COMMUNITY gushings sappiness


So grateful for this little community. I’ve seen other forums. Never hung out on them. Never got a sense of who anybody is.
It is special here.


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Although I’ve never seen other forums for comparison, I agree that we have a lovely bunch of folks here. I know I appreciate seeing your messages, @lunar. :kissing_heart:

I love your randomness. You’re so funny!


yes Lunar. and it is all because of your presence !
not ALL, but a LOT! hahaha

your ‘sappiness’ makes this forum more relaxed and ‘family-like’

your contribution is HUGE.

you’re like a fresh ‘break-pads’ that makes the car stops smoothly without screeching.

you’re like the ‘padding’ in the boxing gloves so it protects the knuckles from punching something hard.

you’re like an ‘extra fat on the butt’ so when you sit on stone bench, you’re not sitting on your bones.

you’re like a moon in the night sky, you will shine some light despite all the darkness around you. Lunar.

how are them sappiness? :grin:


@supernocturnal: You see things so clearly it is amazing!

I’ve been working on my promised analysis of @lunar’s birth chart all week in my spare time. Still got a little more work to do (I’m not as fast as @piggie!), but the chart is already saying the same things you mention about Lunar’s contribution here. And it has only taken me countless hours to get partway to where you are…

Ni leading Se: Provides deep and symbolic interpretations based on observations of subtle phenomena.

Se leading Ni: Does the same thing, but 1000 times faster!


i think you’re giving me too much credit there Stewart!

it was just my attempt of being sappy :grinning:


Progressively awesome metaphors lol


Oh Stewart you take longer because you look beyond the chart… I still remember the reading you did for Prax! With that awesome foursome of planets (you know the ones I’m talking about) I’m sure you are going much deeper… looking forward to your insights on lunar’s chart :sunglasses:


Yea the community and intelligence and overall greatness of everyone here was why I decided to cough up the six dollars…it could have been for a great indulgent takeout feast, you know. :stuck_out_tongue:


you’ll get most worth from $6. (price of one drink at a bar)

welcome aboard iamrl! yes, you are real.


Haahaha thanks…also, nice catch with my username…I was being a lame try-hard millennial (so there’s another meaning in there), but we all know how much Blake detests those peeps!


Thanks, @Prax for being so consistent with all of us!!!

Tons of mushy kisses coming your way!!! :kissing_heart:



Just in case you can see this. Hope you’re having a great summer


I second that!

i wait for your return like when terminator first said “I’ll be back”




This is super sappy and I am making myself uncomfortable too :sweat_smile:

I have saw the responses from anhydrite’s thread and I just wanted to say I am super touched by all of your love and kindness to a person whom you have never met before. Thank you for showing me there are still nice people in this world :slight_smile:

What's your enneagram?

check mic.

So, as it turns out, you guys are the closest I’ve been to having a group of actual friends.


I’m also happy to be back. My family moved to another country. And something happened with my credit card so I could not renew subscription. But finally I am at home :slight_smile: Among all of you particularly


oh good! I wondered where you went @irene.