Can someone please explain sponges to me again?


Yes, so, why is it that we can do things like go the Moon but we still use sponges to clean our dishes and counters?

Every time I use a sponge I can not avoid the lurking feeling that I am spreading disease and bacteria over everything I’m supposedly cleaning?

Is it just me or is there something about sponges I’m not understanding?

Did I miss something?

Shouldn’t I just clean my counters with an uncooked chicken and cut out the middleman?

Why are we still using this antiquated technology?

I feel like the fate of the world hinges on the answer to this question, so please drop whatever you’re doing and direct your full attention to this matter immediately.

Thank you.


there are dishwashers


Yeah I always dispose of things pretty quickly. I don’t get people who find virtue in reusing things or using things until it’s absolutely necessary to replace it.

We live in a world of cheap products. Buy, use, dispose.


How do you wash a counter with a dishwasher?

Is this yet another thing I’m not understanding?

Do you wash the chicken in the dishwasher?



Microwave the sponge in vinegar regularly; heat and acid kills the bacteria. Wipe down microwave right after this steams it up and anything cruddy or filmy comes off easily. Pour the vinegar in bottom of dishwasher or down kitchen disposal to keep that from getting funky too. You do have to rinse the vinegar out with water before using the sponge to clean the countertop. Use a plastic cutting board for raw chicken and put that straight in dishwasher.


Yeah[quote=“RumDawg, post:3, topic:420”]
Buy, use, dispose.

it’s recommended that we use the sponge not longer than a week. after that, spreading bacteria sounds about right.
but it doesn’t necessarily kill you either.

like let’s say for instance, your hands.
after doing a lot of yard work or housework or whatever, your hands are dirty filled with bacteria.
and when you turn the water on and wet your hand and then using soap to rub your hands, those bacterias are still there. but it’s when you wash away those soap with hot or very warm water it kills most of it.

and this is very important,
drying your hands completely.

same with dishes. after soap, wash with hot water, and then dry thoroughly.

Idk about chicken though. do you wash chicken with sponge and soap? hahah


What about soap? I’m pretty sure my housemate is using my soap.


I think I’m just gonna pour the whole kitchen down the kitchen disposal and call it a day.



O, don’t get me started on soap. Fucking soap. That’s what.


Get a husband. He does my dishes.


if you don’t feel like going through this process just for the damn sponge,

use this product. plant-based product that kills 200% more bacteria than chemical sprays.

you can spray this literally in your mouth and it won’t harm you. it’s that safe. you can spray it on counter or dining table because it’s made from natural ingredients… substances.

and it won’t give you lung cancer like other toxic chemical spray.


Get take out, or eat out. Commercial kitchens have sophisticated laser technology to clean dishes and sterilize chicken.


Yes, I like this. Good.


Don’t you have to wipe it off with a sponge or something after spraying??


ohh… You have no idea…


paper towel


See, that’s what I’m talking about. Lasers. Something advanced. What’s with this sponge shit?


Shhh…dude’s got to eat. Let him believe.


Yes, I wash all my paper towels in the dishwasher. That is, after I microwave them for a bit.