Consciousness Poll-fixed version


All of these may be somewhat situational, please answer according to your primary preference and use combination only if more than one near equally.

  1. In general, do you think?
  • in words
  • in images
  • kinesthetically/body based
  • combination/other

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  1. Do you learn best?
  • by reading text
  • by listening
  • watching a demonstration, looking at visuals- pictures, charts, graphs
  • by doing
  • combination/other

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  1. Do your thoughts seem to come?
  • From your brain?
  • From somewhere outside you?
  • From your whole body?
  • Combination/other

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  1. Do your feelings seem to come?
  • From your head?
  • Heart?
  • Gut?
  • Full body?
  • Somewhere outside you?
  • Other?

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  1. If I blindfolded you, and took you to a cemetery, would you know?
  • Yes
  • No
  • WTH?
  • Other

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@Prax, thanks for trying to help and for locking the other one. Will try to delete it now. Please vote again!

edit- won’t let me delete. Sorry for the mess, tech stuff annoys me and I’m not very good at it, part of reason I am pretty sure I am not a Ti dom/aux


can you vote too? I wanna know your answers


Cemetery: almost answered wth. But, I’m sure I could guess from the dead-silent (after the giggling, of course).


What do think about them energetically? Would you live next to one?


Honestly, I see cemeteries as dumps. They’re literally garbage dumps. Bodies are just shells. Burn me, don’t bury me. And that’s energy-driven. Don’t box me up and bury me. I told my loved ones, I need to touch the Earth when I die. Leave me in a field, I don’t care. Just don’t bury me.

Yes, I’d live next to one. Peaceful.

  1. My surface consciousness is verbal and discursive. Particularly when I’m stressed or I’m busy with an involved task (directing a play, for instance) there will be many running strands of finished sentences, as if lecturing. If the stress is emotional this will take the form of imaginary conversations. But when I stop and really think about something, it’s in images, as though the subject were a diagram I’m exploring/examining/building and figuring out how to realise.

  2. Abstract tasks I learn best on my own, by reading text and maybe drawing myself a thought map. Anything practical, I want to see someone do it, and I want to know at least a little about the purpose and why they do it a certain way.

  3. Thoughts from the brain, or behind the eyes at least.

  4. Strong feelings seem to happen literally, physically, in the heart or solar plexus. Tension gathers most in my shoulders, so I can check there as well. Inevitably they end up in the brain because I’m having imaginary conversations or trying to work out what the feeling is. Sometimes, I find myself in a very light meditative state in which an indistinct or inaccessible feeling will throw up a thought, as if onto a screen in the back of my head, saying, “talk about X!” and then talking about X will make the feeling clearer.

  5. I would know I was in a quiet field, but I doubt I would pick up on the dead people. I typically like cemeteries energetically, although living right next to one might be a little much.


fun questions.

On Learning: The moment of “oh I have learned something new” tends to be thought based. “Oh, it ties together like this.” At that point I usually done a lot of reading, listening/talking (listening and echoing), and some doing/trying. The only one that doesn’t really help me learn is looking at visuals and pictures. I tend to skip the figures and images in content. Seeing images and graphs forces information into my head in a way that is too pre-structured and makes it hard to repurpose it into a framework I can remember and understand. But Reading is the easiest way for me to engulf information, though it can be hard to pay attention. When the pressure is high, reading is by far the easiest/most consistent way to take information in for me. Probably because of lack of Fe or Te distractions. Pressure + Dom/aux usage = I can take in firehose of info.

My thoughts seem to come: from my mouth/tongue/jaw/brain. Which is why I click my teeth all the time maybe. Like Morse Code kinda. or just grind them in a background rhythm on which the thoughts can travel, like radio waves. I think they come down my brain stem first though.

My feelings definitely come from my belly, or, the thing I call feelings is a physical clenching of a gut, like a blood pressure cuff.

Blindfolded and went to cemetery, I’d know the sort of place I was at because of the way the sound reflects off stuff, lack of trees, softness of grass, and spinning things/bells, plus the distance away of the vibration of traffic and the tones of conversations that carry far with no trees/bushes to block them.


I did, but you choose a lot of things so I’d be interested in the explanation. I might explain mine later too, first I have to wait for the thoughts to come to me from wherever thoughts come from and then I have to try to translate the real thoughts into words :grin:

  1. I think it’s a combination of words and images.

  2. It depends on what I’m learning. When it comes to math, science, or anything more verbose, I prefer to take notes. I could listen, or read, or look at diagrams, but if I don’t take notes I won’t retain any knowledge. If it’s artistic skills, then I hate any form of deconstruction. The more I try to systemize it, the worst result I get. For example, if I wanted to improve my sketching ability and I read Andrew Loomis, I’ll regress. Andrew Loomis has a very particular way of constructing how to draw the head. I would say it’s the most effective way, but I just get lost in all the construction.

4 - 3) No clue. Sometimes I don’t even know why I react the way I do. Feelings come and it goes. My thoughts are usually an attempt to understand these wack feelings.

  1. Why a cemetery?


When I am contemplating, it is images, pictures moving through time and space. But I have a hell of a lot of conversations in my head…

I would say I use all of these to learn, but have a harder time just listening. Examples, physical and even verbal help me massively.

My thoughts seem to have no barrier, no skull, no stop. Moving from outside into me, and all around me to a distance that depends on what I am thinking about. I could say I am always in my head, but it seems so beyond me as well.

I am not sure if I would know if I were in a graveyard right away, but like others, clues like turned earth might clue me in, given time to take things in. Being driven around blindfolded though would seriously put me on edge.

We had a graveyard right across from my middle school. We went in to do rubbings a couple times. It never bothered me. I don’t mind walking through them. I ponder the lives noted there when I do end up in one, but I rarely have reason to enter. More circumstantial while traveling.


okay, time for me to type.
visiting my brother in the other state and my other brother is driving so i can type for awhile now. Just throwing it out there haha

so as for learning. I chose all the answers because I certainly don’t find any one specific better than others.
and I believe I’ve used…
fuck. my ENFP brother is talking my head off about Ni right now.

okay. so.
I believed I referenced to all the sources.
what I’ve read, that I’ve heard, that I’ve seen, and my own experiences. and they all teach me equally well.
I’m constantly getting information from everything all the time and they all teach me so much.

and the thoughts.
of course for one, it comes from my brain.
but also from somewhere outside of me.
like there are certain thoughts that I know for sure is not mine. I wouldn’t be able to think of such thing. too unESTP.
I know it’s universal spiritual energy telling me something.
and others.
that’s the thought of other people. It’s as if someone tells me something, I adopt their thoughts and explore them and sometimes it becomes my own.

my feelings. Definitely from head first. because I always have logical explanation to why I’m angry or irritated.
and my heart, because when I’m excited my heart starts racing.
and others. because other people’s emotion have influence on me. like their energy have an affect on me and sometimes I can feel the residue from it.

the cemetery, I chose other because I know I’m not gonna stand still blindfolded. I’m probably gonna move around with my hands and feet stretched out to see what I’m feeling.
and it I feel bunch of stone tablets, then I’m gonna logically guess that it’s a graveyard.

and I don’t mind living next to a cemetery. I prefer it actually.
it’s quiet and peaceful.
I don’t believe in ghost so I’m completely fine with that.


That was sort of an incidental question that was on my mind. Last week, we looked at a house next to a huge cemetery, didn’t realize till we got there; I guess it’s not really a selling point for real estate listing. Not buying the house for other reasons, but it was appealing to me for being peaceful, no noisy neighbors, history (graves to early 1800s), birds and nature, also energetically I like cemeteries, heavier and more focusing than being in a park. Don’t know about long term, in feng shui one of the worst things you can do is live by one. I don’t know if I’d know if blindfolded, but perceptually it does seem different from a park to me.

useless fact- graveyards are attached to churches, but cemeteries are free standing

  1. there is a running commentary in words. scanning, responding, weighing, all over the place. but this is mostly noise. a distraction. in order to know what i really think i need to write it out … i guess that’s words also.

  2. i learn by writing. or at least i don’t know what i am learning/ hearing/ reading-- don’t know why it’s important, don’t know it’s significance-- until i write it. there will be a signal, like a little bell ringing, “hey, look here,” & then i’ll write it & understand why that bell went off. like i have to write the idea out of some amorphous state into clarity.

  3. the running commentary comes from the brain. it’s like, the heart beats, the stomach secretes gastric juices, the brain secretes thoughts. the deeper process feels like something crossing an interface, emerging out of a place of subconsciousness or larger consciousness into accessible consciousness in the brain.

  4. what’s a feeling?

  5. this is terrifying. & i love cemeteries.

  1. I was about to say images, but that wouldn’t be accurate either. Concepts? Ideas? All I know is there is this “thing” that I hopelessly struggle to translate into words and none seems to fit well enough. Language is such an imperfect instrument! I go round and round with an idea, end up repeating myself and more dissatisfied than if I hadn’t even tried to explain anything at all. Pretty much like this!!!

  2. It depends a lot on what it is that I’m learning. The jobless I had to think of a new job situation. When confronted to something I don’t know, I always tend to overestimate the difficulty of the task, just to be prepared for the worse and almost always end up asking: that was it?? So that’s why I chose watching a demonstration, because it gives me a realistic picture of the task and then I can calm the fuck down because I know I can do it easily.
    If it’s something I’m learning for myself, than I enjoy taking my time to study it before taking action.

  3. Kind of from my brain, but deeper. Buried under my brain, maybe? I know that I can almost physically feel the limits of my brain (no Ti?) when I don’t fully grasp something math-related. Like I want to go beyond the superficial understanding and actually “see” it forming, evolving, but my brain can’t. Gotta stick to social issues then.

  4. Full body for positive feelings, the heart when it’s pain/anxiety. Diffuse versus constricted. A massage or a hot shower applied on the heart area helps heart a little.

  5. I probably wouldn’t even need to be blindfolded to not know where I am ahahaha. But I also love cemeteries, in the romantic “beauty of ugliness” kind of way. I also get excited thinking about the lives of all the people buried there, imagining it all. It’s the closest thing I can get to a gate to the past.