Crazy Wacko Dreams Relate to id?



So a couple nights ago, I had this incredibly mushy dream. It was romance galore.

Then I woke up and had this rare moment of detachment from myself. I was on the sidelines watching my thoughts, and from there, I began to think about Ni id.

I started to ponder how I can’t really recall any times my conscious mind has encountered the deep and dark Ni id. I experienced the whole Princess motif, but knowing that there was another layer to Ni id I wasn’t seeing was something I quickly wanted to remedy. Seeing as this probably wasn’t happening any time soon, I thought maybe some musings I had on it could come of use to someone else. As a result, I shared some of my musings on the Ni id in this post.

But still, it didn’t make sense. I felt that the Ni id was deeper than that. How deep? Where do I look?

Hidden in plain sight.

I have always had an imaginative mind. I daydream so deeply to the point that I am always startled when I return to reality. 5 minutes in my mind is a couple seconds in reality. Sometimes I slip into a daydream without any intention of doing so. You can see how this can cause some problems when in class or doing important work.

My dreams are like a strange concoction of the past, present, and future. They warp and intermingle, just to have a sprinkle of want added. Good want, bad want. Nothing is too taboo that I couldn’t see it. Honestly, I have done and seen some terrible things in the dream world. Sometimes I can tell when I am dreaming, but other times I have screamed to be released from them, thinking that I have been thrown into some alternative reality I could not escape from. I have seen some good things there, but the bad stuff is really hard to stomach.

After considering these things, I am tentatively concluding that this is where my Ni id resides. The dream world. The intersection of reality and fantasy. The subconscious. Seems fitting.

What about you guys? Do you think your id has free reign in your dreams, or is it more palpable to you? Do you think Ni id can manifest very powerfully in dreams or daydreams, or it is in some different realm of the mind?

Let’s see if we can figure something out on this!


I think it’s kind of like even awake, there is a tremendous difficulty to seize the “temporal part” (don’t ask me what I mean by that Ti dammit). The part of if the car is headed your way it will hit you. That just happens every now and then, suddenly you are aware of surrounding. But it can still not even seem real. Like you know when a gun is pointed at you (well perhaps this has never happened to you, it did to me) it should be scary, but in many ways it isn’t since times slows down and you contemplate life in a flash/not a flash at all quite slowed down. Ni id I think is like a difficulty with those transitions from the actual thing, car will hit me run, to this more druggy “well it sure is gonna hit me I watch as it happens what has happened to time” kind of state. You’re kind of one leg heavy on the ground, but the other leg pulling you down into this other wtf is reality drugged state. so when Blake and Rita who I miss wrote that Ne is anti gravity… that is like you somehow get both legs onto the ground and jump off. you’re free to explore “THIS” without being pulled down. like not so much oh work my muscles to stop that car. more like, well what if I take that corner there, miss the car, and walk in to a fun business.


Hm, so like an inability to see the ways one can evacuate a situation?

Like, you can only see this one thing happening. You become stuck in that one thing, unless you activate Ne and go, “no, it’s all this other stuff that could happen as well!”.

Terrible. I felt like that once. I was rejected from every college I wanted to go to and I felt like I couldn’t Ne myself out of it. It was one of the most hurtful things I went through. I think I had encountered Ni id in that state. I felt like this girl.

I was alive, but I felt hollowed out. Devoid of purpose. I could watch people around me smile and I was alive, but I just felt like a literal ghost, but with no chill. Don’t mind me, I’m just another body suit walking around.

Maybe that touches on the negative nature of the id. Ni id will show you one moment, but it will be negative and it won’t let you see a way out.


Yes. The pits. Not sure why. But there is no way out of an oncoming train. It is almost like Se is punching you. Se being the flip side of Ni. Shoe stuck in tracks and you can’t get foot out of shoe which makes no sense. Any situation that you feel stuck in this can happen. Especially if it comes down to choice making. Makes me ill to think about.


Yeah! Wow okay, Se hard reality impounding you to the dark depths of Ni id. Ouch.


Hey:) have you tried the Se minimums? Just curious. I don’t do it consistently but I think it helps. I used to think it was because it helped me go with the flow. But then I thought of it in a different way…
You know how you mentioned feeling like you can’t find a way (like maybe after the college application experience)? Ni id can feel like being at the bottom of the chain (hard to write this). Not fit for survival to point of wanting to die. Like a runt that was spared but why. So doing Se is like increasing weight. Like if someone were to come and be like “move out of my way” you might be able to resist better because you have more energy, maybe even look healthier, more reserve energy, not just energy for dragging yourself off to the rat race, but a bit left over due to better fitness…endurance, lower blood sugar, more oxygenation (helps the weak thinking which is like a CURSE try convincing me all gifts are equal no way in hell). So like simply increasing the fitness markers/stats increases fighting power and and rounding things out with T). And well also while running you don’t quite daydream as pointlessly as when slumped. It is quite different. You daydream primed to detect what is really most at stake which is like something infps don’t naturally do.


I think I have engaged with Se minimums a couple of times.

In my adolescent years I noticed that I was very high strung. Whenever I felt excitement from my imagination I would just get up and start pacing in circles (at home of course lol).

I still do that now, but now it’s like whenever I get excited from music I just get up and start dancing. I’ll walk and walk and I have this health app that counts the steps and the results are pretty good.

But yeah, I tried to engage Se by going to concerts but that didn’t really work. I was trying to get out of my head and into my body, but I still felt the same way throughout the concerts.

Over Christmas Break though, I think I had a realization. I went ice skating for the first time. Music played and I was skating with my little sis. It was hard at first cause I quickly wanted to perfect how to ice skate.

I didn’t even think about having fun! I didn’t consider that this was my first time ice skating and that I should revel in the mistakes that help you improve. Then I thought about Se minimums in that moment (cause I was reading the Se minimums article before I entered the skating rink) and thought “process over perfection”. It’s not the result that matters, but the process. The fuck ups. The fun stuff! Then I had a lot more fun cause I was just being in my body (kinda forcibly, I could barely skate lol) and enjoying the learning process.

But yeah, I can’t really say I engage Se minimums as of now outside of getting hyped to the point I have to physically move to exhaust the energy. But after ice skating, I can see that the random dance sessions are probably more helpful than I thought they were :footprints::smiling_imp::smirk_cat:.


Yeah skating is a good example, because when you first learn, you almost fall down more the more you try to master it by thinking it through. Also just the risk of falling forces Se.
Hmmm maybe it is about going with the flow. Again. Fake it til you make it within the container of Se. Don’t fight it but also don’t just go crashing into the edge.

… Written after a nighttime disruption by kid 1 then by kid 2 :slight_smile:


Yeah, for sure. We have to use Se minimums after all. Haha, probably why when I was done skating I was sick of looking at my skates and ready to go home and sleep :laughing:. I was in the rink for like, an hour, and even then I had to keep sitting down to take breaks , but it was still a very fun experience :slight_smile:.


How do you experience the Se as helping? The Te minimums for infj is to actually schedule Fe at intervals. Se minimums has what connection to Ne?


Maybe Se provides scope? Ni is infinite depth and Ne is infinite breadth… Se draws safe boundaries for exploration to prevent the self from getting lost in infinity… what do you do with the Ne ideas… I think your weight analogy holds weight :stuck_out_tongue:

How does it feel to use Se though?

You had a gun pointed at you? :fearful: :fearful:

PS - I miss Rita too… Been thinking of her since this forum came up… She ain’t listed in the members…


Trying to make sense of Se and Ne, I got sidetracked making sense of “Te-minimum”. For a moment, Te just seemed to be the regular scheduling of Fe. Then I thought oh shouldn’t it just be called Fe on, Ti off-minimum? After all perhaps I would have to use Te to schedule an Se minimum.

Got totally sidetracked.

But somehow walked around that mine by remembering that Te says “output, done, to be of any value it must be outed”. So it can still be a regularly scheduled Te-supervised Fe. Shooeeeh.

So now on to Se and Ne. Will think about what you wrote and hopefully find something that works, then leave the minefield.


Hmm… the difference is that inxj is working in the scope of conscious judging functions here… but inxp is trying to work with unconscious functions… I do find Se and Si relatively conscious though… which is why say esfj/estj or even isfp/istp seem to have a relatively easier time with getting by… Ni/Ne is completely intangible realm… tertiary Si must be calming…


“but inxp is trying to work with unconscious functions…”

yeah, i think it is weird if you think of it this way.


My INFP friend’s new year resolution was “be more productive”… when I asked her what she meant by that she said “not lie like a vegetable on the couch and move around the house and do things instead”… I dunno why I felt like that was relevant… :stuck_out_tongue:


I think Se-minimum is related being present in the moment. Take note of your body and its surroundings. Pay attention to CONTEXT.
Before wandering off and using Ne which explores everything, remember context: is this appropriate place, time, emotional base, people.
This kind of minimum maybe helps “funnel” that Ne energy into a more powerful jetstream instead of puff of air? lol

As Te-minimum is very scheduling/boundary oriented, Se-minumim is environmentally-oriented, I guess.


It is kind of rare for me to have Ti-id dreams. I think dreams in general are probably more Ni and Ne exercise. I usually get to explore around or insert what I think would happen or what I want to see happen. I usually am vaguely aware it’s a dream because of prescient “dream logic” like I know this or that will happen, or overwhelming deja-vu that I have repeated a similar dream before.
My dreams sometimes overpower the fact that I know I am dreaming. I’ll try to fly, knowing it’s a dream, but the dream drags me down anyway to be a spoiled sport. Maybe it’s just me fighting with myself. lol

I dream very often if not every time though. In fact, I usually know I am asleep because a dream state has occurred. I can get in a lot of micro-sleeps and naps that way. 2-5 minutes on the bus and I can be dreaming in my seat. lol It’s probably one of my favourite activities (dreaming), but alas… things accomplished in dreams are not in reality… I sometimes get art pieces done in my dreams and I WORKED HARD ON IT but then it’s not there in real life and it’s just disappointing. :l


Yeah, it isn’t something you schedule exactly huh.

I have been playing still with scheduling Se-stuff. Like working out the overall imaginary Se muscle or changing brain chemistry. So doing working out. Also once a week or so I try to schedule something to do with self-presentation, not necessarily because that will work with Ne, but because it is something that I forget to do. So one new thing once a week. Like long needed haircut. Or may find some style that is new which is hard for me to think of doing.

Still working on how you effectively Se where it counts beyond scheduled stuff.




Well I am a very instinctual kind of person. I have steadily been learning to trust my intuition.

As of now, I feel like Se are those strong gut promptings I have out of nowhere. Kind of like, Fi wants something, Ne thinks of ways to get it, and Se is the random manifestation of something. Like, I may just be sitting not wanting to do anything, and then I will strongly feel a need to go somewhere and will see and witness something interesting when I go. Me thinks this is quite FUUN.

Though I do like what @Prax says about Se and Ne. Like my Ne can run wild, but I usually have to stop myself when I consider the usefulness of what my head is concocting

DON’T EVEN START! All the times I have dreamed of doing my morning routine, just to arrive at the front door and wake up, still in bed. The flashbacks are too much :sob:!

Oh, yeah! That is important. Ne ideas fall flat if they can’t be used in the real world.

Using Se is fun! Though minimums are the goal. When skating, I had to just be in my body (which is what I was seeking when going to concerts, all the music and loudness, put me in my boday!). But simply going dancing or trying something physically engaging for like an hour pretty much fulfill Se and helps Ne feel a bit more engage with the real world? Hm.

But you all have such wonderful responses! Thank you :innocent::grin::relaxed:.



Jumpman, MCool about the sudden desire to manifest. Imagine that some people primarily function like that. They just have to get up and do things. Cool! Different! Lol. Yeah that feels great REFRESHING. Was even thinking about the Se emergency. Sometimes they are refreshing to me, but usually because they force me to use Ne! Like say I have to make 200 photocopies. Class starts in 5 minutes. Dept copier broken. I can solve using Ne! That does not require Ti. It can almost be thrilling as I swing by across campus come up with a clever solution then jet up the stairs and walkin only tiny bit late. Cool as a cucumber. Now if that were part of the actual job description and Ti got thrown into it like I had to actually fix the photocopier it would not refresh. Btw, am enjoying hearing from another infp about stuff:)