Carlsen-chess champion


What type would this cutie pie be?


Estp? Istp? Ntp?


I’m going with INTP… :slight_smile:

Checked out some other videos of his…

Seems like Ti dominant…

There’s something distinctly soft about him, in spite of the arrogance… that, I associate with INTP…

Besides, a chess player would be blessed to have Ne aux… he said in one interview that sometimes he doesn’t even know why he made a move till he’s made it (something like that)… but at the same time he can visualise and narrow down possibilities to identify the best move…


oh is he arrogant? lol i can’t tell:)


Haha well it wasn’t really arrogant… he said something like “I was lucky enough to win quite a few games recently… well not lucky… but it doesn’t hurt to be falsely humble”… and another time something like “I start the game knowing that I am a lot better than the others”… ahh, I am very judgemental… I guess I should say confident :stuck_out_tongue:


maybe you can just tell:) i cannot tell lots of things about people


Maybe I just project my flaws onto innocent people :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you think of him though?


He reminds me of two friends I have is all I think (and that I like him and think he is cute…deep). I always get curious when that happens.


Sometimes that says more about the person than their type :slight_smile:

Curious about the person or the feeling?


Curious if their types match. Am always trying to match up people by impressions. As if this will make everything right.


Oh but that’s what usually works! What have you typed your two friends as?


One intp and the other I go back endlessly between istp intp isfj.


So you’re seeing Ti-Fe… The second might just be isfj… I used to think my friend was istp till I made her take the test and she turned out to be isfj…


Could be:) he tested as intj and intp but I am fairly sure he is not intj. This friend’s type has been a problem because I sometimes need some clear references to base other typings off of. And he is like a puzzle piece I need to figure out for typing piece of mind. I see him in a few months and will pay lots of attention:)


It’s so much easier to type strangers than friends… everything blends… can’t really observe a person when you’re expected to be responsive towards them…

Go for the id… intp should be more relatable to you… but it always surprises me how different infp id feels from intp id… I find infp much stronger than intp… maybe it’s the inferior… intp has vulnerability written all over… something istp does not have… they’re more edgy… I don’t know how infp sees intp though…

(I think my infp best friend has gone off and found herself an intp too… I haven’t met him yet but he sounds very much like an intp :smile: )

isfj id is quite similar to infj, except, more blatantly bitchy… the stinger comes out more easy…


I find parents the easiest to type. Siblings…already trickier!
Intps seem vulnerable because so much of existence requires relating to others and they have an Fe that is overly strained and they also can often not figure out that feelings are affecting them in anything close to real time. I don’t think that is even the only reason they seem vulnerable. It is like they undertake things that have no possible end in sight. They are always stressed about not getting recognition for their expertise.


That sounds really stressful… I guess Fe inferior (and even id) without the chutzpah of Se is kinda painful to deal with… Makes me want to give them a hug…

Now I’m wondering whether a friend I had typed intp is actually istp or maybe even estp because he seems relatively more comfortable dealing with Fe…

I find this intp very very cute too :stuck_out_tongue:


Before I got to the smile part, I was going to write to you that I think he is cute too and how nice it is how much he smiles…( he has an attractive smile). What blew my mind was that he then himself said he smiles a lot and said smiling is his STRATEGY! Still watching… I love this video.


@Piggie @7:40-7:50 where he starts to say he opens up a false version of himself I BURST out laughing:)


Hahaha I know right!? XD

At the beginning I was all awwh he looks so uncomfortable and shy and cute and that SMILE… and THEN he says it’s a strategy… but then I still couldn’t be mad at him for faking it :stuck_out_tongue: and I really like how he starts to relax half way through the video and actually starts enjoying the conversation…
What he says at the end about wanting to do something that improves society, I think that’s true of the INTPs I know…