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Yeah I guess i better give the recent history of the catholic church a cursory glance but assuming no major issues im planning to join

Basically first catholic class I went to was 100% about astrology and how the astrologer magi come looking for king of the Jews in Mathew, and it shocked me because it was an in depth discussion of the stars as discussed Throughout the Bible, and so I realized that for thousands of years folks have been reading the stars to deepen understanding, and it was incredibly odd to be there realizing that months after i had taken an interest in astrology thanks to stellar maze. Like, I made a choice to believe in astrology for the benefits I felt it would bring, and that led me logically into the catholic class where My wife had sent me with a request to “please just don’t mention tarot cards or astrology,” and we talked astrology the whole time.

Was kinda wild.

Is she an ISFP (instead of INTJ like Blake says)?
Is she an ISFP (instead of INTJ like Blake says)?
Is she an ISFP (instead of INTJ like Blake says)?

hahahah very interesting.
yeah I always believed in astrology as a significant and real thing despite some religions telling me it’s bad.
like those people who tell me it’s bad have no fucking idea how astrology works.

people: do you believe in horoscope?
me: I believe in astrology, astro, logy, a study of celestial body. I believe that as much as unobserved objects with our naked eyes have an impact on us, stars and planets definitely can effect us in ways that we don’t even know about. how do you believe in God and not believe in the energy of the universe?

so where are you reading in the Bible? anything interesting?


OT, straight from the top man


can you do that without getting bored?
I mean it’s definitely interesting.
and the modern Bible is not in chronological order. but you just want to read from the beginning as how it’s ordered in the book?

the mosaic law is so interesting man.
idk if you’re there yet but there’s definitely wisdom is those laws.


and tell me your guesses on each biblical character. their mbti haha


It’s fun tracking history. Looked up the history of the Jews (some is probably untrue between like 1200 BCE and 300 BCE), and then they run into roman history and then Christian history right, and I can follow that up To a few hundred years, and then I can trace my own ancestry back, directly, to this guy, without any gaps:


… via a dude named Matthew Grant, third great grandfather of Ulysses S Grant and Also of Jedediah Morgan Grant, the former being an alcoholic civil war hero and the later a polygamist and the first mayor of Salt Lake City



read this article too
very interesting. shows that bible is not only historically but scientifically accurate.
or should I say, astrologically accurate.


I’m going to stay away from this Article because it’s very important that I don’t attempt to find evidence for my beliefs. In the sphere of “where does the preponderance of evidence lead me?” I’ll end up an atheist any day of the week, and my goal is not to find emperical truth but to become a believer in something coherent and spiritual, and without doing too much damage to my psyche. It’s a balancing act.

Those are angels balancing on a pinhead.
A probable straw man argument in and of itself but it nevertheless conveys my concerns about delving in too literally. Historical claims about the accuracy of astrological stuff in the Bible make me anxious because I have to pretend that my brain isnt throwing up flags like “but it was written after the astrological event.” So the literalist historical interpretations tend to derail me.

Does that seem in conflict with how I loved discussing astrology with the Catholics? Its true they were talking about historical accuracy but I was noting a story in Mathew I’ve never paid close enough attention to which went like this: “astrologers came looking for a Jewish messiah, having seen an astrological event which the locals on herrods staff hadn’t even noticed.” So I was like, ah, the writer is saying that non Jewish pagans showed up, following their intuitions and on the basis of some old prophesy probably, says the Christian writer (not sure who wrote Mathew, though people know), about a king of the Jews. They followed their intuition and showed up like “we saw a thing and we are here to see what it means.” That’s how I felt in that class because I’d found value in astrology and was like a stranger in a strange land saying, tell me what’s up.

In historical sense, if I wrote a gospel, I’d certainly be sure to pepper it with astrogical And Old Testament prophecy to make sure everybody knew the significance of Christ, whether or not I was inspired by god or my own desire to influence toward my beliefs. Just like when I talk about my star chart in the context of about 30% of it and ignore the rest. It’s beneficial for helping me or others understand what’s true about me.

So it doesn’t destroy claims of faith necessarily but too much apologetics or historical literalism is basically evidence for myself that I’m barking up the wrong tree. I wanna bark up a tree that has like, schrodinger squirrels in it.


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wow. that’s an interesting approach.

well. first of. I’m really happy for you, that you have something you can start believing in that’s much bigger than yourself.

i like your approach. that’s very personal. but please don’t become religious.

because my approach is that I wanna be able to back it up with some evidence just incase people ask and challenge my beliefs.

i don’t wanna say something like “you just have to believe it.”

so yeah. like you said. balancing act.


There actually is something called Magi Astrology and I know someone who has been using it for many years and claims it is the most accurate astrological system out there. Im curious enough to want to give it a try myself actually. Only thing is you have to become a paying member to gain access to their tools, but its not super expensive and and their works are highly regarded it seems.


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@supernokturnal and @johnonymous

Speaking of the bible and religion… there’s a professor in Toronto that has been doing a lecture series on the significance of the Bible. He breaks it down to archetypes and a lot of Jungian analysis. Personally, I really like Jordan Peterson. He had a rather wild episode with media pertaining free speech. Anyways, I thought I’d post it here if you guys are interested.

“The Bible is a series of books written, edited and assembled over thousands of years. It contains the most influential stories of mankind. Knowledge of those stories is essential to a deep understanding of Western culture, which is in turn vital to proper psychological health (as human beings are cultural animals) and societal stability. These stories are neither history, as we commonly conceive it, nor empirical science. Instead, they are investigations into the structure of Being itself and calls to action within that Being. They have deep psychological significance. This lecture series, starting with the very first book, will constitute an analysis of that significance.”

Also, Camille Paglia was asked about him not too long ago.


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Really? A Catholic class about astrology? Most catholics avoid it coz its condemned. But it’s one of those tricky things in Catholicism’s history were things are banned for the masses but not for the intellectuals, i.e. the Church has always been two-tiered.


Who’s everyone’s favourite pope?


yeah my very first ever RCIA class and it was about astrology haha. I think my parish is kind of badass. ENTJ priest, my wife says he’s what’s called a Fr. What-a-Waste

The parish is conservative, priest seems annoyed by Francis; [quote=“RumDawg, post:19, topic:452, full:true”]
Who’s everyone’s favourite pope?

Francis is the only one I’ve paid attention to besides Benedict. I liked Francis and disliked Benedict because Francis seems nice and Benedict seemed mean. That’s about as far as my Papal investigations have gone.