Beta quadra /Delta quadra...quadras


I just read a description of the beta quadra. Really helped me to understand the infj in my life!

Here is the insight I gathered: infj may be an NF but they are a beta and that is more difference to infp than similarity.

For example: fighting for a position. Not caring much for personal shares especially in group settings. In group settings, sensitive to rank. Placing the onus on others to countersway (that is kind of an Se thing) Win points via forceful sway.

Betas voice views strongly.

Infp is in delta. When infp sees istp or estp, there is a clear sense of here is a beta. With infj, there is an illusion of more similarity than there is. The beta thing is not initially visible at all I’d say. I mean even if Ni+Fe is beta, for infj specifically, they just give a long lost cousin vibe initially.

And then gradually, the beta thing starts to be apparent and it is confusing.

Even the way I created this topic, as infp, there is probably something unbeta about it lol.


This one has been haunting me.

As someone not from a dominance-hierarchy quadra, participating in those kinds of environments is extremely stressful–that I’m going to make some kind of status hierarchy mistake, constantly be kneeling/bowing/preening/demonstrating, or get attacked. If necessary, I will defend and counter-attack until I “win,” but the whole process feels gross and tragic and unnecessary–like is anyone really winning here? Do I have to make someone else lose, or lose myself? I’d really rather not participate.

Curious if anyone has another way of looking at these kinds of interactions and how to negotiate them in a healthier way–I’m know I’m seeing it from a negative place, but that other ways might be possible.


What quadra are you? I’m delta and still learning about it. I don’t know why I never read about this exact stuff before.

I think another perspective on the beta hierarchy would be “fair fist fight” opportunities:)
Like at least everyone has the right to a fair fight:) Lol. Also the world is savage.

I have no idea if I’m interpreting the stuff right. Whereas the delta shit is more like controlling via striving for standards. Even striving for clean image. Etc.

It’s a tyranny of other and of self even if not outright agression. Etc.

Beta is like fear of losing power so be winner. But there’s more handshaking friendly fisting maybe. Handshaking and deals ain’t very delta:) Yeah. I think deltas are really bad at compromising. From istj to infp to estj to enfp . Yep.


I wondered if knowing this was delta would have an impact on your thinking you are enneagram 1?

Secondly, would you elaborate? Actually the whole paragraph this was from.


I thought it matched enneagram 1? I know very little about the quadras and especially enneagram. I actually didn’t even finish reading delta yet, didn’t have time. I don’t have full sense of it yet. I’ll come back to this:)


I think it’s clearer for you if I link to the source. The not compromising is what I see as difficulty backing down from plans or switching gears and not tolerating someone else trying to reset where tracks or going. Part of the picture painted at this link.

There are lots of specifics at the link. It drove me a bit nuts actually. Just a warning. Not very condensed.


I generally type as delta / MBTI INFP, but I’m always doubting this stuff so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

That’s a super interesting point about “everyone gets a fair fight, and then somebody wins and gets social glory and honor.” This seems like this works for Ti/Fe competition with both Ti/Se (literal combat competitions) and Ti/Ne (debate).

(Versus my Te/Fi gut says, in war, nobody fights fair or gets an honorable death–you get bombed or gassed from orbit and die a horrifying senseless death without a chance.)

All the complex pages are really good/interesting. I have some made-up patterns about at least three or four delta-style tyrannies:

  1. “I know I’m right” / “I know what’s right” / “I know exactly how things should be”. (sort of un-negotiatiable / unquestionable Fi/Si)
  2. Interesting possible variant is “I know that thing you just said means you’re an evil person and part of the problem”? (Fi/Si/Ne?)
  3. “This is not up to specification, I don’t care about any of your excuses or reasons, you need to fix it” / “these are just the rules” / “this is just how the world is” / “this is how it’s always done”
    (Si/Te rules exactitude, even if it’s pointless or inhumane)
  4. “You can’t naysay my dreams/optimism” (Fi/Ne, even if it’s…ridiculously a bad idea or is not actually happening in reality)

Just my speculations.

I guess I’m just more comfortable surviving in a system where, if you follow the (rote, dumb) rules you’re allowed to be whoever you want to be, as opposed to trying to survive in a world filled with competition and social games. I guess it makes sense that other people would have a harder time coping with the rules and more of a lust for glory, even if it means most people will actually get defeat.


From wikisocion descriptions

Alpha: that picture @johnonymous posted of people (his friends) sharing food and drink and getting into discussions of ideas

Beta: wolves, lol. exaggerated?
mating rituals, hazing (you can’t be the one not dancing), the omega wolf might get ousted

Gamma: no idea

Delta: no idea

socionics is a bit much with all their symbols and endless writing. easy to get lost