Childhood Nostalgia Thread


So I was re-reading Blake’s article ‘Play INFJ Play’ the other day, and it got me all misty eyed remembering those care free pre-internet days of old. Ok, it wasn’t that long ago, being born in 89. Yet I thought I would start a thread dedicated to the myriad of cultural nostalgia related to those childhood days. Whatever era it may be for you, post things that cast your mind back to those more innocent of times. Cartoons, films, toys, fashions, sweets, whatever…

For example;

Ahhh memories…


Omg. I love this thread.

I had forts like you. Fuckin’ love forts. I’m overdo for making one. Maybe with the right person. Adult forts, yeah. Popcorn, pillows, and SEX.

We had a lot of the same things growing up. I was born in 87. I had one of those pet thingies. I loved the goosebumps books and movies. There was a show on Nickelodeon called: Are You Afraid of the Dark? There are some episodes that I still think about.

My sister had a Ferby. That thing was possessed, I swear. It was creepy.

We also had hamsters, lizards, cats, and a dog growing up.

Here are some other photos that paint the picture of my younger youth.

My sis and I had dance parties in her room all the time. We’d just dance for hours.

Polly Pockets was the shit.

Lisa Frank diaries.

I hated barbies. I only got them to make them have sex.

Pogs. Have no idea what they were for, but I had 'em.

Bugs, Tom, and Jerry helped raise me.

I almost lost my virginity to a teddy bear.

And I frequently capped my day off with staring into the night from my bedroom window. Waiting and hoping to see something.


Born in 1970.

I had to order this from the Sears catalog and wait for it.

I should really be writing right now, so here are just a few.


Never thought i’d dig a bike with tassels, but sweet ride!


The tassels never lasted long, but I liked their festivity.


Perfect timing, as I’ve been feeling all misty-eyed about my own lost innocence (check out my little story in the Libra thread).

May take me a wee bit longer to find some goodies to post here, 'cos I was born so very long, long ago. Perhaps I could hire an archaelogist to sift through the ruins…

As Erika said: “I’ll be back!”

For now, here’s a line from The Logical Song that keeps playing in my jukebox brain:

When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful,
a miracle, oh, it was beautiful, magical!


Looking forward to your future supertramping contributions!


Ahha! Yes I remember “are you afraid of the dark.” That was some creepy shiznizz.

It’s all flooding back now!

Whist you were Polly Pocketing yourself silly, I was choking on Mighty Max and his assorted small parts. :flushed:

Yeah Barbies sucked alright, I did look up their skirts however to research anatomical differences in comparison to my Action Man

Forget Ken, Barbie wants a real man!

Slime was also a thing, I never really understood why? You’d drop it once in the back of the car and just be left with this sticky blob of hairy fluff and dust. My parents hated it, maybe that was part of the fun.

Oh and we can’t forget Birthday parties. Did you have indoor jungle gyms? Many a yearly celebration of my existence was spent at places like this;

Trying to crawl back up the tunnel slide before being smashed in the face by a descending kid was the height of badassery!

Also your cake, thanks to the ceaseless originality of your parents, would usually resemble the single digit of your newly acquired age.

For some reason, caterpillar cakes also seemed to do the rounds pretty regularly too.

Of course there would always be the game of pass the parcel. As the birthday child the music would seem to magically stop just at the right time so you won the final and best prize. At least it should have. Yet there was always that one bastard child, who you were not really friends with, but your mum invited anyways to maintain mum to mum diplomatic relations, who would intentionally hold onto the parcel and not pass it!

Oi, pass me the damn parcel, stop hogging it bitch!

No, it’s mine, all mine! Mwahahahaha

Then if you were at some other kids party, the best bit by far,

Goody bags!

Haha writing all this brought back to mind one of the best commercials of recent times.



Yep! Had slime! It got gross really quick. A dark color with hair in it. Ha. How bout squand? That was the shit.

Yeah, I loved those children hamster tubes. Best parties ever. Maybe I’ll dig up some birthday party photos. I also have home movies. So funny.

Oh yeah, and my mom always had goody bags. It’s funny. I really only had a couple of friends when I was younger, but my mom would invite the whole class to these parties. Weird. And my poor dad would film these events just dying for a smoke break.

I don’t remember these cakes. My ma always got ice cream cakes. Yum. Rollerskating/rollerblading parties was the thing for around here. There’s this place that’s still around that has skating, arcade, and bumper cars. Also, bowling was a party option. Then it turned into sleepovers. Fuck I hated those. I mean, they were fun when we ate pizza and cake, and then maybe watched a movie and pissed my parents off because we were too loud. But then the morning came, and I wanted my space back. My mom always wanted to make pancakes and shit. And I was like no, give em a bagel and shove them out the door please, I need to watch cartoons by myself now.


Look at my hat!!!

90’s kids unite!!!


anyone growing up in a certain place may also have spent 1rst and 2nd grade eating this glue…


is this you now or in the 90s? i’m sure it’s possible to figure out haha, but is this mustache added to a now photo or a then photo?


So you’re French, @lunar?!?! That’s sexy.

I took this pic today. I decided to grow the mustache back…it’s almost Movemeber.

I have a pic without the stache, but it looks too sexual or something. I dunno. Also, I’m in the witness protection program, so yeah.

I was pointing out my hat because I have ‘Reptar’ on it. He’s a toy from the cartoon - Rugrats. In the 90s, ya.


oh my god rugrats! i remember that show but remember nothing about it lol. wait there was a mean girl?


Yep!! Angelica. And Tommy was the main baby…uh then, Chuckie…and Phil and Lil. Haha good times. I liked Chuckie. He was so cute.


Wait, what? Rugrats!

Man this is cray, I saw your mustachio hat pic the other day and didn’t twig the 90’s connection. At first I thought it was Barney, but he was purple and fat and clearly a molester.

Anyways, I was watching the 2nd series of ‘Stranger Things’ last night and it was getting me all nostalgic about the epicness of childhood friendships and how it was like Rugrats.

My best friend in primary (elementary) school was Sam and I always saw him as Tommy from the Rugrats with me being Chuckie. That was our relationship, he was the cool, confident and cheeky one who made me really come out of my shell in order to keep up.

I used to love going around to his house because his family was pretty different to mine to say the least!. He lived with his mum and two older sisters in a big ol’ house that was sparsely decorated inside,no carpets or anything. We pretty much had free reign to do whatever we liked.
His mum sometimes picked him up from school on a Honda Fireblade sports bike. I remember once getting the chance to sit on it in their garage and she learnt over and turned on the ignition. I nearly shat myself from the noise of the engine, It nearly blew my ears off!

His mum was a character, I thought she was awesome because she didn’t seem to impose any rules and was completely unpredictable and eccentric. As a family they even had their own ‘language’ that they would speak to each other in, especially when sitting down to have dinner, I was completely bewildered by it but found it funny. I was like man, this is the coolest family ever! There was never a dull moment. I guess it helped that she was an alcoholic and completely drunk most of the time.

I just thought she was the ‘cool’ mum.

We used to spend a lot of time watching her VHS collection, including the likes of Reservoir Dogs. To be fair that was the one time she was a bit pissed off. I guess that even she knew it wasn’t appropriate for 7-8 year olds. Although we were still allowed to watch the Terminator movies.

They owned an ex police dog too, a big Alsatian called Beau. It was great fun playing hide and seek with him, he would always track your scent and find you. Sometimes we would take him for walks on the common, just me and Sam being pulled along on the leash by this big beast.

Other memories include playing with air rifles, setting fire to toys in the basement and trying to create monsters like Sid out of Toy Story, hiding behind the hedge and shooting cars with a catapult, whacking tennis balls over the road with baseball bats and of course going ‘dolly knocking’ around the local neighborhood. We were complete terrors basically, but for two young boys it felt like complete freedom.

Anyways the point is that whilst I had no idea what your hat represented at first, my subconscious was clearly whirring away in the background and connected the dots leading me back to The Rugrats and my own Tommy and Chuckie friendship.


Oh I don’t know, I think the stache works.

Of course there’s always room for more…


That’s what I’m talking about. :kissing_heart:


Yeah, boys are way more rough than girls. But girls are psychologically demanding and exhausting. It’s good that you had a good friend growing up. :slight_smile:

And damn! That pic is hot! I don’t think my photo app thingy has a beard to add. Yeah, I do look pretty hot with a mustache. Mustache ride, anyone???


You always look great in pics!

And mildly related, I enjoyed your kid pics you posted sometime back.

Little Erika. It’s fun to see


moomins are good