Block/Suspend for StellarMaze Addiction


If you need some time off so you are not so distracted, admins can block or suspend your accounts.

Suspend: you can’t log in
Block: you can log in but can’t post

Give a timeframe of when you would like this lifted so you can be unblocked/unsuspended as needed.




Do you have an email the Starlings can contact you at, or should we contact @Blake?


Email Blake with any grievances for now.

Edit reason: messages to admins/mod is currently not working.


Not sure what direct messages mean, but can you please delete any pictures of me on the ‘Selfie’ thread?



Everything is on the internet for eternity.


I always warn aboots this!! And how it only takes $6 to look through “members only” areas. Alas!

@Ankh Anyway, far as I know, direct messages are not enabled, but you can flag any messages you don’t like (you will see the flag when you expand the “…” on the bottom of each post) and mods can eventually find and delete those flagged posts.

I’d like to also have this first post edited with relevant content. And change the ownership of the first topic to someone else so I don’t get notified when people ask for bans/suspensions.