Blake’s List or Continuum of MB types


I present you :notebook: Blake’s List

In other words – the ultimate Myers-Briggs type continuum of Stellar Maze.

How is it different from the already existing list?

I answer: it’s more practical (you’ll see why), it’s much larger (more than doubled in the number of examples), but most importantly – a number of persons are re-typed and a lot are subtyped. And all of this was done in collaboriation with Blake himself. :metal:

If you see there’s a person missing, it’s missing for a reason. Some were retracted by Blake in the verification stage of the list. He added new examples as well.

Let this be a solid and organic ground for our future learning process. :wind_face:

I’ve used Alice and Lato fonts for this list. If you see some random fonts but want the originally intended aesthetics, consider installing them (they’re free):

Enjoy :monkey_face:


Holy moly, you have been busy! :raised_hands::hugs:



Updated with a badass E8 ENFJ. :cuba:
No, @sacha, not Tom Hardy yet.
Know any more ENFJs of E8 commune, @Blake?

To keep track of updates, I’m adding notes in red.



Yeah, but the easiest way for me to know that is when somebody tells me one of them is an ENTP, when they clearly aren’t. :grin:

Fortunately, that happens quite frequently. :grinning:

Or, at least, it should.

In a perfect world, Ignas … in a perfect world.


Lol, yes, more please


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Additions so far since the launch:

Helen Slater

Ernesto “Che” Guevara – E8
Tom Hardy – E3 (Subtype: E8 ENFJ Rising)
James Delaney (played by Tom Hardy) – E8

Indira Gandhi
Mother Teresa

Mary Berry

Ellen DeGeneres (Alternative: INFP) @Blake, OK?
Sally Field
Carrie Fisher
Audrey Hepburn
Johnny Carson

More! More!


…Mother Theresa as ENTJ…you did
that to check if we’re paying attention!




Would be informative to note some of those E7s in the continuum. Like ENFP men, for example. Stephen Colbert (ENxP) is surely an E7 then. Who else for sure? So far zero examples of the E7 lot.

Inquiring you in order to update all this is like making a way through the jungle with a machete. :grinning:

Stellar Maze Charts

Yes, exactly. But, he might be an ENTP…

Robin Williams. Michael Richards. Whenever I see that hyper, zany, outlandish energy, I think E7 Ne type.

But, hell, maybe they’re ENTPs. Both those guys have heavy water element in their chart, and more particularly, heavy Cancer element. Cancer is crazy-zany-manic and I think is at least part of the reason that ENTPs are like that through tertiary function. ENFPs would of course have it as their id function.

Combine Cancer with Ne of some variety and let the high hilarity ensue!

That’s all I feel certain of at this juncture.


Hm, so is there any celebrity that you consider E7 (5-ish) and definitely not an ENTP? Just curious.


Yeah, a lot of fun-loving, party animal ESFPs! David Lee Roth is always the one that comes to mind the most. He’s like the mascot for the male of this type.

Also, by the by, if there was a type zero option, either numerologically, or enneagramatically, I would put ENTP there without a second thought.

As things stand currently, I consider numerological 5 as a reconstellation of zeroness in a post-numerological four type of sense :stuck_out_tongue:


In a nutshell, E3 has a goal-orientation, whereas E7 doesn’t. E7 is just in it for the kicks.


So Iggy Pop is E7 ESFP then. :smiley:


Yeah, Iggy Pop, exactly!

You got it.



And the frontman of Rammstein for sure:



Give me a representative video of the dude and I’ll let ya know.

Anthony Keidis though fa sho. Socks on cocks and all that jive.


And wait for it…