m just wondering “what the hell is this?” Doesn’t even look like a real event, it looks too comical.

Lol I like this video, especially all the reactions. I find it interesting how he also expresses surprise about how affected he is when people wish him happy birthday, and that he sees his Fe avoidance as a shortcoming.

I get a lot of TJ off him, and think he is for sure Fi/Te axis. If I’m thinking about subtypes then I want to augment him with xSTJ but it’s just impulse and I can’t fully break it down rn. I feel like I’m missing something too, related to Se; he seems like he must have a Se aux or tert type in his mix. What I see clearly is very pure Fi, reminds me of this maze article: All I’m certain of without more in-depth study of him is that he has an NF type (with strong Fi, not ENFJ) in his mix.

Maybe I’m entirely talking out of my ass? As soon as I start to get into the technical nuances of typing I immediately begin to question the way I define my terms, still struggling to get a grip on clear descriptions of each function. I lose my way easily when I get into the math of it.

For further study:

I don’t want to throw you in any way or send you down a spiral:)
Thank you for your thoughts! They’ve triggered a happy mania in my head:)

And for yours! I don’t mind the spiral, it’s inevitable due to the ephemerality of cognitive functions. I appreciate the challenge of figuring out what works.

Yes, I see that too.
My first guesses were istj or intp though. So I’m confused. I don’t see Ne much though :exploding_head: Maybe he’s delta.

Do you mean delta like delta quadra in socionics? If yes then I agree. I haven’t worked out this whole subtyping thing yet either but I see some ENFP/ISTJ thing going on. I can’t see him being a Ti dom, I feel like his Ti is pretty weak. I think he outsources that bit to others.

I do see Ne, in his vision of a new, egalitarian future that respects individual value and autonomy(Ne/Fi). I don’t get the sense that it’s cohesive tho, like an Ni vision would be. It’s flexible, save for certain parts like universal healthcare and education. But I agree, it isn’t as chaotic as a typical Ne dom. The part of it that is cohesive is in his campaign slogan, Not me. Us. I’m reading this very simple group over individual ("m"e is the first word, to be subverted for “us”), as a sort of elevated compromise between Fe id and Fi aux.

I just started thinking, could that Fi/Fe dynamic be the other way around? I’m gonna go with ESTJ rising (over ISTj rising, which doesn’t seem motivated or ambitious enough), ENFP sun, ISFJ moon. All the Si mediates the chaotic effect of Ne dom. Bernie embraces for trad values in his personal life, but ideologically has been supporting the full spectrum of diverse human rights from a young age. As a persona he is practical, appeals to people who want to keep their own values in tact but are willing to “live and let live” as long it doesn’t infringe on their freedoms, and advocates for a basic level of comfort founded in security (healthcare, income security). But also is a bit harsh and domineering in his presentation without realizing it.

I am not sure. It’s too hard.

But I have been wondering if Tulsi Gabbard is an ISTP.

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Agreed. Strangely foxy.