Brag about your MBTI type/functions!


it seems like you guys are all humble and meek.

can you guys try to brag about yourselves? but using your mbti typing :]

come on @Prax ! i know you guys appear to be humble but know pretty damn well about what you’re excellent at!

please INFPs! i’ve almost never heard you guys brag.
even if you guys did, it probably doesn’t even come off that way.

INFJs! you guys are actually pretty good at bragging about yourselves. you think you’re all special!
well then show it! talk about it! i wanna know more about your crazy minds!

okay, let me start.


i actually typed “ESTP” and then sat here for longer than 20 minutes.

i don’t even know what to ‘brag’ about.

i feel like i’m always bragging ‘by accident’ anyways. hahaha XD


ESTP, not afraid to be wrong.

  • Can make people believe I am smarter than I am…

  • Can make people believe I genuinely care about them…

  • Can make people feel sorry for me… Get away with playing the victim card when I’m actually the perpetrator…

  • Can work any kind of job (except those requiring too much physical skill) without putting much effort into it…

  • Can have an interesting conversation (even if it’s not interesting to me) about anything with anyone…

  • Can read a person’s character and intent well enough to heal or destroy them… most often it’s to heal, and it’s satisfying to see my perspective play a role in improving someone’s life…

  • Feel like I notice things in ways that most people don’t… I don’t know whether this is something to brag about because it seems to cause more pain than pleasure… but I do see BEAUTY in EVERYTHING… maybe I feel like I’m extracting more from life (even if that might not be true)…

  • Ability to maintain a somewhat stable state of high functioning depression instead of submitting to the chaotic impulses of desire…

  • I’m more self-aware than most people my age… I am brutally honest with myself…

  • I’m sensible… And independent… And so fuckin fascinated with life that I don’t really NEED anyone in particular to feel fulfilled… so my happiness or sadness is not tied to a second living entity who is not under my control…

I could go on forever… I’m speaking for myself though… not all INFJs will feel like these are the pros of our type specifically or generally… oh I’m also great at being diplomatic and never getting into trouble… and appearing to be humble, even though I’m anything but… :wink:


I WANT to brag <-----Se minimum woohoo. I just can’t think of anything yet but it is coming!!! I am gonna be outrageous!


Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Okay! I am at work and I have a lot of emergencies to take care of right now and I want to brag that I am in a sort of cruise mode. Ne I guess because I am going with the flow and succumbing to circumstances. I am handling it quite well. Stress but honestly this is making me feel capable.


Ne cruise mode is like the bubble that keeps infp safe from the evil forces of the universe… super cool to witness :sunglasses:


Lol cool. Sounds like a power yey. I am blowing the bubble still. Crazy day.


Y r u @'ing me mister!
When you can’t even do the job yourself!
Didn’t even finish the self-deprecation section for your own type (though maybe you talking about your wife turning ESTP was allllmooost that).

I don’t know many INTJ who are humble at all ahahha. Maybe because they are not yelling it in your face, they don’t seem humble, but a lot of people find them super arrogant/smug/elitist lol.
As for my pros:

  • i yam very intelligents!!! despite typos and writing like a fool! most INTJ are thusly and will communicate riddled with typos if thy are not trying to impress anyone because who care!! as long as idea gets across ok. Te: get it done to the extent that it works enough (often criteria is higher than other peoples’ thus often looks perefctionistic, but it’s definitely not as more nitpicky types can attest)

  • related: manage to do relatively well on little efforts, often even though I have procrastinated or was being super lazy

  • come across as competent and objective even if inside feel incompetent and irrational. that’s Te aux for you. it’s what the people see most actively, so it’s what they believe you are.

  • some semblance of thought out morality/life philosophy, thus comes off as either honorable/noble in some sense. i am very honors

  • good use of emotions, enough to enjoy life where it counts and power objectives with passion, but usually not so much that it clouds thinking and upsets the grand strategy

I am sure there is more but I am tired of typing on cellphone!


I am totally gonna brag some more…I don’t want to be out-bragged lol.


I think ENFJs are really good at being anything they want to be. ENFJs are the epitome of the saying, “fake it 'till you make it”.

And supposedly we have nice asses. So that’s cool.


I think Stellarmaze has already covered INFJ good points pretty thoroughly, haha. There isn’t much need to brag. Y’all already heard we could but won’t rule the world, have great insight into people, and make great artists/writers/composers, etc.

I will say that INFJs are good at telling when people are lying. And sniffing out when people are lying to themselves. That’s kind of a Cassandra-ish skill because almost nobody reacts well to hearing that, so it’s best kept to oneself. In that vein, I think we tend to be pretty good at figuring out ahead of time that a relationship will fail. Nobody wants to hear this either, obviously.

I personally am really good at telling when people are going to be fired.

…This all sounds like powers for the forces of evil and not good, haha.

@Prax I actually have noticed this about INTJs! That they often don’t care too much about writing mechanics (typos, grammar, punctuation, etc.) At first I was like ??? when I started noticing this, but then I realized it’s probably from a mindset of “you know what I meant so who cares”.


i don’t think i ‘self-evaluate’ myself that often.
it’s hard to think when nothing is happening.
i’ll have to literally say something out of my ass.

i saw in one video that SE can never self-evaluate because they live completely in the present and don’t take themselves out their body and reflect on themselves.

i didn’t even know people can take themselves ouf of their body and reflect on themselves. i didn’t even think that was possible?!

from my perspective, i think INTJs are very confident, but don’t come off ‘arrogant’ to me.
idk if it’s the dynamic i have with them.
but most of INTJs i talk to are 'surprised by my intelligence’
so they don’t look down at me or anything…
or… i wonder if they are secretly looking down at me after i leave their presence,!!!


Okay back to brag…

I don’t have clear selling attributes lol but…

  1. I keep trying to understand
  2. I can get blown away by simple things which is a personal pleasure.
  3. I try.