Can you tell a person's type by their Pinterest boards?


Or similar curatorial platform. How much do they reveal - do they represent simply a superficial public facade or can they hint to an underlying type?

Just a thought. Perhaps a bit of a superficial or reductive approach, but I’ve often thought that if people just looked at my boards they would know me better than they seem to and maybe have more luck when choosing a birthday present.

[God that sounds awful. Please don’t take from that that I’m ungrateful or ungracious when receiving gifts. I just hate the idea of someone wasting their money on something that I give straight to charity. Though as Konmari would say, it did its job of making me feel cared for and special which I do give thanks for. Maybe I should resell the items and use that money towards their next gift. And not everyone is easy to buy for. But it certainly helps me when they have Pinterest or instagram I can take a peak at for hints.]