Conspiracy Theories Poll + Discussion


I want to know how many people on this forum believes in some conspiracy theories.

I don’t know if i want to make this a public or annoymous vote…

okay. i’m going to make this a public, and whoever have the courage to, can take this poll.

Starting with some background poll.

  • I am subscribed to a religion
  • I don’t believe in spiritual realm
  • I believe there is something out there with greater force

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#now on to the conspiracy theories

  • I believe 9/11 was done by the US government
  • I believe 9/11 was a terrorist attack
  • I believe 9/11 was planned by a secret society and few people in government knew

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  • I believe there is a secret society that controls money/power
  • I don’t believe in secret society and i think it’s a made up BS by bunch of conspiracy theorist

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  • I believe in weather modification that can create hurricane, earthquakes, and other natural disasters
  • I don’t believe in weather modification, every natural distasters are just works of mother nature

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  • I believe that chemtrails are part of Blue Beam Project, where they’ll use sky as a screen to project holographic images. for the purpose of deceving people on earth and creating New World Order. also weather modification.
  • Chemtrails? you mean contrails? the trails of clouds that are form by airplanes?
  • I do believe chemtrails are doing something. but i don’t know what to be specific.

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  • I believe the earth is a globe
  • i believe the earth is flat
  • i don’t know what shape earth is, it can be an oblate spheroid according to Neil deGrasse Tyson

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  • I believe there is a secret society that controls our media
  • I believe that our media is controlled by our government
  • I believe that media is not controlled by any form of organization

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  • I believe in Madela Effect. and that there are multi universe and it’s collapsing
  • I believe that Mandela Effect is happening due to D-wave computer that can change the history
  • What is Mandela Effect?

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  • I don’t believe that US astronaut landed on the Moon
  • Of course they did, why would they fake Moon Landing?

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wanna know your take on this.
i don’t even know if you even heard of any of this.

let me know what you think about the video!


Can I use my Saggitarean Ni id to justify my responses :upside_down_face:?


you’re on the ‘right track’ with me!!

check out the videos! since you already know about blue beam project, it’ll hit you in the core!

btw. i’m glad someone in this forum believes the things i believe.

i try not to talk about it with people because i’ll sound super crazy.

you must’ve done a lot of research for you to come to chemtrails and weather modification!

ohhh those videos will update you so much!


those of you who doesn’t believe any of the conspiracy theories, feel free to join the discussion.
but i also suggest that you see things from ‘their’ point of view before you try to debunk it.

i believe that my beliefs are subject to change depending on information and data and so hopefully everyone is open-minded about this topic :smiley:


i hope you get on this with me.

but here’s MY proof.

that’s how much Earth curve according to its theory and calculation.

so i was here

and i zoomed in with my pixel camera. which WAS the best camera phone with nice zoom.

and i couldn’t see this with my naked eye. but i could with my camera.

this is approximately 30 miles away. check yourself on google map.

according to math, you cannot possibly see Toronto across the lake.
it’s supposed to dip down over 500 feet.
to be exact. about 600 feet.
CN tower is 1500 feet. sure. so was i only looking at 900 of CN tower?

well Trump tower is 2nd tallest building besides CN tower in Toronto
and it’s 900 feet WITH the antenna.
without the antenna, 776 ft.
you take away 600 feet from it, you should only see 176 feet tall of building.

so basically, you see almost the whole building. if i had better zoom camera, i could probably see more.

and to the ratio with one of the taller building you see in the picture and compare it with CN tower,

it’s about twice the bigger size.

if you cut off bottom 600 feet, you wouldn’t be able to do that.

anyways. if you need proof. then here is evidence.

my subscription is almost over. gonna drop some bombs before i take off.

and also, moon light emits cold temperatue.
i repeat.
moon light emits cold temperature.
it’s impossible to emit cold temperature through source of light according to modern science.
if it’s a relfection of a sun, then it should make the temperature rise.

try measuring moonlight with infrared thermostat, it’s about $20 on amazon.

i did my test and proved it to myself.

but here’s a video for skeptics.

don’t believe the result? test it for yourself!


So broadly speaking I reject conspiracy theories–or what generally falls into the category – because they tend to propose intentional, top-down, “managed” explanations for phenomena I do not believe require such intention or management. Like, they propose the equivalent of an argument for intelligent design while I see natural selection as a simpler and sufficient cause for a biological phenomenon. Sure, maybe God made it, but I don’t think I absolutely need that hypothesis since I can see how the thing rises out of evolutionary pressures like natural selection. Sure; maybe a secret society runs things, but if it didn’t, wouldn’t things look the same?


LOL… ESTP going off Ni deep end alright…

Maybe when commercial spacetravel is available, you can see the sphericalish earth yourself.
I think Flat Earth and Hollow Earth make for interesting fiction though (when I was a kid, my brother and I made a land called “Animland” that is basically a flat earth set up–but with 5 suns lol).

I think the image of Toronto is caused by a superior mirage effect where the image of the city “lifts” above the horizon.

I think most conspiracy theories are interesting in thought, but they are not… that well thought out. If you keep having to make newer and newer refutations and theories of other things to make the concept “work” then… it’s a nice try, but it’s not true. But I think it speaks to how humans in general want things to “make sense” somehow, so they come up with explanations that satisfies them or makes them feel like they know secrets that no one else knows.


no. it wouldn’t.

since you’re not a believer, i’ll have to explain so much.

if so called ‘secret society’ didn’t run things,
first, there wouldn’t be 'planned terrorist attacks’
certain wars wouldn’t happen.
natural disaster and random earthquakes wouldn’t happen. it would save many lives.

i knew you would say this! but seriously. look at the video, and prove to me how it’s wrong.

fish-eye lense.
check other sources.

i’ve heard this theory before. there are other pictures and videos that are done by professional zoom camera.


Why would space scientists try to trick people with fish eye lenses?
I’m not even sure what I’m seeing here because the lens on this balloon cam you linked to also has warping. lol

Maybe you should become a pilot and see for yourself. Just fly across the world without correcting for the “bowl shape” or whatever flat earthers think is going on lol.


and this ‘secret society’ nothing more than … satanic worshipper.

i know i know. this sounds crazy. ESTP going off on inferior Ni tangent.

i have a friend that’s a satanic worshipper. yes… hahaha

anyways. they believe that they are the god. and they are like-god.

basically, if you look into genesis, serpent said if you eat the fruit of knowledge, you’ll become like god.

and Eve took the fruit, and then Adam.
but Eve, she wanted to be like god.
to determine what’s right and wrong herself. not letting God/creator dictate what’s right and wrong.

if you look at the scripture, Jesus says you either serve God or money.

what’s power in this world? money. possession. yes.

satan told Jesus to bow to him, and he said Satan would give Jesus the world.

so, when people ‘sell their soul to the devil’, they get power. whatever ‘selling the soul’ means, idk. there are rituals and whatnot. but i won’t get into that.

honestly. this is toooooo much of information to digest in one day.

so you’ll have to look at it yourself with open-mind. and THEN judge for yourself and decide to reject it or not.

and i’m not good at explaning things, especially on keyboards.
my mind is working faster than my fingers and i can’t type everything out.

if you don’t want to look into it, it’s fine. you don’t have to believe any of this.

and i’m not going to go around telling people to believe this ‘nonsense’

but, don’t just listen to podcast or watch TV news and believe everything you hear.

i’m not saying all conspiracy theories are valid either.

but at least look into it. think for yourself.

if you can believe astrology is real, then conspiracy is not too far from it.

many people think astrology is bullshit. and i know it’s not because there are too many evidences that proves it otherwise.

and even if the ‘mirage’ was supposed to happen over the earth, where is the tilt? the angle?

oh. if why don’t you guys start from chemtrails then?

these are scientists and pilots and biochemical engineers and so on.
professionals. they recognize chemtrails.
and they’ll tell you what it is doing to the earth.


why scientist want us to believe that earth is a globe?

well. that’s not the main point you see.

‘they’ want you to think that we are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO insignificant.

we are less than a speck if you zoom out to the galaxies. according to modern science

so when we are constantly told we are nothing, and we are not even a speck, and told how insignificant we are.

it psychologically makes us small, and insignificant. and it subjects us to mind control.
subtle. mind control.

can you control someone who are really full of themselves? someone who think they’re all great?

but if you make them feel like they’re nothing, you can do literally anything to them. make them a drone. a slave. a zombie.

do you know what Germans did to train soldiers back in the days?

they did experiments.

WARNING. this is graphic.

they raped and sexually molested child and made them lose all dignity.

they did all types of abuse. and the researchers found out sexual abuse was the ‘best’ thing to control children.

the point is that, ‘whoever’ is controlling, wants us to feel small.


They don’t? They mostly are just… reporting what they see/know at the moment? lol
I mean, mostly scientists or NT or whatever aren’t generally trying to make you feel small, they just don’t care if you happen to. It’s like… “get over it”? Whatever facts aren’t supposed to make you “feel” anything, but humans try to put 2 + 2 + 2 … together, probably mess up the math because they aren’t machines, and end up with some conclusion that their souls are getting stolen by machines or something.

I think there are too many competing interests to have a completely NWO/one order secret society. I think maybe there are people who WANT to believe they are the biggest baddest secret society, or maybe some groups of super rich currency manipulators for a country or two, but… overall, I think most of the world’s miseries are just humans being human and making dumb decisions together instead of a gigantic secret collaborative effort.


Who sees curvature?


well. truth be told. most scientist don’t even know that the earth is flat.

they just believe what they’re ‘told’, not what they observe.

and there’s no real evidence that the earth is round.

NASA??? please. don’t even get me started on NASA.

what happened to the dead astronauts?

yes. you’re basically right.
New World Order is almost unachievable. but we’ll see…

and you live in Canada, so maybe you know about Rothschild?
related to Queen of England?

this explains the ‘system’ a little better.

thank you for the picture!


did you know they used to say sun was three million miles away?
and then changed it to 26 ish miles away?
and then changed it to 104ish miles away?
now 92 million miles away?

flat earth model never changed. and it’s consistent.
modern science, helio centric model? They changed things a lot.

so yeah. I agree with the statement. but check the history and see what changed.
and who’s doing all the changing
even evolution.
they can’t even prove evolution is real anymore.

I’m not talking about adaptation.
I’m talking about ape to human evolution.

best evolution debunk video

here goes nasa again

notice the size of North America keep changing?

nasa using photoshop


Super, I see curvature in that pic I posted. I do not think the world is flat.


probably the last thing i would do is watch a ‘commercial’ on television and use it as a proof.


oh hahaha sorry. but I don’t see curvature.

and most camera have fish eye lense so it’ll make anything curve.

watch the video history of flat earth and tell me why the earth is round. if you can prove to me, then I’ll gladly accept it.

trust me, I’m not some crazy person who wants to misguide everyone.

i just want facts and truth


I did not know that! Was it because their instruments weren’t accurate? lol
I know there’s a general “appeal to authority” flaw with the sciences, but I’m pretty suspicious to a flat earth model that tries to convince that everyone is against them etc. Maybe once they fund their own space flights. Flat Earth Space Flights, I will be willing to give them a chance to prove themselves. lol

Because otherwise nothing in science makes sense. How does bowl-shaped or flat gravity even work??? Why is everything in space loosely spherical while earth isn’t? Why would planets orbit around the sun but the sun just circle dances around flat earth. I’m sure they made up some great theories about this like maybe the sun is running away and wobbles in circles, but pulls earth along with it and the “air pressure” from being pulled gives earth one-way gravity or something weird like that. hahah… but if it’s something I can make up for fun… anyone else can too…

I think NASA has to cut up multiple shots to put them together so you get photoshopping errors lol. Most of their images have to be processes like this because of the kind of lenses they sent up. They do the same for those new pics of saturn and have to recolour them so…

I mean you can buy a ticket and try to see yourself! lol The future is going to be space flights to the moon maybe. lol

That is news to me. That doesn’t make sense lol.
And I like the fact that humans and neanderthals interbred so whatever happened, we still got ape genes anyway.