Cameron Dallas: Type 3 ENFJ


Here’s a guy that is a type 3 ENFJ.

His name is Cameron Dallas.

Isn’t his face so Fe and pretty :slight_smile:?

Here’s a funny video he stars in.

It’s also a funny video.

I’m not sure why I decided to share him. I thought I would post about him on my other thread, but there wasn’t anything I wanted to show off cognitively. I just wanted to share him with you all. I haven’t typed any NF dudes who weren’t ENFP, so I thought I would share one who wasn’t.

Happy viewing to you all.

Feel free to have any discussion on this you would like (did I actually type him right?).


Lot of Fe and Se… striking personality… Watched a couple of his other videos too… Could be ENFJ… But i can’t tell for sure… I think i’m bad at typing men :joy:

What do you think of this guy?

My sister and i thought ENFP for the longest time… till my sister suddenly realised his awkward cuteness is too “put together”… Like look at him run down the stairs in this video… ENFP wouldn’t be so controlled… in fact the whole way he shoots and edits his videos is too controlled… and then he says his type is INTJ in the video and sister and i were like wtf :joy: so we think he is Type 3 ENFJ now… even Blake said that they tend to type as INTJ for some reason…

And… what about this guy?? :stuck_out_tongue: I mean… Tyler Henry…


Hehe the older ones don’t seem that way… but the young ones do :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ll get it soon :grinning:.

Conan Gray. I have watched this guy’s videos all weekend.

When I first saw his picture, I didn’t really know what to think. In fact, I didn’t think anything.

It was like I was looking at a model in a magazine. His expression is impenetrable. What is he thinking? Is he nice? Is he mean?

I can’t tell from his picture. Though his hair is die for.

But yeah, I didn’t get any vibe for any MBTI type from him (which is usually just something that happens quite naturally now a days). I think whatever his type is, it may be a bit of a blindside for me. I can’t pick up anything from his eyes or face. What is it about him that makes him seem beyond my perception?

I played his video. He certainly does have put some effort into the way he walks.

In your ENFP defense, he does kind of give me the same vibe of Dodie Clark. She tested as an ENFP and I think she is one as well.

If he was an ENFP, he certainly doesn’t really seem to have his Fe id as palpable as Dodie’s. That’s a shame, cause that’s what I first look for with ENFPs.

With Conan though, I think that he may be an INTJ.

I’m not sure why he gives off ENFP vibes though. Well, it’s more so with his body type, but there are some hints of Ne in his mannerisms. The only thing is that I think his Fe is really lacking for the ENFP temperment.

Haha, he can be a believable INTJ though.

As for the rest of the video, I felt like he was giving off a lot of Ti (which would probably be hard to do if he was an ENFJ). Though, the crazy part is that I don’t really know what Ti looks like in people. Despite this, my intuition felt like I was being assaulted with Ti when I watched his video.

I almost just wanted to call him an INTP and then call it a day.

But, the dominant function shouldn’t be so clear to see (though, he could be bypassing his auxiliary Ne). And the other thing is that I am getting no Si or Ne from him. I sometimes see Ne in small amounts. But Si? Haha, what Si?

So yeah, as a result, I have been watching him for the whole weekend and after doing so with consideration to your thoughts on him being once being an ENFP and as of now being an ENFJ, I still think he is in INTJ.

I have a list too :slight_smile:.

1.) He has some quick clips of him fake smiling in some videos. I don’t really know why. It seems pointless of him to do if they are just fake and shown for a couple of seconds (maybe a small exercise with Fe minimums?).

2.) His room is always neat and organized. It’s also kind of bare (Te indicator for me. Though I can’t say which position).

3.) His nature has stayed the same amongst his family members. I was hoping that I would pick up on some Fe vibes when he was around some family members. I didn’t (which is weird, especially since his Ti is so strong). He seemed a bit more outgoing with his girlfriend though.

For me, I think this is his Ti operating. There is something about Conan that is very singular and unchanging. It doesn’t seem like something he is purposely doing either though. It just seems like his Ti just oozes from his being. He is just Conan. Nothing more, nothing less.

4.) I definitely needed to hear his songs when considering his MBTI type! I more so looked for covers so that I can pick up on his vibe and whatnot. What I found is that his songs are stripped down to their skeleton and made his own. The way he strips a song and makes it his own strikes me as Fi in nature.

When he is singing a song, he doesn’t seem to be concerned with making it poppy. It’s more about making the song his own. He has a style. He knows how he wants the song to be and makes it that way. I think he likes his harmonies and guitar :slight_smile:.

5.) He has a pronounced cupid’s bow dimple (a soft rule of thumb I use as an indicator of Ni).

6.) He seems to have a lot of friends. Usually a stereotypical indicator of Fe. With Fe though, I think it usually involves a bouncing of energy. With his friends, he seems to have a wholeness I don’t really associate with Fe. It seems like he is more so just hanging out with them. He has a weird set apart quality with them that I find hard to explain.

7.) He looks like an NF, but he’s not an NF. WHAT IS THIS WITCH CRAFT?!

8.) The thing with his Se. I was a bit confused about it. In ENFJs, it’s their tertiary function. With INTJs, it’s their inferior function. Knowing this, I felt a bit confused as to his usage of it. I think he definitely has Se and makes sure to show his understanding of it in his Instagram photos.

So, yeah. I mean, I don’t know what an INTJ dude looks like, but so far, I have picked up on Ti, Te, Fi, Se, and Ni. Also, I do definitely think he is an intuitive.

INTJs have all those functions (plus he typed as that, could be wrong, but it’s still a nice soft rule of thumb to use for typing people).

I can still see how you thought he was an ENFP though. He does have that soft kind of vibe and ENFP has. As for me, that soft impression leaves when I watch his video.

With him being an ENFJ, I would be confused.

1.) He doesn’t seem to be projecting a big personality outward. He does have a singularity in presentation, but it seems muted. It’s like he has a low amount of energy. Also, he doesn’t seem to have that kind of desire to be all things to all people. Not a people pleaser (not that Fe is just about that). Just an individual to the bone.

2.) As a Fe dom, I would expect for him to bounce energy off of others. I didn’t see him do this too much with his girlfriend and family. He just seemed the same way he always does when he’s by himself in his vids (another thing, as an Fe dom, why aren’t there more people in his vids? Plus, even if there were, it doesn’t seem like he really needs them in order to be himself. I think he is who he is no matter who he is with.).

3.) Where is the presence of Ne id? I don’t know what this looks like, but I definitely didn’t get any Ne vibes from him. I automatically defaulted to Ni as a result of this (cause I don’t know what Ni looks like either, lol).

4.) Where is the pull to his ter. Se? I looked through some of his tweets and Instagram photos. He seems to be concerned with looking a certain way in his Instagram photos (and achieves those looks quite flawlessly btw!). Regardless, I wonder if it is because he has perfectionistic tendencies from Te aux trying to manifest his Ni dom vision for his photos?

He seems to have an awareness of Se based on his instagram photos, but he doesn’t indulge in Se the way I think he would if it was his ter function. Hm, well, basically, he doesn’t seem to have an ease with Se the way he would if it was his ter function. I don’t know if his Se seems inferior, but he definitely doesn’t wield Se in the way he would if it was his ter function.

5.) I see Ti, but why is it so strong? If it was his inferior function, his usage of it would be more strained. In fact, I don’t even know if he is really trying to use Ti. For me, it just seems to ooze from him. It definitely would explain why he gives me the feeling that he is beyond my perception (which Ti is, especially since it is my eight function, lol).

Okay! So yeah, this is my impression of Conan Gray.

Also, he reminds me of Dua Lipa for some reason (just a quick guess, she is probs a ISFP. Conan seems to have SP eyes, but I don’t think he is one)…

Onto Tyler Henry.

Yes, I have actually heard of Tyler Henry before.

Tyler. His ease of Fe is SO good. It’s almost scary (it actually does scare me! His expressions are just so… fierce!).

Even though Tyler is a psychic, I think he may be a sensor. He gives me strong Si vibes from his clothing. Also, he seems kind of family oriented. I think he may be an ISFJ.

I am worried that I am not picking up on any Fi id vibes though. I think I usually pick up on the id function before anything else.

Also, it feels like an oxymoron to call a sensor a psychic (a chink in his typing, lol).

But yeah. when I see Tyler and Fe, it seems like he is using it more so as a tool. I think that there is something under the Fe. So with that said, I don’t think that it is his dominant function.

All I know is that his Fe and Si were very immediate to me. I was thinking there may be some Se, but I never really picked up on it. I am sure on him not having any Te though (maybe his superego function?).

That’s another thing, when he scribbles for his psychic readings, maybe that is a subtle manifestation of his Te superego. He says the scribbling is meant to help him block out other energies and focus on another point.

Ugh, what is the presentation of Fi id anyway? Hm, maybe it manifests with his psychic abilities (murky impressions and images?).

Also, he reminds me of Connor Franta.

Okay, this is my assessment.

I think I’m broken now (though typing, or trying to type, everyone was fun) :upside_down:.

P.S.- I might add more for Tyler later, I didn’t look at him as closely as I did Conan (hence him having no list, lol).


Great! that’s a lot of analysis… going to mull over it for a while and watch some more videos before i respnd :stuck_out_tongue:


Popping in because did I hear enfj?? :smirk_cat:

Better ask Blake to confirm though lool because I stink at typing…what I am good at however, is adding mystery and confusing everyone as they try to solve this puzzle!!

Ehhh I don’t project a big personality in real life either…part of it is because I’m in an academic environment…and another part of it is that I really respect hardcore introvert intellectuals so I emulate them…(now Blake will come in and say I simply have no self awareness of my Se but screw that…I know myself.)

Also I think this was mentioned in a Stellar Maze article but enfjs have the ability to please all people…but they can also cast that all to the side and deliberately be nonconformist…and stay that way as if they’re in a role…it really boils down to the kind of attention they are seeking…

I’ve realized I exhibit the same perfectionistic behavior about appearances…I consciously cultivate a certain normcore aesthetic and I’m very sure it’s because of Se…I am drawn to it helplessly but I don’t use it as well as say, an estp…

According to Blake enfjs have a love-hate relationship with Ti :stuck_out_tongue: I went through a phase in college where I became a philosopher for a year…I went around annoying people intp-style by shoving Ti in their faces…


he looks like my favorite ISTP. Young tech savvy SeX savvy millenial who lives in an Ne bohemian culture and is comfortable reflecting it.

Pictured here with infp and with entj